Unboxing the Latest Pop Funko Stranger Things Collection!

Unboxing the Latest Pop Funko Stranger Things Collection! 2018

Introduction to the Stranger Things Funko Pop Collection

The Stranger Things Funko Pop Collection is an homage to the groundbreaking 2018 Netflix Series, Stranger Things. From its supernatural sci-fi plot filled with suspense, nostalgia to its incredible soundtrack and talented actors and actresses, Stranger Things has certainly taken fans by storm. For those of us who can’t get enough of this show – not just once, but again and again – the great news is now you don’t have to wait until new episodes drop! Now there is a way to bring home a piece of the series—literally! Enter: The Stranger Things Funko Pop Collection.

This collection features all the fan favorite characters from the show including Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Jim Hopper (David Harbour), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and his trusty dragon-slayer, Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). Each Funko Pop figure stands around 3-4 inches and accurately captures each character’s signature look in small, yet detailed vinyl form. In addition, some figures come with additional pieces for assembly or display, making these small but mighty figurines even more impressive than a still image could do justice.

If you are a diehard fan or simply looking for something fun and affordable that your friends will love too – maybe as gifts? – then we suggest adding this exciting collection to your wish list; it doesn’t get much better than getting your hands on eleven fantastic miniature versions of favorite characters! So go ahead and take the next step into the world of Stranger Things with these delightful pop culture collectibles before they’re gone…maybe forever!

How to Unbox a Stranger Things Funko Pop

Unboxing a Stranger Things Funko Pop is not only a great way to get a souvenir to remember your favorite TV show and characters, but it’s also a fun experience. The pop can be especially exciting due to its unique packaging and unique interior construction. Here are some steps to follow while unboxing your Stranger Things Pop:

1. Get Ready – Before starting the unboxing process, make sure you have all the necessary tools like scissors or an X-acto knife to cut through any packing material safely. You don’t want to damage the package before you even start opening it! Also make sure you have an area ready for storing or displaying your Funko Pop once it’s been freed from its cardboard cage.

2. Examine The Box – Take a moment to look at the box. Is there anything special about it? Are there any stickers or other decorations that might give you hints about what figure is inside? And most importantly—was there the right amount of tape used when sealing the box shut? If something looks off, don’t be afraid to reach out to the seller before proceeding with opening it up further.

3. Cut Through Packing Tape – Use either your scissors or X-acto knife in order to slice through all sides of packing tape that was used on top and bottom flaps of box (note: while cutting make sure not too leave deep imprints in paper cover that could cause damaging marks on item itself). After cutting through packaging, carefully separate layers of cardboard so as not disturb inner contents enclosed within.

4. Remove Internal Packaging – Pull back pieces of rubber band holding onto figurine piece inside in place and remove any plastic sleeves containing parts such as stand which should come along with certain figures (take extra precaution in removing these pieces safely so as not damage items) . As you take away additional packaging materials make sure inspect piece for any flaws or damages that may have occurred during shipping process—this will help ensure product quality post delivery

5. Rejoice – Once all these steps are done, rejoice by setting up new addition into collection – whatever form this takes – whether this means putting newly released character onto shelf alongside other ones already there or hanging minifigure somewhere else around home for sweet decorative statement – pure celebration of eighties nostalgia!

What to Consider Before Buying a Funko Pop from the Stranger Things Collection

Funko Pops are arguably the most collectible vinyl figures in the world today, offering fans of all realms of pop culture an opportunity to show off their enthusiasm for their favorite characters and movie franchises. With one of the biggest pop culture hits in recent years being Netflix’s Stranger Things, it is no surprise that Funko Pop has produced a series of Stranger Things figures for avid collectors. Before committing to purchasing a stranger Things Funko Pop, here are some things you should consider:

-Price: Everyone has a different budget when it comes to collecting Funko Pops. While many standard Stranger Things pops fall around the same price range as other Pops (approximately 10-12 USD), there might be limited edition pops or special versions that drastically increase the cost. Be sure to know how much you can spend before setting out on your hunt.

-Rarities: It’s important to identify what kind of rarity each figure offers collectors ahead of making a purchase decision. For instance, Hot Topic exclusive releases and large-sized 6” figures are often more valuable than their standard 3” counterparts due to the fact they come in smaller quantities and feature unique designs not seen on regular editions of the same character.. Keep an eye on multiple online stores as well as Ebay auctions so you can familiarize yourself with what certain rarities cost before investing any money into them.

-Completion: Especially for rookie collectors, it’s helpful to set goals for yourself when investing in Funkos from one particular franchise such as Stranger Things – i.e Do I want one from each character? Do I only want select characters or variant colors? Whenever first starting out with a new collection or line make sure you have an end game purpose so you don’t over buy something your already have when reaching completion status..

-Condition: Like with any collectible item considering condition is critical since this will dictate its future resale-ability.. Ensure each figure looks free from signs of major wear & tear especially with regard too corner/edges dings & paint scuffs that diminish value significantly overtime.. To complement visually inspectations try using resources likes Pop Price Guides 10 point grading system which will help illustrate detailed detemintiong differences between numerous variants without having to guess with confidence if your bring home authentic product..

Step by Step Guide to Unboxing the Latest Stranger Things Pops

Unboxing a new pop figure can be an exciting experience, but there’s more to it than just ripping open the packaging and throwing the items in a pile. Unboxing takes a bit of finesse, so follow this step-by-step guide for unboxing your Stranger Things Pop figures like a pro!

Step One: Inspect The Package

Before you even start unboxing, inspect the package for any wear and tear that may have occurred during shipping. Check for cracks or tears on the outer box and also check if all the seal stickers are still intact. Make sure that no one has tampered with your package — if everything looks good, then proceed to Step Two.

Step Two: Find Your Supplies

You’ll need some basic supplies to help you out during unboxing. You can use regular kitchen scissors to cut through bubble wrap or packaging tape. Have a few clean towels handy as well — these will come in handy if something spills. It never hurts to establish an unboxing area around you where you can keep your supplies organized and easily access them when needed.

Step Three: Start Unboxing

Now that everything is ready, it’s time to start unboxing! Carefully cut open the box without damaging anything inside by using scissors or other sharp objects — don’t forget to cut those pesky packaging tapes too! Use clean hands when taking out the Pop figures from their plastic casing; this will avoid smudging any paintwork present on them. Be mindful of small parts that may have come with your Pops like stands so they won’t get misplaced or lost in transition from box to shelf/desk/display case etc

Step Four: Clean Up & Enjoy!

Don’t forget about cleaning up once you’re done unboxing your Pops – use an old rag or towel to wipe down any surface dust or dirt before placing them back into their plastic casings (if applicable). If certain pieces feel a bit stiff after being boxed for some time, applying some lubricant should make them move smoothly again; this is especially helpful for articulated joints found on action figures and/or dolls etc Lastly, enjoy collecting new Pops! Everything else aside –– remember why we collect in the first place and appreciate every aspect of our collections with pride 🙂

Q: What are the most popular items from the StrangerThings Collection?

A: The most popular items from the StrangerThings Collection include the official Funko Pop figures of Eleven, Dustin, Lucas and Steve; Levi’s x Stranger Things clothing including reversible sherpa jackets, snapback hats, sweaters and tees; candles, desk clocks, patches and mugs featuring designs inspired by the hit show; plus jewelry like necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Q: What is so special about these items?

A: These items capture all of the nostalgia that Stranger Things fans feel when watching their favorite series. Each piece gives a subtle nod to familiar elements from the show such as flashing Christmas lights on Eleven’s sweater in season 3 or the creepy-crawly demogorgon from season one. Plus not only do you get to wear your favorite characters on your clothes but you also can play with a mini-Eleven Funko Pop figurine or set an alarm clock that looks like it came right out of Hawkins Lab!

Q: Where can I buy these products?

A: Many retailers both physical stores such as Target and online retailers offer many of these items. Additionally there aresome great fan shops available online where consumers can find unique merchandise like bobbleheads and T-shirts with their own personalized designs.

Top 5 Fun Facts About The Newest Pops from TheStranger Things Collection

The new collection of Pops from Stranger Things has been a massive hit with fans of the show, and it’s no surprise why. With its unique characters and variety of designs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. But what makes this line so special? Here are 5 fun facts about the newest Pops from Stranger Things that make them stand out:

1. Each Pop features an intricately-crafted facial sculpt that captures the perfect likeness of characters like Eleven, Dustin, Will, Lucas and other beloved fan favorites.

2. All five figures were designed to be as close to exact replicas of their onscreen counterparts, featuring an incredible level of detail in each character’s clothing and accessories.

3. The Stranger Things Pops come in three different sizes – 3 ¾ inch (standard), 6 inch (deluxe) and 9 inch (giant) – making them perfect items for custom collections!

4. For those looking for a complete set can now get their hands on all 5 figures in a Collector’s Box Set which includes exclusive Funko store bonus variants inspired by some memorable moments from the show!

5. Show your love for all things Stranger Things by picking up one or more of these retro-inspired figures today – they make great gifts too!

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