Unboxing the Eddie Funko Pop from Stranger Things – A Collectible Must Have!

Unboxing the Eddie Funko Pop from Stranger Things – A Collectible Must Have! Influence

Introduction to Collecting Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures

If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix original show Stranger Things, then you’ll be happy to learn about collecting Eddie Funko Pop! figures from the series. Eddie Funko Pop!s are collectibles that come in all sizes and colors and feature characters from some of the most popular TV shows and movies. They come with unique accessories, such as backpacks, hats, headphones, and other items that make them even more fun to collect. Collecting Eddie Funkos takes patience, skill, knowledge — and a fair bit of luck! But it is ultimately very rewarding when you find that perfect figure to complete your collection.

When it comes to collecting Stranger Things figures specifically, there are quite a few different choices available; there are both old-school vinyl figures and newer vinyl+ versions. The vibrant colors and ‘80s hyperrealistic art style makes these figures some of the most iconic designs on shelves today. What’s so great is that there’s something for everyone: from the small 3″ “Supercute Plushies” to larger 10″ Super Sized Pop! Figures & Bobbleheads – choose whichever suits your collection best or grab a variety for yourself & others if you can’t decide.

Each vinyl+ figure is designed specifically for Stranger Things fans with its own personality & attributes – like specially tailored clothing accessories or character-inspired poses- meaning each piece is truly one-of-a-kind! Unlike two dimensional paintings or photographs/prints where details can be washed out as they get smaller; these highly detailed figurines maintain their level of detail no matter how small they are (perfect if space isn’t plentiful). These collector’s items also make ideal gifts for friends & family who would love an autograph edition El (Eleven) pick axe!

As they say in Hawkins; “The Upside Down doesn’t stand a chance against an army made up of passionate collectors.” Now head off on your personal hunt for them at conventions or online shops… just be careful not to cross any Demogorgons lurking around nearby…

How to Identify Authentic Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures

Finding Authentic Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures

When it comes to collecting collector’s pieces, nothing is more valuable and important than authenticity. That’s especially true when it comes to highly sought-after items like authentic Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things figures. Before you go out and start buying up all the Funko Pops you can find, there are a few essential things to look for so you know what’s an original from what’s not.

To begin with, take a good look at the packaging. An authentic Funko Pop figure should have crisp, clean printing on its card or box without any smearing. If your packaging looks like it’s been through the wringer, then more than likely what you have isn’t the real deal. In addition to that, the colors should be bright and vibrant – no faded colors here! It should also have a white barcode sticker indicating which variant of the figure it is.

The next step is to inspect the figure itself closely. Not only should it match whatever photos of the product can be found online, but also make sure that there are no obvious defects in painting or molding that would indicate tampering or poor quality control before leaving the factory (or worse yet someone has tried to replicate a different product). Pay special attention to characters containing small details like arms and legs which may be prone to misshape or color variation during manufacturing processes. Finally make sure there are no signs of glue or residue which could mean an attempt at repair was made on something broken prior – this usually being true for re-sold used figures versus newly minted releases directly from manufacturer’s shelves.

By following these tips, you can rest assured that if you’re buying an authentic Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things figure then it will hold its value in more ways than one – both monetary as well as personal satisfaction!

Step by Step Guide for Collecting Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures

The world of collectible Funko Pop! figures is as varied and diverse as any corner of pop culture fandom, from television to movies, music, sports and more. A great example is the Stranger Things franchise – a beloved show filled with characters that are often highly sought-after by collectors. If you’re looking to get your hands on some awesome Stranger Things Eddie Funko Pop! figures, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through some key steps for collecting Eddie Funko Pop! figures from Stranger Things.

Step 1: Research the Characters

Before doing anything else, it’s important to do a little research into just who these characters are and what makes them unique. Start by familiarizing yourself with the main characters in the series – you should be able to find plenty of images online that can give you an idea of what they look like and how their personalities might differ from each other when it comes to collecting these figures. Once you’ve narrowed down which character or characters you want to focus on (in this case, Eddie), it’s time for some further investigation. Brush up on trivia about him from different websites dedicated to Stranger Things such as IMDb and fan wikis so that you have a good understanding of his backstory before moving onto step 2!

Step 2: Shop Around for Deals

Now that we know who we’re after and why, let’s start shopping around for the best deal we can find on our desired figure(s). There are many places to check prices such as various online stores including Amazon, eBay and even local department stores if they carry Funko Pops. The task becomes navigating reviews quickly and efficiently while not getting too distracted by all of the options available at once – getting overwhelmed may lead us astray before we make any progress towards completing our collection! Don’t forget to utilize price alerts tools in order keep tabs any drop in pricing across multiple retailers so that your goal stays within reach despite changes in market forces outside your control.

Step 3: bargain hunting

Once you have settled on where to buy your figure (or multiple) it’s time for bargain hunting! You never know when lucky opportunities might reveal themselves – scour through discount codes sites or secondhand marketplaces like Craigslist can definitely be worth checking out if your goal is saving money wherever possible without compromising quality or authenticity standards when procuring those sought-after pop culture gems. Additionally utilizing social media networks such as Twitterand Instagram (especially during conventions) can put us directly intouch with vendors offering exclusive deals madeavailable only through direct interaction – taking advantageof these specials has been known generate significantsavings over retail outlets alone which leads usdirectly into our final step:

Step 4: Be Patient & Ready Your Shelf Space

Now all that’s left between us and fully completed set is waiting patiently until our purchases arrive safe& sound at doorstep whether ordering onlineor pick ups after attending events/conventions – whichever route choosethere no doubt excitement anticipationbreathe life into air . Make sureprepared proper holding space showcase completed display whilstinteracting peers further establish sense communitymuch appreciated others workingtowards same goals rekindlesDrive passion first ignited personal collection journey ThinkOUTA Box enjoy FUnKied Life x

FAQs on Collecting Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures

Q: What is a Funko Pop?

A: Funko Pop is a collectible vinyl figure line created by the American toy manufacturer Funko, Inc. The figures are typically 3.75–4-inch (10–12cm) tall, stylized versions of various pop culture characters and icons, including superheroes, villains, cartoons, films, celebrities and video game characters. The figures come in a variety of poses and colors to match their original counterparts as closely as possible.

Q: Where can I find Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things figures?

A: Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things figures can be found online or in stores like Walmart, Target and GameStop. Some licensed retailers may carry them as well. You can also check with popular online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay for new and used figures from the series.

Q: How much do Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures cost?

A: Prices for these figures vary depending on their availability or whether they’re part of exclusive lines. Generally speaking, expect to spend anywhere between $10-$20 per figure depending on its rarity or condition.

Q: What types of Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures are available?

A: There are several versions of the main character Eddie available including regular releases which have No Clothing variant usually featuring just the character head shot with different colored hair/skin tones as well as Two Pack exclusives released at conventions such as SDCC or NY Toy Fair which feature clothing variants for both characters pictured in the pack set along with chase variants that differ significantly from the base version most notably being upside down themed heads (which often feature black eyes) for only select packs released at conventions mentioned previously when supplies last! There’s also an exclusive Walmart variant featuring an all black version not usually seen from similar lines produced by this company which stands out among fans alike!

Top 5 Facts About Collecting Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures

Collecting any type of collectible figures, such as those of Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things figures, can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. With many unique characteristics and sizes to choose from, no two collections are ever alike. Here’s a look at the top five facts about collecting Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things figures.

One: Every Collection is Different

No two collections are the same; meaning that all collectors have their own personal style which goes into the individual pieces they select. Whether you like to focus on larger more extravagant pieces or smaller detailing memorable ones – whatever it is that speaks to your heart will influence what’s in your collection!

Two: Many Exclusives

Funko Pops often has limited-edition exclusives that add to one’s collection. Collectors often hunt for special stores where you can find these precious rarities and even trade with other collectors from all across the world online or local comic book conventions.

Three: Variety of Sizes

With a variety of sizes available within the Funko Pop line, there is something for everyone; regardless if you prefer detailed large or small sized figures or just want an affordable miniature item counterpart . Additionally, when you think up creative ways to display these characters in a pop-up scene, the display options are nearly infinite!

Four: Changeable Craftsmanship

Additionally – speaking craftsmanship wise – while each Funko Pop might be generally in uniform size and design (boxy shape cases), it also gives room for changeability if one chooses so; allowing you to paint/style unique ideas using DIY methods if desired.

Five: A Growing Market

Finally– with lots of new waves released every quarter – there is always something new adding further excitement moments over time as fans eagerly anticipate their latest favorites pre-order dates! This makes them highly sought after by amateur enthusiast and veteran alike raising the demand stakes soaring daily hence increasing their value over time too making them great investments .

Conclusion: Why You Should Start Collecting Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures

Funko Pop! figures from the hit Netflix series Stranger Things have become a coveted commodity among collectors and fans of the show. The series has spawned several different Funko Pop lines, each featuring characters from the show in various poses and designs. Collecting Eddie Funko Pop Stranger Things figures is an excellent way to commemorate both your love for the show as well as its memorable characters.

For starters, highly detailed and eye-catching designs have made these figures some of the most sought-after collectibles on the market. You can choose from various versions of each character, such as a battle-ready Mike or a happy-go-lucky Dustin – all perfectly depicting their respective personalities seen in the show. This makes it easy to build a unique collection that reflects your Uniqueness. Whether you’re looking for colorful vinyls or glow-in-the dark chase variants; each piece offers something new and exciting to add to your collection. Not only do they make excellent display pieces, but they’re also great conversation starters too!

Secondly, there’s no better way to celebrate Steve Harrington’s transformation into everyone’s protector than with an official Steve Funko Pop figure. This depiction of him wielding his iconic bat is guaranteed to bring back plenty of nostalgic moments from when he protected all his friends from Demogorgon, Mind Flayer and tangerines (we see you Mrs Wheeler). With this figure in your collection – you can bring life back into those wild ?conspiracies? that have been celebrated via Stranger Parties everywhere on our screens little by little over time 🙂 Furthermore – displaying an original Eleven holding her Eggos gives any room a bit of extra charm.. particularly if you place them side by side showcasing their friendship through this awesome collectible!.

To sum up – collecting Eddie Funko Pops from Stranger Things is certainly one of the best ways to honor this classic series and preserve its legacy forever! In addition to being attractive pieces of art – they are also unique collectibles that represent different aspects of the characters personality whilst adding some quirky fun vibes wherever placed in – so don’t sleep on it now will ya 😉

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