Unboxing the Funky World of Stranger Things Pop Funkos!

Unboxing the Funky World of Stranger Things Pop Funkos! Style

An Introduction to the Stranger Things Pop Funko Collection

With a plethora of miniature collectibles available to bring home, The Stranger Things Pop! Funko Collection is no exception. This lineup of figures perfectly encapsulates the essence of the critically acclaimed Netflix hit series in an adorable and pocket-sized form factor. Each Pop! figure measures 3 3/4 inches tall, boasting lovable decorated likenesses from all four seasons of the show – from fan favorites like Eleven, Will Byers and Lucas Sinclair to more obscure characters like Erica Sinclair and Murray Bauman. For any Stranger Things fan looking for a way to immortalize their fandom on their shelf or desk, these figures are essential additions.

The design process behind each figure brings out both adorable and detailed features that give each character its own personality. The bold colors emphasize small details such as jackets, backpacks and accessories while creating crisp lines along facial features that could even fool some viewers into thinking they were looking at actual actors rather than tiny vinyl versions! Even though these toys pack a lot of recognizable character traits into one figure there’s still plenty of room left for imaginative interpretations with mix-and-match weapons,, props and other creative additions during playtime or display purposes. Plus there are lots of fantastic options in this collection – ensuring you’ll never be caught off guard when it comes to procuring funkopops perfect for your collection or gift collection!

Whether you’re displaying them alone or raising the tension by adding in other pop collections (such as horror icons Ghostbusters’ Slimer & Stay Puft marshmallow man), Stranger Things Funko Pops are easy ways to make your collection stand out from the crowd. Enjoy collecting all things Stranger Things related with this set of Pop Funko Figures – let the Upside Down adventures begin today!

What is the Funko Pop Collection?

Funko Pop Collection is a brand of stylized vinyl figurines manufactured by Funko, that feature popular characters from movies, TV shows, music, cartoons and video games. These oversized figures are popping up everywhere these days. In addition to standing a couple of inches tall (averaging 3¾ inches ), these brightly colored figurines have a simple yet delightful design that’s become iconic for fans all around the world.

The Funko Pop Collection features well-known characters as its basis for its signature products and across hundreds of different pop culture franchises such as Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Marvel Comics and DC Comics superheroes. The collection itself contains an endless array of options in terms of character variety and size – ranging from small keychain sized to larger-than-life six-inch varieties. All the figures come on a special stand with a platform base so they can be proudly displayed on any shelf or desk without having to worry about tipping over. Additionally, there are numerous limited edition variants as well featuring fun designs like glow-in-the dark or metallic coloring that makes every collectible unique and highly sought after by fanatics!

Funko’s Pop Collection combines our love of pop culture with modern art style – making it an incredibly fun way to express ourselves or show off our hobbies in the form of collectibles! And thanks to the ever growing list of properties ranging from classic films like Back to The Future to cutting edge TV shows like Stranger Things; there truly is something for everyone in this expansive collection no matter what your interests may be! Whether you plan on expanding your own collection or gifting one to your favorite nerd – make sure you take some time to explore all that Funko’s Pop Collection has to offer!

How to Unbox the Stranger Things Pop Funko

Unboxing a Stranger Things Pop Funko can be an exciting experience! Here are some tips for unboxing this unique collectible:

1. Gather everything that comes in the package. You should have the Pop Funko itself, along with any packaging and paperwork that came with it. You’ll also want to make sure you have your appropriate tools on hand before you get started, such as scissors or a box cutter to remove plastic from the pack. Don’t forget your camera; catching all of the details of your new collectible will help you share its beauty with friends later!

2. Make sure to cradle your Pop Funko carefully when handling it — finger-marks are generally not welcome! When preparing to cut open the package, feel free to leverage other objects like plain paper beneath where your blade is working; this will help protect the plastic around your new pop figure so it looks pristine when you’re done unboxing it!

3. Now take a look at all of those intricate details on the design! Appreciate everything from how cute they look in their zesty 80s clothes, or contemplate how deep they go in characterizing Mike Wheeler’s persona as a likable but strong leader of his squad – whatever you do make sure to check out each detail thoroughly and let yourself be struck by awe at what good craftsmanship can achieve!

4. Gently remove any protective casing – if there is one – surrounding your Pop Funko figure before displaying them outwards! This way, future admirers won’t be subjecting themselves to sharp edges or anything else uncomfortable related to an improperly packed vintage piece. As always think safety first when handling these unique pieces of culture memorabilia!

5. Last step – display time: Place your Pop Funko securely on its stand (if applicable) and show off in your living room/bedroom/office space proudly 🙂 Take photos of them from different angles (give justice to their 3D treatment after all) and flex on Insta if you like.. letting everybody know why these trendy items deserve so much popularity amongst collectors all over the world in 2020 !

Step-by-Step Guide to Collecting Stranger Things Pop Funkos

Step 1: Identify Your Collection Needs

This is the most important step in collecting Stranger Things Pop Funkos. Take some time to assess your goals for your collection. How many do you want, what size of figures, which characters do you want? Jot down your ideas to keep track.

Step 2: Research Availability & Form a Budget

Research where you can buy the Funkos that fit within your needs and budget. Start with online stores that specialize in Pop figures like eBay or Pop In A Box; there may be exclusive versions from these sites such as flocked versions or chase pieces that are rarer than regular figures. After researching those sites, start looking at local toy stores if they carry any exclusives or special edition Funkos as well. Once you have an idea of what’s available and how much it will cost, create a budget based on that information so you stick within your financial means while collecting the best pieces to fill up your collection!

Step 3: Buying & Storing Your Collection

Once you’ve found the Funko Pops you want to add to your collection, it’s time to purchase them! Make sure when buying online that all of the shipping costs are clear and make sure any other fees are known before finalizing payment. As far as storage goes, some prefer functional and aesthetic options like shelves for their collections while others just use cardboard boxes with plastic dividers; either way it is important to take into consideration where each figure will be stored upon arriving at home. Also consider proper bubble wrap packaging if relevant – this safeguard against damage during transit could save money in the long run from having to replace broken parts due to poor protection during shipping.

Step 4: Enhancing Your Figures

After receiving each Funko item in good condition (hopefully!) now comes the part of enjoying them – displaying them prominently or customizing them! You can enhance their features by adding clothes, stickers, or gems – get creative! Some choose just display certain standout characters rather than including all they have acquired while others prefer keeping every piece intact with their original box wrapped packaging; both look great when displayed correctly anyway so it’s more about personal preference!

Step 5: Share & Repeat

Now it’s all finished – show off your hard work and share it with family and friends! This adds a unique element of bragging rights since only those closest know about one’s passion for collecting toys… plus sharing something so intricate can bring joy too by inspiring others who might just start their own journey towards getting every figure made in honor of Stranger Things!! With all these steps accounted for… go loop back around to Step 1 again – identify & research new collector objectives and repeat until satisfied with a complete collection!!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Stranger Things Pop Funkos

Q: Who are the Funkos for?

A: Stranger Things Pop Funkos are perfect for fans of the hit Netflix series. Whether you’re just getting into the show or have been a fan ever since its first season, these collectible figures make great gifts and are sure to be a conversation starter. With versions of all 11 main characters available, there’s something for everyone – from Eleven with her superpowers to Steve in his iconic sailor outfit. They also come packaged in unique window display boxes, making them an instant collector’s item.

Q: Are there exclusive versions available?

A: Yes! Aside from being able to pick up the regular editions at most stores and online retailers, there are also exclusive versions that can be found through select partners. Hot Topic currently has two exclusive Stranger Things pop funkos – an exclusive version of Joyce Byers donning her famous Christmas lights t-shirt, as well as an 8-bit design Scott Clarke figure. You can also find exclusives through other outlets such as Target, Walgreens and more!

Q: Do they come with accessories?

A: Many of the POP! figures come equipped with personalized accessories like Lucas’ baseball bat or Max’s Skateboard but others might not include any bonus items. It is best to double check the information provided when purchasing Funko Pops so you know exactly what you’re getting!

Q: How much do they cost?

A: Typically these figures sell anywhere between $10-15 dollars apiece depending on where you buy them – this could go higher if you happen upon a rare or exclusive version that retails above normal prices. Also note that some places may offer discounted shipping costs or bundle deals so it pays to shop around!

The Top 5 Fun Facts About the Stranger Things POP Funkos

1 – Stranger Things POP Funkos are highly collectible. Many fans of the show seek out rare figures as well as chase limited edition designs. The figures also offer terrific gift ideas for any fan of the show.

2 – All Stranger Things Funkos feature a bold and vibrant design that stands apart from standard Pop ‘s look. Each one is designed to look like the characters in the show, capturing their personality perfectly.

3 – Standing at four inches tall, each figure has a vibrant color scheme and detailed aesthetic that captures the spirit of Stranger Things perfectly. They’re fun to display but also small enough to fit into most collections or on your bookshelf/desk!

4 – There are six levels of rarity available in this range of POPs, ranging from common (such as Eleven or Steve) up to extremely rare editions such as Steve with sunglasses. This makes them incredibly sought-after by collectors!

5 – Most notably, these Funko Pops come packed with an array of accessories and decorations, including removable masks for Mike and Lucas, costume pieces for Hopper, interchangeable arms for Will’s Dart character and much more!

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