Unboxing the Magic: A Look at Funko Pop Doctor Strange

Unboxing the Magic: A Look at Funko Pop Doctor Strange 2017

Introduction to the Funko Pop Doctor Strange Collection

Funko Pop Doctor Strange is an officially licensed collection of Funko Pop Vinyl figures based on the Marvel character. The collection captures all the fun and excitement of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring various icons from the trippy Doctor Strange movie franchise. The collection includes six detailed sculpts that appear in a variety of poses, materials, and finishes.

This unique series showcases Stephen Strange’s costume and magical powers with stunning detail. Each figure features intricate craftsmanship that captures every aspect of his alien-like look, from his intricate cloak to his angular face mask to his fingerless gloves or aura effect. Fans will also appreciate his iconic mystical symbols painted throughout the figures – keep your eyes peeled for the Eye of Agamotto! Not only are these finely-crafted but each box also has a special printed backdrop that perfectly displays each figure in its own unique environment.

The Funko Pop Doctor Strange collection pays homage to some of Stephen’s greatest foes as well – Kaecilius, The Homonculus, Dormammu and more have been completely recreated in this lovable miniature form as they join forces against Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. No matter what you choose – have it be a collectible exclusives or illustrations – fans can now complete their Doctor Strange collections with this line-up of heroic (and villainous) figures. Whether you’re looking to get up close and personal with one tiny Stephen Strange or casually assemble them side by side for display purposes; these officially licensed Funko Pops are sure to bring any fan an impressive take on a fantastic character never seen before!

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Unbox a Funko Pop Doctor Strange Figure

Unboxing a new Funko Pop Doctor Strange figure can be an exciting and rewarding experience, not only for the collector who has purchased it but also for those surrounding them. From capturing the moment when the unboxing begins to enjoying the rewards of your own “grand reveal” as you take in your newly acquired piece, this step-by-step guide will walk you through each phase of the process.

To begin, carefully remove outer box away from your Funko Pop Doctor Strange figure package, being mindful to not tear any portion of it while doing so. Inside the box should be a plastic wrap protecting your special collectible item from any damage or dirt that may have occurred during its long route from manufacturer to you. Unwrap this plastic and make sure that everything is intact before proceeding. Now that we’ve made sure our newest addition is safe and sound we can take some time to appreciate every little detail with awe and admiration before moving on – this part is especially important!

Now it’s time for unveiling! Slowly pry open the lid on top of the container and enjoy the satisfyingly clicky sounds as you do so – don’t forget to take photos or maybe even record a short video (depending on how fancy you want to go!). Take out your figurine in its entirety with both hands, making sure that no pieces rub off onto other items as they are otherwise delicate and care must taken which each handling. Place it gently onto a flat surface that is clean so as not to harm its pristine condition then marvel at its beauty! Once done, throw away all of the leftovers along with external packaging into a proper waste bin or recycle bin according to local regulations in order to protect our environment; recycling responsibly together makes us all heroes!

Last but not least – admire your personal doctor strange masterpiece! Show off by taking pictures with it or letting close family/friends come by for an exclusive first look at their new doctor strange toy collection addition; either way having fun is guaranteed whenever you’re about unboxing one of these beloved figures! In conclusion, unboxing just one Doctor Strange Funko Pop may result in hours of joyous anticipation leading up till grand reveal; be sure not miss out on all these precious moments experienced through opening such collectables .

Common FAQs Regarding Funko Pop Doctor Strange Collection

Funko Pop Doctor Strange collection is the first set of Funko Pops dedicated to the Marvel superhero, Doctor Strange. As such, it has generated a lot of interest and inquiries about these figures from eager collectors. So this blog provides answers to some of the most common questions regarding this collection.

Q: What is contained in the Funko Pop Doctor Strange Collection?

A: The collection includes six unique figures that feature detailed sculpting and vibrant colors. Specifically, it includes four exclusive Doctor Strange variants (Astral Form, Sorcerer Supreme with Cloak Cape Flowing, Ancient One and Novice) plus an Eye of Agamotto Pack containing two figures (Doctor Strange Dark Dimension Exorcism Version & Karl Mordo). There are also two special chase figures available in certain cases – a Glow-in-the dark Ancient One and a Summer Convention Exclusive clear Sorcerer Supreme with Cloak Cape Flowing variant.

Q: How can I purchase these items?

A: The Funko Pop Doctor Strange Collection can be purchased through authorized retailers or on collectors’ websites like POP In A Box and Entertainment Earth. Additionally, certain versions may be available at events or conventions such as Comic Con and other fan expos throughout the year.

Q: Are there any accessories included in this set?

A: Yes! This collection comes with a few special add-ons to customize your Figures experience even more. Each figure includes its own base along with accompanying ‘Pop Up Book’ cards that provide background information on each character; while there are special stickers for Astral Form, Novice & Sorcerer Supreme With Cloak Cape Flowing variant characters only. Also included are three interchangeable hands for Doctor Strange Dark Dimension Exorcism Version & Karl Mordo figures which allow you to pose them differently when displayed!

Benefits and Drawbacks of Owning the Funko Pop Doctor Strange Figures

Funko Pop Doctor Strange figures have become increasingly popular amongst fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The likenesses of Strange, his allies and enemies are portrayed in an adorable stylized form that has enchanted many. Owning such figures can be a unique way to show off your love for the characters and their stories, but it’s important to keep in mind some of the pros and cons before purchasing.

One advantage of owning a Funko Pop Doctor Strange figure is that it adds some extra pizzazz to any collection of MCU memorabilia. Its unique design can bring attention to any setting or space, as well as be displayed with pride amidst like-minded collectors. Also, those who enjoy customizing their figures and personalizing them can do so quite easily with minimal supplies, allowing you create something uniquely yours and reflecting your individual style.

On the other hand, one downside to owning these interesting figurines is the issue of breakage; due to their more delicate nature than most action figures, Funko Pops can break when handled too roughly or dropped onto hard surfaces. Going further into this point, if your figure should break you would likely require a replacement immediately – which isn’t always practical since they are usually limited edition items once they go out of production.

In conclusion, there are both benefits and drawbacks when considering owning Funko Pop Doctor Strange figures. For those who treasure quality collector’s items this is certainly something special for any fan’s arsenal; however users must bear in mind that accidents may occur and replacements may not be easy to come by due to limited availability beyond initial release dates.

Top 5 Facts About the Funko Pop Doctor Strange Series

Funko Pop Doctor Strange is one of the newest and most popular series released by Funko. It celebrates the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, and all the characters who have donned his cape and cowl over the years. With its classic Funko style design and die-cast construction, this range provides collectors with an array of characters to choose from; however there’s more to it than meets the eye…and ear! Here are five fun facts about Funko Pop Doctor Strange that you may not know:

1. Stan Lee Was Involved in Designing Some Characters: Before Stan Lee passed away in 2018, he was actively involved in designing some of the figures for this range. He helped design figures such as Hulkling and Doctor Octopus – which were released as Chase variants – giving fans a public memorial of Lee’s handiwork to remember him by.

2. It Has Unusual Color Variants: Not only has Funko Pop Doctor Strange had standard color releases but some have also featured unusual special edition colors too! Back in 2017 two figures were released with gold colored bodies due to licenses from Marvel Comics – these included Loki #342 and Kaecilius #347 – making them incredibly unique regarding the rest within this collection.

3. Each Figure Comes with Its Own Logo Base: Many of these figures come with their own customized base containing a logo matching either their status or costume – for example Thor Ragnarök Gladiator Hulk comes with a ‘Hulk Smash’ base as does Juggernaut wearing his iconic helmet base. This means when your display cabinet is full each figure will be uniquely independent from others around them!

4. Signature Accessories Were Included Right Out Of The Box: Various signature accessories have been included right out of their box, without having to buy upgrades to get a fully suited up character – such as Mordu’s Cloak (#405) or Sister Grimm (#404) both come kitted out ready for battle straight away so no time needs to be spent searching for parts or swapping items over!

5. Specialty Figures Provide Depth To The Collection: As well as multiplestylesof DocStrangefigures including classical comic designs, modern takes onthe hero (including Iron Man armour!), alternative costumes, alter-egosand alternate versions ofvillains throughout history keeps things fresh – plus there’s even a Chris Hemsworthfigure (#394), dressed ashis character ‘Thor Ragnarök’from 2017smash hitmovieof thename!These specialty figures provide depths rareness thatcollectors certainly appreciate – whilst acting astimeless remindersthat DocStrangeand surroundingcharacters truly embraced byfans alike!

Conclusion: Is the Funko Pop Doctor Strange Collection Worth It?

As one of Marvel’s most beloved characters, Doctor Strange has a lot of fans. The Funko Pop Doctor Strange Collection gives collectors the chance to have their favorite Marvel hero in a fun, miniature form. While these figures can be an ideal addition to any collection, they may not necessarily be worth buying in every instance.

Firstly, the Funko Pop company is known for making quality collectibles that will last and provide years of enjoyment. However, if you are mainly a fan of Doctor Strange and you do not have plans to purchase other figure lines or figures from this series, it may not make sense to invest on a full collection. On the other hand, if you like collecting Funko figures in general and desire the presence of Doctor Strange within your home many parts of the world – then investing in this series may be the perfect choice for you.

The main deciding factor for any collector should always come down to how much enjoyment will be garnered from owning these items. Ultimately, only you can decide whether spending money on these vibrant vinyl figures is worth it or not – as your relationship with these materials will differ from anyone else’s unique view point. But what remains clear is that if you want a dynamic display piece inspired by one Marvel’s most powerful heroes – then investing in the Funko Pop! Doctor Strange Collection may just do its job; providing you with unforgettable memories and conversations that span far into eternity.

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