Unboxing the Halloween Classic: The Michael Myers Funko Pop!

Unboxing the Halloween Classic: The Michael Myers Funko Pop! Style

Introduction: Unboxing the New Michael Myers Funko Pop

Funko Pop figures have been a favorite of fans since their debut in 2010. These little collectible figures, based on characters from the big and small screen, are both playful and highly detailed – perfect for any true fan or collector. The newest version of this classic series is the New Michael Myers Funko Pop figure. Let’s all take a look inside to see what this new collectible has to offer!

First impressions of our new figure are sure to be favorable – it is awesomely detailed. From his classic mask and iconic jumpsuit to his trusty butcher knife and recognizable stance, Michael Myers looks downright menacing! His facial features have been carefully recreated in high detail – you can almost feel an evil presence emanating just by looking at him! Next, we notice those signature drooping eyelids that give off an effect that something sinister lurks under his mask…but there’s no fear here! On the contrary, he stands in perfect balance – as if ready to chase his intended victim down at any second.

Next, let’s open up the box! Inside we find a snug home for our new Funko Pop hero; a perfectly designed package with artful photos on all sides so that this character can be displayed even when not removed from its packaging. We also find some additional goodies – stickers featuring both Michael Myers’ signature stand-off pose as well as his classic “Halloween” logo. What a great bonus for the serious collector or diehard fan of horror cinema!

All this may still not be enough for those trying to complete their collection however – luckily there’s more on offer… Aside from being able to purchase him individually, you now also have the added bonus of buying him as part of ‘The Halloween Bundle’. This bundle includes 3 other unique Horror icons – Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Leather Face – making it one heckuva deal for any aficionado of Classic Slasher films!

The New Michael Myers Funko Pop figure is guaranteed to be a hit amongst horror fans everywhere; whoever finds one should consider themselves incredibly lucky! It’s combination of awesome detailing and fun extras make it quite possibly the best offering yet!! With numerous purchase options available wherever toys are sold; don’t miss out on your chance to unbox one today!!

Step by Step Installation Guide for Michael Myers Funko Pop

The installation process for the Michael Myers Funko Pop is pretty simple and straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow to get it up and running:

1. Start by placing your Funko Pop figure in an open work area, making sure that there is plenty of room for the item and no small parts or items nearby that could cause any harm.

2. Read over the instructions that came with your item so you know exactly which parts and pieces go where when assembling.

3. Gently twist off Michael’s head from body in a counter-clockwise motion; then carefully squeeze the bottom of his body until both neck peg holders are exposed – these should be clearly visible after removing his head.

4. Take a flat head screwdriver, apply firm pressure to one side of each neck peg holder at once, and push them out gradually until they are removed completely from their sockets – take care not to accidentally break either of them while doing this!

5. Insert one of the two included neck pegs into either side of his neck peg holders (use caution not to over insert). Then, take another identical neck peg and fit it nicely into its place on the opposite holder just like before – this will create a snug and secure fit between both pegs.

6. Finally, reattach Michael’s head back onto his body by twisting clockwise until it locks back into place – if done correctly, he should now remain upright without any further help or assistance! Congratulations, installation complete! Enjoy your newMichael Myers Funko Pop!

Frequently Asked Questions About Owning a Michael Myers Funko Pop

1. Why Would Someone Want To Own a Michael Myers Funko Pop?

Michael Myers Funko Pops make great collectibles for horror movie fans and those who appreciate all things spooky! The influential, notorious slasher of the Halloween franchise looks sinister yet somehow friendly in his vinyl form, allowing fans to enjoy their admiration from a distance. Much like any other type of collectible, owning a Michael Myers Funko Pop can create enjoyment from both its visual aesthetic as well as being part of a larger collection. Whether you’re just looking for something to display on your shelf or completing your very own horror movie figures series at home, these Pops will add an eerie yet playful touch to any interior design!

2. What Styles Are Available Of Michael Myers Funko Pops?

There is no shortage of options when it comes to Michael Myers Funko Pops – they are available in nearly every imaginable style! These range from classic versions sporting the iconic mask and jumpsuit found in the later films, as well as some more original takes on the formidable killer – such as one where he is wearing a black tuxedo with rayban shades and holding two axes instead of knives. Furthermore, there are exclusive pops which feature paint variations or special details that can only be found through special editions or collections; this includes different expressionless masks and outfits with extra blood stains or regal fabric designs. There are also sets that come with alternative weapons and extras like traffic cones or lawn gnomes – really adding even more creepy fun!

3. Do I Need Special Storage For Collecting?

The short answer is no; if you want to keep your collection free from dust you could use something like cloth bags or soft cases but generally speaking keeping them out of direct sunlight should suffice if that’s how you choose to display them. However depending upon how serious you get about collecting then you may find it worth investing in special furniture pieces such as cubes which have individualized storage compartments specifically crafted for vinyl figurines such as these Pops Specifically designed plastic covers which contain pieces inside trays are also available along with display cases made especially for certain sizes and configurations which would provide an even greater sort of protection from airborne elements whilst still allowing Clear viewing pleasure minus UV damage overtime .

Top 5 Facts to Know About Collecting a Michael Myers Funko Pop

1. For those who dread going to their nearest retailer looking for a Michael Myers Funko Pop!, it may be helpful to know that many online stores offer an assortment of figures including rare exclusive and limited edition mutants, chases and more that aren’t available in shops.

2. An avid collector should always tread cautiously with Michael Myers Funko Pops as many can turn out to be counterfeits or “knockoffs” from third parties sellers. Before taking the plunge, make sure you do your research and check authentication sites like FunkoProtos before you buy.

3. It’s always worth checking eBay, A&A Toys and other independent toy retailers for endangered and sought-after figures from series 1 & 2 of the line – you never know what you might find!

4. Most releases come with a certificate of authenticity (COA) concealed inside its packaging so keep an eye out for these when purchasing and store them safely with your other collectibles – they only increase the figure’s value over time!

5. Finally, start building relationships within the Michael Meyers community; join forums, follow enthusiasts on Instagram/Twitter etc., this is a great way of keeping updated on new releases, scoops etc., availability often comes down to having connections so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Our Final Thoughts and Recommendations On the New Michael Myers Funko Pop

The new Michael Myers Funko Pop figure presents horror fans with both a charming representation of the titular monster, and an excellent collectible that’s sure to please. It captures the dark tone of Halloween, bringing it to life in stunning detail. The sculpting is impressive, the paint job spot-on, and the articulation allows for dynamic posing and even more display possibilities. All of these elements come together to make this one of the best figures in Funko’s ever-expanding range.

In our opinion as avid Funko collectors, this is an absolute must-have; its attention to detail, unique aspects and nostalgic aura really combine to make a deeply rewarding experience. What more could you ask for? It never looks out of place beside other figures from your collection! Whatever your preference may be – movie monsters or otherwise – we highly recommend you pick up this Pop before it sells out!

Conclusion: Wrapping Up Unboxing the New Michael Myers Funko Pop – A Review

After unboxing my highly anticipated new Michael Myers Funko Pop, I was fully satisfied with the product. This collectible Vinyl figure stayed true to its horror movie roots and kept a nostalgic classic to life in a very unique way. The figure itself is great, with bright colors and fun details that are just enough to give an even more life-like feel while maintaining true Funko Pop charm.

The stand was also a nice bonus and gave some complementary flair to the piece. Although it’s overall size isn’t all that mighty thanks to it being part of the Funko Pop series, it still captures all of the iconic moments from the 1978 slasher film in one rather small figure. It really brings out your inner fanboy whenever you admire this little creature up close! The box it comes in is also super eye-catching with classic imagery from the movie splashed onto its sides.

To wrap things up, if you’re looking for a cool and collectible piece that honors one of Hollywood’s greatest horror films than look no further than this Michael Myers Funko Pop! It stands out when compared to all other figures out there in terms of both quality and design, making it an absolute must have for any horror movie aficionado or toy collector alike. All in all, I just can’t say enough about this amazing little collectible – everything about its construction down to color choices makes it worthy of grabbing regardless of what your preferences may be!

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