Unboxing the Walter White Funko Pop: Breaking Bads Antihero Unveiled

Unboxing the Walter White Funko Pop: Breaking Bads Antihero Unveiled History

Introducing the Walter White Funko Pop

Walter White has become a cultural icon in the past few years, and now fans of Breaking Bad can commemorate the series with their very own Walter White Funko Pop. This collectible vinyl figure is a great way to honor one of TV’s greatest characters.

The Funko Pop Walter White carefully captures the personality and attitude of this complex character in the classic Funko style. He stands in his signature yellow hazmat suit, looking determined and dangerous, with hand raised- and head held high. His iconic clear gas mask is perched atop his head, ready to be put on should anyone challenge him or his mission as an antihero drug producer. The bright colors and stark details remind fans why they love this unique character so much.

This officially licensed smaller vinyl figure is an ideal way to show your admiration for Walter White without spending too much time or money collecting larger-sized figures or replicas from popular merchandise sites. It makes a great addition to any collection of Funko Pops or memorabilia from Breaking Bad. Place it alongside other characters from the series like Jesse Pinkman or Gustavo Fring for a true celebration of this beloved show’s characters!

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How to Assemble a Walter White Funko Pop

As any die-hard Breaking Bad fan knows, Walter White has one of the most iconic Funko Pop figures in existence. For those who are new to collecting Funko Pops, here’s a quick guide to assembling your very own Walter White figure.

To start, you’ll need the flat box base (often found enclosed with other Pop Figures). Place the two tabs on either side of the box into their designated slots on the underside of the figure. This should give it an upright position that makes it ready for display.

Next, take out both arms and fit them into their respective holes inside the torso — right arm and right peghole; left arm and left peghole. Make sure each arm is securely fitted before putting in the head onto its peg at the top of Walt’s neck. If everything is secure up to this point, go ahead and remove his removable hat from its plastic packaging and fit it snugly onto Walt’s bald head! You can also attach his lovable petardos (plastic beakers) at his sides by placing them into their pegholes as well as attaching any accessories like sunglasses or earpieces (if included).

That’s all – your Walter White Funko Pop is now ready to be proudly displayed! In no time you’ll have your own tiny little figurine that captures all that good old Heisenberg charm – appropriately named after all your Breaking Bad-inspired cooking desires… “Let’s Cook!

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Top 5 Facts about Breaking Bads Walter White Character

Walter White is the main protagonist of the hit television series Breaking Bad, and he has emerged as one of the greatest characters in television history. Here are five facts about the Walter White character that will make any fan of Breaking Bad even more appreciative of this iconic figure:

1. Walter is a man of intelligence and ambition. Despite working as a high school chemistry teacher, Walter long held ambitions to be much more than that. He was often heard dreaming of becoming a millionaire entrepreneur, which shows his resourceful mindset despite his seemingly mundane circumstances in life. His relentless drive for success proves him to be an unyielding character with plenty of potential for greatness.

2. After being diagnosed with stage-three lung cancer, Walter’s personal circumstances profoundly changed – forcing him to turn to a life in crime in order to provide financial stability for his family after he dies. This shift showed a different side to Walter’s personality, highlighting his unwavering determination and capacity for making tough decisions against all odds in difficult times.

3. Like any human being stressed with desperate situations, Walter had developed two distinct ‘personas’ – one when at home with his family (more amiable and trustworthy) and another when engaged in shady work outside (ruthless and bold). This duality described well how complex and multifaceted Walt was – easily adapting between emotional sensitivity towards others yet capable of carrying out manipulation or intimidating behaviour when required by circumstance or reputation alike.

4. Throughout the series fans witnessed Walt slowly alienation from those close to him, due largely to feeling undervalued or misunderstood leading up the point where he became deemed as an enemy figure by those same people whom he was trying protect from harm through dubious means such Jesse Pinkman being captured by Jack Welker’s white supremacist gang . However, despite going down a notorious path alongside such criminal activities , it’s still easy for viewers sympathize with him due remarkable character development regarding Walt’s backstory providing sufficient insight into why feel so compelled go down such deplorable roads villains like Gus Fring would keep him away from family matters if possible..

5 Finally, throughout narrative viewers witness how imperative loyalty is Walt showcasing various occasions where maintained strong relationship those closest allies outside debt some sort tangible evidence betrayal either verbal physical regard collaborate becomes broken yet another contribution make him most lovable antiheroes 21st century..

Final Thoughts on Owning a Walter White Funko Pop

Owning a Walter White Funko Pop can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only is it a great collectible to own and look at, but it also serves as a reminder of the important life lessons that can be learned through the show’s central character. As realistically portrayed by Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, Walter White taught us that even though life can be tough, it’s important to persevere and never give up on yourself. Moreover, we were reminded that despite our circumstances, we still have the ability to choose our own paths.

This particular Funko Pop figurine features the iconic character in his Heisenberg persona – ready for action with his signature hat and sunglasses. The exquisite attention to detail from Funko allows fans of the series to feel like they’re up close and personal with Walter as he embarks upon his journey as ‘the one who knocked’. Image results in an exact replica of the Cold War-esque uniform donned by Mr. White on many occasions during The Wire’s best run EVER!

Though choosing to own this particular figure will result in more than just an aesthetically pleasing addition to your shelves; it serves as an homage not only to Breaking Bad but to those individuals who remind us all just how powerful each person really is when faced with trying times. In this regard, a Walter White Funko Pop is much more than just a cute toy – it acts as a symbol of strength and resilience reminding us every day not take anything or anyone for granted!

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