Unboxing the Latest Funko Pop Venom – Get Ready for Some Fun!

Unboxing the Latest Funko Pop Venom – Get Ready for Some Fun! 2018

Introduction to Funko Pop Venom: What is it and How It Works

Funko Pop Venom is an exciting and action-packed collectible toy line crafted by Funko, a much-loved global fan culture company. It combines the classic look of Funko Pops (distinctive figures with large heads perfect for collecting and trading) with the universe of Marvel’s iconic comic book character Venom.

In each set, you will receive a stylized figure measuring approximately three inches tall, featuring your favorite iteration of Venom from various comics, movies, television shows and video games. The slick aesthetics and signature details of the character are captured from head to toe in these delightful figures.

You don’t have to be a hardcore Marvel fan to appreciate how these little figurines bring Venom’s world to life – it doesn’t take long for even casual fans to become enthralled by their size and beauty. As you can imagine, they provide plenty of opportunities for imaginative playtime! Whether you prefer giving them away as gifts or displaying them proudly at home as part of your own collection, these unique Venoms make great pieces that can bring joy and cheer into any room or office space.

While many consider themselves avid collectors of Funko Pops, it is worth noting that the main goal is not necessarily to amass as many figures as possible but rather build an interesting personal collection centered around your tastes in film and literature. In other words – when it comes to Funko Pop Venom – express yourself! Choose wisely between styles, shapes and sizes; think critically about what would satisfy your own preferences while also making an artistic statement in the process.

Whether they’re posed on different shelves or put together on display stands alone – from Spiderman’s arch nemesis – Eddie Brock – all the way through Mac Gargan’s ferocious incarnation — Funko Pop Venom has something that every collector can appreciate! So go on out there – let loose those inner Super villain vibes you’ve been developing deep inside – hunt down the perfect piece today so everyone can admire this captivating anti-hero!

Step by Step Guide to Collecting Funko Pop Venom

Funko Pop Venom figures are some of the most collected figurines amongst fans of the Marvel Comic universe. Whether it be for decoration or for a costume party, collecting these figures can be a great way to get your hands on some awesome keepsake items from this popular franchise. Here is a step by step guide to help you start your own collection:

1. Select a Collection Style: Are you collecting mostly because of the Venom character? Or do you want to include more figures from other franchises like Spider-Man into your personal store? Categorizing your collection makes it easier to ensure that in addition to having all the venom themed figures, yours will also have variety and interesting additions.

2. Do Your Research: There are hundreds of different Funko Pop Venoms on the market right now and each one ties in with another Marvel character or film in some way. Knowing which ones are related to each other helps simplify the process when shopping around for what you’re looking for; maybe it’s just enough information that’ll make up your mind if you can’t decide between two particular pieces!

3. Read Reviews & Level Up Your Education on Quality Figures: Seeing what others have said about their purchases online can be helpful when making decisions about whether or not to invest in certain pieces. Search out articles, forums, reviews and collectible blogs before dropping coin on new additions so that nothing gets overlooked – plus catching up on tips that comes with those reviews never hurts! 4. Set A Budget & Cement Your Plan Of Action To Follow It: Decide how much money you would like to spend per figure and never go over that limit as it will only lead down an endless rabbit hole (which every collector knows only ends in tears!). Once you have your budget set you’ll need an action plan so decide where & when you’d like purchase select pieces – whether it’s online or at a local festival/event etc., keep tabs of all available resources such as Facebook groups and newsletter alerts so nothing sneaks past unnoticed!

5. Personalize Your Collection As Much As Possible: Don’t forget – ultimately though, this collection is all about YOU! So look towards creative meetings such as getting signed cards from creators who originally worked on any characters within these Funkos Pops , adding supplementary material like comic books alongside figurines and don’t forget about customizing them too; sparkling eyes, dyeing hair colours… whatever floats your boat! Enjoy Collecting & Never Stop Growing: The journey doesn’t end here — once one mission has been completed enjoy completing the next~ different collaborations release new FUNKO Venoms often so join forces with friends who can provide insider knowledge; attend weekly meetups and conventions dedicated solely towards pop-culture merchandising and explore through charity shops or boot sales etc..

Collecting Funko Pop Venoms is no small feat but with dedication & proper planning comes success – there is always something exciting right around corner! Allowing curiosity plus patience lead everything took says Captain America himself ~ “Patience young grasshopper” … Wait .. wasn’t he KUNG FU PANDA?? Whoops!! Now GO Celebrate !

Common Funko Pop Venom Questions Answered

Funko Pop Venom is one of the most recognizable and popular Funko Pop vinyl figures on the market today. With its iconic design, it’s easy to see why this character has remained a fan favorite for years. But with so many versions and limited editions, there are plenty of questions when it comes to collecting all things Funko Pop Venom. If you’re looking for some answers, then look no further! Here are some common questions about Funko Pop Venom that are sure to be helpful for any collector out there:

Q: What different types of Funko Pop Venom figures exist?

A: The general release features the classic Venom design, with an additional black and white (as well as metallic) variants. There are also numerous special edition/limited-edition figures, such as Hot Topic exclusives, Gamestop variants, comic shop exclusive comics covers, Target Club Exlusve designs, and even a flocked variant from Walmart (which is incredibly rare).

Q: Where can I purchase Funko POP vinyls generally?

A: Most stores will have at least a few variants in-stock – including larger outlets like Walmart, Target and Amazon – but dedicated collectors may find more options on websites like eBay or Box Lunch. For hard-to-find items though, many collectors turn directly to specialized stores or private sellers who may offer unique deals that increase their chances at obtaining their favorite figure.

Q: What is the rarest version of Funko Pop Venom?

A: Many fans would say that the “Flocked” version exclusive to WalMart is the rarest variant currently available (it was released in 2019), although other limited edition and extremely hard-to-find ones could certainly also compete for this title! Collectors should also keep an eye out for certain variants which have sold out quickly online – these can become quite scarce over time and thus be particularly desirable in the long run.


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Funko Pop Venom Collecting

Funko Pop vinyl figures are some of the most iconic and recognizable pop culture collectibles out there. In recent years, Funko has been producing a special set of figures dedicated to the Marvel character Venom. These collectibles offer fans an exciting way to display their love for the universe and its characters and have become incredibly popular among comic book enthusiasts. Whether you’re just starting or a long-time collector, understanding the pros and cons of Funko Pop Venom collecting is a must before taking the plunge into this unique hobby.


• A Hobby You Can Start Anywhere – One major perk of starting a Venom Funko Pop collection is that you can do so wherever you live! Whether you are in New York City, Manaus in Brazil or Tokyo, Japan there will be local shops offering these highly sought after collectables. No matter where in world you reside as long as there’s access to online/physical stores, there’s bound to be something available that suit your needs.

• Uniqueness – It’s very likely that anyone who collects titles from Marvel Comics won’t have all the same variants as everyone else, making them quite unique pieces for collectors out there looking for something special. Even if someone does purchase similar figures, it might lead to deeper conversations about why those select pieces stood out above others based on design choices or aesthetics.

• Quality Craftsmanship – If you want quality craftsmanship with great attention to detail you’ll get just that with Funko Pop silhouettes – they are creators of some beautiful work-of-arts! Collecting Venom can be especially fun as each figure takes between 3-5 months from idea conception all the way through sculpting & manufacturing process before it released onto market; interesting whats behind make such an incredible end product!


• High Costs – Unfortunately as demand for Venom Funko Pops rises so does cost associated them (sometimes even fetching much more than what their initial retail price point is). Not only do collectors have to keep up with various incarnations (eBay can help here) but also sometimes budgets need managing appropriately. It’s not unheard off certain variants reaching several hundred dollars; though prices will vary regionally depending upon tax rates etc…so buyers need keep close eye on this when looking where buy such items if budget tight!

• Taking Up Space & Time – Collecting anything involves investment space-factor both physically & mentally – many people struggle balancing two commitments at once which could potentially put strain finances if funds unavailable. This relevant whether buying/selling pieces outright owning not enough room at home show off one’s collection wall/desk space is required promote side social media platforms like Instagram account? Lots consider ahead diving deep into fandom spawn accruement levels commitment respective ‘pop hunter’ may wish pursue…

Top 5 Facts About Funko Pop Venom

Funko Pop Venom has become a popular collectible item since it appeared in the summer of 2018. Here are five facts about this iconic figure that you might not know.

1) It was Designed by Award-Winning Sculptor Dave Cortez – Anyone familiar with Marvel and DC Comics figures recognizes the name Dave Cortez. He’s responsible for giving us some of our favorite characters, including Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, And now – Venom! His unique style brings to life the dark and powerful symbiote we all love.

2) The Color Combination is Stylishly Unique – On first glance, Venom’s red and black color combination is enough to draw eyes from across a room. All Funko Pop figurines register as one of three general types (common, rare or exclusive), but the color scheme ensures that whether you have a rare or common version of the figure, it will look incredible on your shelf.

3) Extraterrestrial Origins Make Him Special – Most superheroes get their start through scientific experiments gone wrong or radioactive accidents; however Venom is different because he is an alien symbiote found by astronaut Eddie Brock while he was traveling in space. This outer space influence imbues him with an extra layer of character that other comic book heroes don’t have!

4) Fans Are Obsessed With This Figure – There is no doubt about it: fans are obsessed with this figure! From its unique design to its extraterrestrial origins, people can’t seem to get enough of him one way or another — forum postings, Instagram posts, even YouTube videos focused solely on exploring just what makes Venom so uniquely beloved by fans around the world!

5) Collecting Media Figurines Has Never Been Better – It’s one thing when collecting vinyl action figures is seen as something cool only within geek culture; however now days people who once never considered such passion projects as something worth pursuing can now join in on the fun! Whether you like duelling with your Mecardz collectible cards or teasing out stories with your set of official Disney Tsum Tsum plushies – there really is no limit when it comes to media figurine collections nowadays beyond sheer devotion and dedication towards building up that dream collection of yours!

Conclusion: Getting Creative With Your Funko Pop Venom Collection

When it comes to building a collection of Funko Pop Venom figures, options are plentiful. Sure, there are plenty of standard issue figures out there that all fans can add to their collection, but the truly dedicated collector will find a way to take their collecting game to the next level. Whether it’s by customizing existing pieces or commissioning an artist friend for designs, taking one’s Funko Pop Venom obsession to the creativity realm is definitely something worthwhile. While most folks content themselves with owning merely one or two figures of any given character or series, committing oneself fully to creative customization shows true dedication and appreciation towards both one’s chosen property as well as art in general. The beauty in getting creative with Funko Pop Venom lies in how personal each figure becomes; no two creations will ever be completely identical no matter how many times somebody tries recreating what has already been done before. That’s why this particular corner of the toy-collecting market remains so relevant: tailored projects ensure that collectors never get bored with what they have on display while at the same time allowing them access to some of the more hard-to-find collections available today. Plus, when someone commissions a piece from a friend instead of buying it from a retail store, he or she does so knowing that no other collector can boast about having exact replica—each item will remain infinitely special and unique for ages!

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