Unboxing the Funko Pop Michael Jackson Collectible: Everything You Need to Know

Unboxing the Funko Pop Michael Jackson Collectible: Everything You Need to Know History

Introduction to the New Michael Jackson Funko Pop:

The recently announced Michael Jackson Funko Pop figurine series is sure to be a must-have for fans of the King of Pop! This series will feature four different figures including some of Michael’s most iconic stage and music video looks. From “Beat It” to the Moonwalk, each figure captures the essence of the legendary singer in a stylized vinyl form.

This series is special because it celebrates not only Michael’s passion for music but also his passion for fashion and dance. The vibrant colors and unique shapes used throughout this series make it not just eye-catching, but also representative of Michael’s signature style. For example, the “Thriller” version features black and red lightning designs to honor one of the most famous musical numbers ever made. Even other characters like Smooth Criminal celebrate bold patterns that capture both Micahel’s innovative imagery as well as his hooded silhouette look he was renowned for in later years.

Though small in size, these figures hold a great amount substance with detail being key. Whether its facial expressions or fluffy pants bottoms many elements try to keep an authentic look from his vibrant costumes all the way to hairstyles that accurately reflect various periods part of Michaels history such as Beat It or Billie Jean. Animation accuracy plays a big factor within this series and time put into making each figurine wonderfully mimics Micheal’s constant ability to evolve musically over even decades at a time through each new release or tour! In conclusion, this series adds another layer tot he already magnanimous sound that can truly leave fans wanting just one more spin through with some new collection additions downline every now and then!

Unboxing and Inspecting the Michael Jackson Funko Pop:

Funko Pops are a unique form of collectible toy representing some of history’s most popular figures. Michael Jackson is one of the world’s iconic stars and this particular Funko Pop of the King of Pop has become quite the collector’s item. This blog will unbox and review the Funko Pop so you can decide if it’s worth getting for your collection.

Firstly, the packaging is nothing short of perfect. The box displays a full-body image of Michael Jackson in his iconic red leather Jacket worn at the 1984 Grammys Award Ceremony and is adorned with silver foil to give it an extra luxurious allure.

When you open the box you’re faced with a very detailed figure that surprisingly boasts almost 17 points of articulation which lends itself perfectly to being posed in a variety of different ways, making it fun and photogenic. The level detail the designer has been able to cram into this small piece is astounding with intricate details such as buckles, pockets and buttons all included! but yet somehow simultaneously preserving Michael Jackson’s familiar pose.

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The fabric clothing on the Funko Pop also looks amazingly accurate for its small size – crafted from fine fabrics to replicate Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ jacket down to every last stitch. Even down to his signature moonwalk shoes which honestly look fantastic considering their tiny size! We can be sure no corner was cut when crafting this one – from hairline wrinkles to facial details – each element really shines through in exquisite detail and adds character to an already accurate depiction.

All in all, this Funko Pop edition does justice for Michael Jackson, even going as far as capturing his optical shine he had when he would perform under stage lights – something starkly apparent when viewed at different angles as light reflects across its surface – simply outstanding!

Overall we believe that if you’re looking for an impeccably detailed piece that accurately replicates many facets (if not all) of Michael Jackson while still retaining playability then look no further than this extremely cool and sure-to-be highly sought after Funko Pop collectors edition celebrating none other than ‘The King Of Pop’.

Step by Step Guide to Assembling your New Michael Jackson Funko Pop:

Step 1: Unbox your new Michael Jackson Funko Pop and check for damage. This item is a highly-collectible figurine and even minor blemishes can affect its market value, so inspect it closely before you start assembling.

Step 2: Sort through the contents of your box and identify any spare or replacement parts supplied by Funko. Your box may contain additional pieces to attach to your figurine.

Step 3: Carefully locate each piece of the Funko Pop in relation to the other items in the box. This will help you assemble it quickly when all the parts are available.

Step 4: Start with the legs first, as they serve as an important base upon which other pieces will attach themselves. Fit them together according to their designated spaces on the figure’s bottom half and secure with screws from the fixings included in your kit.

Step 5: Attach arms, chest armor, headpiece and face mask following suit with a careful alignment of each individual piece to one another – this will ensure a precise fit for each section of your model and allow for smoother movements once assembled properly. Secure screws where necessary for more sturdy grip points on top of crucial joints such as elbow/shoulder joints & ankle/knee joints of your figurine’s limbs/body parts.

Step 6: Insert battery-powered music-playing mechanism (if applicable) into rear midsection of figurine carefully by following instructions provided either in printed manual or online tutorial videos etc., if any problems arise refer back to manufacturer’s original product website or contact customer service if further assistance is needed).

Step 7: Carefully test out all articulation points & sculpted details on both front & back sides after you have switched ON / OFF gadgetry mechanisms included with Funko Pop such as built-in LED neon lights & motion sensors etc., this way you can make sure everything works beforepacking upyourfigurineand admiringfinishedproduct proudly!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Michael Jackson Funko Pop :

Q: What size is the Michael Jackson Pop Funko?

A: The Michael Jackson Pop Funko is a standard 3.75-inch tall vinyl figure that stands on its own and is featured in a classic ’80s ensemble, complete with his iconic sequined glove and li’l fedora. It should be noted that this version of the iconic pop singer also comes with alternate hands — one raised and one lowered — to give you more options for displaying your collection!

Top 5 Facts about the New Michael Jackson Funko Pop:

1. The new Michael Jackson Funko Pop is the latest addition to the beloved Funko Pop vinyl line of collectible figurines—and it’s sure to be a hit! It features King of Pop himself in his iconic Thriller getup, complete with red leather jacket and recognizable one-gloved fist.

2. Along with Michael Jackson, Funko also released four dancing figures modeled after his famous music videos—Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Bad, and Billie Jean—each in stylish ‘80s apparel that accurately captures MJ’s classic look.

3. Just like all other standard-sized Funko figures, each tiny MJ stands 3 ¾ inches tall and boasts amazing details including authentic accessories such as a microphone and an exclusive record featuring five songs off songs off the Thriller album.

4. If you’re looking for even more collectibles from your favorite artistes, then look no further than some of the others they have released recently: Prince, Lady Gaga and David Bowie figures are just some of the many exciting new additions to their range.

5. That said, if you want to be one of first to snag this highly sought-after figure then you better be quick—it looks like these special edition pops will be snapped up by fans fast! With so much detail included this is one item that absolutely needs to be part of any true collector’s stash.

Final Thoughts on the New Michael Jackson Funko Pop:

The release of the new Michael Jackson Funko Pop was an event that many music and pop culture fans have anticipated for months. With a Nostalgic and iconic look, it is sure to become a popular collectible item worldwide.

The figure features Michael in his iconic Thriller era costume and hairstyle, complete with details such as perfectly sculpted facial features and intricate details on the outfit. The craftsmanship that has gone into creating this highly detailed Funko Pop makes it an item worthy of being part of any collection. As well as looking great, the poseable arms mean you can change its positioning so your own collection will look even more unique than anyone else’s!

For those who really want to show off their appreciation for Michael Jackson’s music, a display stand is also included with the figure – showing off its amazing authenticity even further. The stand also doubles up as a way of displaying your other Funko Pop figures – allowing you to build up your own one-of-a-kind display dedicated to the King of Pop himself!

Overall, this new Michael Jackson Funko Pop is an incredible piece that brings together nostalgia and masterful craftsmanship – making it something truly special that collectors everywhere will appreciate! Be sure to grab yours while they are still available so you can honor one of pop music’s greatest icons with your own personal tribute.

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