Unleash the Apocalypse with Good Omens Funko Pop Collectibles

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How to Get Your Hands on the Best Good Omens Funko Pops Today!

Calling all Good Omens fans! If you haven’t heard of Funko Pops, then you are in for a treat. Funko Pops are collectible figurines that come in various themes and characters from your favourite movies, TV shows, comics, and even video games. And whether you’re looking for a unique addition to your collection or just want to show off your love for the acclaimed series by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Good Omens has some of the most adorable Funko Pops available in the market today!

But where do you start? How do you get your hands on these irresistible collectibles without breaking the bank or missing out on limited edition releases? Read on to find out our savvy tips and tricks on how to score the best Good Omens Funko Pops today.

1. Know Your Priorities

The key to starting any good collection is having an idea of what figures or items are important for your own personal tastes. With so many amazing Good Omens characters like Aziraphale, Crowley, Newt Pulsifer and Anathema Device available as Funko Pop figurines, it’s important to know which ones matter most to you.

Whether it’s based on sentimental value or rarity – knowing what you want will help prioritize financial spending when needed.

2. Follow Online Retailers

If purchasing online is more convenient or necessary at this time there are several reputable retailers that offer pre-order opportunities before they hit stores (often with exclusive variations). These could include website giants such as Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Target and more.
Of course don’t forget local shops too – places like Forbidden Planet can also be an excellent choice.

In order to stay up-to-date with information about pricing and availability make sure follow their social media platforms specifically Twitter accounts often tweet new releases straight away so being attentive definitely helps! Act fast as some items might sell out quickly – the window to purchase sometimes only lasts a couple of hours if that.

3. Join Groups or Forums

Another great way to track Funko Pops is to join fan groups or forums who share the same interest in collecting figurines. These communities are often up-to-date on new releases, listings and have access to updated figures a lot faster than print media which can be delayed.
Very often exclusive releases are aimed at specific shops so getting intel from others who have knowledge about certain vendors will help keep you ahead of the game.

4. Attend Conventions

Conventions offer an excellent opportunity for collectors worldwide, as brands showcase exclusives and offer limited-edition products ranging merchandise, comics and books – including Funko Pops.
Typically these events feature panels filled with discussions about Funkos so this could be the ideal environment for like-minded fans wishing to discuss their collections.

If searching for Good Omens Funkos make sure you check out upcoming British conventions such as MCM Comic-Con London or Birmingham’s Niche Comics&Book Fair as European events tend to stock more locally themed items.

In conclusion, collecting has never been this fun especially when it comes to owning a rare new addition that complements your viewing habits! Keep in mind our tips above – knowing your priorities, following retailers online via socials closely, joining fan groups/forums, attending conventions and ultimately just having fun exploring things at your own pace – and sooner than later….that delightful Aziraphale or Crowly might find its place among your display treasures in not time at all!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Good Omens Funko Pop Display

As a fan of Good Omens, you may have noticed that the merchandise options available are limited. There are a few t-shirts, posters, and other goodies, but what about collectible figures? Cue the creative solution – making your own Funko Pop display! Here’s how to do it in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

To create your own Good Omens Funko Pop display, you will need:

– A plain wooden shelf (preferably with at least three tiers)
– Paint in the desired color(s)
– Small paintbrushes
– A ruler or measuring tape
– Sandpaper (optional)
– Clear glue

Step 2: Prime The Shelf

Before painting the wooden shelf, make sure to clean it thoroughly and apply primer if necessary. This will help ensure a long-lasting finish for your display.

Step 3: Choose Your Color Palette

Using acrylic paint or spray paint, choose your preferred colors to match the characters. You can opt for an all-black aesthetic as seen in Crowley’s bedroom or use bright shades like Aziraphale’s pastel-themed bookstore.

Step 4: Paint The Shelf

Once you have selected your colors and primed properly, it’s time to start painting! Make sure to let each layer of paint dry before applying another coat. Use small brushes and smooth strokes for an even finish.

Step 5: Measure And Mark

Once the shelves are painted correctly, measure out where each figurine will go. Use a ruler or measuring tape to mark exact spots and spacing on each tier.

Step 6: Attach The F igures

Use clear glue on the base of each figure and place them in their designated spots on each tier of the display. Be sure not to overcrowd any one area and keep eveityhing balanced within overall compositiontion.

Optional Step 7 : Add Finishing Touches

If desired, use sandpaper to smooth out any rough patches or splinters in the paintjob. Additionally, place small details and accessories like miniature books or flowers around the figures on the shelf.

And there you have it – your very own Good Omens Funko Pop display! Be sure to display it proudly, snap a few pictures and share with fellow fans who are just as excited about this hilarious beloved show.

Good Omens Funko Pop FAQ: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying!

Are you a fan of the classic novel Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett? Do you love collecting Funko Pop figures of your favorite characters and icons from movies, TV shows, and books? If yes, then this article is perfect for you! In this blog post, we will provide you with everything that you need to know before purchasing a Good Omens Funko Pop figure. We’ll cover everything from the release dates to the different variants available in the market.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Good Omens Funko Pops:

Q: How many Good Omens Funko Pops are there?

A: As of now, there are five officially released Good Omens Funko Pop figures. The collection includes Aziraphale with Wings (Exclusive), Crowley with Wings (Exclusive), Aziraphale & Crowley Double Pack (Exclusive), Aziraphale Holding Book, and Crowley Holding Apple.

Q: When were they released?

A: The first wave of Good Omens Funko pops was launched on June 10th, 2019. They continue to be in-demand items for fans more than a year after their release.

Q: Are there any exclusive or rare editions available?

A: Yes! There are various exclusive editions that were released as part of Comic-Con@Home and New York Comic-Con — these include metallic gold winged versions of both Aziraphale and Crowley. Additionally, an Amazon Exclusive two-pack features both characters sitting down at their respective tables along with food dishes specific to each character’s dietary preferences.

Q: What is their size or scale?

A:The standard measurement for all Funko Pops is just above three inches tall.

Q: Can I get them autographed by Gaiman or Pratchett?

A: While it may be difficult if either creator of the original book were alive, unfortunately Terry Pratchett passed away in 2015.

Q: Where can I buy these Funko Pops?

A: Good Omens Funko Pops are widely available in most stores that sell Funko products or on online product platforms such as Amazon, or Walmart.

In conclusion, we hope that this FAQ has helped you gather all the information you need to make your decision about buying a Good Omens Funko Pop figure of your favorite character(s). Remember to keep an eye out for exclusive and rare editions as they become available — who knows if they will become a coveted collection item one day! Happy hunting y’all!

Top 5 Facts About the Good Omens Funko Pop Collection That You Need to Know!

If you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s fantasy novel, “Good Omens,” then you probably already know about the highly-coveted Funko Pop! collection. These adorable figurines feature some of the most beloved characters from the hit TV show adaptation, including Aziraphale, Crowley and even Baby Adam.

But did you know that there are some interesting facts about these Good Omens Funko Pops that every die-hard collector should be aware of? Here are the top 5:

1. Limited Editions Abound

One of the things that makes these Good Omens Pops so special is how limited edition they are. Indeed, many of them were produced in small quantities exclusively for specific conventions or events.

For instance, there’s a rare black-and-white version of Crowley that was made exclusively for New York Comic-Con in 2019. Other exclusives include a flocked version of Aziraphale (which has soft fur) and Crowley with wings (only available at Hot Topic stores).

2. They Capture Each Character Perfectly

Even if they weren’t as collectible as they are, these Good Omens Funkos would still be worth having just because they perfectly capture each character’s likeness and personality. Just look at Crowley’s sunglasses or Aziraphale’s tiny glasses!

Additionally, each figure features impressive attention to detail; Crowley has scales on his tail while baby Adam holds a lollipop in one hand.

3. There Are Multiple Versions Of Aziraphale And Crowley

Fans curious as to why all their favourite celestials aren’t featured needn’t worry – both Aziraphale and Crowley come in multiple versions!

Feeling angelic? The angel himself comes either holding his bookshop bag or with wings popped out readying for flight mode. Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite demon showcases his badassery either alongside a Muscle Car or holding his trusty flaming sword. Additionally, the good and bad boy duo can also be found in duo form!

4. They May Boost The Series Revival

One of the most significant impacts these Funkos could have is driving a revival of the TV show.

Indeed, there’s already buzz around the possibility of another season following the enormous success of season one. And with more merchandise being produced and more people becoming familiar with Good Omens, it’s not hard to imagine a renewed push for continuation of the story.

5. They’re Perfect Presents for Fans

Is there anything better than receiving a gift that perfectly encapsulates your love for something? Fans can rejoice at how easy they make presents – whether that someone special is an Aziraphale-lovin’ bibliophile, or a Crowley obsessed doomsday fanatic!

Overall, there’s no doubt that these Good Omens Funko Pops are must-have collectibles for any fan of either Gaiman or Pratchett’s masterpiece. Not only are they meticulously crafted and incredibly rare, but also have a very high possibility to contribute towards expanding fandoms about this exceptional tale! Who wouldn’t want to add all these quirky characters brought to tangible 3D life on their shelves today? Get yours before it’s too late!

Why Collecting Good Omens Funko Pops is More Than Just a Hobby – It’s a Lifestyle

To some, collecting Funko Pops may seem like a simple hobby – something to do in your spare time and a way to spend your hard-earned cash. But for fans of the hit TV show “Good Omens,” it’s much more than that. Collecting Good Omens Funko Pops is not just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle.

Firstly, let’s talk about the show itself. “Good Omens” was created by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett based on their 1990 novel of the same name. It tells the story of an angel named Aziraphale and a demon named Crowley who work together to stop the apocalypse from happening. The show has gained a huge following thanks to its amazing cast, hilarious writing, and heartwarming message about friendship.

Now, let’s talk about what makes these particular Funko Pops so special. For starters, they are incredibly detailed and accurate representations of some of our favorite characters from the show. From Crowley with his snake-shaped eyes to Aziraphale with his signature tartan scarf, every detail has been captured perfectly.

The fact that these Funko Pops are limited edition only adds to their appeal as collectors’ items. There were only six “Good Omens” pops released (Aziraphale with book, Crowley with apple, Aziraphale holding baby Newt, Crowley in sunglasses with wings, Adam Young, and Madame Tracy) which makes them even rarer and harder to come by.

Collecting these Funko Pops isn’t just about acquiring objects; it’s also about being part of a community. Fans gather at conventions or online groups like Reddit where they can buy or trade pops while bonding over their shared love for “Good Omens.”

But there’s something deeper than just collecting figurines or being part of an exclusive club going on here… And that brings us back to the idea that collecting Good Omens Funko Pops is a lifestyle.

“Good Omens” isn’t just a TV show. It’s a way of life for many of its fans. The show’s message of love, friendship, and trying to do what is right resonates deeply with its viewers. Collecting these Funko Pops allows fans to keep a piece of this magic in their lives – to remind them of the good in the world when things feel bleak.

And let’s not forget about the power of imagination which these figures represent. So much can happen in our minds just by looking at Aziraphale holding his book or Crowley enjoying an apple – it takes us back to scenes from the series which made us laugh or cry and they might even inspire our own creative projects soon after!

In conclusion, collecting Good Omens Funko Pops is about more than just having some cool toys on your shelf – it’s about being part of something bigger than ourselves. Being among like-minded individuals who share our passion and connection with these wonderful characters brings value far beyond any monetary worth. It’s about capturing moments that touched our hearts and influenced how we view things today through this stunningly crafted miniature art form- be a champion for yourself and collect as if there’s no tomorrow!

The Ultimate Fan’s Guide to Building an Epic Good Omens Funko Pop Collection.

Good Omens is a cult classic that has been loved by fans for decades. The story of an angel and a demon teaming up to prevent the apocalypse is filled with humor, heart, and unforgettable characters. If you are one of the many fans who can’t get enough of this epic tale, then you may want to consider building an awesome collection of Good Omens Funko Pops.

Funko has released several adorable figures inspired by the characters from Good Omens. These vinyl figurines come in different sizes and poses, each highlighting the unique personalities of the various characters from the show. Whether you want to have them all or just a few favorites, here’s your ultimate guide to building your own Good Omens Funko Pop collection.

First Things First

Before diving deep into collecting every single figure released under this series, it’s best to start with what Funko has put out so far. Currently there are five different figures available in their standard size; Aziraphale with Book, Crowley holding Apple, Aziraphale with Chase Variant (Winged), Crowley with Sunglasses (Chase variant) and finally – chaser number two: Rare Crawley Bloody Red Eyes.

Regardless if you’re new to collecting or have been doing it for quite some time now, it’s always wise to set priorities when starting out – unless money-fueled recklessness is your thing. Decide on which ones must be placed at top priority in order to keep yourself sane financially but still content with what you’ll ultimately acquire. In this case? Aziraphale with chase variant is definitely one of the more popular options among collectors due to its limited production number.

Size Matters

The standard size for most of these figures is around 3 inches tall making them easily place-able in tight spaces while also having your favourite character showcased during work/study hours or anytime throughout your daily routine! Something I highly recommend involves going for different sizes in order to show off your collection to its maximum potential – from the standard size of 3 inches up to and as high as life-sized. These figures are great conversation starters and make amazing additions to any home or office.

Pose Matters As Well

For added variety, you may want to look into other variations of these characters available through Funko. They offer a number of additional figures that add more depth and dimensionality to your collection, allowing you and guests alike an opportunity to view just how extensive your fandom with this cult classic is!

While each character has their own unique pose when it comes down to detailing such as costume design, colour schemes or even facial expression fans will be able discern the specific nuances embodied by the various Pops to either stay faithful toward the source material or provide a fresh interpretation on the lovable characters.


While there are plenty of various designs of these Good Omens Funko Pop collectibles all around varying from chase variants up to flocked versions (no pun intended), fans should keep in mind that not every single character that appears throughout both series nor some especially iconic scenes were given vinyl form – not yet anyway.^1

Alongside with limited edition releases, prices may get pretty high regarding rare versions so keeping up-to-date with new information released concerning availability is always imperative. Though aside from this minor limitation the possibilities derived from having your very own quality Good Omens statute still remains plentiful.

Caring For Your Collection

Taking care of Funko Pop Figurines specifically designed for collectors is important especially if you want them last long in their original packaging state! Each figure contains a certain amount of carbon fiber which helps prevent plastic corrosion over time but doesn’t exactly protect them fully against sunlight exposure therefore looking for ways like dark-colored protective casing or placing them amongst minimally brightened spaces would be ideal for longer preservation periods.

It’s also essential to store these figures in a tightly sealed container filled with acid-free paper or even plastic sleeves specifically made for protecting Pop! Vinyl figures that have been rested to their boxes, whether up-right or just safely wrapped inside a dust bag. You want your figures looking as new as they did the day you purchased them – if not better.

In conclusion, collecting Good Omens Funko Pops is an awesome way to embrace one’s passion and love for the show. The adorable vinyl figurines available through Funko come in different sizes and poses, each highlighting the unique personalities of the various characters from the series. Assembling such an extensive exclusive collection can sometimes pose difficulties regarding limited edition runs and varying prices but keeping it well maintained over time doesn’t require too much effort either.. so go forth and start creating your very own Good Omens world at home!

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