Unboxing the Selena Funko Pop: A Collectors Guide

Unboxing the Selena Funko Pop: A Collectors Guide History

Introduction to the Latest Selena Funko Pop: An Overview

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez is widely known for her defining role in Tejano music and is credited for revolutionizing Mexican-American culture. Now, Funko, the universally beloved toy company, has decided to celebrate Selena’s legacy with their own line of collectible figurines—Selena Funko Pops!

This latest series of Selena Funko Pop dolls celebrates the icon’s diverse range of musical contributions by offering three different variants: a singing version wearing her iconic purple jumpsuit, a signature look featuring her signature red lipstick, and an accessorized recreation wearing stellar hoop earrings. Each design gives collectors a unique way to pay tribute to the groundbreaking artist.

In addition to its distinctive aesthetic, the fully posable PVC figure boasts both an accurate likeness and vibrant accents that do justice to Selena’s powerful presence onstage. From her long black locks to her bejeweled ensemble, no detail was spared—even down to the intricate silver cross encased in glittery stars representing the singer’s divine inspiration on each iteration.

In commemoration of its induction into the Pop! Rocks family alongside other celebrated musicians like The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, and Kurt Cobain, Selena’s Funko Pop figures come packaged in star-shaped cases emblazoned with shimmering metallic holographic foil stamps as well as “Queen of Tejano Music” written out in Spanish on their sides—a heartfelt homage befitting this great artist. No true collector’s shelf will be complete without one – so if you’re ready to pay homage to your favorite Latinx icon, it’s time you got your hands on these highly coveted dolls before they sell out!

How to Unbox the Latest Selena Funko Pop – Step by Step Guide

Unboxing the Latest Selena Funko Pop can seem like a daunting task, however it is actually quite simple! Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to make sure your unboxing experience is a fun and exciting one.

Step 1: Remove the Box from its Packaging

The first step in unboxing your new Selena Funko Pop is to carefully remove it from its packaging. A sharp knife or scissors can be helpful here, as the packaging may have been taped closed during shipment. Once you’ve opened the package, take a good look at your pop and admire how awesome it looks!

Step 2: Prepare Your Workspace

Now that you’ve opened the box, prepare an area where you can safely unwrap your new toy. Make sure that you have plenty of space so that you don’t accidentally drop or break anything while handling the fragile figure inside. Protect any surfaces with paper towels or newspapers just in case something spills or gets scratched when you remove it from its box.

Step 3: Unwrap Carefully

Using care not to snag your figure with scissors or sharp objects, slowly and carefully unwrap your pop from its protective packaging material. Hold your breath as this moment of anticipation builds—you’re almost there! Some collectors prefer to save their original wrapping for display; if this is something that interests you then keep each plastic wrapper separate from each other so they remain organized and in pristine condition.

Step 4: Take That First Selfie

Snap some celebratory selfies (or have a friend help take them) with both you and the exquisite figure that has finally made it into your hands! Pose next to some fun props like books about Selena or guitar picks to bring out her sassier side in photos. Whether on camera phone or digital camera, immortalize this joyous experience forever by documenting it within pictures. Enjoy every last second of reminiscing before putting away into storage later on tonight!

Step 5: Store Safety & Security

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FAQs About the Latest Selena Funko Pop

With the release of a brand new Selena Funko Pop figurine, many fans have been asking a number of questions about the product. Here are some FAQs about the latest Selena Funko Pop:

Q: What size is the Selena Funko Pop?

The Selena Funko Pop stands 3.75 inches tall and 1.6 inches wide.

Q: How detailed is the figurine?

The figurine is highly detailed and features accurate likeness to Selena, with her iconic purple jumpsuit and acoustic guitar in hand. Additionally, it has synthetic fabric used to recreate her signature ponytail and distinct beret hat atop her head.

Q: What materials are used in the making of this product?

This Funko Pop figure is made out of high-quality PVC material that will hold up over time. It also comes with a clear display stand for easy display purposes too!

Q: Is this official merchanise by Selena Gomez or just fan merchandise?

Yes, this is an officially licensed product approved by both Universal Music Group as well as Selena Gomez herself! You can rest assured knowing that you are purchasing authentic merch from an artist that you love so dearly.

Top 5 Facts About the Latest Selena Funko Pop

1. The limited-edition Selena Funko Pop figurine became available to pre-order in July 2020, and features the late Latin music superstar in her iconic purples jumpsuit from the 1997 movie ‘Selena‬’.

2. It is an 8-inch version of the vinyl figure that pays tribute to Selena’s rich legacy, with her signature red lip and unique hairstyle included in the design.

3. This figures is part of Funko’s Women Of Power series of products honoring strong female leaders throughout history, showing their pioneering spirit and empowering attitudes.

4. Previously released themes include Pretty In Pink (featuring Sally Ride as the astronaut), Rebel Heroes (Scarlett O’Hara and Princess Leia) and Spice Girls Superpowers Collection (Posh Spice).

5. The collectible item has already become a fan favorite amongst those who’ve reserved their orders early, so make sure you don’t miss out on your own perfect piece of memorabilia!

Pros and Cons of Collecting the Latest Selena Funko Pop

The world of Funko Pop collecting is growing exponentially and with it, comes the obsession of Selena fans everywhere. The latest Selena Funko Pop has been released, giving fans another chance to add a beloved character to their collection. But before you jump in, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of collecting the latest Selena Funko Pop.


1. Quality Collectible: Whether you already have many other characters from your favorite fandom or are just beginning to collect, getting something new like the latest Selena Funko Pop will definitely bring lots of joy for any collector. Not only does this item feature amazing details, but it also features high quality material that makes this item well worth its price tag. Plus, if you accidentally drop it (which happens more than it should) there’s less worry that something could get broken easily as compared to other items such as pre-made statues or lawn decorations.

2. Great Conversation Starter: There’s no doubt having a unique piece like this can be a great conversation starter among friends who also collect things or just find your favorite character interesting enough to ask questions about them. This means that you not only get to show off one awesome piece of merchandise but might even make new friendships because of it! Who knows? Your newest addition might give you an icebreaker for future parties or introductions for potential friendships!


1. Dealing with Large Crowds: While conventions and meet-ups can make shopping for these items much easier – sometimes they are held outdoors which means large crowds mean more competition when trying to get what limited pieces they have available without being pushed over in the process. So if anyone reading gets scared easily being around larger groups then this could be one intimidating experience to go through every once in awhile if they want certain exclusives released by Funko during certain roundups/conventions or during holidays like Black Friday/Cyber Monday type deals where everyone wants them before everyone else does too!

2. Pricey Investments: With Funko Pops usually going between $10-$30+ depending on their rarity and size, getting them all isn’t exactly an easy thing – especially trying to keep on top of all releases throughout each year which can be very time consuming in itself already! Add in continually rising costs over time due to inflation & market value as well and it makes quite a challenge in budgeting money appropriately so as not spend entire month’s wages just on these cute little figures…

Conclusion – Is Unboxing a New Selena Funko Pop Worth it?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether or not unboxing a new Selena Funko Pop is worth it for you. Each person’s individual experience will vary and there are plenty of reasons why one might decide to take the plunge. For some, nothing beats that feeling of getting something new in hand; making an effort to track down a rare item they desire or even just indulging in something they were excited to receive. Unboxing can be a great way of discovering amazing collectibles that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise and can also be exciting if you’ve become accustomed to particular characters or franchises. Plus, having extra ties with popular franchises and characters offers unique opportunities for showing off your geeky side!

On the other hand, with any hobby comes financial responsibility. Taking up Funko Pop collecting can add up quickly as each one adds another small cost while they may differ per individual collector, their costs are still there regardless. Also, depending on where you live or look for Funko Pops might mean higher shipping fees when looking outside usual buyer/seller areas. Ultimately, it’s hard to say if unboxing a new Selena Funko Pop is worth it as everyone’s goals and interests are different but if this is something that appeals to you, then jump right in — after all there is great deal of fun to be had!

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