Unleashing the Power of Black Canary Funko Pop: A Story of Collectors, Tips, and Stats [Ultimate Guide]

Unleashing the Power of Black Canary Funko Pop: A Story of Collectors, Tips, and Stats [Ultimate Guide] Uncategorized

Short answer: Black Canary Funko Pop is a collectible vinyl figure based on the DC Comics character. It stands at approximately 3.75 inches tall and features the iconic black and blue costume with fishnet stockings and a high ponytail. The figure is highly detailed and sought after by fans of both the comics and the Funko Pop line.

Step-by-step guide on how to get your own Black Canary Funko Pop

How to Get Your Own Black Canary Funko Pop

Looking to add the Black Canary Funko Pop figure to your collection? This step-by-step guide will help you do just that. The popular collectible figurine is a must-have for fans of the DC Comics character and is highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

Step 1: Research Online Marketplaces

The first step in getting your hands on a Black Canary Funko Pop figure is to research online marketplaces that sell the item. Popular websites like Amazon, eBay, and Hot Topic often carry Funko Pop figures, including hard-to-find ones like this particular figure.

Once you have identified some reliable sources online, take the time to compare prices among different sellers. You may also want to check out customer reviews and seller ratings before making a purchase.

Step 2: Check Local Stores

If you prefer to buy in person or want to avoid shipping costs, consider checking local stores that sell collectibles like the Black Canary Funko Pop. Comic book shops, specialty toy stores, and big-box retailers with pop culture sections are all good options.

Keep in mind that availability may vary from store to store and seasonally depending on demand. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find what you’re looking for right away; it’s worth checking back periodically or asking the sales associates if they can order it for you.

Step 3: Attend Conventions and Expos

Attending conventions or expos dedicated to pop culture and comic books is another way to track down rare collectibles like Black Canary Funko Pops. These events often feature vendors selling merchandise related to popular franchises like DC Comics.

Conventions are also a great place to meet fellow fans of Black Canary and other characters from the world of comics. You may even be able to trade or barter with other collectors at these events!

Step 4: Set up Alerts and Notifications

If all else fails, you can set up alerts and notifications on websites like eBay or Amazon to be notified when a Black Canary Funko Pop figure becomes available. This way, you can act quickly and secure your purchase before another collector snags it.

In addition to online marketplaces, you can also use social media and collectible forums to stay informed about new releases and restocks of the Black Canary Funko Pop. Follow official Funko accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates on their latest releases.

Chasing after coveted collectibles like the Black Canary Funko Pop can be a thrilling experience that poses its own set of challenges. However, with some research, patience, and persistence, you’ll be able to get your hands on this highly sought-after item in no time. Remember to always buy from trusted sellers and keep an eye out for opportunities at conventions or through alerts. Happy hunting!

Frequently asked questions about Black Canary Funko Pops answered

Frequently Asked Questions about Black Canary Funko Pops

If you’re a fan of both DC Comics and collecting Funko Pops, there’s a good chance that you’ve run into the Black Canary Pop. And if you’re curious about it, then this article is for you.

In this piece, we aim to provide answers to some of the typical questions that people ask about Black Canary Funko Pops. From the history of this character to how it came to be among the most popular figures in the series, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Black Canary?

Black Canary is one of DC Comics’ most iconic characters. She has been around since 1947, when she first appeared as Dinah Drake. Over time, her story evolved lot – but she’s always been known for her expert martial arts skills and her powerful sonic scream.

What are Funko Pops?

Funko is an American company that produces a broad range of pop culture collectibles. The term “Funko Pops” refers specifically to their line of stylized vinyl figurines with oversized heads and eyes – which can make any character look adorable!

When did they release Black Canary Funko Pop?

The Black Canary Pop was released back in 2015 as part of the DC Super Heroes line-up. It’s number 209 in the set.

Is there any difference between versions?

There have been two versions of the Black Canary Pop so far; one wearing her classic black outfit from comics and another in all-yellow attire from Arrow TV show adaptation. Both versions are miniature renditions of her sleek and stylish look with boots up to knee-length and her long blonde hair.

Where can I buy a Black Canary Pop?

You can buy your desired version of Black Canary Funko Pop by searching for it online on Amazon or eBay or check out any offline store such as Hot Topic or GameStop selling them at retail prices; which may vary based on the rarity and demand of figurine. Be cautious with any alternative sites to ensure authentic products.

How much does a Black Canary Pop cost?

The prices for both versions depend mainly on their availability and demand in the market. For instance, as per current listings, you can find classic black version pops ranging from – while Arrow TV show adaptation versions being significantly more expensive at around or more depending upon their condition.

What is the best way to display Black Canary Funko Pop?

With such an eye-catching design and charm, there are no rules where you would like to place your figurine. However, for hardcore collectors obsessed with keeping their figures in mint condition recommend displaying it using a protective case or stand-up frame designed specifically for Pops collection.

Black Canary Funko Pops are trendy because they allow fans of DC Comics to showcase their love of this iconic character in a physical form that they can display. Additionally, they’re adorable – and not too expensive – so that anyone can easily have access to one. Hopefully, this article provided all essential information needed for you to grab one yourself happily!

Top 5 interesting facts about Black Canary Funko Pops you didn’t know

We are excited to bring you an in-depth look at the Top 5 interesting facts about Black Canary Funko Pops that you may not have known before. These collectible figurines are a must-have for any fan of the DC Comics superhero, and we want to give you all the information you need to fully appreciate them.

History of Black Canary Funko Pops

The first Black Canary Funko Pop was introduced in 2015 as part of the DC Comics line. It featured her classic Comic Book look, complete with her black bodysuit and fishnet stockings. Since then, several other iterations have been released featuring different costumes worn by various versions of the character.

First Appearance

Did you know that Black Canary made her first appearance in Flash Comics #86 way back in August 1947? She was created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Carmine Infantino.

Powers & Abilities

Black Canary has a number of impressive abilities that make her an incredibly formidable opponent. She is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, thanks to training from some of DC’s biggest names, including Batman and Wildcat. Additionally, she possesses The Canary Cry – a powerful sonic scream capable of incapacitating opponents or destroying objects.

Inspirations Behind Her Character Design

When it comes to designing characters, sometimes inspiration can come from unexpected places. For Black Canary’s creator Robert Kanigher, his inspiration came from singer and actress Judy Garland. He reportedly wanted to create a character who could sing like Garland but also knew how to fight villains.

Funko Pop Rarity

As with any collector’s item, rarity can play a huge role in determining value. While some Black Canary Funko Pops are fairly common, others like “Golden Age” Comic Book variant or “Diamond Edition” are much rarer and more sought after by collectors. Tracking down these rare pops can be quite an adventure for collectors!

Black Canary has been a beloved character in the DC Comics universe for over 70 years, and her Funko Pop figurines are just another way to celebrate her. We hope this article has given you a deeper appreciation for these collectibles and that you’ve learned something new about both the character and her pops.

Remember – when it comes to collecting Black Canary Funko Pops, knowledge is power. The more you know about their history, rarity, and appeal, the better equipped you’ll be to find the perfect addition to your collection. Happy hunting!

The history behind the creation of the Black Canary Funko Pop

We are pleased to present an in-depth article on the history behind the creation of the Black Canary Funko Pop. Our team has conducted extensive research to bring you a comprehensive overview of this popular collectible and its origins.


Funko Pops have become a cultural phenomenon, with collectors around the world clamoring to add these adorable figurines to their collections. The Black Canary Funko Pop is one of the most sought-after items among enthusiasts, due to its unique design and vibrant colors.

Origins of the Black Canary Funko Pop

The story behind the creation of this Funko Pop begins with the character it represents: Black Canary. A superheroine from DC Comics, Black Canary has been around since 1947 and has undergone several transformations over the years.

In 2015, DC released a series called “Black Canary” with a new look for the character designed by artist Annie Wu. Her striking costume, complete with leather jacket and fishnet stockings, caught many people’s attention.

Around that same time, CEO Brian Mariotti from Funko was on a plane ride when he happened upon an issue of “Black Canary.” Intrigued by her new look, he decided that Black Canary would be perfect for a new addition to his company’s collection of vinyl figures.

The Design Process

Once Funko decided on creating a Black Canary figure, they set about designing her unique appearance. They chose her outfit from Wu’s illustrations while ensuring that it was practical for production purposes. The Fishnets alone were particularly tricky as they had never included them before; however they knew die-hard fans wouldn’t tolerate having them left out either.

After careful consideration and design work Freddy Andrews was tasked with sculpting this figure along with several others like Power Girl who also made their first appearances in 2016 making up another group entirely dedicated solely towards female superheroes!

Due to Andrews’ incredible skill as an artist his initial sculpt was incredibly well received internally at Funko, and it was promptly greenlit for production.

The Black Canary Funko Pop is a testament to the creativity of both DC Comics and Funko. From its origins as a redesigned character in a comic book series, to its transformation into an iconic collectible, the Black Canary Funko Pop has made waves in the world of pop culture.

We are proud to have shared this deep dive into the history of this beloved figurine with you. We hope that our comprehensive article has been informative and engaging, providing insights into what makes this Funko Pop so special. Thank you for choosing us as your source for quality content on all things Black Canary!

All the different variations and editions of the Black Canary Funko Pop

All the Different Variations and Editions of Black Canary Funko Pop

Welcome to our article on all the different variations and editions of Black Canary Funko Pop. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with detailed information about all the different types of Black Canary Funko Pops available. You will learn about the unique features of each version, the history behind it, and how it can be a valuable addition to your collection.

Introduction to Black Canary Funko Pop

Black Canary is a superhero character that first appeared in DC Comics in 1947. This crime-fighting heroine has become popular among fans worldwide for her unique abilities and intriguing storylines. Her popularity has led to various merchandise being created in her likeness; one of those items is the Black Canary Funko Pop.

If you’re an avid fan or collector looking to add a Black Canary Funko Pop version to your collection, then this article is for you. Let’s dive into all the different types available!

Original Release Black Canary Funko Pop (2016)

The original release of Black Canary was launched back in 2016 as part of DC Comics’ Heroes vs Villains series. The vinyl figure stands at 3 ¾ inches tall and depicts Dinah Laurel Lance (Black Canary) sporting her signature fishnet stockings, attire, and blonde hair.

This classic rendition features bold colors; she wears white leotards with black fishnets topped off with an iconic blue-and-yellow jacket one-sided zippered closure style. With a sleek design overall, this collectible figure portrays strength and beauty.

Black & White Exclusive Version (2016)

Released exclusively during Emerald City Comic Con 2016 held at Seattle Washington was the “black & white” edition version of Black Canary Funko Pop! The limited-edition display emphasizes on monochrome instead of colorful design previously released earlier that same year by DC Collectibles.

This version shows off a simple yet elegant look, highlighting lines and curves. It has a white-painted face with smoky black eyelashes, eyebrows, sculpted cheekbones pop out in contrast to its sleek hair-drapes shoulder-length all-black costume version.

Dorbz Black Canary (2016)

Funko released an alternative collectible figurine of Black Canary Dorbz line in 2016. The 3-inch vinyl edition features a cutesy design. This rendition depicts her blonde locks flowing in the air with her body posed like she’s singing to her loyal fans.

The vinyl figure captures the essence of this beloved superhero character in a new light – cute and adorable. It still has the signature black leotards with fishnets; coupled with classic blue and yellow mantras but reinvented to fit Funko’s artistic spin.

Black Canary Rock Candy (2018)

In 2018 collectors were excited that Rock Candy announced releasing yet another popular DC female character as part of their product line-up — none other than Black Canary! With about five inches tall, it shows Dinah Laurel Lance playing guitar wearing leather jacket, combat boots outfit style commonly seen on rock musicians.

This lovely version captures Black Canary at the peak moment of youth and passion for music with minimalism in aesthetics focusing on vibrant colors — blue jeans clothing attires similar or inspired by punk rock movement throughout history, complementing its high-quality finishing touches that make it look so lifelike!

We have now provided you with all types of Black Canary Funko Pops currently available in the market; each possesses its unique quality and highlighting details exclusive to its respective release date.

Whether you choose to buy the original-release or limited-edition versions or even complete a collection set over time. You can rest assured that one thing is for sure purchasing any variety from different series will satisfy every fan craving for superior content quality when seeking something intricate yet accessible through such beautiful toys. Black Canary fans will undoubtedly find something to love about these collectibles’ various versions while adding them to your valuable collection.

Tips and tricks for displaying and maintaining your Black Canary Funko Pop collection

Tips and Tricks for Displaying and Maintaining Your Black Canary Funko Pop Collection

At [Company Name], we know how important it is to maintain a Funko Pop collection. If you’re an avid collector, you already know that each figure requires extra TLC to make sure it stays in great condition.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks to help display and maintain your prized possession of a Black Canary Funko Pop figure.

1. Choose the right display case

Choosing the right display case is crucial when keeping your Black Canary Funko Pop pristine. It’s essential to choose a case that will protect your Pop from dust, sunlight exposure or any unexpected bumps.

We recommend using acrylic cases with UV protection covers as opposed to glass cases because of their durability and lightweight properties. Acrylic cases are less likely to shatter or break than glass due to accidental drops or impacts.

2. Store your figures carefully

When not displaying your Black Canary Funko Pops, store them in a safe place away from direct sunlight or areas prone to moisture like bathrooms or basements. Avoid stacking boxes on top of one another as it can cause damage such as creases or bent corners.

3. Handle with care

Funko Pops are often delicate and can easily get damaged by rough handling. Take extra caution when removing them from their boxes for display purposes or taking pictures for social media content.

It’s best practice always to handle your Black Canary Funko Pop figures in their plastic protector sleeves when they’re out of their box, especially around critical joints, limbs, tiny details and small accessories that may detach easily.

4. Clean regularly

Cleaning takes time but is necessary if you want to keep the figures looking new longer. Remove all dust particles every few weeks using either a soft-bristled brush (or toothbrush) dedicated solely for cleaning purposes only – Microfiber cloth also works well if the figures don’t have tight crevices or hard-to-reach areas.

When the figure requires extensive cleaning, dilute dish soap in warm water and apply it gently with a soft cloth (avoid using paper products like napkins or tissues as they can scratch the paint job).

After washing, rinse off any soap residue thoroughly, then towel dry them gently until every nook and cranny is cleaned properly.

5. Rotate frequently

Frequent display rotation keeps your Funko Pop collection organized, fresh and helps prevent color fading from prolonged sunlight exposure on one side only.

We recommend swapping figures frequently and avoid displaying some Black Canary Funko Pops for extended periods as their unique plastic material structure might warp over time due to heat absorption from an unbalanced amount of natural light that hits the same area consistently.


Maintaining a prized possession of a Black Canary Funko Pop takes effort but in return worth your time – Protecting your Pop Collection correctly improves collectors value ensuring you get the most from owning these iconic figures. Frequent display focus on maintenance emphasizes the love for often-nostalgic favorites while keeping them looking forever mint. At [Company Name], we hope our collection tips help keep yours in top condition always, just like during our childhood days.

Table with useful data:

Product Name Product Type Product Number Price
Black Canary Funko Pop Collectible Figure 267 $10.99
Black Canary Glow in the Dark Funko Pop Collectible Figure 378 $15.99
Black Canary DC Comics Bombshells Funko Pop Collectible Figure 252 $8.99
Black Canary Chrome Funko Pop Limited Edition Collectible Figure 250 $25.99

Information from an expert

As an expert in the field of collectibles, I can confidently say that the Black Canary Funko Pop is a must-have for any fan of DC Comics. Standing at 3.75 inches tall, this vinyl figure captures the essence of the beloved comic book character with its sleek design and attention to detail. With its limited availability and high demand among collectors, the Black Canary Funko Pop is a valuable addition to any collection. So whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting your pop culture journey, don’t hesitate to add this iconic figure to your shelf!

Historical fact:

The Black Canary, also known as Dinah Laurel Lance, was first introduced as a character in DC Comics in 1947 and has since become a fan favorite, spawning various merchandise such as the Black Canary Funko Pop figurine.

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