Unleash Your Inner Collector: The Ultimate Guide to One Punch Man Funko Pops [With Stats and Stories]

Unleash Your Inner Collector: The Ultimate Guide to One Punch Man Funko Pops [With Stats and Stories] Uncategorized

Short answer: One Punch Man Funko Pops

One Punch Man Funko Pops are vinyl figures of characters from the popular anime series One Punch Man. These collectible figures are approximately 3.75 inches tall and feature various characters such as Saitama, Genos, and Mumen Rider. They have gained a significant following among both One Punch Man fans and collectors of Funko Pop figures.

How to Collect One Punch Man Funko Pops: A Step-by-Step Guide

One Punch Man has become a beloved anime and manga series for fans all over the world. With its unique blend of humor, action, and superhero drama, it’s no wonder that collectors everywhere are clamoring to get their hands on One Punch Man Funko Pops. So, if you’re one of those fans looking to add some Saitama-style goodness to your collection, then this step-by-step guide is for you. Follow these tips and tricks to find every One Punch Man Funko Pop out there.

Step 1: Get Your Collection Started

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, you’ll need to kick off your One Punch Man Funko Pop journey with some basic figures. Most online retailers will have the original set of four One Punch Man Pops available: Saitama in his classic yellow jumpsuit, Genos in his silver suit with red accents, Lord Boros standing at attention ready for battle and Speed-O-Sound Sonic with his purple body suit and crossed arms pose. These basic figurines are essential for any die-hard fan who wants to complete their One Punch Man Funko Pop collection.

Step 2: Keep an Eye Out for Exclusives

While the original set is great as starters, anyone who knows anything about collecting knows that exclusivity is key. When it comes to limited edition variants of these pops there are several different avenues from specific retailers only having certain styles like Target’s “Pop Heroes,” EB Games’ “Action Pose” line , Hot Topic’s “Flocked” animals or glam glitter versions being sold only at conventions.

It’s important to monitor online retailer sites frequently so you don’t miss out on exclusive selling windows like Barnes & Noble’s offerings or avoiding disappointment by paying high prices after-market. Keeping an eye on the Funko twitter account can alert you when announcements such as Wal*Mart’s “Battle Damaged” pop reveal takes place with pre-order shopping dates that sell out quickly.

Step 3: Look for Specialty Variants

With One Punch Man’s growing popularity, Funko’s recent success with retro style figures and an eye for celebrating iconic gaming characters, keep a watchful eye for uncommon themes. For instance, the “Tabletop Gaming” variant of Saitama in full-on wizard robes poses ready to crush anyone getting in his way. It shows how limitless one can stretch with their licensing options with Funko offering whacky variations.

So, if you’re looking to branch out from traditional sets but still want One Punch Man represented, these special releases give unique alternatives undoubtedly appealing buyers around the world.

Step 4: Consider Pop Protectors

Once you’ve got your hands on your favorite Pops, it’s time to consider investing in pop protectors. These plastic cases provide extra protection from dust and damage while preserving their condition for long term display. A quality protector fits snugly over each figure without compromising visibility letting everyone see every detail of the figurine along with providing safety from any minor bumps or dropping problems! Prices vary depending upon style design and quantity bulk but insurance is key when maintaining a valuable collection.

In conclusion:

One Punch Man is a fantastic anime/manga series that has garnered worldwide acclaim along with tons of merchandise like props swords and hero capes not mention beautifully crafted figurines by Funko Pops! Our guide provides some basic steps for gathering essential items toward having a complete set like original versions & exclusives collectors crave including additional quirky ones too perfect for gamers or into crossovers.. Moreover ensuring the longevity of the collection with pop protectors to keep them looking their best for years to come. Now it’s time to get started on your own One Punch Man Funko Pop collection before they’re all gone!

Where to Find One Punch Man Funko Pops: Tips and Tricks for Finding Rare Ones

Funko Pops have become a staple in the entertainment merchandise industry, and it’s no surprise that collectors of all ages are constantly on the lookout for rare ones to add to their collections. One Punch Man Funko Pops are no exception, and they may prove challenging to find unless you know where to look. Whether you are an avid Funko Pop collector or just starting your collection, here are some tips and tricks on how to find rare One Punch Man Funko Pops.

Firstly, start with official retailers. These retailers typically receive new releases and restocks of highly sought-after items such as One Punch Man Funko Pops. You can check online retailers like Amazon, Entertainment Earth, BoxLunch, Hot Topic or physical stores like Target or GameStop for availability.

However, there is always a chance that these official retailers will no longer carry certain models or variants since they sell out fast. Therefore it’s essential to be knowledgeable about other reliable sources.

Social media is your next good option when searching for rare items – One Punch Man Funko pops included – since many collectors take advantage of social media platforms to connect with fellow collectors anywhere globally. Facebook has pages dedicated explicitly to collecting pop culture merchandise where users post photos of rare finds for sale or trade.
Instagram works well too when searching for desired functions by browsing through hashtags that relate specifically to collecting – this way; you’ll have a glimpse into what other collectors own and might offer if any come up willing to trade/sell their duplicates.

One obvious trick worth trying out is purchasing directly from the manufacturer without involving intermediaries (such as eBay sellers), especially if you desire exclusive limited edition pieces that have not yet hit retail shelves.
If you head over Straight towards funko’s website store section, chances are high You’ll find them available for purchase.

Finally, Cons & specialty conventions such as Comic-Con proved its importance in locating hard-to-find gear inspired by one punch man Funko Pops, with vendors typically providing a vast selection that can’t be found anywhere else. While attending such events during the pandemic is as good as making an appointment with your dentist, hopeful collectors may try their luck participating in virtual cons to snatch rare finds.

In summary, it’s evident that searching for One Punch Man Funko Pops relying on only one option may lead to disappointment. Combining various methods and techniques ( online retailers, social media sellers & pages), going directly to manufacturers or attending specialty conventions) would undoubtedly place you in a better position of getting a hold of your favorite rare collectibles!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About One Punch Man Funko Pops

When it comes to collecting Funko Pops, we all have our favourites. But if you’re a fan of One Punch Man, then you know that there’s nothing quite like owning your own Saitama or Genos figurine. The One Punch Man Funko Pop collection has been hugely popular ever since the series hit screens in 2015. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 facts you need to know about these beloved figures.

1. The Collection Is Growing

At first, the One Punch Man Funko Pop line started off with just a few characters – Saitama, Genos and Lord Boros being among them. However, since then, the collection has continued to grow with new additions such as Garou and Tatsumaki also being introduced into the mix. Fans of the show are eagerly waiting for even more characters to be added to this already extensive collection.

2. Saitama Remains The Top Seller

It’s no surprise that Saitama remains one of the most sought-after figurines in this collection. His distinctive appearance and overpowered status make him an instant fan favourite. In fact, some fans buy multiple versions of this character so they can display different expressions or poses!

3. They Are Highly-Detailed Creations

One thing that makes Funko Pops stand out is their attention to detail- and the One Punch Man series is no exception! Each character is carefully sculpted and painted with high-quality details and finishes making them look almost true-to-life as possible – or perhaps somewhat more cartoonish depending on how you look at it! So whether you want your Funko Pop figures for playtime fun or display purposes only- rest assured knowing they’ll always be a pleasure on your shelf whatever purpose it may serve!

4. Some Characters Are Rarity

As mentioned earlier – while some characters are easier than others to collect but owing to various reasons like availability, popularity, and demand- some figures are harder to acquire than others. So far the rarest characters in this collection include Saitama (with his “Glow” mode), Silver Fang (Metallic), Tatsumaki (GITD) and Lord Boros as well.

5. They’re Always in Demand

It’s no secret that Funko Pops hold significant popularity – not only among Anime fans but also other pop-culture enthusiasts. Characters from One Punch Man have an immense following around the world making these collectible figurines always in demand. So it doesn’t matter which character(s) you choose to collect; you can be sure they will remain popular even long after their respective series has ended.

In conclusion, One Punch Man Funko Pop manufacturer is giving fans precisely what they need: impeccably detailed renditions of their favourite One Punch Man characters. Whether they’re at your bedside table or on your office desk, these figurines make great additions to your anime collection, complete with intricate design details and accurate portrayals that are sure to impress all who see them!

One Punch Man Funko Pops FAQ: Your Pressing Questions Answered

Are you a fan of the One Punch Man anime series and collecting Funko Pops? Then this blog post is for you! We’ve rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions about the One Punch Man Funko Pop collection and provided answers to help you build your own epic collection.

Q: How many One Punch Man Funko Pops are there?
A: There are currently six different One Punch Man Funko Pops available. These include Saitama, Genos, Lord Boros, Garou, Tatsumaki, and King.

Q: Can I buy all six of them in one set?
A: Unfortunately, at this time there is no complete set with all six characters. You’ll need to purchase them individually. However, you may be able to find bundle deals or discounts on websites like Amazon or eBay.

Q: What sizes do they come in?
A: The one punch man pops typically come in two sizes – the standard 3.75-inch size commonly known as “Pop sized” and a larger 6-inch size that is called “Super Sized.”

Q: Which character is most popular in the collection?
A: Unsurprisingly, Saitama seems to be the most popular figure among collectors. After all, he’s the hero who can defeat any enemy with just one punch! But others like Genos and King also have their fair share of followers too.

Q: Are there any rare or exclusive figures?
A: Yes! Some retailers offer exclusive versions of certain characters. For example:
– Target has an exclusive metallic version of Genos
– GameStop offers an exclusive GITD (Glow In The Dark) version of Saitama
– Hot Topic has a flocked version of Garou

Q: Can I pre-order upcoming figures in advance?
A: Yes! Many online retailers such as Entertainment Earth allow for pre-orders for upcoming releases so that you can snag the Pops before they sell out. Check out their website for updates on future One Punch Man Funko Pops releases.

Q: What are some tips for displaying my One Punch Man Funko Pop collection?
A: Get creative! You could arrange them by characters, display them in a cool diorama or playset, or put them on floating shelves to show them off better. Whatever your approach, make sure to keep your figures in a clean and protected spot!

In conclusion, collecting the One Punch Man Funkos is an exciting adventure that can fill your shelves with amazing characters from one of the most popular anime series around. Keep these tips in mind as you add to your own collection and enjoy all of these unique and colorful figures!

Displaying Your Collection: Creative Ideas for Showcasing Your One Punch Man Funko Pops

One Punch Man has taken the world by storm with its humorous storyline, complex characters and unique superhero concept. And what better way to show your love for this fantastic anime than by collecting One Punch Man Funko Pops? From Saitama’s iconic yellow jumpsuit to Genos’ metallic upgrades, these little vinyl figures embody the spirit of One Punch Man in every detail. But once you’ve amassed a collection worth showcasing, what’s the best way to display them? Fear not, we have some creative ideas that will make your One Punch Man Funko Pops stand out.

The Classic Shelf Display
First up is the classic shelf display. This tried and true method is simple but effective. All you need are some shelves (either built-in or added on) and you can line up your One Punch Man Funko Pops in neat rows. Use different sized shelves or stagger them for an interesting visual effect. You can even use light fixtures to highlight specific figures.

The Tiered Stand Display
If you want a more vertical option, consider using tiered stands like those used for cupcakes or desserts at parties. These stands come in all shapes and sizes, so choose one that suits your collection best. You can add in some background decor like clouds or buildings to imitate scenes from the anime.

The Shadow Box Display
Shadow boxes are deep frames with a glass front that allows you to arrange objects inside while keeping them safe from dust and damage. Use a shadow box to create a diorama-like display for your One Punch Man Funko Pops. Set up a scene with multiple figures using props like trees, rocks and other related accessories.

The Hanging Display
Hanging displays are perfect for those who have limited floor space but still want to showcase their collection prominently. Create a hanging panel with string or fishing wire strung between two points – this could be two hooks on walls or even suction cups on windows – then hang the figures from the lines. You can then adjust the height of each figure as well to create a dynamic effect.

The Themed Display
Finally, if you really want to up your display game, consider creating a themed display showcasing your One Punch Man Funko Pops surrounded by relevant props and accessories. For example, make a mock training room for Saitama or a lab space for Genos with beakers and test tubes. Don’t shy away from some DIY with cardboard or Styrofoam as these props can be just as good as real ones.

In conclusion, displaying your collection of One Punch Man Funko Pops is all about being creative and having fun! There are plenty of options out there; it just depends on how much space and time you have to put into it. Regardless of which option you choose, we hope this list has given you some inspiration for showcasing your passion for One Punch Man in an exciting way that will impress even non-anime fans. Now get out there and start collecting – show off those adorable vinyl figures like the heroes they are!

Firstly, it is essential to note that the One Punch Man anime series gained a massive following due to its unique storyline and characters. As a result, many fans were thrilled when Funko announced the release of their One Punch Man Funko Pops. The first wave of figures featured Saitama, Genos, Lord Boros, and several others. However, with the increasing popularity of the anime series and manga adaptation worldwide – especially after season 2 premiere on Hulu – collectors are eagerly anticipating more additions to their collections.

In recent years, Funko has expanded its product lines significantly across film, TV shows and video games franchises. Fans got excitedly surprised when One Punch Man Pops! showed up on this list seeing in which an expanding brand implies new developments or releases underway for some franchise products.

Several characters from later arcs are still waiting for their turn as official Funko Pop vinyl figures; included among them are villains like Garou and Orochi who would be remarkable figurines due to their monstrous designs. In contrast, fan-favourite heroes like King have been included in artists’ perspective fan-made customs but haven’t gotten attention yet from Funko themselves.

On the release frontlines as at early days in June 2021 besides Saitama launching again as part of Pride Month initiative under STONEWALL Inn fundraiser we can expect three new releases including:

– Flying Tornado Tatsumaki: Known for being able to manipulate objects with her telekinetic powers.
– Hero Hunter Garou: A villain who seeks justice by eliminating all “false” heroes.
– Super Alloy Darkshine: a member of the Hero Association known for his superhuman strength.

What is next in the lineup is unknown, as Funko has not announced any additional One Punch Man figures. However, many fans have speculated that popular characters such as Mumen Rider and Zombieman could be added to the collection.

In conclusion, Funko Pop collectors and One Punch Man fans alike can look forward to an expanding line of figures based on their favourite characters from the anime series. We may never know who or what will be next in the line-up until official announcements come out — however, it is exciting to think about all the possibilities that lie ahead!

Table with useful data:

Name Number Release Date Price
Saitama 257 2016 $10.99
Genos 258 2016 $10.99
Lord Boros 662 2019 $10.99
Garou 720 2020 $10.99
Tornado 554 2019 $10.99

Information from an expert

As an expert on collectible figurines, I can confidently say that One Punch Man Funko Pops are a must-have for any fan of the anime series. These adorable vinyl figures capture the essence of Saitama and his friends perfectly, with their charming and witty expressions. Additionally, the attention to detail on each piece is impressive, with accurate costumes and physical features. As a result, these Funko Pops make excellent gifts for collectors or as a decorative addition to any shelf or display case. Don’t hesitate to add them to your collection!

Historical fact:

As a popular anime and manga series, One Punch Man has become a cultural phenomenon with merchandise and collectibles including Funko Pops. The first One Punch Man Funko Pop was released in 2019 featuring the main character, Saitama, and has since expanded to include other characters from the series.

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