Unboxing the John Wick Funko Pop: A Collectors Dream!

Unboxing the John Wick Funko Pop: A Collectors Dream! Uncategorized

Introduction to How to Collect All of the John Wick Funko Pop Figures

Are you a die-hard John Wick fan? Then Funko Pop figures are the perfect way to express your fandom! Collecting all of the John Wick Funko Pop figures is a great way to show your enthusiasm for one of the most iconic movie series in modern film.

From their releases in 2016, the set of six main figurines have seen several re-releases and additions over the years — total Fort Knox if you’re looking to complete your collection! If you’re looking to get started on your collection, here is everything you need to know about collecting all of the John Wick Funko Pop figures:

The original “John Wick Trilogy” set consists of three commissioned pieces based off scenes from each movie; Chapter 1 -The Baba Yaga figure, Chapter 2 – The Red Suit with Ruby Tie figure, and Chapter 3 – The Continental Hotel floor matt version. As part of this line there was also an exclusive piece known as “Jumbo John Wick” released exclusively at Target stores across America.

Since then there has been a steady proliferation of figures inspired by characters and equipment related to this franchise. These include two themed sets featuring continental currency, multiple chase variants glittered or with gold plated elements and limited editions inspired by specific cutscenes in each movies as well as others related character buildouts such as Winston (The hotel manager) leather jacket variant or Charon (the concierge) driver cap variant.

These characters come availabile in both regular editions which widely vary in terms availability across different retailers including online sites like Amazon, Walmart or physical stores like ToysRUs or Hot Topic around USA but also Europe depending on where you live . It is said that best place for customers kind find restocked items is Walmart given it’s fluidity and availability compared with other retailers so it may be wise for keen fans keep an eye there for any last minute additions before completing their collections

So whether you are just beginning out on funko pop journey or looking to complete your JohnyWick collection this should serve as good starting point in understanding what has been released from original “John Wick Trilogy” through various other collectables available out there . So take care not miss special events exclusives or rare items available only during these occasions when companies do limited runs those will be hardest ones capture ,You can never go wrong expanding knowledge around this universe since now days one can find almost everything related theme either news tickers websites devoted discussing merchandise location sometimes even good old eBay !

With help above hopefully making way up start owning army john wicks powered tranquility pursuit freedom life style !

Step by Step Guide on How to Collect All of the John Wick Funko Pop Figures

If you are a fan of the John Wick movies and happen to be a collector of Funko Pop figures, then you may have found yourself in a situation where you would like to obtain all the John Wick Funko Pops. This guide is here to help!

First, it is important for a collector to know what John Wick Pops are available. Luckily, there are five collectible figures currently available: The Continental Hotel Markerhead figure (#488), The Suicide Vest with Hat (#489), the White Suit (#490), the Red Suit (#491) and Baba Yaga (the Boogeyman) (#492). In addition, each figure can also come with some variants of itself. For instance, The White Suit figure has also been released with gold accents and as an exclusive chase edition holographic version.

Now that we know what’s out there, let’s go on our collecting mission! Here are some tips:

1. Check Out Retail Stores – Many big box retailers sell John Wick Funko Pops. You can even find them in Target stores nationwide or specialty comic book stores such as Hot Topic and GameStop too! Seeing the figures against each other in person may help you decide which designs you would like to collect. Also, these stores often have discount offers and deals that may reduce costs overall if you buy multiple ones at once!

2. Shop Rummage Sales or Flea Markets – Another great way to hunt for Pop figures on a budget is looking through secondhand items from rummage sales or flea markets! You just never know when someone might be selling off their collection at prices lower than recommended by retailers. It never hurts keep your eyes peeled while shopping around!

3. Look into Online Options– If visiting physical locations isn’t feasible in your area or fails to yield results, don’t worry-there are plenty more options online where you will likely find more varieties than those offered by retailers. Websites such as eBay carry various versions of Pop figures both new old , so definitely check that out as well as independent websites specializing in POP figurines such as popcultcha , myfunkoetc . Keep in mind that prices vary depending on availability and condition (i..e new vs used), so make sure do your due research prior beginning collecting online .

4. Special Editions – Lastly , look into special edition exclusives . . These typically require subscriptions or invitations from third party vendors so might be little hard coming across one but worth keeping an eye out for ;as they be extremely rare and sought after collector’s pieces which can increase value collections over time

With this step-by-step engine guide,,you’ll now be well on your way with building up ultimate #JohnWickFunkoPop collection’. Good luck !

FAQs About Collecting All of the John Wick Funko Pop Figures

1. Why should I collect all of the John Wick Funko Pop figures?

Collecting all of the John Wick Funko Pop figures is a great way to show off your love for the John Wick movie franchise. Not only are these iconic collectibles great for any movie memorabilia collector, but they also look fantastic when together in a display shelf or even on your desk at work! Plus, with so many different versions and variants to pick from, it’s a fun challenge to put together an amazing collection.

2. How do I know which John Wick Funko Pops to buy?

The easiest way to find out which John Wick Funko Pops you should obtain is by researching online. Most websites, such as Entertainment Earth and Amazon have detailed lists of available items with photos and descriptions that can help you decide what fits best in your collection. Additionally, if possible visit one or two stores where they sell these characters or ask fellow collectors in forums or social media platforms what’s popular among them and what would be better suited for starting/completing your own collection.

3. Is there an easy way to keep track of my collection?

Yes! There are many apps available that allow you to keep track of your collection of Funko Pops (or other collections). A few popular ones are Collectorz, Pocket Pop Manager, MyFigureCollection and PopTracker Professional Edition (which is specifically designed for tracking lFunkos). Most features such as adding new pops released quickly into the app, searching options based on keywords/characters names, keeping stats on how many Figures you own etc., aren’t free but offer a great user experience either way considering their prices range from $2 – $15 depending on the plan you choose for each specific app.

4. Are there conventions where I can get exclusive product launches?

There are often conventions dedicated to pop culture memorabilia where exclusive figurines releases take place – including some limited edition or special runs not found in most stores or online platforms – giving collectors who attend the opportunity snag them before anyone else providing those at home with a huge advantage over everyone else trying collecting all of the characters available heretofore; Major examples include San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) and New York Comic Con (NYCC), which usually host massive gatherings every year during earlier months; Other Potter official events like Celebration also tend to feature highly anticipated exclusive drops every now then too making them very much worth attending if possible; Be sure doing enough research ahead participating in those events’ social media platforms for up-to-date info about anything related regarding those special Figure launchers..

Pros and Cons of Collecting All of the John Wick Funko Pop Figures

Collecting all of the John Wick Funko Pop Figures can seem like a daunting endeavor, especially if you’re a completist. There are so many figures, and they’re all so detailed and unique that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But there are some definite pros and cons to consider before taking on such an extensive collection, especially if you’re trying to decide whether or not it’s worth the effort.

On the plus side, collecting all of the John Wick Funko Pop figures can be a great way to show your appreciation for the iconic films. The various poses and faces perfectly capture Keanu Reeves’ signature stoic demeanor as the titular character, giving life to each figure no matter how small they may be. Plus, having them all lined up in one place is sure to impress any visitors you have over!

On the negative side, collecting all of these figures can quickly add up in terms of money spent. Aside from just buying each figure individually off of websites like eBay or Amazon, there are also special editions and variants that cost even more money – sometimes two or three times as much! Additionally, keeping track of which ones you already have and where they are could get complicated if your collection begins to become too vast.

In conclusion, deciding whether or not to collect all of the John Wick Funko Pop figures really comes down personal preference – there is no wrong answer here! Just make sure that whatever decision you make suits your budget and lifestyle appropriately before taking on any further commitment. Good luck!

Top 5 Facts About Collecting All of the John Wick Funko Pop Figures

1. The John Wick Funko Pop! set is made up of five figures – 3 versions of John Wick, a rabbit, and a hitman in red. The collection celebrates the popular action-adventure movie franchise led by Keanu Reeve’s character, John Wick.

2. A majority of the figures released depict scenes from the movie or key characters from it – including popular assassin Iosef Tarasov played by Alfred Meyerkopf and Winston portrayed by Ian McShane. Collectors also have an opportunity to get their hands on a metallic version of the original John Wick figure for added value and rarity as this particular version has been produced at a much lower quantity than standard versions.

3. What makes these figures unique is that they are all specifically crafted to replicate the movie’s mise en scène (the arrangement of scenery within specified limits) — down to the minutest details like its expressions/poses, clothing, facial features etc., which creates an extreme level of accuracy when recreating such iconic scenes from the movies. This allows collectors not only to own part of a classic cinema masterpiece but also gives them something that only few will ever possess — a truly customised beauty with perfect detailing and craftsmanship present throughout each individual piece!

4. Unlike other pop culture collectibles such as action figures or comics books where editions often tend to carry similar likenesses between one another; each individual John Wick Pop figure carries slight differences in term so uniqueness as each specific edition was created with care — ensuring every element from movement capabilities, facial expression adaptation or apparel clad was done carefully while still fully preserving its source material charm and look alike qualities!

5. As this particular line has gained incredible momentum over time due its immense popularity leading into many editions where large times limited decides have taken place through sales channels like eBay — we can expect additional variant will come frequently throughout the year adding more worth & value to any avid collector’s growing ever valued assets!

Summing up How to Collect All of the John Wick Funko Pop Figures

Collecting all of the John Wick Funko Pop figures has become a widely popular hobby. Each one features an amazing take on the beloved hitman with incredible detail, making them truly delightful to have in your collection. Whether you’re a diehard fan or a casual observer, here is what you need to know about collecting them all:

First, figure out which figures are available. Since John Wick Pop figures are so popular, there are plenty of options to choose from – some rarer than others! Do a little research to determine which ones you want and make sure they’re realistically obtainable by searching online stores like eBay.

Second, set up a budget. With so many different possibilities out there for purchase, this step is crucial! Keep in mind that rare limited editions can cost upward of several hundred dollars each, so it’s important to make sure you really want/need that item before purchasing it. Remember that there’s no rush—only collect items as your budget allows. Additionally, set aside funds for packaging and shipping when buying online if necessary—all items should remain securely protected during transport!

Thirdly, think outside the box. Sure, it’s easy enough just to buy each one individually…but why limit yourself? Look into other ways to save money while still engaging with the fandom such as trading within collector groups or browsing reseller sites like Kijiji or Craigslist since these seller sites offer varying prices or bundles depending on their inventories and locations. Additionally, if you don’t mind taking some time to search around town then local merchandise events can also be great avenues for discovering awesome items without spending much at all (and sometimes even walk away with something in return!).

Finally—and most importantly—collect based on what moves you! Once you’ve figured out the basics of collecting John Wick Funko Pop figures– like which styles exist and how much money goes into it– collecting them should be fun and unique experience every single time; Don’t forget that part of building collections comes down to passion and personal preference; Collect for yourself because ultimately having tangible evidence of your admiration towards something this iconic is irreplaceable!

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