Unboxing the Hottest Hit Funko Pops: A Collector’s Guide

Unboxing the Hottest Hit Funko Pops: A Collector’s Guide Uncategorized

How to Hit Funko Pop: Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Hands on Rare Finds

Funko Pop figurines have exploded in popularity over the past few years, with collectors and enthusiasts clamoring to get their hands on rare and exclusive releases. From pop culture icons like Batman and Iron Man, to beloved characters from TV shows like The Office and Stranger Things, there seems to be a Funko for every fandom out there.

But with so many people vying for these highly sought-after figures, how do you increase your chances of snagging one? Here are some tips and tricks for hitting Funko Pop:

1. Know the Release Date – First things first – stay up to date on when new figures will be released. Follow Funko on social media or sign up for email notifications from retailers that sell Pops. This way you’ll know exactly when they drop and can plan accordingly.

2. Check Multiple Retailers – Don’t rely solely on one retailer; check multiple stores both in-person and online. Some exclusives are only sold through specific retailers (like Hot Topic), so if you’re not checking them all you might miss out.

3. Go Early or Late – If shopping in person, arriving early or later in the day can increase your chances of finding a rare figure. Employees usually stock shelves overnight or early in the morning, so being there right as they open could give you a better selection. On the flip side, going later in the day means those who’ve already been through have likely left what they didn’t want behind.

4. Build Relationships – If you frequent local shops that sell Pops, get to know the employees or owners as they may hold items back specifically for regular customers.

5. Trade Online – Joining online groups where people buy/sell/trade Funkos can help complete your collection without breaking the bank. Just make sure to proceed with caution when dealing with strangers online.

6.Don’t Give Up- Finally, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the Funko you want right away. Keep checking back online and in stores, as they may restock or new releases may become available. Persistence is key!

Hitting rare Funko Pops can be challenging, but by following these tips and tricks, you can increase your chances of obtaining that prized figure. Happy hunting!

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting your Own Custom Hit Funko Pop Figures

Funko Pop Figures have become a cultural phenomenon, with everyone from the most casual moviegoer to hardcore collectors vying for the latest and greatest additions to their collections. While these figures are undoubtedly adorable, sometimes you just can’t find one that accurately represents your favorite character or celebrity. That’s where crafting your custom Funko Pops come into play.

If you’re looking to make your own custom Funko Pop figure, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow in order to ensure that it looks as amazing as possible. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to make your very own custom Funko Pop:

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

First thing’s first – before you start crafting your custom Funko Pop Figure, you’ll need to gather all of the necessary supplies. These include:

– A pre-made blank Funko Pop figure
– Paint (acrylic works best)
– Brushes (smaller brushes work best for detail work)
– Sculpting tools (you can use anything from toothpicks to sculpting needles)
– Clear coat sealer spray
– Reference photos of whatever character or person you want to create

Once you have all of these supplies on hand, it’s time to move on to Step Two.

Step Two: Prepare Your Blank Figure

Next up, it’s time to prepare your blank Funko Pop figure for painting/sculpting. You should start by giving the surface of the figure a thorough wipe down with soap and water. This will help remove any dirt or debris that may interfere with painting later on.

Once the figure is clean and dry, place it somewhere stable where it won’t roll around while you’re working on it. Many people opt for using mounting putty or glue dots beneath their figures during this process so they stay in place more easily.

Step Three: Get Painting!

Now comes the fun part – painting! Using acrylic paints in the colors that you want for your custom figure, you can begin to paint the different parts of your Funko Pop.

Start by painting the larger areas with a base layer of color, using a bigger brush or sponge to cover more ground quickly. Then, use smaller brushes and/or toothpicks to add in the details like clothing patterns, facial features, or hair texture. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and washes together to create unique shades!

Step Four: Sculpt Any Extra Details

Once you’re happy with how the paint job looks (or if you prefer sculpting instead), it’s time to deal with any additional details that were not present on the original blank figure. This could include sculpting new hair or adding elements like buttons, belts or weapons onto your Funko Pop.

Once you’ve added these extra details, let it dry for a bit so everything stays in place and doesn’t smudge during later handling.

Step Five: Seal It All Up!

Last but not least is sealing up all of your hard work with a clear coat sealer spray. This will help ensure that your custom Funko Pop figure stays looking shiny and new for a long time to come.

Simply lay down some newspaper beneath your figure (so as not to get spray on anything important) and give it a light coat of sealer. Make sure there aren’t any drips before putting it aside to dry completely for about an hour or two depending on temperature/humidity levels in your area.

And just like that – congratulations! You have now successfully crafted yourself a one-of-a-kind custom Funko Pop Figure that’s sure to impress anyone who sees it.

In conclusion:

While crafting your own custom Funko Pop figures may seem daunting at first, simple preparation combined with creativity can produce fantastic results!

So grab some supplies and dive in headfirst – Happy Crafting!

Hit Funko Pop FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About the Popular Toy Collectibles

If you’re a fan of collectibles or simply love to adorn your shelves with quirky, fun-looking toys, then there’s no doubt that you’ve come across Funko Pops. These adorable little figures have been taking the world by storm for years now, and it’s not hard to see why! But if you’re new to the scene, or curious about what all the fuss is about, fear not; we’ve put together a handy FAQ guide just for you.

What are Funko Pops?
Funko Pops are vinyl figurines that come in a variety of shapes and sizes – but all share a similar cutesy aesthetic. From beloved characters from pop culture franchises like Marvel superheroes, Disney movies, video games like Fortnite and Overwatch, TV shows like Friends and The Office…you name it, they probably have a Pop for it!

How did Funko Pops become so popular?
It’s easy to understand why these figures have gained such a cult following: well-designed with an extensive array of licensed properties which has broadened their reach beyond traditional collectors. They’re affordable which makes collecting them even more accessible. Plus they satisfy both casual fans who want something small and cute as well as hardcore collectors who can seek limited edition exclusives.

Are there different types of Funko Pops?
Absolutely – while most are standard 3.5-inch tall figures styled similarly with large oval eyes and usually without mouths (unless there’s an exception), sometimes additional details are added such as props or costumes to distinguish characters even more. But also available in larger sizes ranging from 6 inches up to 10 inches known as Super-Sized Pop! Additionally themed box sets and highly sought after exclusive releases can differ in shape too maybe featuring buttons/zippers etc., glow-in-the-dark elements or wider proportions than usual.

Are Funko Pops worth collecting?
Despite being mass-produced vinyl toys grabbing many variations of your favorite character’s design, there’s still something special about owning a representation of your favorite character on your desk or shelf. Some people may find the thrill of the hunt seeking out rare and limited-run editions quite exhilarating! But of course it’s all up to personal taste and preference.

Where can I buy Funko Pops?
Depending on the distribution, they may be sold in specialty stores that carry collectibles or popular online retailers like Amazon or even at certain department store chains. It just simply depends on where you feel most comfortable shopping for Funko Pops. Plus also available at conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, E3 etc.

How do I display my Funko Pop collection?
Since most collectors enjoy posing their figures beside each other in-hand displays, there are plenty of storage solutions and display cases available from shelves/detolfs from IKEA, to specific cases available through sites like BoxLunch or HotTopic!

We hope this FAQ guide has given you some valuable insights into the world of Funko Pops – as always happy hunting for new additions to your collections!

Top 5 Facts about Hit Funko Pop That You Didn’t Know

Funko Pop has become a household name when it comes to collectible figurines. The company has brought us some of the most recognizable and beloved characters from movies, television shows, comic books, and video games in the form of adorable vinyl figures.

While Funko Pops have been around for quite some time now, not many people know all that there is to know about these little gems. In this blog post, we will look at the top 5 facts about hit Funko Pop that you probably didn’t know. So let’s dive right in!

1) The First Funko Pop Was Boba Fett:
Funko Pop made its debut with a collectible figurine of one of Star War’s most feared villains – Boba Fett. This vinyl figure was released in 2010 and has since then gained immense popularity amongst collectors. It featured Boba Fett’s signature green armor, helmet equipped with antennae and dark visor as well as the infamous rocket pack mounted behind him.

2) There are Several Rarity Categories:
Funko Pops are designed to be collected and come in many various designs. However, not all figurines are created equal – some being much rarer than others due to production limitations or exclusives to specific retailers/settings.

For example, commons are your everyday basic figures found at any major retailer while exclusives like Chase variants (variant from common figures), convention exclusive limited edition pops with only a thousand pieces made – Diamond Collection pops which feature a sparkly finish; Glow-In-The-Dark versions that radiate light after being “charged” under bright lights… And even more rare ‘Prototypes’, which have unapproved colorways before seeing release too!

3) You Can Make Your Own Customized Funko Pop:
Most people don’t realize that they can make their customized version of Funko pop! A blank white Pop called ‘DIY Pop!’ can be bought and customized beyond recognition with nothing but acrylic paint, patience, and creativity. The possibilities are endless here. You may even try to create a unique one from your favorite character that does not exist in the Funko Pop collectors’ line yet.

4) Funko Pops Can Be Used as a Secret Treasure Trove:
Funko has managed to make its collectible figurines come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from cute to intimidating figures, sometimes with oversized heads or adorable features. But they have an added surprise– their head doubles as storage for small items such as loose change, paper clips or jewelry! Placing them on tables or shelves is one thing; using them secretly as treasure boxes is another!

5) There’s A Guinness World Record for the Largest Collection:
Collecting anything can turn into a serious hobby…and collecting Funko Pops especially so! There is always more to find out there for dedicated collectors who share their love of fun and unusual figurines. In fact, the current Guinness World Record for having the largest collection belongs to Paul Scardino with 5169 different pops (and counting!). Now that’s dedication.

In conclusion, these are just some of the most interesting facts about Hit Funko Pops that you probably didn’t know about. As one of the most popular figures in pop culture merchandise today, it’s no wonder these vinyl figures have gained such a large following by collectors worldwide. So whether you’re collecting your favorites or looking to start your collection journey, Funko Pop never disappoints!

The Evolution of Hit Funko Pop: From their Early Days to Today’s Latest Releases

Funko Pop has become a household name in the world of collectibles, and for good reason. Their adorable figures have taken over shelves in stores worldwide, with their customizable options allowing fans to immortalize their favorite characters in miniature form. But how did it all begin? Let’s take a look at the evolution of Funko Pop, from their early days to today’s latest releases.

The Beginning: Bobbleheads Galore

Funko was founded in 1998 by Mike Becker as a bobblehead company. The company’s first product line included bobbleheads for various athletes and famous personalities such as Babe Ruth and Marilyn Monroe. Since then, they have released thousands of unique designs, many featuring characters from popular TV shows, movies, and video games.

Toy Story

In 2010, Funko made its first big move into the world of pop culture with its Toy Story Pop! Vinyl figures. These figures featured Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Disney’s beloved franchise.

Pop Culture Domination

Following the success of their Toy Story line-up; Funko began diving headfirst into popular culture licenses. From major movie franchises like Star Wars and Marvel to cult classics like The Big Lebowski – they quickly developed a reputation for producing both visually stunning pieces that their fans just couldn’t resist.

What Makes Them So Popular?

So why are people so drawn to these tiny figurines? One possibility is nostalgia. Many people grew up loving certain TV shows or movies that now have Funko Pop! versions available. Another possible explanation lies with customization – each figure can be styled specifically how you want it based on your preferences.

The Future Always Looks Bright

Today, Funko produces a vast array of products besides just vinyl figurines like apparel, mugs & keychains as part of an ever-growing lineup of products with no limitations any time soon.


Funko Pop! has certainly evolved since its inception as a simple bobblehead business. Today, they provide fans with a literal universe of choices featuring characters from every possible genre – proving that the sky’s the limit when it comes to these pint-sized collectibles. Funko has no signs of slowing down, and we can’t wait to see what new designs they come up with in the future!

Why Hit Funko Pops Are a Must-Have for Any Fan or Collector

Funko Pops have taken the collecting world by storm, with their cute and charming design capturing the hearts of thousands of fans all over the world. However, there is one particular line of Funko Pop figures that truly stand out – Hit Funko Pops.

For those unfamiliar with the Hit franchise, it is a wildly popular anime and manga series that follows the adventures of Goku and his friends as they protect Earth from various villains. The series has captured millions of fans worldwide with its incredible fight scenes, unique characters, and engaging storyline.

So why are Hit Funko Pops a must-have for any fan or collector? For starters, these figures perfectly capture some of the most iconic characters in the Hit franchise. There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite character come to life in such an adorable way!

But it’s not just about aesthetics. These figures are made to last, with their high-quality materials ensuring that they will remain in excellent condition for years to come. They’re also highly detailed, making them perfect for display on your shelf or desk.

Of course, there’s also the collectibility factor to consider. With new additions being released regularly and limited-edition releases popping up now and then, there’s always something new and exciting to add to your collection.

But perhaps what makes Hit Funko Pops so special is their ability to bring together fans from all over the world. With so many people passionate about this incredible franchise, owning a piece of it in physical form can be incredibly meaningful.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan or collector looking for something special to add to your collection, look no further than Hit Funko Pops. Not only are they well-made and highly collectible but they offer a chance to express your love for this amazing franchise in a unique way!

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