Unboxing the Latest BTS Funko Pop Collection!

Unboxing the Latest BTS Funko Pop Collection! 2019

Introduction to BTS and the Latest Funko Pop Collection

Welcome to an introduction of BTS, a Korean Pop (K-Pop) group consisting of seven members: Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin, Suga, RM and J-Hope. BTS is one of the most beloved groups in South Korea and the world—the perfect embodiment of what K-Pop stands for!

BTS debuted in 2013 with their single No More Dream and have since gone on to become global superstars. They use music as a forum for social justice and self-expression; their lyrics explore topics like mental health, youth hopes and dreams, depression, suicide prevention and relationships. Through their work they have become an inspiration to fans around the world who have dubbed themselves the ‘ARMY’ (Adorable Representative MCs For Youth).

The group has achieved numerous awards–including Artist of the Year by both Mnet Asian Music Awards 2019 and American Music Awards 2020–as well as breaking several Guinness World Records including “Most Twitter Engagements”. They’ve also released several albums that have been commercial successes worldwide. Which brings us to today’s topic – The Latest Funko Pop Collection inspired by BTS!

The newest collection features eight figures: Jungkook as MEETS THE WORLD!, Jimin as BUTTERFLY DREAMS!, V as MOONLIGHT DANCER!, Jin as SPACE TRAVELER!, SUGA as SILVER CHASER!, RM as ANGEL OF HOPE! , J-Hope as Star Gazer! And lastly complete it with ARMY FAN!! All the characters come packaged in specially designed boxes featuring a background story based on each individual character’s backstory. From these boxes you can guess what kind of person each character will be based on it’s contents. All eight figures come with amazing details that make them stand out from the rest; like actual fabric for outfits or accessories recreating signature looks from popular music videos such as ‘Spring Day’ or ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ .

With this collection you not only get collectible figurines but also get a piece of history related to BTS which makes it all the more special! So if you are an avid fan of BTS or just interested in exploring new music scene then here is your chance to add some spice into your collections.

Whats Included in the BTS Funko Pop Collection

The BTS Funko Pop Collection provides fans with a fun and detailed look into their favorite band’s world. It features realistic and vibrant figures of the seven members in their signature style, making it easy for any fan to feel connected to the South Korean boy-band even from afar. The collection comes with an array of color variations and poses, including some extras like accessories or music instruments that add a little extra pop to each figure. Plus, as an added bonus, this series also offers special editions available in different stores worldwide so everyone can get something unique.

It all starts with the basic BTS Pop figures themselves. Seokjin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin, Hoseok (aka J-Hope ), Taehyung (aka V) and Jeongguk come in multiple figure sizes ranging from 2 inches to 6 inches high — both the stylized standard versions and special limited editions have this wide range of height options! Additionally each figure includes signature details like patterns created by embroidery or fabric used on Bangtan’s famous stage costumes as well as facial expressions that feature movement thanks to articulation capabilities. That makes collecting these Pops extra special because you can pose them just how you want!

Besides the classic Pops there are some awesome accessories offered alongside each member too — whether it’s face masks like Jungkook always wears or the drumstick props from Yoongi’s solo performances — they even have mechanical wings for Taehyung’s character presentation at Map Of Soul ONe. As for physical storage options for your mini-army of BTS faces? Not to worry: there are stacks of boxes designed specifically to house your army proud pops and specials released over time keep them growing even larger!

There’s no denying that the made upof BTS POP Collection is inspiring and thoughtfully curated – bringing fans closer to their beloved group by giving them tangible forms representing those they love while stirring those wistful memories conjured up listening our favorite songs provides an incredible experience we never get sick off – hoping these collectables will remain timeless symbols in fandom culture forever!

Unboxing Step by Step Guide for the BTS Funko Pop Collection

Unboxing a new toy or item can be an exciting experience, especially with the BTS Funko Pop Collection! As your fandom excitement builds in anticipation of opening up the box, here is a helpful step-by-step guide on how to properly unbox and start enjoying your new collection.

1. Confirm delivery received: Upon receiving the shipment package containing your Funko Pop Collectables, make sure that you have indeed received all the items ordered. Be sure to check against the shipping manifest before unwrapping it.

2. Get Comfy: Snagging a comfy spot to unbox any new product — especially one as exciting as the BTS Funko Pop Collection — will help set you up for success! Spread out a blanket or get comfortable in your favorite lounge chair and open up that box!

3. Unwrap Actively – Gently remove all packaging materials from around each figurine—carefully taking off tape, plastic wrap, or anything else preventing you from fully appreciating their detail—this is what makes it feel special!

4. Document & Enjoy: Start documenting each classic character from BTS alongside their own unique background story while playfully posing with them and take advantage of this time to maximize enjoyment of these wonderful collectible figures! Whether it be setting each figurine next to one another for comparison viewing pleasure, or showcasing them atop shelves, livening up desks with dynamic dioramatic displays, these figurines are perfect conversation starters which are sure to draw attention and admiration amongst friends, family members, and even strangers alike!

5. Storage & Organization: Once your Funko Pops have been completely opened up they’ll need a place where they can stay safe until they become additions within established collections; sorting storage bags by size may help keep larger series separated from smaller ones that are also contained within individual boxes . Labeling bins or totes can add extra finesse too so items like stands , pins , key chains , vinyl figures , carrying cases–or any other cool merch–can find designated locations for later use when greater access is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About the BTS Funko Pop Collection

What is the BTS Funko Pop Collection?

The BTS Funko Pop Collection is a series of special figures made to resemble members of the popular South Korean boy band, Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS), which debuted in 2013. Featuring characters like V, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Jungkook and Jin dressed in iconic BTS fashions captured from live performances and photoshoots, these collectible figures are great additions to any fan‘s collection. The set also includes a limited edition figure of BigHit Entertainment founder Mr. Bang Si Hyuk that only select individuals could obtain through pre-order packages. With bright colors and true-to-life designs based on the band’s likenesses spanning all their music eras since debuting in 2014 to present day, this fun range of figures brings even more energy to any collector’s shelf. Fans have even further enriched their collections by fully customizing the figures with 3D printed accessories as well as crafting new wears for them!

Where can I find the BTS Funko Pop Collection?

The entire range of figures from this collection can be purchased directly from official retailers such as Hot Topic or Target stores depending on the country they are located in. However, if you would like an individual character figure instead of the whole set then eBay and Amazon make good options for searching secondhand items which may be more budget friendly at times.

What sizes are available?

Six different models are currently available: medium (approximate size 4” tall), small (approximate size 2” tall) and medium base unit with keychain add-on (again approximate size 4”). All come packaged with full colour artwork images inspired by each member’s style depending on who it is representing; some have accessories attached or depicted alongside them such as Jungkook’s microphone for example – these can all be easily removed or swapped around at your own discretion when unpacking them from their respective boxes.

Are there any variants I should look out for?

Yes! So far there have been two limited released variants exclusive to certain regions: firstly a black suit variation of RM wearing a top hat was released exclusively in Japan under FOCO Distributors brand name “Line Friends” and secondly four glow-in-the dark versions also under FOCO were launched in Mexico accompanied by four metal pins depicting each group member respectively.. These counterparts remain highly sought after amongst passionate collectors around world due their exclusivity yet still remain relatively affordable considering their rarity – On average they tend retail between $30-$50 USD per figure so keep those eyes peeled when shopping around!

Top 5 Facts About The BTS Funko Pop Collection

The BTS Funko Pop Collection is one of the most popular and widely collected collections of its kind. With fans spanning the world and a variety of designs available, there’s no doubt that it’s become a phenomenon. Here are 5 facts about the collection you may not have known:

1. There are currently over 50 different BTS Funko Pop figures in existence, with more being released every year. Each figure is based off of a specific member from the group, giving fans a chance to show their support in an adorable way.

2. All BTS Funko Pop figures feature unique details such as accessories and clothing choices to make them even more recognizable as members of the group or other characters inspired by them. No two figures look exactly alike!

3. The design process behind each figure involves hundreds of hours, from concepting to prototyping to sculpting and ultimately bringing the figure to market. It’s no wonder why these figures always come out looking so amazing!

4. Fans can show off their collection with special edition display cases featuring exclusive art inspired by BTS music videos and performances – a perfect addition for any diehard fan!

5. Some rare special editions such as “Welcome To The Zoo” & “Mood Board” series also exist within the BTS Funko Pop Collection lineup – allowing fans another way to celebrate their favorite artist!

Final Thoughts on Unboxing the Latest BTS Funko Pop Collection

Unboxing the latest BTS Funko Pop collection was an incredible experience. From their special edition figures to their exclusive line of holographic figures, it’s clear that this collection is top-notch. Each figure in the set has a special level of detail and craftsmanship that really makes you feel like you have a piece of the band within your home. Not only is each figure intricately designed and visually appealing, but they also come with various accessories, making sure that you can customize your own unique display case or shelf.

The overall packaging for the entire set was eye-catching and showed an appropriate level of enthusiasm and care when it came to producing these collectibles. Opening each box was always an exciting moment because it felt like we were discovering something new within music merchandising history.

All in all, unboxing the latest BTS Funko Pop collection was truly extraordinary. Not only did we get exclusive features such as their holograms, but we also had access to incredible craftsmanship for every single one of these pieces. It’s no wonder these items are selling out so quickly – who wouldn’t want a piece of K-Pop culture right in their own home? With so many options to choose from, there’s something here perfect for any fan looking to add some spice to their merchandise selection. Grabbing a couple of these Pops isn’t just practical; they will instantly become conversation starters at any get-together with friends!

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