Unboxing the Cutest Hello Kitty Funko Pop Ever!

Unboxing the Cutest Hello Kitty Funko Pop Ever! 2018

Introduction to the Hello Kitty Funko Pop Collection

The Hello Kitty Funko Pop collection is an exciting new addition to the popular line of vinyl collectible figures. As a long-standing fan favorite, Hello Kitty has been much beloved by both adults and children for decades. With the introduction of this adorable Funko Pop version of everyone’s favorite Japanese icon, fans can now enjoy an even more unique take on her iconic design as they build their own collections.

From classic styles to special limited edition versions, the Hello Kitty Funko Pop collection offers something for every fan. With a wide variety of sizes, designs and poses available, you have plenty of options when it comes time to complete your perfect Hello Kitty set. The large-scale figures are ideal for showpieces or just adding a large dose of kawaii cuteness to any space! For those looking for something extra collectible, you can also snag some rare limited editions—complete with display boxes for added authenticity and style points.

As always, these items make excellent gifts—especially for younger children who have just discovered their love for all things Hello Kitty. In addition to cutely decked out keepsakes like keychains and plushies, the Hello Kitty Funko Pop line will give kids something that stands out from the rest while still feeling like part of their favorite character’s world—and truly fun-tastic adventures begin with discovering new ways to bring our beloved characters into our lives!

How to Collect Hello Kitty Funko Pop Figures: Step by Step Guide

Are you a dedicated Hello Kitty Funko Pop figure collector? Take your collection to the next level with this step-by-step guide on how to collect Hello Kitty Funko Pop figures. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll soon be able to collect all of your favorite characters in no time!

Step 1: Research Your Collection

First, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different Hello Kitty Funko Pop figures available. Take time to research different models and their features so that you can make an informed decision when parting ways with your hard earned cash. Have a game plan of what type of collection you would like to build – ie sets, limited edition figures, rare variant series etc – before making any purchases.

Step 2: Set A Budget

It is easy for collection budgets to creep up on unsuspecting collectors! Once you have decided which type of collection you would like to build, set a budget for yourself and stick with it no matter what crazy deals come your way. Think about methods such as layaways and pre-ordering which may help widen your range slightly while still remaining within budget.

Step 3: Follow The Hunt

Keep an eye out for stores stocking new or additional lines of Hello Kitty Funko Pop figures. Follow online channels such as Facebook groups, Instagram accounts and influencers who post pictures of the latest releases – they are sure to give you plenty of ideas if expanding your collection beyond physical stores is necessary. Additionally, keep searching online platforms such as eBay and Craigslist where ever-changing stock can slowly but surely add up over time; one or two pieces each month can go a long way in creating the perfect masterpiece!

Step 4: Stay Up To Date

Developments in this sector move at an incredibly fast pace meaning that new releases often slip by unnoticed if collectors don’t remain vigilant. Always stay ahead by signing up for emails from official suppliers such as FunKo themselves who often communicate news on upcoming releases before anyone else does; it also pays dividends to sign up for wholesale promotions from sellers who showcase end lines at heavily discounted prices on selected models only available through their sites – great for completing collections quickly without having bank breaking prices tags attached!

Step 5: Manage Your Collection

Finally – once all these steps have been completed successfully – it’s time payoff comes when managing the comprehensive collection that has been developed over time! Proper storage solutions are paramount here; dust bags offer great protection while well lit glass cabinets show off impressive collections proudly in any room where there is free space allowing obsessed fans of classic styles (as well as newcomers!) admirers can admire them everywhere they go!

Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting Hello Kitty Funko Pops

Q: What is a Funko Pop?

A: A Funko Pop is a type of vinyl collectible made by the Funko company that depicts characters from television shows, movies, video games, and popular culture. It is highly recognizable for its large head and small body with exaggerated features.

Q: What kind of Hello Kitty Funko Pops can I collect?

A: There are many types of Hello Kitty Funko Pops to choose from! You can choose from limited edition exclusives like the Hello Kitty Rainbow Cutie an EK Success release to everyday versions like the classic original design or seasonal releases featuring costumes or themed designs. From poseable versions featuring articulated arms and legs to special figures designed as plushies in adorable all-over prints, there’s something for every collector.

Q: How much do they cost?

A: Prices on individual Pop figures vary based on availability, rarity and demand. Very rare or exclusive figures cost considerably more than common or regularly available figures. Generally speaking you can expect to pay anywhere between $10 up to hundreds of dollars depending on what you’re looking for.

Q: Where can I find them?

A: Hello Kitty Funko Pops are widely available in stores such as Target and Walmart, online at sites like Amazon or eBay, specialty stores like Toys ‘R’ Us and GameStop as well as select independent retailers that specialize in comic books, graphic novels and other collectibles. There are also various official online sources for choosing your favorite Hello Kitty items such as Sanrio itself or Spencer’s Gifts online store too!

Q: Are there variants?

A: Yes! Various variant editions exist with unique color schemes that were released at different times either exclusively through specific outlets (like Sanrio locations) or given away at conventions as promotional Giveaways (like SDCC exclusives). These tend to be extremely rare so they fetch very high prices!

Top 5 Facts About the Hello Kitty Funko Pop Collection

1. The first release of the Hello Kitty Funko Pop collection was in 2013, and it included two limited-edition figures – an original Hello Kitty figure and an ice cream cone version, with each figure numbered to 10,000 pieces. Since then, there have been many series released by both Funko and Sanrio that feature various looks for the beloved character.

2. One of the more sought-after releases in the series is a “metallic” version of Hello Kitty, which shows her in her classic design but with added sparkles on her ears. This figure was part of a special line called Metallykins that featured a handful of characters from multiple franchises during San Diego Comic Con 2018.

3. In 2020, Sanrio celebrated its 60th Anniversary by releasing several exclusive figures featuringHello Kitty in different costumes such as a witch or princess outfit. Additionally, they sold sets featuring accessories such as clothes and hats – perfect for collectors who want to customize their figures!

4. If you dig into the Vault category on Funko’s website, you may be able to find some rare versions of Hello Kitty with alternate paint jobs or color schemes like yellow or blue instead of pink and white. A great place to look at all these variants is through fan websites such as Pop Price Guide – where you can see how much each one is worth (or get lucky at conventions!).

5. Along with various solo figures available separately or part of blind packs, fans can also find whole collections dedicated to specific themes like Chinese New Year and Easter that come out every year around holidays season . This means if you love putting together themed displays for your Funko Pops – Hello Kitty has got you covered!

Tips for Building a Unique and Valuable Hello Kitty Funko Pop Collection

If you’re a die-hard Hello Kitty fan, then you know the secret allure of Funko Pops. Those big-headed, big-eyed figures can take an ordinary and add some extra charm to your room or office space. Whether your passion is Hello Kitty or another favorite anime character, here are some tips for building a unique and valuable Funko Pop collection.

1. Start by creating a list of must-haves – As with other collectibles like comic books and vintage toys, there are always certain coveted items that are considered “must haves” for any collection. With Funko Pops this might include the first series ever released in 2012 or a limited edition version that only came out in certain markets. Make sure to check online guides regularly to make sure you aren’t missing key pieces as they become available.

2. Know what makes each figure rare – As you search for the perfect items to add to your collection, research the features and qualities that make them unique and valuable—such as different colors or specialized packaging. Every collector has his own preferences but look for figures with special chase variants, exclusive stickers or tags that come along with it. Also be aware of counterfeited products being sold on sites such as eBay–in cases where authenticity is uncertain, compare current listings from verified sellers instead of taking anyone else’s word for it!

3. Support small businesses– The vast majority of small businesses focus their attention on diverse options within the world of pop culture collectables so if there’s something specific you’re looking for – such as Hello Kitty – consider supporting those vendors over large organizations who may not carry hard to find items or give personalized customer service experiences.. Just remember that when it comes time buy—shipping costs could add up quickly depending on how far away the seller is located!

4. Take proper care of your pops– In addition to selecting your dream pieces carefully during purchase, also pay attention taking care when displaying them in order keep their condition pristine over time by avoiding excess sunlight exposure which may cause fading colors or limit contact with dust particles which could lead build up over long periods if unchecked.. If possible store each piece in its original box whenever possible! Finally stow away your more valuable items during frequent relocations (like moves) rather than packing them into cardboard boxes alongside other knickknacks as added protection from possible damage caused by mishandling transit shock .

Closing Thoughts on Unboxing the Hello Kitty Funko Pop Collection: A Collectors Guide

Unboxing the Hello Kitty Funko Pop Collection has been a real pleasure for us as collectors. We appreciate all of the detail that goes into each piece and how much thought Funko puts in to ascertaining which characters should be featured. Although some may initially shy away from purchasing these figures due to their childlike aesthetic, we believe it is an excellent way to explore the Funko Pop hobby on a deeper level; after all, who wouldn’t want to own such adorable renditions of some famous movies, music stars, video games, and so many other things.

The sheer amount of different characters available ensures no two collections are ever the same. For instance, one can group certain figures together based on a common theme (animals or cartoons) or they could just collect individual pieces that they like most. There is so much variety of choice when it comes to this collection and it can easily grow with time.

It goes without saying that there are plenty of potential benefits for anyone interested in adding this range to their prize metal shelves or display cases. Not only do these figures look fantastic, but they also make great conversation starters among fellow collectors; opinions will always differ on which figure is ‘the best’ and seeing what others have would surely help you decide whether your collection requires any additional items!

Moreover, with every purchase, you can be sure your money goes where it matters as virtually all Funko Pops come wrapped in plastic sleeves instead of retail packaging- meaning you save masses amounts on material paper waste! Finally – if you find yourself reading this article but still unsure about taking any steps towards becoming an experienced collector – try picking up the Hello Kitty set as a baptism by fire – its beauty speaks for itself.

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