Unboxing the Taylor Swift Funko Pop Collection!

Unboxing the Taylor Swift Funko Pop Collection! 2019

Overview of Taylor Swift Funko Pop Collection

Taylor Swift’s Funko Pop Collection is the ultimate fan experience! Through this collection, Taylor’s fans can get their hands on a variety of collectibles to further show their support and dedication for the country-pop music icon. There are seven special edition figures all featuring Taylor dressed in her iconic outfits, along with two accessory packs that come with items inspired by some of her most popular songs and albums. The core set includes a unique version of Taylor in one of her classic costumes from the “Look What You Made Me Do” video and four individually packaged versions of her wearing her best stage outfits. Other additions to the series include single box editions – a platinum blonde version to commemorate 10 years since Fearless was released, along with a golden dress outfit to celebrate folklore being Grammy Nominated Album Of The Year.

These figures are perfect for any pop-culture enthusiast! Whether you’re getting started collecting or have been playing the game since Day One, you’ll be sure to appreciate these authentically detailed collectibles skillfully crafted by Funko Pop!. Even if they’re not your style, it’s undeniable that Taylor Swift has had an immense impact on both music and fashion over the past decade. Owning one (or all!) of these pops will be an amazing way for fans and collectors alike to pay respect and homage – at least until we find out what she will come up with next!

Unboxing the Products

Unboxing products is the act of physically removing items from their original packaging and discovering all that they have to offer. It’s exciting, like unwrapping a present at Christmas. In today’s world, more and more consumers are basing purchasing decisions on the unboxing experience, which has made the process an important part of retail product marketing. Many companies take great care when designing packages for their goods in order to entice customers to buy based solely on opening their products; from stylish boxes with appealing aesthetic designs to clever product placements or additional bonuses found within such as instruction manuals or product guiders.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Collect These Pops

Collecting pop figures can be an exciting hobby, but it can also feel a bit overwhelming. This step-by-step guide will provide you with everything you need to start collecting these awesome figurines.

1. Research: The first step in collecting pops is to do your research. All the popular collectible companies have websites, online forums and social media accounts where you can get all the information that you need about new releases, exclusive items and which stores carry them. Take some time to explore these websites and join the conversation with other collectors; this is a great way to learn more about the hobby.

2. Be Selective: Before taking on any collection as a hobby there are some questions that you should ask yourself about what type of collector you want to be and what themes or styles of Pops interest you most. Then narrow down your focus so that it does not become too daunting or consume all of your resources; decide whether want to pursue specific lines of Pop figures or if want to search for rarer editions, chase exclusives, purchase large sets etcetera…

3. Budget: Having a budget in place is a must when collecting; start by determining how much money each month (or year) that you would like to dedicate toward buying new pops and then make sure that stay on track with tracking each purchase against your budgeted spending limit.

4. Shopping around: Once know what kind of targets setting out after then figure out where these things can be found searching both physical stores and online retailers for pieces that match those descriptions – make sure pay attention to preorder windows aswell since sometimes there are special limited edition versions available only through preorders from certain vendors – often there are special sales or discounts offered from time to time online or even loyalty rewards at physical stores; whatever it may be tracking these sales/discounts gives extra fuel for collections growth!

5 . Patience & Persistence: Finally (and perhaps most importantly), keep patience—do not get ahead of yourself rushing out for every release just because sees something ‘cool’ in one store window! Popularity fluctuates quickly so wait until the right moment comes up naturally before deciding whether jump into action right away; plus having patience will help common scavenging problem solved by employing persistence – look everywhere possible including local flea markets/thrift stores etcetera… bonus points if start conversations with other collectors often they’ll alert member when they stumble across something perfect adding even more fuel!

Commonly Asked Questions about Taylor Swift Funko Pop Collection

The Taylor Swift Funko Pop collection of figures is a must for any fan of the singer-songwriter! Fans young and old can celebrate their favorite star with this detailed and highly collectible set of figures. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some common questions we receive about the Taylor Swift Funko Pop Collection –

Q: What different characters and sizes are available in the Taylor Swift Funko Pop Collection?

A: The Taylor Swift Funko Pop Collection features 8 unique main poses, all standing 4 inches tall. You’ll find iconic images from her career such as ‘ME!’ in her colorful dress or ‘Fearless’ on a stark white background – plus many more! All figures also feature special glittering details that will ensure your collection sparkles.

Q: Do any figures have an exclusive or limited edition release?

A: Yes – each figure has been released in both regular editions as well as limited edition variants. These limited edition variants feature exclusive metallic finishes and come repackaged in translucent window boxes. Also just released is the “Exclusive Best Night Ever” figure featuring glittery details from Taylor’s 2019 VMAs performance!

Q: Where can I find these figures to purchase?

A: The entire series is available globally at all major retailers, including online outlets such as Amazon and Target. Some retailers may also offer exclusive deals on bulk purchases for extra savings.

Q: Are there any other perks available when purchasing the Taylor Swift Funko Pops?

A: Yes – when you purchase 4+ figures from the official website or authorized retailer, you get a chance to win an invitation to meet Taylor herself (at select tour dates). In addition, purchasing 3+ figures includes 5 digital downloads of key tracks from different eras of her music career.

Top 5 Facts About Taylor Swift Funko Pop Collection

1. Taylor Swift’s Pop Collection is a loving homage to her music career! The collection includes 6 individual figures and one exclusive bundle, showcasing iconic moments from her studio albums, music videos, and concerts. The intricacy of the designs captures every detail about the infamous pop star and makes this Funko Pop Collection unique in its craftsmanship and styling.

2. Every figure in Taylor Swift’s Pop Collection has its own distinct background that reflects classic album covers or playful themes seen on stage throughout her career. From “Fearless: Taylor’s Version” to “folklore: the long pond studio sessions”, these details capture important snapshots of Taylor Swift’s incredible journey to become one of today’s top musical icons!

3. Fans can select their favorite figure from the collection which each feature different design elements including an ornate necklace, black winged eyeliner, a guitar-playing dress code, and more — all embodying specific eras of Taylor Swift’s career as an artist!

4. With so much detail included in each figure, no two are alike making this collection even more special for fans! Not only does this Funko Pop line make a great addition to any fan’s shelf but it also adds a personal touch with its intricate designs that reflect iconic styles seen during different stages of Taylor Swift’s life as an entertainer.

5. Whether looking for a gift or keeping them all for yourself – the detailed quality makes this entire series worth having regardless if you are buying one or multiple pieces! Each piece comes with its own specific style giving fans something new to enjoy every time they take another look at it.

Final Thoughts and Where to Purchase

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