Unboxing the Incredible Broly Funko Pop – The Ultimate Collectible!

Unboxing the Incredible Broly Funko Pop – The Ultimate Collectible! 2019

Introduction to Broly Funko Pop: Overview and Benefits

Broly Funko Pop is a popular toy that has been around since the 1990s. The Funko Pop Broly line of toys and collectibles are manufactured by Funko, a company based in the United States. The figures are made out of vinyl, plastic, and other synthetic materials. They feature a range of characters from classic video games, TV shows, movies, comic books and much more. As well as these popular franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel Comics and Disney there are also a large selection of anime characters available too.

The unique comic-style artwork of the Broly Funko Pop makes them stand out from other toys. These figures have an exaggerated body shape with big heads and wide eyes for a whimsical look that appeals to many people who enjoy collecting them. With this attention to detail these figures bring come several benefits:

Child Friendly: Most pops have small parts or sharp edges which can make them unsafe for children however this is not an issue with Funko pops which are designed to be safe enough for younger children (although parental discretion should still be observed).

Affordable Collectables: With prices ranging from $12 online through sites such as Amazon you don’t need deep pockets to get your hands on some limited or rare Broly figures giving everyone access to owning one or more of these quirky characters even if on budget.

Character Variety: There is an abundance of character designs available when it comes to Broly Pops including beloved classic characters such as Mickey Mouse or modern favorites like Thor means that whatever your interest you will find something perfect for your collection.

Collectability: A unique aspect about bringing home one of these figures is that they arrive in window boxes suitable for storage or display so there’s no need to purchase additional items such as stands or frames just keep it fresh in box…or take-out! Plus being evergreen releases most Pops have retained their value which adds further motivation to start collecting now!

Whether you’re passionate about nostalgia memorabilia or simply look at each figure’s unique design qualities Funko certainly has something for every collector & enthusiast alike whether vintage “FunKo” pop culture fanatics or those browsing looking for something new & exciting – adding one 2 three four…of these little guys both compliment any work place desk art dynamic while introducing nostalgic stories along the way!

Unboxing the Broly Funko Pop – Step by Step Guide

Unboxing a brand new collectible toy or figure is a special experience. Many people have sought out the newest releases, only to be met with a big surprise upon opening the box. It’s an incredible feeling that often comes with the anticipation of possibly having something even better inside the packaging.

Today, we’re focusing on unboxing a Funko Pop vinyl figure – specifically, Broly from Dragon Ball Z. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to find when you open up this awesome figurine!

Step One: Preparing for Unboxing – Before unboxing your Broly Pop figure, it pays to make sure everything looks as it should on the outside of the packaging. Look around for any signs of damage or tears and check to see that all the flaps are sealed correctly (e.g., has not been opened before).

Step Two: Opening Up – After making sure everything is in order on the outside, you can now go ahead and open up your newly purchased Broly Funko Pop. Admirers of the box art may opt to keep their figures in their original packaging however, it won’t hurt to start off by cutting through one of the sides or top panels of your packaging if necessary as this will give you some more leverage when removing your item successfully later on!

Step Three: Removing Contents Delicately – Now that you’ve managed to open up one corner or side panel, carefully remove your item from within its plastic casing using an appropriate tool such as tweezers, scissors or even just your fingers! It’s important that during this step we use caution so as not to damage our product in any way. Do not pull too hard! We want this figurine in perfect condition for display purposes and/or collection value down the line!

Step Four: Enjoyment and Appreciation Time – Congratulations! You’ve successfully freed Broly from his plastic prison and now’s time for us admirers of anime-themed collectibles alike to bask in its glory!! On top of admiring our purchase aesthetically speaking – why not take some close-up photos? Or perhaps engage friends / family members into discussing all things geeky related? The sky’s really limit here my friends so unleash your imaginations!!

Pros and Cons of Owning the Broly Funko Pop

Owning a Funko Pop of Broly, the iconic villain from the Dragon Ball Z series, is sure to excite any collector. They make for an eye-catching display piece and can serve as a great conversation starter at parties or get-togethers. But like any collectible item, there are both pros and cons to owning one of these figures. Let’s go through them in detail!


The main benefit of owning a Broly Funko Pop is that it adds personality and character to your collection. He has been immortalized as one of the most villainous characters in anime history thanks to his unique look and intimidating presence — something that a plastic figurine can capture perfectly. Along with this, Funko Pops come with great craftsmanship and detailing which makes them stand out even more on display shelves or desks. Plus, you’ll be sure to draw some attention when guests (or potential buyers) come by if you decide to let go of him sometime down the road.

Funko Pops also come with fantastic packaging – from non-ripable cardboard boxes with colorful designs to plastic clamshells which will keep your figure well protected during transport or storage. Many collectors also appreciate their relatively low price point compared to other collectibles since they don’t command too high a price tag when placed on sale websites or auctions. Lastly, due to their many variants and exclusives available across multiple retailers, it provides fun opportunities for finding exclusive editions for any avid fan!


Though owning a Broly Funko Pop comes with many positive aspects, there are also some downsides worth noting before spending money on these collectibles. First up would be storage space – while funkos don’t take up much physical space , they do need dedicated shelving if you want them all lined up neatly (which doesn’t bode well if you collect all sorts of different sizes). Moreover they aren’t particularly durable so should be handled with care and stored out of direct sunlight o counter any discoloration over time; otherwise they could become valuable assets subject to damage over time– again not ideal if you’re looking towards turning one into an investment someday soon! Finally, increased demand has seen prices sometimes skyrocket above original retail for certain variant models – something that collectors need factor when choosing which ones deserve being part of their much admired collection!.

Top 5 Facts About the Broly Funko Pop

1. Design: The Broly Funko Pop is modeled after the popular character from the classic Dragon Ball Z series. It features an orange and purple vinyl design complete with menacing eyes, green hair, and a yellow cape. It comes with a black base complete with “Dragonball Z” logos, giving it a ultra-realistic design that any collector would love to have in their collection!

2. Value: This Funko Pop is actually considered quite valuable due to its detailed design, rarity and desirability in the market of Anime collectibles. Its value has steadily grown over time and can cost upwards of $150 in today’s market depending on its condition and availability.

3. Artwork: On the back of each figure is unique artwork by Akira Toriyama himself – making it even more collectible and rare then other figures available on the market. The original artwork really brings this figure to life and helps to give it life as an assets worth investing in!

4. Exclusives: The Broly Funko Pop also comes in two special editions which feature exclusive coloring schemes that make them even more covetable amongst fans fo the series. These two collector’s pieces are incredibly difficult to find, so those who were lucky enought o own one or both of them are sure to be sitting on some prized possessions!

5. Versatility: Not only is this iconic figure great for collecting but also for display purposes too! Displays featuring these figurines can make for some stunning looks in any home or collection room – due to its size, colouring scheme and recognisable appearance anybody who lays their eyes on this piece will know immediately what it stands for!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Broly Funko Pop

Q: What is the Broly Funko Pop?

A: The Broly Funko Pop is a collectable figurine released by the Funko toy company. It is modeled after the characters from the hit manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z and features the antagonist Broly in a signature pose. The figure stands 3 ¾ inches tall and is part of a line of officially licensed Dragon Ball Z products from the Funko brand. Fans of anime, manga, and pop culture can show their love for this classic franchise by adding it to their collections!

Q: When was the Broly Funko Pop released?

A: The official release date for the Broly Funko Pop was August 2019. This makes it part of the first wave of figures from the popular series, with more designs throughout 2019-2020 following its debut. This exclusive item was made available at San Diego Comic-Con in July before being put on sale to all customers.

Q: How much does a Broly Funko Pop cost?

A: Prices vary depending on availability and place of purchase, but generally range between $9.99USD – $20USD plus taxes or shipping fees as applicable. Since this exclusive figure has been known to sell out quickly, some prices may be higher than normal due to its rarity and popularity with fans across all platforms (eBay or store resale).

Q: Is there any other merchandise related to this product?

A: Yes! Alongside individual figures, you can also find special sets that feature several characters from Dragon Ball Z including those packed together with other fan favorites such as Vegeta or Goku. These bundles may come at slightly higher costs but are great for any collector who wants to get all their favorite characters at once! Additionally, there are accessories like keychains and pins so you can carry your fandom wherever you go!

Final Thoughts on Unboxing the Broly Funko Pop

Unboxing the Broly Funko Pop was an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. It is rare to find a toy or collectible that captures a character so perfectly, and it’s even more special to be able to take the character from its package into your own hands.

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the Broly Funko Pop was how well painted and detailed it was. From his short hair, fierce eyes, signature earrings, and vibrant colors, this figure captured everything about the Dragon Ball Z character. The box also included information about Broly, like his height and weight as well as which chapter of Dragon Ball Z he appears in.

The construction of the figure is perfect; it stands at around 4 inches tall with 19 points of articulation, making it great for displaying in multiple poses. Even though it takes up very little space on surfaces such as desktops or shelfs due to its small size — it still has a presence since the details are so well done.

The most impressive thing about this Funko Pop though is how reasonably priced yet highly detailed ist is; for less than $10 you get something that looks like an expensive model kit but requires no tools or extra parts! My friends were all thoroughly impressed when they saw this figure in person — just another testament to its quality being underrated!

Overall unboxing the Broly Funko Pop proved to be a very pleasant surprise; not only did it offer a crisp look at one of our favorite characters from Dragon Ball Z but also managed maintain an affordable price while giving us unparalleled detail!

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