Unboxing the Limited Edition Lebron James Funko Pop!

Unboxing the Limited Edition Lebron James Funko Pop! 2017

Introduction to the LeBron James Funko Pop Collection

The LeBron James Funko Pop Collection is a series of collectible figurines based on the career of the legendary basketball star. Not only are these figures cool to look at, but they also provide unique insights into the incredible accomplishments of one of the greatest players in NBA history. The Funko Pop collection chronicles LeBron’s career from his high school days all the way through his latest stint with the Los Angeles Lakers. Each figure features detailed sculpting and painting that captures each outfit and hairstyle he’s worn throughout his career, as well as color variations for some figures that make them truly stand out. From rookie LeBron dunking in a game-winning layup to championship-winning King James there’s no limit to what fans can recreate and display in their Pop collections.

For those just starting their collection, or those looking to expand it further, there are several exclusive pieces available only through major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Hot Topic and Target. These rare specimens include alternate designs like a space exploration inspired suit celebrating the historic moment when LeBron became only the second player ever to win championships with three different franchises; glow-in-the-dark versions of some iconic figures; and designer variants featuring hand painted details from one of Funko’s most skilled artists. With every part of LeBron’s illustrious journey being captured in miniature form it’s easy for fans to feel like they’re standing court side alongside him during every point scored or game won over is storied career!

How to Collect LeBron James Funko Pops Step by Step

Step 1: Research & Make a List – Start your collecting journey by researching who’s out there. Check out Funko Pop’s website and the NBA’s website for starters. Find out which LeBron James figures have already been released and what retail stores they can be found in. Gather a list of information like this and be sure to include all possibilities whether it is an exclusive, limited release or even rare designs you’re looking for.

Step 2: Buy from Trusted Retailers – Take note and double-check as each figure is released to make sure no one is taking advantage of collectors and selling them at higher prices than usual. To get official releases at the best prices, visit Stephen Curry Pops store, target, Walmart and basketball athletes shop from time to time! The shopping sites these retailers offer are safer than buying from 3rd parties with unknown trustworthiness since their cancellation policies leaves customers safe if something goes wrong with the order or product delivery.

Step 3: Unbox & Display – When you finally unbox your collection, it’s time to put it on display! You can organize them neatly in a glass cabinet or even mount yours up on wall shelves or surfaces depending on your coleection size! If your collection starts piling up too much, consider sorting them according to color scheme collection or various editions so they don’t look overwhelming.

Part 4: Protect Your Investment – Be sure to take extra precautions when handling your collections—dust (or worse) won’t do any favors! Use archival quality supplies such as baggies that protect against UV rays and hazardous environmental conditions for individual figures rather than leaving cardboard boxes exposed to dust particles in the air. Lastly remember, never expose them directly under sunlight as that could potentially damage some portions of the details such as fading colors/paint job overtime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting LeBron James Funko Pops

Q1. What do I need to know before collecting Funko Pops of LeBron James?

A1. Before you start your collection, it is essential to know the various editions and variants of the LeBron James Pop figure that can be found on the market. This includes the regular release figures in traditional colors and designs, as well as limited-edition releases with unique paint jobs and sculpts that often fetch higher prices on the secondary/collector’s market. Checking out collector’s sites and forums devoted to spotting new collections is a great way of staying informed about upcoming releases. Additionally, there are also factory variants which export different versions of a released model for different countries or regions around the world – many international collectors specialize in tracking those down if you happen to have access to those markets too!

Q2. Is there any difference between an original Funko Pop model or special editions?

A2. Yes! Some specialized versions of LeBron James Funko Pops are designed for specific events or holidays like Christmas or Memorial Day – these will have their own spot color scheme variations, usually in oranges, reds and whites rather than traditional blues and yellows found with his classic designs – and can come with extra accessories such as hats or banners unique to their variant design sets (i.e Team USA Olympics Medal Series). There can also be distribution exclusive sets which feature slightly altered paint jobs; featuring alternate characters such as werewolves instead of standard humans, digitally active figures accompanying collectible cards within a single box, larger scale premium items commissioned by major stores like Target – these BoxLunch Exclusives aren’t always easy to find however so if your budget allows consider investing in pre-order advance copies!

There is no denying that LeBron James has become one of the most famous sports figures in the world. From winning championships to breaking records, he is a household name. So it makes perfect sense that LeBron James Funko Pops are among the most popular Funko collectibles out there — and they make a great gift for any die-hard basketball fan!

LeBron James Funko Pops have been released in numerous editions and colorways, each with unique designs and details. The common theme behind them all is the smooth lines of LeBron’s silhouette and his signature headband bandana. The inclusion of intricate details like tattoos, lifelike facial expressions, or replicas of iconic jerseys add to their realism. He even comes sporting some serious swag for select collector’s editions.

In addition to being incredibly stylish collectables, these FunkoPops also celebrate key aspects from popular player moments from James’ career. Some memorable highlights include when LeBron won his first ever NBA Championship title during his time with Miami Heat (2013), an All-Star Game MVP performance at Madison Square Garden (2014), and even his much celebrated move to Cleveland Cavaliers (2015). Furthermore he has since added more titles on his resume including Season MVP awards in 2014 & 2018 along with back-to-back titles at 2017 & 18 Finals.

Whether you are looking for something to commemorate special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, a well as a way of showing your love for one of the greatest players in history — LeBron James Funko Pops are often the way to go!

Top 5 Fun Facts about the LeBron James Funko Pop Collection

1. The LeBron James Funko Pop Collection includes a total of 55 different figurines, each with unique characteristics and special designs related to some of the basketball star’s most memorable moments.

2. One of the most sought-after figures in the entire set is the 24-inch representation of LeBron as ‘King James’ complete with crown and cape – modeled on his very own custom Nike collaboration design.

3. In addition to the half-dozen figurines released at retail outlets an exclusive version featuring different colors and details was sold exclusively through the NBA store online, making it one of Funko’s hardest collectibles to find!

4. There are actually two different chase figures in this collection, including an ultra-rare white uniform figure which features LeBron clutching his first championship trophy form 2012 – a reference to when he led Miami Heat over Thunder Oklahoma City 4–1 in a historic victory!

5. Last but not least, a special colorway regal purple edition was produced by Target and is equally as hard if not harder to track down than its predecessors due to limited shipping numbers!

Final Thoughts on Unboxing the LeBron James Funko Pop Collection

Unboxing a Funko Pop collection is an exciting experience. Especially when it’s the LeBron James Collection! From ripping open the box, to carefully unwrapping each Pop and finally setting up pieces for display – unboxing LeBron’s collection is an exhilarating process that stimulates the senses of sight, sound, and touch.

The unboxing journey starts with tearing into the box. Seeing all your favorite characters ready to come out can induce a feeling of extreme anticipation and joy. As each piece comes out of the box, we are now able to examine their distinct features and details up close. We can hear noises from us gently wrapping away at the plastic packaging that holds each collector’s piece in place. Taking in all the unique designs on these fantastic figures makes it difficult to contain our excitement!

Finally putting your newfound collectibles on display allows you to proudly showcase your newly-owned treasures. LeBron stands tall amongst other heroes like Spiderman, Hulk and Iron Man — creating a compelling diorama full of amazing Super Heroes inside one collection set! The scene however isn’t complete until you add our signature hero: LeBron James with his famous smile shining bright atop every shelf or table you add him too.

Unboxing collections should be cherished moments shared between friends and family — showing off by comparing different series’ details is a great way to bring some added fun into the mix! As we have just seen with this particular unboxing: Funko Pop has certainly managed to capture both LeBron’s outstanding character features as well as his majestic basketball skills in its line up — replicating an extraordinary experience for any pop culture fan!

In conclusion, no matter what type of funko pop collection you decide to purchase; unboxing it should always be enjoyed as an immersive journey full of excitement, curiosity and exploration! Who knows which incredible figure might be waiting around each corner?

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