Unboxing the Latest Rick and Morty Funko Pops: A Must-Have Collection!

Unboxing the Latest Rick and Morty Funko Pops: A Must-Have Collection! Art

Introduction to Collecting Rick and Morty Funko Pops

Collecting Rick and Morty Funko Pops is an excellent way to add a bit of chaos and mayhem to your life. Any fan of the show knows that it can be wild, weird, and just downright ridiculous. That’s why it makes sense to collect these delightfully off-the-wall toys as a way to stay connected with the show and its characters.

Funko Pops are tiny vinyl figures that depict some of the most iconic cartoon characters in pop culture. Whether you choose Morty,the teenage grandson of mad scientist Rick Sanchez, or his greater grand daughter Summer Smith – there are dozens of different characters from the series available in this format. Many of these figures come with special accessories such as weapons or tools from the show – perfect for creating your own re-enactment scenes!

What’s even more exciting about collecting Rick and Morty Funko Pops is that every few months new versions are added to the collection. This means that not only can you collect them all, but also extend your entire universe by purchasing exclusive editions based on new episodes or storylines. With each one being such an exciting proposition, they make superb gifts too – those particular ones will always hold a special place in the heart of any devoted fan!

Being part collector’s item and part fun toy, these figures offer endless hours of enjoyment whether displayed proudly on shelves or played with through creative stories. It may seem like a costly pursuit at first glance; however depending on how many pieces you want it won’t be too expensive when broken down into small purchases over time – an affordable way to start building your own private kingdom!

All in all there’s something quite exciting about having what feels like your very own Rick and Morty crew – whether for display sake or actual playtime fun; Collecting Rick and Morty Funko pops is a great way for anyone looking for some serious interdimensional adventures without leaving their couch!

Understanding the Basics of How to Find and Buy Funko Pops

Funko Pops are toys for the young and young at heart. They feature some of your favourite comic book, cartoon, and movie characters as cute figures that can be collected and arranged in fun displays. If you’re looking to get into the Funko Pop game but don’t know where to start, this quick guide will help you understand what they’re all about and how to find and buy them.

First up—what are those cutesy figures? Put simply, Funko Pops represent a wide range of beloved characters from franchises such as Marvel, DC Comics, Harry Potter, Disney’s animated films, Star Wars and more. They come in all shapes and sizes; big ones with large heads – perfect for displaying by themselves on a shelf or desk – or smaller six-inch versions for cramming into tighter spaces (like when your milkshake brings all the funkos to the yard). As you could imagine with such a vast fan base across many different franchises, there’s an ever growing selection of Funko Pop figures from which to choose – making it hard for even the most avid collectors to keep up!

When it comes to finding and buying these popular items there are two main ways – online or instore – both of which have their advantages depending on where you live or even what type of collector you are. First let’s take a look at buying Funko Pops in store: Shopping instore has its definite perks as it allows potential buyers immediate gratification by being able to hold their new purchase right away! Stores like Toys ‘R Us have sections dedicated entirely to vinyl figures so head along if there’s one near you (or hunt around in your local comic shops!).

Of course buying online is often more convenient compared to having to actually go out searching physical stores. There are plenty of websites out there offering tons of different products plus they provide detailed information on each product line; Amazon is always a good one! Users who get particularly hooked can also follow official sites over Twitter or Facebook for updates on what new series will be released before anyone else gets wind of it!

Whether through online shopping or hunting down every toy shop in town hoping for them Komodos–finding, purchasing and adding these adorable little pieces can be both exciting and challenging! Whatever option suits you best though just have fun–this is a hobby after all so don’t forget why we do this; because we love our Funkos!!

Step-by-Step Guide on Purchasing the Perfect Funko Pop

Funko Pops have become wildly popular amongst avid toy collectors since their debut in 2010. Despite the vast selection of Funko Pop characters ranging from movie villains and superheroes to television personalities, choosing the right Funko Pop for your collection can be an overwhelming task. To help make the purchase easier for you, here is a step-by-step guide on how to purchase the perfect Funko Pop:

Step 1: Know Your Budget. Before taking a look at the various selections of Funko Pops, make sure you set your budget beforehand so as to not be overwhelmed with all the choices available and end up purchasing too many or spending more than you intend. Therefore it’s best if you estimate a price range for yourself before beginning to choose your desired Pop.

Step 2: Have an Idea of What You Want Ahead of Time. As mentioned previously, there are thousands of different types of Funko Pops out there so narrowing down what kind of Pop you would like ahead of time is essential when searching through all their categories. Are you looking for a villain? Are they from Star Wars? What decade do they belong to? Getting specific with your search and having some ideas in mind helps narrow down the selection considerably and enables shorter search times when scanning through numerous pages.

Step 3: Compare Different Companies & Websites Prices/Inventory Variation Before Making Your Final Purchase Decision. With multiple companies selling these fan-favorite collectibles these days, remember to always compare prices across various stores or websites before committing to purchase something because prices tend to vary based on where you buy them from or which type/edition of character it might be (uncommon vs rare vs one-of-a-kind figures). Not only does comparing prices save money but allows better opportunities when it comes down to choosing between solely two final contenders for that coveted spot in your collection!

Step 4: Use Collectible Sites & Online Forums Contributed by Fellow Collectors When Choosing Rare/Uncommon Figures! Knowing exactly what pint size figurine has been snatched off store shelves becomes much easier due to helpful sources such as collectible websites like eBay and forums populated with fellow die hard toy collectors who happen to know all about recently released exclusives or limited edition Pop vinyls that sell out quickly after appearing on shelves! Losing out on big ticket items no longer needs be an issue due consulting these reliable coverages making buyers very informed with no apprehensions left while making their decision concerning which piece they should get into their ever growing collection!

Taking note of all these points present here priorizes assurance in knowing that ultimately finding just the right figured bobble head will transpire successfully towards continuing enriching ones Vinyl Universe expanding more thrillingly every day! Don’t forget stay smiling cheekily upon opening those long awaited orders cause this beginner’s guide surely got yas popping goodies left & right once followed accurately!

Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting Rick and Morty Funko Pops

Q: When did the Rick and Morty Funko Pop line come out?

A: The first Rick and Morty Funko Pops were released in October 2016 in celebration of the show’s third season premiere. Since then, there have been dozens of different designs released with new ones being added frequently. Collectors can also get their hands on exclusive and limited-edition figures as well. These are highly sought after and can be quite valuable.

Q: What type of figures are available?

A: There are currently three series of Rick and Morty Funko Pops available including regular releases, exclusives, and limited editions. Regular releases feature standard versions of popular characters like Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Summer Smith, Beth Smith, Jerry Smith, Mr. Meeseeks and more. Exclusives include rare variations that usually feature tributes to specific episodes such as The Rickshank Redemption or Something Ricked This Way Comes. Limited edition figures are typically spotted only at conventions or special events making them much harder to find than other types of figures in the line.

Q: Should I buy from an online store or from a physical store?

A: This ultimately comes down to personal preference but it is important for collectors to do their research before making any purchases. Buying from a reputable online store gives you access to a wide selection of figures that may not be available elsewhere making it easier to build up your collection quickly. Shopping from a physical store allows collectors the opportunity to see and feel what they’re buying before they make the purchase. Both methods have their advantages so it pays off spending some time weighing your options beforehand!

Top 5 Facts You Need To Know About Collecting Rick and Morty Funko Pops

1. Rarity is Key – The Funko Pop! range for Rick and Morty is vast and varied, but if you want to amass a valuable collection it’s all about being on the lookout for limited editions and exclusives. Read up on the rarities, chase after rare chases, and familiarize yourself with retailer-specific exclusives if you want to build a valuable Rick and Morty Pop collection.

2. Protect Your Pops – Keeping your Funkos in mint condition means protecting them from sun damage, dust accumulation, temperature changes and other environmental hazards. If you want to preserve the value of your Pop figurines, look into acid-free sleeves or even showcases to keep them looking as good as new. Better yet: consider finding an Office size display cabinet guaranteed not only to create a visually impressive space but also safeguardPop Collectibles in Dust Free environment that preserves their value over time!

3. Start With Musts – Back when Funko figures first started appearing in stores, they were far more obtainable than they are today; however getting those vintagefigures can be quite difficult now since they’re highly sought after by collectors across various age groups (especially kids with pocket money!). That said some classics like ‘Pickle Rick’, ‘Evil Morty’ and ‘Meeseeks’ are worth pursuing first — particularly if you’re new to collecting Funko Pops for Rick & Morty characters!

4. Always Authentic – It may sound obvious, but always make sure that whatever items you’re purchasing are authenticated byPros so that there’s no chance ofgetting ripped off in this high stakes hobby world by purchasing fakes! Be sure ot inspect the item thoroughlybeforehand—look at embossing quality, check backstamps seals — before making any monetary commitments!

5. Have Fun With It – No matter what type of collector you are or how much money you spend on your collection, at the end of the day remember that everything comes down to having fun with what we love — whether it’s playing with our toysor admiring their beauty behind glass partition walls! That in mind don’t feel guilty when spending alittle binge-worthy doughon something adorableand geeky like Papa Skwisgaar or Evil DrClaw — life could always use more cute littlethings that bring out a smile 😉

Closing Thoughts on Collecting Rick and Morty Funko Pops

The world of collecting Pop! Vinyl figures is a fascinating one, and the Rick and Morty Funko Pop collection is no exception. From the vinyl figures emblazoned with movie scenes to an array of color variants, this series of figures has something for every fan. It’s easy to understand why these pint-sized pieces of pop culture have found their way onto shelves everywhere.

As a collector, there is much to like about having a wide range of Rick and Morty Funko Pops in order to personalize one’s living space or office. Whether you choose to display them proudly on a shelf alongside other action figures, or line up all the variant versions in an interesting configuration, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to being fun items for collectors just starting out, those who may want to take things more seriously will also find plenty to appreciate in the diverse cast of characters available in this series. For instance, collectors could potentially make use of each character’s unique appearance details (like clothing accessories or hair color) when scoping out desirable pieces at conventions or online auctions.

For dedicated fans looking for creative ways to show their passion for the show while increasing their collections value over time, investing in rare or limited edition releases can be especially rewarding endeavors. While prices tend to vary depending on availability and demand (as with any collectible), it’s safe to say that limited release versions are generally worth grabbing if you can find them at a reasonable price – as they are likely not going to be around forever!

Whether it’s becoming familiar with each character’s backstories through watching episodes religiously or simply setting up your own personal display cases filled with your favorite characters from the show – collecting Rick and Morty Funko Pops can be both incredibly rewarding hobby activity and one which can easily increase its ROI over time if pursued intelligently. No matter how many pops you buy –enjoying adding excitement at home without ever leaving your house can never go wrong!

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