What Does Pop Smokes Unique Sound Bring to Hip-Hop?

What Does Pop Smokes Unique Sound Bring to Hip-Hop? 2019

Introduction to Pop Smokes sound: Overview of the artists sound and its impact on modern rap music.

Pop Smoke was an American rapper from Brooklyn, New York who rose to fame in 2019 with his debut single, “Welcome to the Party”. His unique sound was heavily influenced by the rap styles of his native New York City, and it has had a lasting impact on modern rap music.

Pop Smoke’s sound can be characterized as a blend of trap, drill, and New York hip hop. His music is often characterized by hard-hitting 808s, heavy bass lines, and dark, gritty lyrics. His lyrics are often confrontational and boastful, and they reflect his experience growing up in the rough streets of Brooklyn. Many of his songs feature stories of street life, hustling, and gang culture.

Pop Smoke’s sound is heavily influenced by the drill scene of the 2010s.

How other rappers have been influenced by Pop Smoke: Examining the evolution of style from Pop Smoke to modern rap music.

Rappers have been influenced by Pop Smoke in a number of ways. His unique style of rap combined with catchy beats has become an influence for many modern rappers. Pop Smoke was known for his aggressive style of rap, often with New York-inspired beats and lyrics. His influence can be seen in the work of artists such as Travis Scott, Drake, and Lil Baby.

Travis Scott is one artist who has been greatly influenced by Pop Smoke. He has taken Pop Smoke’s style of rap and incorporated into his own. His lyrics often feature the same aggressive delivery and New York-inspired beats that Pop Smoke used in his music. Additionally, Travis Scott has been known to sample Pop Smoke’s songs in his own music.

Drake is another artist who has been heavily influenced by the work of Pop Smoke

Analyzing the impact of Pop

Culture on Society

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Pop culture also has a major effect on the economy

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