What If: A Comprehensive List of Funko Pop Collectibles

What If: A Comprehensive List of Funko Pop Collectibles Uncategorized

Introduction to Collecting Funko Pops: History and Popularity

Collecting Funko Pops has become a popular hobby amongst collectors of all ages. They are small vinyl figures typically depicting characters from movies, television shows, video games, and comic books. The company that produces these collectibles was founded in 1998 by Mike Becker in his hometown of Snohomish, Washington.

The first piece created by Funko was “The Big Boy” in honor of the classic character from the 1930s advertising campaign. Since then, their collections have expanded to include a variety of licenses such as Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Marvel’s Deadpool, DC Comics’ Batman, Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker, and Harry Potter’s Dumbledore. Over the years they have produced thousands of different designs ranging in size between 3 and 6 inches tall with some featuring bobble heads or flocked fabric surfaces.

It is easy to see why these figures have become so popular amongst collectors because they combine iconic characters with expressive art styles that appeal to any fan base. With their bright designs and affordable prices ($10-$15 USD), they can easily be added to any collection without breaking the bank. Furthermore, there is something special about collecting tangible items that remind you of the pop culture franchises you love making them a wonderful way for fans to show off their fandom and interact with other like-minded people.

For those looking for an introductory guide into collecting Funko Pops we suggest narrowing down your searches by looking at what specific characters you want or if you prefer blind boxes start picking one based on luck or design accuracy. Researching items before purchase should also be done to make sure said item does not contain any paint defects – an issue that seems more common than one would think when it comes to mass-produced products like these figures. Plus once your unique collection begins to take shape start considering how best to actually display it whether it be on shelves using wall mounts or alongside other beloved pieces within their respective universes –

What Would The World Look Like If Everyone Collected Funko Pops?

No matter where you go in the world, it seems like everyone loves to collect Funko Pops. Chances are you’ve seen these adorable little figurines everywhere, from your local comic book store to your neighborhood toy store. The question remains – what if EVERYONE collected these little pops? How would that change the world?

To begin with, the demand for Funko Pops would skyrocket! With so many people around the globe buying them up, there would be huge queues at retailers and possibly even shortages on some of the more popular ones. It might also mean a good market for those who have collections of rare or one-off figures and would give those folks an opportunity to capitalize on their investment by selling them online or through conventions. On the flip side, it may cause prices for all types of Funko Pop figures to go up – making collecting that much more expensive.

It could have a cultural impact too as avid pop collectors get together and form meet ups to share their passion (pretty common already but expect these groups to gain further traction). That could open up more collaboration opportunities with media franchises like video games, anime and movies as they team up with these clubs looking for marketing opportunities. And just imagine all of those geeky fan gatherings and cosplay events around your city!

Not only that but Funko Pop enthusiasts could join forces to launch neighborhood based ‘Pop shops’ – dedicated stores full of goodies that offer great deals on all kinds of pops. One final potential outcome: if you were ever wondering which version of your favorite characters look better as a figurine, chances are you never had enough choices until now! All kinds of variations come out every day, allowing extreme fanatics an avenue where they can fully express themselves without worrying about running out of options.

Ultimately though, perhaps the biggest impact would be for parents across the globe – who get beleaguered by their kids asking for new toys every single

How To Start Your Own Collection of Funko Pops – Step by Step Guide

Starting a collection of Funko Pops is an exciting and rewarding way to get into the world of collecting, no matter your age or budget. From brand new exclusives to vintage Pop figures, there are endless opportunities to express yourself with this hobby. To get started on your fun-filled Funko journey, here are the steps you need to take!

1. Research: Before diving right in, it’s important to know what type of Funko Pop collection you’d like to start. Take some time to browse online shops and look for desirable Pop figures from various collections. Alternatively, you can visit local collectors’ shops or any other store that sells Funko merchandise. Additionally, attending comic conventions and researching various blogs about different types of collections will help you come up with ideas for your own unique set.

2. Budget: Now that you know what type of Pops interest you most, it’s time to decide how much money you’re willing to spend on your collection each month/year. Set a budget dedicated solely for spending on Pop figures—if the funds start running low then cut down or take a break from purchasing till you have more disposable income. It’s easy (and dangerous) overspending so plan ahead if possible by saving up money before launch date of any specific figure so as not go out of pocket too deeply when something special comes out!

3 Display: Investing in shelves or organizing systems will help keep your items safe while also making them look visually appealing; poster boards and frames make great wall art displays as well! Or perhaps display cases if your Pops mean especially much to you that they shouldn’t be handled often when showing off those proud possession pieces too!.

4 Continue Adding To Your Collection: Don’t forget that the journey doesn’t end here; seek out other avenues like auctions & estate sales where hard-to-find items may surface up periodically–or maybe

Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting Funko Pops

Collecting Funko Pops can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but it’s also one that comes with its own set of questions and concerns. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of the most frequently asked questions about collecting Funko Pops.

Q: What are Funko Pops?

A: Funko Pop!s are officially licensed vinyl figures made by Funko, Inc., an American company specializing in the production and sale of branded pop culture figures. Commonly known as Vinyl Figures or Bobble Heads, these colorful collectibles represent everything from superheroes and movie characters to athletes and musicians. Every Pop figure features a character from popular culture as well as some special features to make each one stand out.

Q: Where Can I Buy Them?

A: Funko Pops may be purchased in specialty stores or online retailers such as Amazon, BoxLunch, Hot Topic, Gamestop, Target and Walmart. Many collectors even participate in exclusive online-only drops directly from the manufacturer. Buying online allows you access to rarer possibilities not available in standard retail outlets while also giving you the chance to shop around for the best deals without leaving your house.

Q: How Much Do They Cost?

A: The cost of individual variants varies greatly depending on rarity; standard releases generally range between $10-$20 (USD). Prices range significantly higher for exclusive variants – an uncirculated Snow White “Sorcerer” variant released exclusively at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con retailed for nearly $1000 – with many sold aftermarket for upwards of five times that amount.

Q: Is It Worth it To Collect Them?

A: That depends on what your primary motivations are for collecting them. As with any other type of collection or hobby purchase, there is no guarantee that their perceived value will increase over time or remain steady – though anecdotal evidence does

Top 5 Facts About Collecting Funko Pops

Funko Pops have become a hot commodity amongst pop culture enthusiasts, renowned for their playful and whimsical design. If you’re looking to indulge in the novelty of collecting these unique figurines, here are five facts about Funko Pop collecting that may come in handy:

1. They Come In More Than Just Vinyl Figures – Part of what makes Funko Pops so fun to collect is the variety in which they’re made and sold. Not only do you find vinyl figures but also fabric toys, plastic keychains and plush figures as well, giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect one to add to your evergrowing collection.

2. There Are Limited Edition Exclusives – If a particular character or movie/TV show is popular enough with fans, then chances are likely that Funko will pay homage with an exclusive limited-edition Pop! Specifically created for big events like New York Comic Con or San Diego Comic Con, these rare exclusives often feature enhanced artistry or representations of characters not seen before in the main line-up… and can range from expensive collector pieces up to $100 each!

3. Price Varies According To Rarity – Certain FunKo Pops can be quite valuable depending on how many were released by the maker. Some particularly rare offerings involve retired sets that were only available at certain stores or during special events—which drives up their prices significantly amongst avid collectors anxious to get their hands on them! Depending on how elusive it may be (and even in some cases due its condition) certain priced models can go for up to thousands… yes that’s right THOUSANDS… dollars!

4. Value Is Based On “Grail Status” – Collectors refer to ultra-desirable rare versions of a given figure as “grail statues.” Such status is based both on their scarcity as well as popularity among fans (ie; One example being J

Conclusions on Collecting Funko Pops

Collecting Funko Pops can be a great way to unwind after a long day, reminisce about your favorite characters, and fulfill a sense of accomplishment. These figures have become an essential part of many pop culture fans’ collections, providing hours of entertainment and pride in their collections. Whether you’re starting out or are an experienced collector, it’s important to do your research before you make any purchases.

When you’re getting started with collecting Funko Pops, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices available on the market. It helps to hone in on specific themes or franchises that interest you – for instance, if you love The Legend of Zelda, there are lots of figures from various iterations of the classic game that can add some fun nostalgia to your collection! Similarly, if superheroes are more your thing there is an extensive range of both Marvel and DC offerings available at various prices. Equally as important is doing research into pricing; when looking for new additions to your collection ensure that you’re making a purchase from credible stores or reputable dealers (not only will this ensure that you don’t end up disappointed but also lessen the chances of being scammed).

It’s also worth noting that while purchasing classic pop figures may seem like it would break the bank initially–don’t worry! With careful monitoring and timely buys during sales seasons such as Black Friday/Boxing Day or Cyber Monday–your wallet doesn’t need to suffer unduly either! A smart collector should have their ear to the ground when it comes to these deals too; keep an eye out on popular brands such as Hot Topic & Gamestop where they usually carry discounted POPs over certain periods regularly too.

Once you know what kind of figure interests you and how much money wants investing into it – be sure use trusted sources for buying genuine Pop Figures – local stores (if applicable) provide authenticity assurance however

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