Unboxing the New Stranger Things Funko Pop Figures for Season 4!

Unboxing the New Stranger Things Funko Pop Figures for Season 4! Art

Introduction to the Stranger Things Funko Pop Season 4 Collection

Greetings everyone! As many of us are gearing up for the new season of the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, excitement is brewing as Funko Pop releases their latest edition to the Stranger Things collection: Season 4. With this latest venture, fans of the show can get a jump start on collecting their favorite characters from the classic series in an even more eye-catching capacity than ever before.

The Stranger Things Funko Pop Season 4 Collection introduces eight exclusive figures for your own personal Funko delight, which include Millie Bobbie Brown’s Eleven with Eggos, Sadie Sink’s Maxine Mayfield with a slingshot, Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers with Mind Flayer tentacles, David Harbour’s Joyce Byers in different colors holding a tool set, Gaten Matarazzo’s Dustin Henderson in his Scoops Ahoy uniform, and Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair in camouflage gear. Not only will these figures give your collection that extra bump, but they also come bundled with some unique accessories to add extra flair – including pizza and camera props!

Funking need not be intimidating or hard to collect; these specialised collections help keep it all easy while still offering plenty of details to admire such as signature poses between figures or interesting little tidbits like Maxine’s scuffed shoe boots. So if you’re looking for a fun way to immortalise some of your favorite characters from the series – why not give this exciting new collection a try! It’ll surely be something that you won’t want to miss out on and may soon become your pride and joy when it comes to Stranger Things merchandising.

Unboxing and Assembling a Stranger Things Funko Pop from Season 4

Unboxing and assembling a Funko Pop from the popular Netflix series, “Stranger Things” is fun and easy to do.

First thing you want to do is find the box that your Funko Pop came in. It should be labeled as such, showcasing front and center the beloved characters of “Stranger Things”. Once you have the box in hand, take a moment to admire the artwork and collectible nature of this product.

Now it’s time to unbox! Gently rip off or cut away the shrink wrap around the box exterior, taking care not to damage or tear away any of the lovely artwork or special features packaged with your Funko Pop toy. You may find removeable stickers, collector cards or other novelties with your pop that can be kept safe until you decide where these memorabilia will end up being displayed.

Underneath all those layers of protection lies what we’ve been waiting for – our favorite character from Season 4! The figure fits snugly in its little tray, so carefully take it out before beginning assembly (like our characters attempting to escape Monster back in Season 1!). Next up is quickly removing all plastic parts from their casing, ensuring no excess adhesive remains on any part and snapping together pieces like arms and legs until you have one perfectly posed mini-figure ready for display.

By the end of this process you will have a magnificent reminder of life-changing moments both past and present within “Stranger Things” – perfect for adding to your personal collection or giving away as gifts to fellow fans who love this critically acclaimed show just as much as you do!

Describing the Different Features of a Stranger Things Funko Pop from Season 4

The Stranger Things Funko Pop figures from Season 4 boast a host of intricate details and features. From their impressive level of detail to the vibrant color schemes, these pieces are sure to become a standout in any collection.

First is their various shapes and sizes. While the basic figure stands 4 inches tall, there are also 6-inch variations for some characters. Smaller variations such as keychains can also be purchased, featuring fan-favorites like Elf.

When it comes to the characters’ design, there’s plenty of attention to detail given to each Funko Pop figure. Many take inspiration directly from the show with outfits and props based off a character’s look during a certain scene or time in the series. Some figures also come with detailed accessories such as Mike’s walkie talkie from Season 4 which makes them stand out even more!

The vinyl figures have some amazing paintwork too, making each one unique and vibrant in its own way. Colors really pop against those signature Funko faces you know and love! Of course, no set would be complete without the chase variant each season offers – usually featuring an alternate color scheme or attire to make them truly special!

To sum up: There’s plenty to love about Stranger Things Funko Pops from season four – fascinating designs that capture highlights from the show when they were seen onscreen, alternate versions which bring variety along with alternate colors and accessories that add that extra flair and attention needed for an outstanding collectible experience!

Comparative Overview of the Stranger Things Funko Pop Products from Season 4

When it comes to discussing the latest Stranger Things Funko Pop Products from Season 4, one can find a selection of amazing figures to collect. From classic characters like Eleven and Will Byers in their season four costumes to exclusive new faces like Hopper and Dr. Brenner, there’s definitely something for everyone! In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at all the Stranger Things Funko Pop products from Season 4 so you can decide which ones should make their way into your collection or gift list.

We’ll start off with the classic Eleven figure which is featured both in her winter coat and normal outfit. With an accurate character likeness that you’d expect from a Funko Pop, these figures offer lots of details such as her varying expressions depending on what option you choose! Not only that, but both come complete with accessories like the iconic Eggos or wrist straps for Eleven’s magical abilities. However, if that doesn’t satisfy your need for variety then have no fear as season four features multiple clothing options for Dustin Henderson too! This includes his signature cap and red hoodie combo while also giving us a taste of his more adventurous surfing look. On top of that there’s even more options when it comes to fan favorite couple Mike Wheeler & Lucas Sinclair with different wardrobe choices to pick from – including popular Hawaiian shirts!

Moving onto exclusives, no stranger things funko pop collection is complete without Jim Hopper! This exclusive figure gives us our first glimpse of episode 9 Lookout Point outfit while detailing him holding an assault rifle- proving once again why he’s known as “chief” amongst the group. Another great escape has been added with season 4 – The Demogorgon! A terrifying figure featuring clear tendril effects creating its fully articulated wingspan & mandibles plus eerie non-opening eyes making perfect addition for every collector’s Menacing Creature shelf section. Finally rounding off strangers things Funko Pop season 4 lineup is one not be missed – Dr Martin Brenner aka Papa himself! Prepared go through Hawkins lab walls posing with file folder in hand makes this figure even more powerful than before .

In conclusion with so much choice for those wanting add some stranger things based funko pops , this seasons range covers everything imaginable ensuring collections across the globe will soon boast most iconic characters any fan could desire ! Pick up your favorites sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out on what could quite possibly be last chance own certain figures !

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the Stranger Things Funko Pop Season 4 Collection

Q: When will Stranger Things Funko Pop Season 4 be released?

A: The fourth season of the popular Stranger Things Funko Pop line is expected to be released sometime in the spring of 2021. While an exact date has yet to be announced, collectors are eagerly anticipating the chance to add these exclusive figures to their collections. With all new designs and details, this upcoming season promises to be an exciting one!

Top 5 Fun Facts about The Stranger Things Funko Pop Season 4 Collection

1) The Mystery Science Theater 3000 inspired figures of the hilarious robot duo, Tom and Crow, have become one of the most sought after collectibles in the Stranger Things Funko Pop! Season 4 Collection. From their ‘90s catchphrases to classic moves, these two tiny figures will quickly become a unique centerpiece for any collection.

2) Unveiled as part of Season 4 is an exclusive 6” Upside Down El figure featuring flickering lights that mimics her look from her dark journey into the dark universe – all controlled with a red Stranger Things-branded switch located on the back of the figure!

3) Another exclusive addition to the lineup is none other than Chief Jim Hopper, fully geared up with his Hawkins PD badge and baseball cap bearing his sheriff star emblem. This detailed figure captures all his iconic features for fans to enjoy!

4) An essential item for any diehard fan, the highlight of this collection has got to be the arrival of one of Hawkins’ stranger inhabitants – Dr. Brenner. Resembling an aged version of himself seen since his return in Season 3, this Pop will sure bring back dark memories!

5) Finally rounding off this ghoulish collection is Waffle – Hopper’s loyal companion who is humorously depicted carrying a waffle in his mouth – perfect as gifts for any Stranger things fan looking for something extra special!

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