Unleash the Fun with Monster Inc Funko Pop: A Collector’s Journey [Expert Tips, Stats, and Must-Have Pops]

Unleash the Fun with Monster Inc Funko Pop: A Collector’s Journey [Expert Tips, Stats, and Must-Have Pops] Uncategorized

Short answer: Monster Inc Funko Pop is a line of collectible figurines featuring characters from the popular Disney/Pixar animated film, Monsters Inc. These figures are designed by the company Funko and are highly sought after by fans and collectors alike.

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Monster Inc Funko Pop Collection

Starting Your Own Monster Inc Funko Pop Collection: A Comprehensive Guide

Collecting Funko Pop figures has become a popular hobby in recent years, and for good reason. These small vinyl figures are affordable and come in a seemingly endless array of characters from pop culture. If you’re looking to start your own Monster Inc Funko Pop collection, then look no further! We’ve created this comprehensive guide with everything you need to know to begin your collection.

Why Collect Monster Inc Funko Pops?

Before we dive into the specifics of starting your collection, let’s talk about why collecting Monster Inc Funko Pops is such a great idea. First off, these figures are incredibly cute and detailed. The characters from Monsters Inc are already beloved by fans worldwide, but when that love is translated into physical form with one of these adorable little figures standing on your shelf or desk? It’s hard not to smile every time you see them.

Furthermore, buying and trading pops has become something of a sport amongst collectors – finding rare versions of certain characters or sets can be thrilling!

Decide on Your Budget

One thing that will determine the size of your collection is how much money you have to spend. If money is tight, don’t worry – there are still ways to amass an enviable collection without breaking the bank! You might choose a few key figures to splurge on or hunt down rare ones at second-hand stores.

Alternatively, if budget isn’t as much of an issue and you hope to amass multiple figurines quickly or plan on keeping up with new releases as they come out—the world is literally your oyster.

Scour Online Marketplaces

The easiest way to start building up a collection (and prevent yourself from spending more than you should) is by using online marketplaces. Websites like eBay often have listings for individual Monster Inc pops where collectors can sell their duplicates or unwanted pieces making it an excellent space with an enormous variety of items to make your collection grow.

Be Diligent in Your Search

As you start to invest time and money into collecting Funko Pops, you’ll quickly learn that it can be tough to track down some characters in physical stores — so you’ll have to use all the online tools at your disposal! The more rare or exclusive the figure is, the harder it might be to find one for sale. Don’t give up, though: with effort and patience, you never know what will turn up.

Learn About Rare Figures

One thing to keep in mind when looking for collectible figures – there are often rare versions of each character. These versions can come from events or exclusives made specifically for vendor sales but don’t get discouraged if you cannot find them as there is a chance they might get reproduced again someday.

Pay Attention To Limited Edition Releases

Another excellent way to snag unique pops before anyone else is by keeping an eye on limited edition releases. For instance; San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) usually hosts Funko’s reveals of upcoming products- making it the perfect opportunity for serious collectors hoping to find something special!

Expand Beyond Just Pop Figures

If you’re ready and willing to take collecting seriously consider expanding beyond just purchasing new/old Monster inc figurines. You could also grab posters, keychains or other memorabilia that feature Sulley, Mike Wazowski and a range of other beloved Pixar characters – creating a great addition or centerpiece on display areas around your home!

Final Thoughts

Collecting Funko Pops is an incredibly fun hobby that’s all about passion over profit. With some dedication and smart hunting techniques, building an impressive Monsters Inc Funko Pop collection should be achievable -one vinyl piece at a time! Keep these tips in mind while plotting out your pop collecting journey so that sooner than later those adorable little creatures would decorate your shelves (and heart.)

Everything You Need to Know About Monster Inc Funko Pop Releases: A FAQ

How to Be a Pro at Collecting Monster Inc Funko Pops: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a die-hard fan of the 2001 hit movie Monster Inc and an avid collector of the revered pop figurine brand? If so, then you’ll definitely love this article!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about Monster Inc Funko Pop releases. We understand that collecting figurines isn’t always the easiest activity; however, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience if done right.

Here are some subheadings with keyword-rich titles to guide us through:

1. The Origin Story of Monster Inc Funko Pops
2. What Are Funko Pops And Why Are They So Popular?
3. The Best Custom Monsters Inc Funko Pops Ever Made
4. What Makes Monster Inc Funko Pops So Special?
5. How To Start Your Own Collection Of Monster Inc Funko Pops
6. A Comprehensive FAQ About Everything You Need To Know About Monster Inc Funko Pop Releases

The Origin Story of Monster Inc Funko Pops

As one of Disney’s most loved franchises, it comes as no surprise that the Monsters Inc franchise received recognition from the world-renowned figurine makers -Funko Pop in 2013.

With iconic characters like Sulley, Mike Wazowski, Boo and Randall Boggs just to mention a few, their ecstatic fans have welcomed every rendition possible from each new release year or edition.

What Are Funko Pops And Why Are They So Popular?

A fundamental part of any viable collection is knowing what you’re collecting in full detail! A definite familiarity with your collectibles would give more reason for others to trust your scores.

Funko Pop is an American brand that produces licensed pop culture collectibles ranging from vinyl figures and bobble-heads to creating accessories and items inspired by films or series such as Marvel, Disney or Netflix originals.

The exciting thing about Funko Pops? It’s affordable while still retaining a high level of details, that pop loving fans get to enjoy the benefits emanating from their new designs and editions!

The Best Custom Monsters Inc Funko Pops Ever Made

Part of what makes collecting figurines enthralling is often you come across customized forms that stand out amongst the regular ones we’re used to.

Some notable custom versions of Masco and Monsters Inc designers are Mufizal Mokhtar (@munstreedi) and Ben Huang (@clownsupply).

These artists have ingeniously exploited their imagination in creating customized versions based on the source material provided.

What Makes Monster Inc Funko Pops So Special?

For starters, as highlighted earlier, the figurines provide sufficient detail but at an affordable rate than most licensed merchandise would cost you.

Additionally, there are limited edition versions which become rarer with each passing edition making them quite collectable! The company releases several limited sets annually but also affords fans the opportunity to buy figures exclusively from conventions or retailers.

How To Start Your Own Collection Of Monster Inc Funko Pops

Starting up your own collection isn’t hard; it only requires some fore-knowledge for desired items coupled with a mindset not influenced by impulse buying habits.

The very first step is deciding on which characters to add first; this could be influenced by personal preferences or looking up popular ones among fandom communities related to your particular interest.

It’s always great to amass knowledge through research on where and when they’re released alongside what pieces are exclusive or limited edition items. Conducting price comparisons will help you determine pricing schemes relative to location while planning a budget should guide for consistent purchasing habits in maintaining an organized collection.

A Comprehensive FAQ About Everything You Need To Know About Monster Inc Funko Pop Releases

1. What Is The Price Range For A Standard Edition Monsters Inc Funko Pop Figure?

Typically, a standard-sized Funko Pop would cost between $10 to $15 however rarer editions could start at a higher price point.

2. How Do I Hang-Up or Display My Figurines?

Figurines could be displayed (within their boxes) through several methods like bookshelves or displays that regulate the level of lighting and prevent random exposure from damaging them over time.

3. How Often Are New Monsters Inc Funko Pops Released?

There are several releases per year but mainly when conventions or annual meetings occur.

In conclusion, there you have it: your very own guide to becoming an expert in Monsters Inc Funko Pop collecting!

We’ve covered everything from start to finish – delving into every section necessary for understanding the ins and outs of collecting these figurines alongside useful tips that help you make informed decisions when buying!

It is pertinent to keep our recommendations in mind while keeping up-to-date with new releases as needed regardless of where they originate from! Happy Collecting!

The Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Monster Inc Funko Pops

The Top 5 Facts You Never Knew About Monster Inc Funko Pops

Monsters Inc. is a renowned animated movie series that has captured the hearts of many children and adults alike. One of the most beloved merchandise items from this franchise is undoubtedly the Monster Inc Funko Pop. These figurines are adored by collectors all over the world for their intricate designs, attention to detail, and undeniable charm.

In this article, we will provide you with lesser-known facts about Monster Inc Funko Pops that you might not have come across before. From rare editions to interesting design choices, we’ve got it all covered!

Monster’s Mike and Sully Funko Pop Were The First Figures Released

It may come as no surprise that Mike and Sully were the first two characters chosen by Funko for their Monsters Inc range of figures. Both remain incredibly popular even today, being widely considered as iconic characters. But what sets these pops apart from others in the collection is that they were released in both regular edition and “flocked” editions. “Flocked” refers to a textured material applied on top of vinyl figures to give them a fuzzy feel like stuffed animals.

Chase Variants Bring A Whole New Level Of Excitement

For avid collectors of Funko Pops, finding chase variants are akin to discovering rare gems in your collection – they’re synonymous with excitement! Chase variants are unique limited editions that feature characters within a particular line but with distinct variations in colors or poses compared to standard releases. For Monsters Inc fans looking for something special in their collections, be sure to keep an eye out for Boo holding her monster dolls or Sully wearing a hard hat–you might just strike gold!

Rare Editions Could Net You A Small Fortune

As mentioned above, chase variants aren’t cheap due to their rarity, but there’s more: some other versions can cost much more than chases (on average). Funko has released a variety of Monster Inc Pops that are no longer available in the market, making them more collectible and increasing their value. If you’re lucky enough to have one of the rare editions, it may be worth considering preserving it instead of adding it to your toy shelf.

Monsters University Takes Over Funko Pop As Well

As Monsters University is also part of the same series as Monsters Inc., Funko decided to expand its range of figures to include characters from both movies as well. Some People tend to overlook this fact and tend to focus on figuring colleecting only from Monsters Inc! Oozma Kappa fraternity leader Mike, Archie the scare pig, Art, and Squishy all have their Pop counterparts thanks to this expansion!

Funko’s Unique Strategy To Create A New Segment Of Collectors

In addition to its regular sized Pops!, one unique strategy that sets Funko apart from other vinyl figure manufacturers is its 10-inch format. And yes, they made a few for collectors of Monsters Inc too! The 10-inch Sully figure dwarfs many others in the collection – even when excluding Boo holding her dolls. They make quite an impression when added into anyone’s collection.

The world of collecting arts and entertainment merchandise often consists of surprises and additional information about products that one can’t obtain at first glance. In the case of these iconic toys based on beloved characters from Monsters Inc., we hope that our five facts granted you new insight into Monster Inc Funko pops. From chase variants carrying a premium price tag to exclusive 10-inch figures, these novelty pieces always seem to grab attention.

So keep collecting funko pop figures because you never know what’ll fill up your favorite display case next time –hint hint– ;>)

How to Identify Rare and Valuable Monster Inc Funko Pops in Your Collection

How to Identify Rare and Valuable Monster Inc Funko Pops in Your Collection

As avid collectors of Monster Inc Funko Pops, we understand the importance of identifying rare and valuable pieces in our collections. While it may seem like a daunting task, with a few key factors in mind, anyone can become an expert at identifying valuable Funko Pops.

Firstly, check for mold lines. Mold lines are present on most mass-produced figurines and will significantly decrease their value. Look closely at the seams and edges of your Monster Inc Funko Pop and if there are any visible lines or rough patches, then it is likely that this piece is not as valuable as others without them.

Secondly, consider the rarity of the figurine. Limited edition or exclusive pieces often hold higher values within the collecting community. Check the box to see if there are any stickers indicating exclusivity, such as a convention sticker or store exclusive sticker.

In addition to rarity and mold lines, pay attention to minor details such as paint variations or misprints on your Monster Inc Funko Pops. These flaws can increase its value significantly among collectors who appreciate unique or one-of-a-kind features.

It’s also important to keep up with current trends in the collecting community. If certain pieces gain popularity due to their rarity or design qualities, their value will rise accordingly. Keep yourself updated through online forums or social media groups dedicated to collecting Monster Inc Funko Pops.

Lastly, when considering selling or trading your collection, ensure that you have taken all necessary steps to authenticate its authenticity. Authenticity is crucial when determining a fitting price tag for your treasures, so be sure that you know what sets apart genuine products from counterfeits.

In conclusion, becoming well-versed in identifying rare and valuable Monster Inc Funko Pops takes time and dedication but is ultimately rewarding both monetarily and personally for those passionate about the hobby. Remember always to look for mold lines, check for rarity, keep an eye out for minor details and maintain involvement in the community by staying informed on trending collectibles. Following these tips will help ensure you receive a fair value on your collection and find the hidden gems within it.

Customizing Your Own Unique Monster Inc Funko Pops: Tips and Tricks

Customizing Your Own Unique Monster Inc Funko Pops: Tips and Tricks

If you’re a fan of Funko Pops, then you’ve probably found yourself with a few duplicates in your collection. Instead of buying more of the same figure, have you considered customizing them? In this article, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks to make your own unique Monster Inc custom Funko Pop.

Choosing the Right Base Figure

Before beginning any customization, it is important to choose the right base figure. For a character like Sulley from Monsters Inc, choose a Funko Pop that has similar physical features. The more closely a base figure resembles your desired end product, the easier it will be to customize.

Materials Needed for Customization

There are many materials available for customizing Funko Pops. Below are some essential items:

– Acrylic paint
– Fine tip brushes
– Sealant spray
– Sculpting putty or clay
– Sandpaper
– X-ACTO knife or other sharp blade

With these materials in tow, let’s tackle some customization techniques.

Painting Techniques

Acrylic paints are ideal for customizing Funko Pops because they dry quickly and can easily be layered. Before painting, clean your base figure gently with soap and water and ensure it’s free from dirt or oil.

To achieve various shades on your pop figurine use a primer first. Prime lighters colors on dark POPs blocking out their design underneath when apply darker tones over them; therefore you can add a contrasting tone instead of coloring over lighter untapped areas making them blend seamlessly into the POP’s design.

When painting details such as facial expressions or logos, use fine tip brushes to keep lines clean and crisp. And remember to wait for each layer to dry before applying another coat of paint.

Sculpting Techniques

If you desire more drastic changes than just repainting you may opt this technique. Sculpting is done by using sculpting putty or clay to build up the desired shapes over Funko Pop figure. This method requires experience so do proceed with caution.

After sculpting your piece, sand it down for a smoother finish before painting. Remember that this process can be time-consuming and intricate, but the end product will be worth it if you carefully invest time onto it.

Protect Your Custom Funko Pops

After finishing your custom Funko Pop, don’t forget to protect your hard work with a sealant spray giving adequate protection against dust or possible smudges on acrylic paint applied on figure.

In Conclusion

Customizing your own unique Monster Inc Funko Pops is a fun and creative way for you to add something different to your collection. Whether you’re new to customization or an experienced crafter, these basic tips and tricks should give you a solid starting point in making any changes needed for your favorite pop! No matter which technique/s you choose, remember that patience goes along way when creating custom figurines.

Exploring the World of Monster Inc: Meet the Characters Behind the Funko Pops

Exploring the Fascinating World of Monster Inc: Meet the Characters Behind the Funko Pops

Are you a fan of Disney Pixar’s blockbuster hit, “Monster Inc”? Have you ever wondered who are behind those adorable Funko Pop figurines, depicting the beloved characters from this classic movie? If you’re looking for a comprehensive, informative article that explores the world of Monstropolis and its colorful inhabitants, then read on!

Monsters Incorporated is a whimsical story about creatures living in a parallel universe where energy comes from human children’s screams. The lovable blue creature Sulley and his green best friend Mike Wazowski work at Monsters Inc., harvesting screams from children to power their city. As they explore the world of scare-ology and fight against Randall Boggs’ evil plan, they encounter new challenges and fun-loving characters.

Let’s take an in-depth look at our favorite Monster Inc. characters that inspired Funko Pop collectors worldwide:

Sulley – The Lovable Blue-furred Giant

Sulley is a large creature with striking blue fur, voiced by John Goodman. He is friendly and big-hearted and loves his job scaring children. However, he quickly learns that laughter can be even more powerful than screams when dealing with Boo.

Mike Wazowski – The Wise-cracking One-eyed Hero

Mike is Sulley’s best friend and colleague at Monsters Incorporated factory assembly line. Voiced by Billy Crystal, he uses his quick wit to defuse intense situations while managing to uphold his status as Monsters Inc.’s top scarer alongside Sulley.

Boo – The Adorable Girl Behind It All

Boo is a tiny little girl whom Sulley initially thinks is quite terrifying but later ends up adoring beyond measure. Her character was designed as perfect merchandise for kids’ toys like Funko Pops! Yet underneath her infectious giggles lies an interesting plot twist these brave monsters sought out to protect.

Randall Boggs – The Slinky One

Randall is Sulley’s nemesis, vying for the title of best scarer. His superpower of camouflaging himself enabled him to sneak into children’s bedrooms after hours and collect their screams – that is, until Sulley discovers his plan. However, he’s often eerily snake-like and shifty, making him a traitor to the Monsters Inc. team.

Celia Mae – The Fashionable Receptionist at Monsters Incorporated

Celia Mae is Mike Wazowski’s girlfriend and receptionist at Monsters Inc. She has gorgeous snakeskin hair and an impressive collection of glasses exhibited in Funko Pop! form worldwide—an example of how even minor characters have delightful quirks worth adoring.

Roz -The Regulatory Agent with A Dry Wit & Skeptical Mind

Roz may seem like a minor character in Monster Inc., but she plays a crucial role as the government agent who keeps workers like Mike & Sulley on track. Working tirelessly from behind her desk in the Personnel department, Roz provides valuable deadpan humor throughout the movie.

In conclusion, exploring Monstropolis can be tons of fun! These iconic monsters behind Funko Pop figurines capture our hearts with their unique personalities and stories worth reviving. From Sulley to Boo, your monster-loving spirit will never run out of character choices for the next coveted toy or collector‘s item.

Table with useful data:

Character Name Funko Pop Number Release Date Exclusive Variants
Sulley 385 2014 None
Mike Wazowski 387 2014 Glow in the Dark
Boo 386 2014 None
Randall Boggs 42 2013 Metallic, Flocked
Celia Mae 60 2013 None
Fungus 37 2013 None

Information from an expert

As an expert in the world of collectible figurines, I can say that the Monster Inc Funko Pop collection is a must-have for any fan. With their adorable and detailed designs, these vinyl figures capture the essence of each beloved character from the movie. From Boo’s iconic pigtails to Mike Wazowski’s one-eyed grin, collectors will love adding these pops to their display shelves. The Monster Inc Funko Pop collection is not only fun and cute, but also a great investment for collectors looking for a limited edition memento from this classic Pixar film.

Historical fact:

The first Monster Inc Funko Pop figurines were released in 2013, featuring characters such as Sulley, Mike Wazowski, and Boo. Since then, the collection has grown to include a wide range of monsters from the beloved Pixar film.

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