Unboxing the Fun of the Holidays with a Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Unboxing the Fun of the Holidays with a Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2019

Introduction to Funko Pop Advent Calendar: Unpacking the Fun

The Funko Pop Advent Calendar is an exciting new way to count down the days leading up to Christmas. This year, Funko has taken the traditional advent calendar concept and given it a twist – transforming it into an interactive experience featuring collectible figurines! With twenty-four unique figures hidden behind individual numbered doors, each day provides a surprise gift for fans of all ages.

For many who grew up collecting toys or flipping through holiday catalogs, opening the annual Advent calendar was one of the most exciting parts of wintertime. Unwrapping some surprises along the way adds to that special magic of December. That feeling, coupled with Funko’s style and flair, makes this version very special indeed. Each character brings their own beloved personality and design, perfectly combining nostalgia with modern culture. Nostalgic characters like Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus, Buzz Lightyear and Elmo make for delightful memories each morning when your advent calendar opens another door – something that even adults can appreciate and enjoy!

It also comes in an eye-catching box showcasing beloved characters from across decades. The vibrant artwork serves as not only eye candy but also hints at which characters you can look forward to finding as you open each door throughout the season. It’s likely that some of these iconic faces will be familiar while others will be completely new – adding some unexpected surprises into your day-to-day routine!

The list doesn’t end there though – inside the unique pop vinyl figurines await poseable figures wearing festive winter wear such as reindeer ears or Santa hats (or both!). Better yet? These adorable figures are small enough to hang on your holiday tree; bringing together childhood joys and Christmas decorations all at once! Not only does this Funko Pop Advent Calendar bring plenty of cheer these holidays but its fully reusable too so become excited all over again next year when it appears on shop shelves once more time round!

A Closer Look at Whats Inside: Breaking Down the Contents

One could argue that the contents of a box are just as important as what’s on the outside. What is inside determines what you can do with the product, and many times customers focus more attention to it than anything else. This is especially true when making sure nothing essential is missing, or if any potential problems can arise after opening. Here we will take a closer look at what you can expect when breaking down the contents of your average box.

To start off, most boxes include an instruction booklet or user manual detailing how to use and interact with each piece safely and properly. The documents also provide basic troubleshooting tips in case something goes wrong while using the product, saving you from having to take it elsewhere for repairs and additional parts sourcing. If applicable, some products may present information about registration, warranty services through their manufacturer or service provider.

The bulk of the remainder items should be rather predictable in nature; depending on type but usually consisting of power cords and adapters corresponding to specific country outlets, other necessary hardware components such as screws/nuts/bolts/washers for assembly processes (if required) along with any additional accessories included with certain packages – think headsets for phones or digicams for example.

On a final note, always make sure all these components have checked been by going through them one by one before closing up the box – even though rare once in a blue moon something could be left out without anyone noticing until needed later on down the line. This includes making sure all extra loose items not mentioned above that may self-enclose inside by default go back into their designated slots alongside everything else so they don’t end up lost during transport afterwards!

Our Experience Unboxing the Funko Pop Advent Calendar: Sharing Our Thoughts

Despite the fact that this Funko Pop Advent Calendar looks like any other normal plastic box from the outside, when you open it up, it’s a whole different story. The box contains 24 individual Funko Pop figures, each designed to represent a movie or TV series.

We were so excited to unbox and explore these figures, wrapping our hands around each tiny bundle with anticipation. Inside we discovered some classic favorites; a Disney figure Ariel and her cute little pal Flounder from “The Little Mermaid”, and an adorable Harry Potter & Hedwig duo! Other unique finds included an 11th Doctor complete with his fez and sonic screwdriver.

The level of detail these little guys have really blew us away – attention was paid to even the tiniest details such as Classic Superman holding mini kryptonite rocks in one hand! They are constructed with heavy-duty plastic, giving a nice weighty feel which suggests good quality materials were used in their manufacturing.

Each package of 24 also offers a degree of variety for true fans of the genre – everything from Star Wars to Marvels superheros were present amongst our discoveries which kept things fresh and interesting. We just had no idea what was going to be waiting inside each section! We look forward to adding new characters over time as the year continues – possibly even finding those rare comic book editions at some stage too!

Overall we give this advent calendar two enthusiastic thumbs up for kids looking for their own perfect additions to their collection or a special surprise gift for someone else. If you’re into Pop culture then this is definitely something worth checking out!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Funko Pop Advent Calendar

What is a Funko Pop Advent Calendar?

A Funko Pop Advent Calendar is an advent calendar featuring 24 days of collectible figurines from the popular Funko Pop toy line. It celebrates the holidays with some of your favorite characters from TV, Games, Movies, and more! The calendar contains 24 individually-wrapped mini figures that are tucked away behind each miniature door. Every day leading up to Christmas reveals another mystery figure. It’s perfect for any die-hard fan or collector who loves discovering new surprises!

Are the figures inside the Advent Calendar rare?

The figures inside the Funko Pop Advent Calendar aren’t always considered rare, but they can be harder to find in stores. Some figurines could eventually become obsolete or just be made for seasonal collections like this one. As with all toys and collectibles, availability will determine rarity as time passes.

How much does a Funko Pop Advent Calendar cost?

The price of a Funko Pop Advent Calendar depends on where it is purchased and what type of advent calendar you choose. Generally, they range in price from around $40-$50 USD depending on special editions or other factors related to your specific purchase.

What types of calendars are available?

Funko has released various types of advent calendars since 2019. There are traditional seasonally themed calendars such as Halloweentown and Christmas Town as well as versions featuring properties such as Harry Potter or Disney animated films. Cheerful surprise boxes and snow globe packages have also been released in recent years to cater to different budget points and tastes.

Where can I buy a Funko Pop Advent Calendar?

Funko Pops are generally stocked at major retail outlets such as Target and Walmart, but they can also be found online through sites like Amazon and Ebay—just be sure to double check that you’re buying an authentic product!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Advent calendars have been a holiday tradition for decades, but this year Funko Pop turned the concept up to 11. A Funko Pop Advent calendar offers collectors 24 awesome surprises—one unboxing per day in the lead up to Christmas. Here are five reasons why you should add one of these awesome advent calendars to your own collection or gift list:

1. Start the Countdown Early: With the hectic hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be hard to find time to savor the season. A Funko Pop Advent Calendar helps you get into the spirit early with a different surprise every day in December leading up to Christmas Day.

2. Showcase Your Passion: With just about every fandom under the sun represented by packs featuring iconic characters from across Marvel, DC, Disney and more, there is something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for an Avengers Assemble pack or a Harry Potter-themed calendar, nobody will have any doubt as to your commitment to that particular fandom!

3. Get Affordable Prices with Massive Variety: Rather than spending huge bucks on single figures entering blind boxes (where you don’t know which figure is inside until after purchasing it), with an Advent calendar you get 24 different figures at a fraction of what they would individually cost! Best of all, these assortments come with plenty of variety so no two days will be exactly alike!

4. Get Detective!: It’s always fun trying to figure out which character comes out next from behind their little windowed doors each morning! Infuse some mystery into your holiday celebrations by taking guesses each morning as new characters pop out directed from behind their tiny coverings!

5. Perfect For Any Age: Finally, don’t forget that Funko Pops are perfect for any age group- young kids especially love being able to unwrap a cute little surprise every morning throughout December leading up till Christmas Day making them forget about those days spent waiting impatiently till present arriving Christmas morning (at least temporarily). It’s also great fun watching adults squeeing over revealing new collections too–because why not?

Final Takeaway: Wrap Up of Our Review of the Funko Pop Advent Calendar

The Funko Pop Advent Calendar is the perfect way to build up excitement for the holidays. With 24 unique characters from a variety of classic franchises, you can start counting down the days until Christmas with a new surprise each day! The graphics are cute and whimsical, with some clever design choices to ensure that none of the figures look too similar. While kids will delight in this product, it’s also perfect for adults who want a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. From famous characters like Darth Vader and Princess Leia to lesser-known figures like Tiny Toon’s Elmyra and Gizmo from Gremlins 2, there’s something for everyone here. Most importantly, this product is great value for your money as it contains 24 different figures all in one package. With a reasonable price tag, this advent calendar is an easy way to spread some holiday cheer without breaking the bank.

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