Unboxing the Latest Stranger Things Pop Figures: A Collection Guide

Unboxing the Latest Stranger Things Pop Figures: A Collection Guide 2017

Introduction to the Stranger Things Pop Figures

Stranger Things is an iconic series that has swept the nation with its supernatural and sci-fi elements. It’s been a favorite show among kids and adults alike and has left fans wanting more. One of the most popular manifestations of this fandom is Stranger Things Pop Figures. These figures are collectible, highly detailed, 3D replicas of characters from the series that can be displayed on shelves or desks as fun decorations or used for creative playtime scenarios.

Pop! figures are created to bring characters to life in ways never seen before and these delightful versions of Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Hopper, and other characters from the show have done just that. Not only do they feature unique details from their outfits, but even minor details like facial expressions have remained accurate to their real-life counterparts! Each figure stands between 4-5 inches tall depending on the size and character, which makes them perfect for displaying alongside related collectibles or making your own custom movie scene.

Collectors and fans may find it tricky to track down each character in certain sizes/styles due to limited availability; however some figures often come as glow-in-the-dark variants offering an extra special touch of surprise when they’re displayed in low light settings! Whether you’re looking to starta collection or expand one -with a range of sizes available there’s sure to be at least one set of figures fit for any fan seeking an immersive piece of memorabilia reflecting this timeless classic.

Overall these Stranger Things Pop! figures make a great addition not only any collectors’ shelf but also anyone looking for something different within props/set pieces when reenacting your favorite scenes or creating new ones – no matter how big or small the role necessary!

Step by Step Guide on Unboxing Stranger Things Pop Figures

Unboxing a Stranger Things Pop figure can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It’s a great way to display your love of the show and add some unique flair to any living space. This step by step guide will walk you through the process of unboxing one of these iconic collectibles.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you get started, make sure that you have the following items ready to go:

Scissors – For cutting through packaging tape.

Ruler or Straight Edge – To make sure your figures remain in pristine condition during removal.

Screwdriver or Pen – To gently pry open plastic cases if necessary.

Soft Cloth – To wipe away any dust or debris as needed.

Step 2: Inspect The Package

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, start off by inspecting the package carefully for any signs of damage. Check for holes in the cardboard box, tears in plastic wrapping, and any other imperfections that may affect its contents. If everything looks good to go, proceed with caution. It is important that you avoid using sharp objects such as knives when opening boxes containing figurines as this could cause major damage to them if not done correctly!

Step 3: Open The Package

Now it’s time to begin unboxing your Stranger Things Pop figure! Start off by removing all external packaging materials such as plastic wrap and cardboard flaps with scissors or a sharp edge tool like a ruler or straight-edge knife (if necessary). Be careful not to cut too deeply into the container itself, as this can damage the figure inside and possibly impair its integrity once removed from the packaging altogether.

Step 4: Remove Contents From Package

Once all external materials have been removed from around the box, use either a screwdriver or pen tip (depending on how intricate your particular box is) to carefully pry open each side seam where applicable– this will release any cords/plastic ties holding it together and grant access inside. Inside should hold your collectible(s) wrapped protectively in molded foam compartments which can be easily removed revealing each item individually; these are perfect for displaying on shelf tops or surfaces without fear of scuffing/damage over time due to their support structure and secure fitment within packaging material gaps before being shipped out across borders/countries etc., keeping them safe from potential harm whilst travelling long distances until arrival safely at destination address point (your home/collection centre).

Step 5: Carefully Inspect Contents After taking out all contents from package, it’s time for that final inspection– check each piece for obvious damage such as dents on edges/faces and chips away from paint, if applicable… otherwise gently wipe away any dust residue using aforementioned soft cloth before finally setting up proudly on cabinet shelves alongside corresponding collections display platforms depending upon style & taste preferences; don’t forget spare parts too (like stands), ensuring they never miss out during unboxing fun!

And that’s it! You’re done unboxing your Stranger Things Pop figure! Now all you need is an awesome display platform where people can admire your new addition while also protecting it from further damage down line throughout years ahead; thankfully though these are widely available online – so no worries there! Enjoy showing off those beautiful pieces proudly – feel free to add even more over course of season changes according different themes & interests likely accumulate pastime goes by eh?

Frequently Asked Questions About Stranger Things Pop Figures

Stranger Things has become one of the most popular TV series in recent memory, so it’s no surprise that pop figures of the show’s characters have become highly sought after for both avid fans and collector alike. If you’re considering investing in some Stranger Things pieces but aren’t sure what to look for, then you’re in the right place! Here are some frequently asked questions about Stranger Things Pop Figures:

Q1: What do I need to know before buying my first Pop Figure?

A1: When shopping for a Pop Figure from Stranger Things, there are several things to consider. First, make sure that the sculpt and paint job reflect the character as accurately as possible. If a figure looks too “cartoonish” or lacks details like texture or shading, it might not be an ideal purchase. Additionally, pay attention to the size of each piece–some Stranger Things Pops can be quite large (we’re talking on average around 6-inches), while others may only measure slightly above 4-inches. Size information is usually displayed with each individual product so be mindful of it when making your selection!

Q2: Are any special edition variants available?

A2: Yes – As with any high demand item, there are always special edition variants made available by online stores during specific times throughout the year. Special editions will usually feature better paint jobs than their standard counterparts and unique poses exclusive to those figures only; however, these variants often come with a hefty price tag so keep that in mind if you’re looking for something extra-special from your collection!

Q3: How much do Stranger Things Pop Figures cost?

A3: Prices can vary depending on how rare or exclusive certain variants may be but generally speaking, most figures are priced in a similar range between $10–$30 dollars USD . You might occasionally find some cheaper ones here and there but those tend to be older stock; if you’re looking for current items we suggest sticking closer towards higher end of that range as anything lower could mean lesser quality which defeats the point entirely.

Why Invest in Stranger Things Pop Figures

Stranger Things Pop figures are an outstanding investment for any fan of the hit Netflix Original series, or any collector looking to expand their figure collection. They’re incredibly detailed and intricate, each one carefully sculpted to capture the likenesses of the beloved characters from the show.

On top of looking great on display know that you’ll have something that could potentially grow in value over time. Thanks to younger generations loving Stranger Things and wanting their own collectibles from the show, these Pop figures are likely to become quite desirable items. Investing in such a sought after item can reap great rewards if you’re patient enough.

When it comes to collectible pieces, nothing beats a complete set. Allowing your audience to view a collection that is fully stocked with a range of figures (from Eleven andChief Hopper all the way down to rarer characters like Billy) speaks volume about how deep your love for Stranger Things runs – don’t forget how nerdy cool it looks! Not only can it be a conversation starter but prospective investees would be sure to take notice and want more information on where they too can find them.

Plus with Funko regularly releasing new stranger things related products every now and then (like Joyce Byers carrying an Eggo…) you’ll always have something interesting for old and new guests alike! So why not start thinking about investing in some high quality Stranger Things Pops today?

Top 5 Facts about Stranger Things Pop Figures

In recent years, Stranger Things pop figures have become one of the most collectible and treasured toys in the action figure community. With bright colors and adorable designs, it’s no wonder why they’re so popular! Here are 5 facts you probably never knew about Stranger Things Pop Figures:

1. A Variety of Characters to Choose From – With ten different characters released as part of the series, fans can choose their favorite character to proudly display on their shelves. From a chrome-dressed Eleven to a primitive Demogorgon, there’s something for everyone.

2. Special “Halloween” Variants – In 2017 McFarlane Toys released five special Halloween variants that really make these figures pop. Each character is dressed up just like the Hawkins kids did in season one for trick-or-treating, bringing a real sense of nostalgia with them!

3. Rare Finds if You Look Hard Enough – Although most of these figures have long since sold out from store shelves, some rare ones still exist out there in limited quantities such as prototypes or misprints. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled when hunting for new additions to your collection!

4. Get Lucky With Color Changes – Sometimes good luck pays off and you get presented with great surprises when purchasing Stranger Things Pop Figures blind boxes! Every box has the chance to feature either a common or rare color variation which makes adding on to your collection even more exciting and rewarding!

5. Limited Edition Exclusives– These Limited edition exclusives offer unique versions that you won’t find any other places such as glow-in-the-dark versions or galaxy debossed versions perfect for displaying at home next to an LED light strip—an extra ‘80s touch that doesn’t hurt anyone or any pocket books!

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Unboxing the Newest Stranger Things Pop Figures

After eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new Stranger Things Pop Figures, unboxing the package was an exciting event. The attention to detail in their design and vibrant colors make them stand out amongst any other figures in the same collection. For true Stranger Things fans, these Pop Figures provide a great way to express themselves with something they know and love inside and out.

Now that they’ve been unboxed, it’s time to start collecting! With so many various characters from different seasons, completing your own personal collection will be a fun process for anyone who is truly passionate about the show. From Eleven’s pink swirls of hair to Mike wheeling his way around town on his bike, each one serves as a reminder of all the different memories we share with each character alongside Will, Dustin, Lucas and everyone else throughout Hawkins, Indiana.

Every last one of them offers unique details that bring back all those incredible scenes from past seasons. With clear boxes that draw attention to their amazing poses – like Eleven going head-to-head against Demigorgon – it’s easy for anyone to feel just like part of the action when putting together their own set. All in all, these Pop Figures create an unforgettable experience you can come back to whenever you get those nostalgic feels or want to share your favorite moments with friends and family with some quality collectibles!

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