Unboxing the Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop – A Fun and Exciting Collectible!

Unboxing the Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop – A Fun and Exciting Collectible! Style

Introduction to the Latest Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop

As fans of the hit show Stranger Things, we here at [ Store Name ] are very excited to announce the newest addition to the collection – the Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop.

This action figure stands 3.75 inches high and accurately captures all of the iconic details from Eddie’s wardrobe. His characteristic slicked back yellow hair is perfectly molded, and he’s wearing all of his most recognizable pieces -including a bright red shirt and bell bottom jeans (coupled with blue shoes) that take us straight back to Hawkins in 1983! Beyond that, he’s holding a half-filled paper cup with his classic sassiness intact.

What really sets this figurine apart is its attention to detail; from his calm demeanor, bushy eyebrows and defiant fashion sense – no stone has been left unturned in capturing everything about who Eddie was – at least during season 1. With so many intricate details featured in just one miniature figure, it’s no wonder why Funko Pops continue to be some of the most sought after collectibles for die hard fans like us!

Plus, when you display him alongside other favorites from your Stranger Things collection such as Will Byers or Mike Wheeler – you create an instantly familiar vividness that will have any fan feeling like they can step right into The Upside Down.

Grab your own official Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop now before they are all gone!

Unboxing and First Impressions

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Set up Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop

Setting up Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially if you’re a fan of the show. It’s also relatively easy to do – all you need is an Eddie Pop figure, some simple tools and a little bit of patience! Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to set up your very own Stranger Things funkopop:

Step 1: Remove any existing packaging from the figure. You may want to keep the original box for place setting purposes later on.

Step 2: Examine the figure for any glaring defects, such as scratches or chip paint, that could detract from its appearance when displayed. If necessary, use a touch of super glue or tiny amounts of paint to repair these imperfections.

Step 3: If applicable, open any components that require assembly (such as additional clothing pieces or accessories) and join them according to instructions. Make sure everything fits together properly before moving on.

Step 4: Prime the surface with a good quality primer spray – this will help protect your new Funko and make it look great in future display setups! Make sure all surfaces are fully dry before using sticky products like Super Glue or sticky wax.

Step 5: Apply any stickers/labels you’d like to add detail and personalize your figure further; be careful not to cover important details either!

Step 6: Now it’s time to begin placing the body parts into their right positions – start with the head, then work down through each limb until everything looks just right! Secure the joints with either small screws or Super Glue depending on which works best for you; don’t forget about items like backpacks or sunglasses that may need attaching too!

And there we have it – after these steps are completed, your Eddie Stranger Things Funkopop should be ready for display! Feel free to experiment with different poses and accessories over time as you’ll get far more enjoyment out of your FunkoPop this way. Once you’ve had enough fun setting up and displaying your Eddie figure(s), why not consider taking it one step further by entering him into a local pop show? Who knows – maybe he could win big…

FAQs about the Latest Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop

Q: What does the new Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop look like?

A: The new Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop features an incredibly detailed design of the popular character from the beloved Netflix show. His overall grab is that of a denim shirt and light blue jeans combo, however he’s also donning a classic boombox and pink headphones. He has a big smile on his face with slightly parted lips, making it clear that he’s in the same singing mood he had on screen! Overall, this item makes for an excellent collectible piece and is sure to be a must-have for any fan of the series.

Q: What are some unique features about this Funko Pop?

A: This particular Funko Pop figurine is certainly unique for many reasons. Not only does it capture all of Eddie’s recognizable traits from his bright pink shorts to his signature glasses – but it also comes with other cool pieces like the boombox and headphones that make him stand out amongst other variations. Plus, its over-the-shoulder straps as well as small details like the belt buckle really add to its authenticity and charm! Furthermore, being part of this collection ensures excellent quality – both in terms materials used as well as durability throughout time.

Q: How big is this item?

A: The new Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop stands at approximately 4 inches tall. This particular size makes it just right for displaying with other items in your collection or even taking along with you on adventures! Additionally, its lightweight structure allows for easy transportation no matter where you go – so you’re sure to have your favorite figure right there by your side when needed!

Top 5 Facts About the Latest Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop

The latest Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop has taken the collectible market by storm, and it’s easy to see why! With its cool style, attention-grabbing colors, and unique details, this Funko Pop is sure to be a hit with fans. But what makes Eddie so special? Here are top 5 facts about the latest Eddie Stranger Things Funko Pop that you need to know:

1. Classic Look: Just like any classic Stranger Things character, Eddie looks smashing in his well-fitted sweater vest and cute glasses. He’s ready for action with a blue backpack and distinctive yellow headphones!

2. High-Quality Design: This figure’s sculpting faithfully replicates all of the intricate details from the show— from Eddie’s spiky hair down to his fun sneakers. Even though he stands a mere 3 ¾ inches tall, this painting captures all of the lifelike nuances which make these characters so beloved!

3. Unique Poses: Eddie comes in two poses—either standing at attention or ready for action as if he’s on one of his adventures! Collect both poses to recreate your favorite scenes!

4. Lighting Effects Feature: Place this vinyl replica of Eddy under a light source such as a lamp or flashlight (not included) and watch him glow up! His eyes will light up just like they do in the show, creating an incredible effect that any diehard fan will love.

5. Crossed Arms Edition: Only available through select retailers is a limited edition cross arms pose Funko Pop of Eddie—the perfect way to show off your serious disdain for whatever trouble might come along next! Whether it’s showing off your own collection or giving one away as a gift, no fan should be without their very own cross-arms version of everyone’s favorite partner in crime fighting – geeky hero extraordinaire – Eddie from Stranger Things!

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