Unboxing the Funnest Dragon Ball Funko Pops!

Unboxing the Funnest Dragon Ball Funko Pops! Style

Introduction to Unboxing the Latest Dragon Ball Funko Pop Figures

Unboxing the newest Dragon Ball Funko Pop figures can be an exciting experience for any fan of the long running anime series. From Goku, Gohan and Vegeta to Buu, Piccolo and Gotenks, there is sure to be a figure out there for every fan. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or someone just starting out in their collecting journey, learning how to unbox these figures correctly is essential in order to maintain their quality.

When first opening the packaging of your new figure, take care not to damage it since this will reduce its future value if you choose to resell it later. Start by carefully sliding one end of an opened butter knife beneath the front flap of the box and gently work the blade underneath until you’ve loosened all four sides. Once open, use scissors or other sharp pointy object such as a Hobby Knife Spatula™ to lift up the plastic protector around your figure without leaving scuffs or tears on it. This should also help minimize static electricity that could harm any fragile parts inside or outside of your figure.

After doing so, you can then begin to remove each item from its original packaging accordingly — find detailed instructions on our website if needed. When handling individual pieces like weapons or accessories included with your figure, try not to use excessive force when separating them as they may become damaged in the process otherwise. Focus instead on taking off parts carefully until all components are freed from their plastic restraints safely and efficiently. Double check each piece before reassembling everything together — this way, you’ll know for sure if anything important is missing resulting from careless unpacking and assembly mistakes during your unboxing experience!

Step by Step Guide to How Dragon Ball Funko Pops Are Unboxed

Dragon Ball Funko Pops are ultra-detailed figures of characters from the popular anime series that bring all the fun of a classic action figure, with the convenience of a small collectible. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of unboxing some Dragon Ball Funko Pop figures, so you can join in on all the collecting fun!

Step 1: Prepare for Unboxing

Before you unbox your new Dragon Ball Funko Pop collectibles, make sure that you have everything set up around you that you might need. This includes a soft surface to put them down on (if needed) and enough space away from curious little hands or other potential breakable objects. You’ll also want to make sure that all accessories like an original box and any protective wrapping are close by so they can be used later if necessary!

Step 2: Open It Up!

Now it’s time to open up your Dragon Ball Funko Pop figure! Most often these come in cardboard boxes with plastic windows and a clear lid on top. To get started, hold the box firmly in one hand and then slide off the plastic lid with your other hand (no scissors necessary). Once off, take out any extra accessories inside like stands or backs if present. Now place each piece gently on the prepared surface while being sure not to disturb any possible packaging materials still attached to your new Funko Pop figure either.

Step 3: Unsleave & Relieve

Before actually getting into carefully unwrapping your new Dragon Ball Funko Pop collectible, first you should loosen up and untie any wrappers surrounding it as best as possible with both hands at once. This is an important step to help prevent damage during removal as well as further squishes/tears while completing Step 4 below – don’t over tighten this wrapping when doing this step instead try just loosening it ever so slightly so that it’s not too tight but still keeps everything contained correctly in its proper place. As always, take care not remove anything unnecessarily unnecessararily like basic tags or portions of protective packaging material which could eventually lead to collector’s regret down the road if something was taken out without proper knowledge – read our blog for more tips on properly collecting/storing these special finds afterwards!

Step 4: Time For Takeoff

Once Step 3 has been completed successfully now its time for ‘Takeoff’!! Carefully use both hands again here (or one rough finger pad will work if necessary) and slowly but surely remove any remaining wrapping/materials which stand between you and full view of your glorious new Dragon Ball FunKo POP collectible – sometimes this phase may include pulling extra pieces out such as stands or backing cards – note above instructions should those tools be present near by at start

And… VOILA!! Now your newly acquired FunKo POP is free and clear from its pervious encasement just waiting to be properly placed proudly within whatever collection space currently awaits them beyond rescue…happy unboxing everyone – let us know what types of collections/finds were made today!!

Common FAQs About Unboxing the Latest Dragon Ball Figures

Unboxing the latest Dragon Ball figures is an exciting prospect for any fan of the popular anime series. After all, it’s a chance to get up close and personal with the figures you’ve been seeing in the show! But despite their enthusiasm to dive into unboxing the newest figurines, some fans may have questions about what to expect when opening up the boxes. To help them out, we’ve put together this FAQ guide on unboxing the latest Dragon Ball figures so that they can be informed and well-prepared as they embark on their journey through this exciting experience.

Q: Are all Dragon Ball figures new?

A: Yes! All officially licensed figures are either brand new or preowned items in mint condition if applicable. Make sure that you always double-check with your seller exactly what kind of item you are purchasing before making a purchase.

Q: How do I know which figurine is from which season or movie?

A: It’s important to know where each character comes from so you can determine what type of figure you are getting your hands on. However, typically such information isn’t provided so it’s best to research through online resources such as official websites or blogs dedicated to Dragon Ball merchandise collecting. This way, even if you don’t have access to any Spanish language knowledge you will still be able to find out which specific collectible is being discussed within context of its relevant anime release and fontiffic antiques featured within its particular culture range!

Q: Will I receive additional accessories with my figure?

A: Generally speaking, no – most unboxes will simply include the specified figure itself without any extras (likely due to budget constraints). However, some limited edition products may come with small bonus items such as character-specific standees or trading cards; these could include copies of relevant manga chapters or anime DVDs depending on what individual store has available at any given point in time! Therefore it’s worth keeping an eye out for special offers whenever possible while browsing online catalogues/internet forums etcetera dedicated specifically towards collector merchandise related topics…or else contact knowledgeable sales reps directly if need be.

Q: Are there authenticators who certify authenticity upon unboxings?

A: Generally speaking, no – but not all manufacturers use barcodes or serial numbers for authentication purposes (and some do!). For more assurance that your product is genuine and was manufactured by a reputable company (which affects resale value), contact verified experts who can authenticate it prior to purchase if needed – just make sure they specialize exclusively inDragon Ball superheroes memorabilia too! A few reputed authenticators include ToyInsight and Collectors Corner; both companies have staff members with decades of expertise regarding domestic & international fandom merchandise alike.

Top 5 Facts About The Dragon Ball Funko Pop Series

1.Funky Monkey Toys is the official licensee for Funko’s Dragon Ball Pop series. This means your collection will not only look authentic and of a higher quality, but it also features all the desirable characters from Dragon Ball Super including Super Saiyan God Goku and Vegeta, Piccolo and even Shenron!

2. Each Funko Pop figure stands 3 ¾ inches tall and boasts intricately-detailed sculpting that captures every detail of each character’s signature fighting stances or postures. With vibrant colors and perfect replicas of characters from the beloved franchise, these collectible figures make awesome additions to any fan’s growing collection.

3. The Funko Pop series showcases 8 different characters in all their glory! From classic mainstays like Goku, Frieza, Gohan and Vegeta to newer ones like Beerus or even golden Super Shenron, fans can now own these iconic figures with greater detail than ever before!

4. Funko designed these ceramic POPs in such a way that they are actually stackable – forming multiple levels over one another which creates an impressive looking display when done properly; making them more pleasing to the eye as well!

5. Every single Pop figure includes its own unique base ensuring stability when viewing or playing around with; so you’ll know for sure that no matter how intense your battles get, your Funkos will remain standing strong!

Pros and Cons of Collecting The Latest Dragon Ball Series

The latest Dragon Ball series is a worldwide phenomenon. It has captivated audiences across all ages due to the great animation and vibrant characters. This series has become one of the most popular anime series in recent years, making it important for any collector to get their hands on. Collecting all of the various merchandising items, figurines and DVDs is an exciting task, but there are some pros and cons involved in doing so:


• Being able to show your fandom in style – Collecting Dragon Ball is a way of displaying your love for the franchise, as well as building up your collection with unique pieces that help you stand out from other fans.

• Finding exclusive pieces – With each new season comes rare presents made exclusively for those who have pre-ordered specific sets from certain retailers or purchased certain products from special events. These can’t be found anywhere else and often come with rare bonuses such as personalization options or even rare promotional videos!

• Enjoy completing a set – For serious collectors, there’s nothing quite like being able to complete a collection! The satisfaction that comes from achieving this feat cannot be expressed enough, giving anyone who enjoys collecting something to take pride in. In addition, it’s also rewarding when friends or family show interest in admiring your collection proudly displayed at home or within your workspace.


• High costs associated – Collecting Dragon Ball can be an expensive hobby due to some exclusive merchandise costing thousands of dollars online or in stores. Also depending where you live local suppliers may not provide discounts which may make collecting far more costly than expected!

• Limited appeal/re-sell options – The average consumer likely won’t appreciate having many designer figures on display and may not pay very much if you find yourself trying to re-sell items down the line. Furthermore it can be difficult finding someone who wants specific merchandise since collectors generally specialize on some type of media rather than everything related to the franchise (i.e comics versus video games).

• Storage difficulties – Figurines usually come shipped with voluminous packaging and sized bigger than usual ones which can create difficulty storing them away safely afterwards unless adequate resources are purchase for their protection (i.e cases/plastic boxes etc). Long term storage also poses challenges like documents becoming faded over time due mishandling/exposure during transportation processes from one place another which could lead damage goods inside packages occasionally too!

Conclusion: Is Collecting The Latest Dragon Ball Series Worth It?

The Dragon Ball series has been around for decades and over the years, it’s sparked an ever-growing fandom. For fans of the show that love collecting exclusive memorabilia and goods, there is always something new to get your hands on in order to prove your loyalty and devotion. From clothing, cards and figures to autographs, limited edition models and more, there is no shortage of items for collectors to choose from – but just how worth it is getting them?

Overall, collecting the latest Dragon Ball series isn’t a bad idea if you have the financial means. With so many different items available, you can almost certainly find something that fits into your budget; plus with the growing fanbase push behind releases like newer figures or even an upcoming game – those who invest now could potentially make more money in the future when certain items become increasingly rare.

Of course, should you choose to collect these items always remember it should be something fun and enjoyable as opposed to collecting purely for investment purposes. After all, why waste time gathering a bunch of stuff you don’t care about anyway? And although it may cost some money up front – having a room full leisurely filled with incredible rainbow colored action figures or wall art prints could never really be considered a bad thing either!

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