Unboxing the God of Thunder: A Look at the Funko Pop Thor Collection

Unboxing the God of Thunder: A Look at the Funko Pop Thor Collection 2017

Introduction to the Funko Pop Thor Collection:

The Funko Pop Thor collection is a charmingly adorable set of vinyl figures that feature Marvel’s famed God of Thunder. Representing the iconic character from his very first appearance in the comics in 1962, these collectible figurines capture Thor’s classic design and cool color palette for a truly one-of-a-kind look. Whether you’re an avid fan of the comics or just appreciate how cute these figures are, Funko Pop Thor is sure to bring some thunder into your home!

For starters, many of these vinyl figures come with intricate details that truly make them stand out. The most popular choice showcases a bright blue face and helmet with blond hair cascading down each side. However, you can also find variants featuring different eye colors ranging from green to yellow and even purple. These unique looks make each figure unique while still allowing them to accurately represent their source material.

Another great thing about this collection is its size selection; no matter if your space is big or small, there’s something here for you! Fans who only have limited wall space may enjoy the smaller 2 ½ inch stature figures which can still help fill out any display shelf nicely. If you want something larger for more open areas then why not try out one of the four inch tall pieces? These bigger statues feature full body poses from classic poses such as him lifting Mjolnir over his head ready to launch!

Finally, the Funko Pop Thor collection pays tribute to several important story arcs from over fifty years of comic book stories including storylines like Battleworld, Fear Itself and Secret Wars (2015). Many long standing characters such as Sif and Jane Foster also join this wave giving seven different overall variations which means adding more than just one piece isn’t hard at all!

No matter if you’re an avid collector or fan of Marvel Comics, any home decor scheme can be taken up a notch with these fun figurines. If you’re looking for some stylized pieces without breaking your bank account then don’t forget to check out all that Funko Pop Thor has on offer today!

How to Collect Funko Pop Thor Figures Step by Step:

1. Do Your Research: Before getting started, learn which Thor Funko Pop figures are available, their current resale values and the cost of each item. Read articles and reviews on various sites such as IGN, Comic Vine and Business Insider to get an overview of which models are popular and worth buying. This will help set a budget for how much you’re willing to spend on your collection.

2. Set a Budget & Follow Up On New Launches: Determine what type of collector you want to be: Are you looking to buy rare figures or simply build up a low-budget collection? Once you’ve determined this, set yourself a realistic budget for acquiring Thor Funko Pops that won’t break the bank. Next step is to keep an eye out for new announcements from Funko about upcoming Thor Pop releases — follow official channels like their Twitter account or website for regular updates so that you don’t miss out on any potential purchases.

3. Visit Collecting Events & Trade Shows: Attending comic book conventions or other collecting events are great opportunities for meeting fellow collectors in person; trade shows often give early accesses to exclusive figures not available anywhere else, such as limited edition Thor creations from custom artists that can increase in value over time! Don’t forget to bring along some cash just in case you stumble across something special while browsing other collector’s selections!

4. Become Part Of A Collectors Group: Connecting with fellow passionate pop collectors through online forums or real-life groups will give you access the latest news and new items being released — it also ensures your collection remains up-to-date and competitively priced compared with similar products on the market. Furthermore, these communities offer advice about different collecting strategies, discounts on bulk orders and potentially even participating in organized hunting trips together!

5. Buy Second Hand (But Be Careful): Investigate opportunities offered by second-hand markets such as eBay, Craigslist or even thrift stores providing antique collections if your intention is finding rare pops at bargain prices offsite – however always double check product authenticity when purchasing second hand items before investing large sums into them! You can also join specific discussion boards within these platforms specifically focused around Thor Funko Pop collectors enabling easy comparison between items found elsewhere quickly via active community participation; this way all questions should be answered almost instantly without needing too much searching any single topic individually!

What to Consider When Buying Funko Pop Thor Figures:

If you’re a serious collector or funk fan looking to add some Thor figures to your growing collection, you’ll want to make sure that your purchase will bring you joy for years to come. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for Funko Pop Thor figures:

Price: One of the most important factors when making any purchase is cost, and this couldn’t be truer with Thor figure collecting. Set yourself a budget and limit yourself to only spending what you can afford. Don’t overspend just for the sake of having the latest and greatest figure. There are plenty of quality collectibles from all eras at many price points! Weight: Pieces from certain brands may have heavier weight than others, which could be an indication of constructions quality–heavier pieces tend to be more durable in the long run. Packing Material: Ensure that the items packaging is sufficient enough that it won’t become damaged in transit; this guarantees that you know exactly what condition your pieces will arrive in after ordering online. Make sure there aren’t any creases, tears or rips on the box before buying it! Quality Packaging Material: If possible, try and find editions that come with protective cases included so it can stay looking pristinely perfect in your collection forever! Keep An Eye On Limited Editions & Exclusives: Sometimes rarer items are also priced higher due to their exclusivity within popular culture, as well as its rarity among collectors. Do your research and compare prices before taking the plunge on investing in these limited edition releases instantly. Condition Of The Figures Themselves: Always check if there are any visible signs of wear or tear on the figure itself before purchasing – no one wants a cheap knock-off version ruining their collection! Research Popularity Levels Of Different Characters/Brands/Styles: As Thor has grown more widely recognised throughout popular culture thanks largely due to Marvels huge success in cinemas throughout recent years, demand has grown exponentially -so certain characters may be pricier because they’re high in demand (for example we all know how viral Thor’s hammer ‘Mjölnir’ became!). Make sure you’re aware of which styles are non negotiable classics vs those with shorter lifespans for accurate pricing projection predictions for future purchases.

All-in-all – do some comparative shopping (especially on larger ticket items like boxed sets), keep an eye out for rare exclusives & invest wisely so that your love for Funko Pop Thor figures will bring value & enjoyment now and into the future!

FAQ About Collecting the Funko Pop Thor Collection:

Q: How many Funko Pop Thor figures have been released?

A: There have been 10 different Funko Pop Thor figures released as part of the Marvel universe line. This includes movie versions of Thor, Jane Foster, Hela (the goddess of death), Mjolnir(Thor’s enchanted hammer) and Loki; a 6″ super-sized version of Thor; and three exclusives – an aesthetically enhanced red suit version of Iron Man, an Asgardian Knight Ash figure, and one inspired by the recent Ragnarok film.

Q: What are the differences between regular Funko Pop figurines and their exclusive counterparts?

A: Generally speaking, exclusive versions differ in their cosmetic details compared to the original figurines. Such details may include variations in color scheme, material (e.g. glittery or metallic elements), decorations or accessories that provide a unique look for each collector item. Exclusives often come with special packaging or cases as well that make them highly desirable for avid collectors.

Q: Are there any rare Funko Pop Thor figures available?

A: The most sought-after figures among fans include variants that tend to be limited in number or only sold at certain events/special retailers such as Hot Topic stores and attending comic book conventions like San Diego Comic-Con International. Some rare figures include glow-in-the-dark Mjolnir and Ragnarok armor versions of Thor; ValkyriorBattle Axe figure featuring Valkyrie with her signature weapon; and translucent blue Ice Giant variant exclusive to Walgreens store locations in 2017.

Q: Where can I buy Funko Pop Thor Figures?

A: You can find these collectibles online through websites such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, GameStop and various sites dedicated to selling pop culture merchandise like Entertainment Earth or Box Lunch Gifts! Such retailers offer both regular versions as well as chase variants which may range from different color schemes to more elaborate designs based on recent Marvel movies and animated series! Additionally you can find collector’s stores near you where they will often carry special edition items not easily found elsewhere!

Top 5 Facts You Need To Know About the Funko Pop Thor Collection:

1. The Funko Pop Thor Collection offers a wide range of figures based on the popular Marvel superhero. From classic versions to variant sculpts, these collectibles capture all of the hero’s iconic looks and attitudes, making them a must-have for any fan of the God of Thunder. Whether you’re a collector or looking to add some colorful life to your shelves, this impressive lineup is sure to offer something special!

2. The Funko Pop Thor Collection provides fans with multiple ways to bring Asgardian action home. Varied sizes mean collectors can find figures that fit their decorating style and pocketbook, while character variants keep things exciting by providing characters in different costumes or poses. It allows collectors to customize their collections as they see fit.

3. Not only does the Funko Pop Thor Collection include variations on regular characters, but it also features rare chase pieces for those seeking an even greater level of variety within their collections. With unique designs few will own, the chase pieces are especially sought-after among avid comic book and movie fans alike!

4. Many Funko Pop Thor figures come with accessories such as helmets or swords which make for fun displays at home or in stores – further adding value to this already stellar line-up! Detailed sculpts along with vibrant coloring can bring even more depth and flair no matter where you place your figure.

5 . As one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes , it’s no surprise that demand for the Funko Pop Thor collection remains high – this makes certain figures extremely valuable on the collector’s market ! For those eager enough to purchase rare figures before they inevitably sell out , now is an excellent time to get started !

Closing Thoughts on Collecting the Funko Pop Thor Collection:

Funko Pop Thor, the god of thunder, has been one of the Marvel superheroes that fans have been devoted to for years. While it may have taken some time for Funko Pop Thor figures to finally reach the market, they are sure to be a hit with Marvel fans everywhere. The set includes an impressive range of variations, from iconic comic book versions, to original designs inspired by the MCU films. It’s an excellent collection for any ardent fan who wants to add a touch of otherworldly flair and style to their home or office.

For those passionate about collecting Funko Pops, you will find a number of unique pieces in this collection that fit perfectly within your varied tastes—especially if you’re a Marvel enthusiast. With stylized poses, vivid coloring and detailed sculpts of the costumes that make Thor so special in his comic book appearances, these figures make for wonderful additions to any collector’s stables. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they also look really great when displayed within striking dioramas or sets.

The opportunities provided by Toynk’s Funko Pop: Thor collection can excite and intrigue anyone who takes their collecting seriously. Whether it is building up a table top arrangement full of classic punk-rock style poses and explosive action shots; or simply adorning shelves with models of incredible looking characters from one of everyone’s favorite franchises—these figures will never disappoint! There is no doubt these Funko Pop figures take us straight back into the fantastic lands filled with outrageous and thrilling adventures featuring our fearless hero and endearing allies. Any collector should be proud to add them into their repositories!

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