Unleash the Titans: A Fun Look at Funko Pops Attack on Titan Collection

Unleash the Titans: A Fun Look at Funko Pops Attack on Titan Collection Uncategorized

Introduction to Funko Pop Attack on Titan Figures:

Funko Pop has long been known for its wild and wacky vinyl figures, which celebrate favorite characters and pop culture icons across the world. Now they have taken the craze to a new level with their recently unveiled Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures.

Based on the popular manga series, these stylized figures are soon to be an essential for any fan of Attack on Titan. The set of five figures includes Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Armored Titan Eren Yeager as well as Colossal Titan Eren Yeager in his larger form.

These incredible detailed figurines bring out all the personality from the beloved characters from Hajime Isayama’s chaotic ancient world. From Eren’s determined gaze through his signature tousled hair to Armin’s soulful stare beneath his floppy bangs — it is easy to appreciate why they have become one of the hottest properties in anime merchandise right now! Each 3 3/4-inch Vinyl figure comes packaged in a colorful window box that showcases each character’s unique style, perfect for display or playtime scenarios; making them an attractive addition to any collection.

Whether you are a diehard fan of this explosive manga series or an enthusiastic collector eager to expand their horizons — Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures are sure to take your fandom up several notches! Get yours today and be part of this exciting take over phenomenon before it goes out-of-stock!

Unboxing Tips and Tricks for Unboxing the Latest Pop Attack on Titan Figures:

Unboxing new figures of your favorite characters from the hit anime series Attack on Titan can be a thrilling experience. But no matter how big a fan you are, there’s always some anxiety when opening the packaging for the first time. To help make it more fun, check out these top tips and tricks for unboxing your shiny new collectibles!

First off, take the time to carefully remove all of the tape surrounding each side of the box. Avoid using knives or any sharp objects that could potentially damage what’s inside. If you’ve got your heart set on keeping everything in pristine condition, use a paperclip or tweezers to gently work around the edges and carefully peel away any adhesive residue too.

Next up: Inspecting your items! Once you’ve removed all the tape and opened your package, it’s important to make sure that everything looks okay. It’s common with collectibles of this nature to have smaller parts such as weapon accessories or effects pieces sold separately inside their own plastic baggies; take care over checking each one individually so you don’t miss anything valuable! Additionally, if you’ve chosen pre-painted models like those made by Good Smile Company or Bandai Spirits then it can pay dividends to go through each piece thoroughly and look for any microscopic imperfections from manufacturing.

Finally, documenting unboxing is great fun too! With social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram it’s never been easier to share what exciting loot you managed to snag; adding in photos/videos during unpacking creates anticipation with other fans and gives them an understanding into why collecting figures can be such a rewarding hobby! Alternatively if photography isn’t your thing then merely reminiscing about how satisfied you were finding these amazing little figurines nestled in their neat packaging can bring back fond memories long after they have been seen by admirers everywhere…

A Comprehensive Look at the Different Available Pop Attack on Titan Figures:

Pop Attack on Titan figures have become increasingly popular lately, and it’s no surprise why. The series is one of the most beloved anime and manga properties of all time and its iconic characters are easily some of the most recognizable in comics and illustration today. But what makes Pop Attack on Titan figures so desirable? What sets them apart from other collectibles? In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the various Pop Attack on Titan figures that exist both officially licensed by the franchise and independently created for fans of the show.

To begin our examination of Attack on Titan figures, let’s start with an overview of their creation process. Many firms have licensed these collectibles to be released in exclusive batches within certain areas (similar to Pop Vinyls), which often means finding rare versions can be rather difficult. All these items are designed using digital sculpting tools to achieve a clean aesthetic, after which they are cast in plastic resin or even PVC figurines. Production involves painstaking hand-painting – usually done with acrylic paints – to bring out deep details loved by fans.

Beyond quality manufacturing process though, what sets Pop Attack on Titans apart from other pieces is their diverse range of sizes, ranging from small 2-inch tokens intended for prizes all the way up to large 11-inch iterations meant for display shelves or desks . These vary regarding features like articulation as well; some include moveable joints for customizing poses but limited mobility because there are also static versions where only basic adjustments can be made due to lack of components such as levers or ball joints.

While we look at each size variation in depth later in this blog post, it’s worth noting that factors like typeface choice or color palette differentiate them from conventional action figures; things like a 3D chibi style featuring biblically inspired facial features ensure authenticity while giving off a fun vibe expected with modern cartoons franchises like “Attack On Titans”. Even battle damage marks give added layers when viewing your favorite character deployed in combat!

This fundamental assistance between product licensees and creators adds considerable value to pre-existing IP when designing POP toys based upon prominent animated series such as “Attack On Titans”3by helping generate additional brand exposure through unique merchandise not otherwise available elsewhere.. And since contemporary figurines aren’t just about being cute anymore — many brands also feature scratch makers attached so collectors can customize their own designs — there’s plenty to explore as an alternative avenue towards collecting ./pop culture memorabilia! So without further ado…let’s delve into our comprehensive breakdown!”

How to Care For Your Funko Pop Attack on Titan Figures After Unboxing them:

When it comes to Funko Pop Attack on Titan Figures, there is nothing quite like unwrapping the box and seeing your favorite characters leap out in full vivid detail. However, after unboxing them, there are a few important steps that should be taken to properly care for your new collectibles. First, inspect the figures thoroughly for any signs of damage or defects. Check that all the parts are securely attached, and if necessary remove any excess bubble wrap or plastic casings around the figure. Second, keep your figurines stored in an area free from direct sunlight, as this could cause fading or discoloration over time. It’s also best to display them at a low height to reduce the risk of accidental falls and crushing. Thirdly, when handling or dusting your figures use a soft cloth dampened with a small amount of warm soapy water or glass cleaner; never use aerosol sprays as they can cause damage to delicate areas of the figure. Lastly, if you ever decide to resell your figures online or even locally – make sure they remain in their original packaging along with their respective accessories and codex cards (if provided). By following these tips carefully you can ensure years of enjoyment from your beloved Funko Pop Attack on Titan Figures!

Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up and Displaying your New Funko Pops:

If you’ve just purchased a brand new set of Funko Pops, congrats! Your newly acquired collection is sure to be the envy of your friends and family. However, now that you’ve got them on-hand, the question is how will you go about displaying them? It’s key to really show off those Pops in their full glory! To make it easier for you to present them at their best and break out your collector’s pride, here are our step-by-step tips for setting up and displaying your Funko figures:

1. Location – Before getting started think about where you want to showcase your new Funko Pop collection. Do you have a dedicated corner or room specifically for displaying all your figures? Think about who else might see this area as well, visitors and guests alike so decide if those Pops need to be displayed in an unobtrusive manner or if they can provide some fun flair to wherever they are placed.

2. Shelves – Look around the house for creative shelves that fit with the style of the room where your Pops will live. This can range from more classic picture frames along walls to industrial-style floating shelves set against wood paneling — there are endless possibilities so use whatever looks best!

3. Setup –Now comes the fun part — position each Funko POP figure on its own shelf! Keep like figures together (DC/avengers characters or horror themed ones) but mix it up with different platforms (wood cases, acrylic stands, steel rings etc.), colours or sizes — whichever makes it look cooler! Don’t forget labels too; adding labelled banners beneath each row helps keep things organized so people know what series of which characters are being showcased

4. Stand Out – Place counters below each Pop adding height and providing a visual frame around each figure making them stand out from one another even more. You could also add small objects like books or even mini figurines next to them as a touch of personalization giving it its own unique identity compared to other collections elsewhere.

5. Invest In Protection – Protecting those treasures should always be top of mind: buy some opaque boxes made especially for vinyl collectors – these offer superior protection while still allowing admirers get a glimpse into what lies before they remove any lids/boxesetc., great way ensure those figurines look exactly like when purchased brand new forever staying pristine!.

6. Enjoy – Settle in and enjoy Those sweet little fantasies now living right before eyes as though icons themselves come alive home turf ready become talking pieces amongst friends &families alike—only then smile knowing achieved life long dream showing off prized powers proudly through generations!

FAQs About Purchasing, Collecting, and Caring for Funko Pop Attack on Titans Figures:

Q: Where can I buy Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures?

A: You can purchase official Funko Pop Attack on Titan figures from a number of retailers. Most major toy stores, such as Target and Toys R Us, carry the figures in their stores, as well as online outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, there are a number of specialty stores that specialize in selling pop culture-related items, such as Culture Fly and Entertainment Earth. It is also possible to find the figures from third-party sellers such as eBay.

Q: How do I know if my figure is an official Attack on Titan Funko Pop?

A: The easiest way to tell if a figure you are considering is an official Attack on Titan Funko Pop figure is by looking for the “Funko” logo stamped somewhere on the back, bottom or side of the box. In addition to this, figures produced by Funko typically feature high-quality moulds with intricate detail and vibrant color schemes – so if a figure’s design seems off, then chances are it may not be real. If you require extra assurance that what you purchased was manufactured by Funko specifically for their Attack on Titans series then verification with customer service can often provide further clarity.

Q: Which character should I get first?

A: While this really comes down to personal preference and budgeting constraints, we recommend starting your collection off with Eren Jaeger and his transformation ODM gear – followed closely by Mikasa Ackerman. As these two characters have arguably been some of the most popularly requested releases among fans since early before Season 1 aired, it makes sense to start your collection off with them first!

Q: Is there anything else I need to know about caring for my figures?

A: Yes! Aside from storing them properly when not in use (for example away from direct sunlight), one important tip we suggest following strictly is never to try cleaning or repairing any damaged or dirty pieces yourself– entrust any maintenance endeavors only after consulting a professional collector or expert! Not doing so could result in permanent damage to painted details which could cost dearly in future resale value – so be sure to always keep your cherished horde kept safe at all times

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