Unboxing the Captain Rex Funko Pop – A Fun and Detailed Look

Unboxing the Captain Rex Funko Pop – A Fun and Detailed Look Uncategorized

Introduction – Unboxing the Captain Rex Funko Pop: A Closer Look

When it comes to anything related to Star Wars, no matter how big or small, much excitement and anticipation tend to follow. So when the opportunity arises to unbox the latest exclusive Funko Pop of everyone’s favorite Clone Trooper, Captain Rex, there’s no doubt about it: all fanboys and girls should pay attention.

To start things off, we look at first impressions of this particular figurine – beautifully modelled and true to his character design from the series – Captain Rex is a striking addition to any collector’s showcase or to anyone just wanting a nice Star Wars-themed desk buddy. It is made with the utmost intricacy and detail, right down the lines on his helmet and armour pieces that really bring him out of a classic two-dimensional cartoon character into almost an actual 3D miniature replica (no hologram technology needed here!). From physical standpoint, this new Funko Pop design also refines past lines allowing for greater pose options that truly captures every Major Rex moment/scene from The Clone Wars universe.

From experience so far collecting other Funko figures (for example Boba Fett), we can say that these figures are specially designed for durability as well; being about 9 cm in height does not take away from its solidity. This mini fellow feels quite sturdy in hand even due to the chain mail body suit part which could be assumed as ‘soft’ but proves otherwise! Consequently poses no threat when handing around between friends during photo ops with their respective main protagonists from galaxies far far away…

The packaging too is quite lacking however as toy collectors know all too well. Most Funko Pop boxes often fail to do justice as they lack colors that make them aesthetically pleasing apart from being rather yawn worthy overall; yet you wouldn’t want an impulse purchase sparked by seeing this cute little guy’s face on packagings now would you? Little details like added holes in the themed background cardboard insert allows Captain Rex standing up fully equipped with his dual blasters while staying securely inside his box whereas previous lines required certain means of balancing him constantly without toppling over. Lastly worth noting are the tiny boots sticking out through its clear plastic protector doing justice in its marketing sound bites: “This is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause” with an added “roger Roger!” before he can take flight carrying out Order 66 alongside Ahsoka Tano 😉

All things considered, if you are contemplating adding another member into your Funko family then surely Major Rex has deserves a place among your ranks!

Step-by-Step Guide to Unboxing the Captain Rex Funko Pop

Unboxing a brand new item can be an exciting experience, and no product comes with more anticipation than the Captain Rex Funko Pop. Whether you’re a diehard Star Wars fan or just an avid collector of these beautiful figures, it’s sure to delight as soon as you open the box. Here is a step-by-step guide to unboxing this amazing collectible so that you can enjoy it to its fullest:

1. To begin, take out any plastic that is within the outer box and remove it carefully without damaging the cardboard packaging.

2. Once the plastic has been removed, you’ll be able to see your very own Captain Rex Funko Pop for the first time! Admire his brave pose as he stands in battle ready stance, facing off against whatever danger awaits.

3. Gently pop open the lid of the box, taking care not to tear or lose any of its protective layers; this will keep your figure looking pristine for years of collecting enjoyment down the line.

4. You’ll be welcomed with an array of colorful and attractive iconography adorning both sides of your package, featuring all sorts of interesting factoids about the character and his place in Star Wars lore!

5. Take out your Funko Pop figure and discard any packing materials such as foam protectors or twist ties that might have held him in place during shipping. Now comes the moment where you can finally hold him in your hands! Appreciate every detail – from his printed armor armor pieces to his iconic headgear – before continuing with steps six and seven (hint: they involve lots more awesome accessories).

6. Lift up on either side of the bottom part of the Funko Pop package’s inner tray – voilà! A neatly organized collection assortment appears below showcasing all sorts of impressive additions from jet packs to tiny containers filled with explosives; these add-ons make collecting even more fun than ever before!

7. The last thing left is to make sure every accessory is securely fastened onto your figure; then simply slide him back into his original box for safekeeping until next time you decide to bring him out for display purposes only! Enjoy a few moments admiring all that’s come out of this joyous unboxing experience – congratulations on adding a piece worth admiring inside collections everywhere!

FAQs About the Captain Rex Funko Pop

Q: What is the Captain Rex Funko Pop?

A: The Captain Rex Funko Pop is an officially licensed, limited-edition collectible figure produced by renowned toy manufacturer and pop culture phenomenon, Funko. It features the character Captain Rex, a clone trooper from the popular Star Wars franchise, in his signature battle armor and bearing his iconic blaster rifle. The figure stands at 3.75 inches tall and comes with a display base and protective window box packaging.

Q: How rare is the Captain Rex Funko Pop?

A: This Collectible figure is part of a limited edition run of only 9,000 pieces worldwide. With such few pieces available, this makes it quite rare and highly sought after by serious collectors.

Q: What type of material is used to make the Captain Rex Funko Pop?

A: The figure itself is made from high-quality PVC plastic for durability and long-term quality protection and stands on an ABS base for stability.

Top 5 Facts About Captain Rex

1. Captain Rex served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. A clone from the planet Kamino, he was an Advanced Recon Commando (aka an ARC Trooper) and led Torrent Company of the 501st Legion as a captain. He was personally chosen by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker for his missions, often taking on roles that required agility, skill and tactical decisiveness.

2. Despite usually keeping his armor firmly in place, Captain Rex was known to break into a broad smile or give a gentle laugh when something pleased or amused him. His loyal comrades highly regarded him as a beloved leader and friend; they followed him without hesitation whenever their fate seemed uncertain.

3. Underneath his battle-ready armour is where we can get our first glimpses of this kind-hearted officer: yellow eyes twinkling with warmth, hints of grey streaking through light brown hair in time-honoured fashion – plus some facial whiskers he’s grown since last season – all combine to express what type of person Captain Rex is deep down outside of warzone situations: a man brimming with wisdom and courage but still retaining a sense of humour and goofy streak despite long years in military service…as well as quite possibly being able to bake mean cupcakes at home!

4. On the battlefield Rex proved himself again and again; it seems his highest acts are perhaps none other than the charge attributed to him bringing down count Dooku’s infamous ME-SW1 command ship during one space skirmish.. It is said that this particular manoeuvre shook off enemy fleets away from Geonosis as well helping quell what could have been a devastating C3PO incursion within Republic territory boundaries…a hero indeed!

5. Towards the end of The Clone Wars series, after Order 66 had been proclaimed, most clones saw an immediate change in loyalty leaving them willing to do anything to fulfil Supreme Chancellor Sith Lord Sidious’ decree – including murdering any Jedi Consulars encountered along their path…lucky for us however not all succumbed completely so soon – captain Rex held back safe in knowledge that there must be something more happening then meets eye, trusting instinctive feelings over data pad directives…leading up ultimately to secret missions involving things like decoding Imperial encryption codes – nicely showing just how much deep thought still resided within this gifted clone despite exterior might!.

Tips for Storing and Displaying Your Captain Rex Funko Pop

If you have recently acquired a Captain Rex Funko Pop to add to your growing collection of figures and memorabilia, then you know that it is important to store and display it correctly to ensure that it remains in mint condition. This can be tricky if you don’t know the best techniques for doing so, but fear not! Here are some tips to help you safely store and display your Captain Rex Funko Pop.

Storing Your Figure

Firstly, get it out of its packaging as soon as possible. This helps prevent static from developing which could ruin your figure. Place the figure somewhere safe, where it will not be subject to harsh temperatures such as an attic or garage during winter months. If you plan on keeping a significant number of figures in one place, invest in acid-free boxes or containers with dividers so they do not rub up against each other which may dull their colours over time.

Displaying Your Figure

When displaying your Captain Rex Funko Pop choose a place which is free from dust and condensation. Direct sunlight will also cause certain pigments used on the figure to fade or warp – opt instead for indirect/artificial lighting (an LED lamp may work well) If displaying multiple figures around the same area use various heights and groupings so others can celebrate its unique features – carefully constructing layers can help add depth too without overcrowding the space!

For those wanting an extra layer of protection look no further than dust-repellent cloth covers – these come in handy when cleaning too! With these important tips from us, don’t forget to consider other factors before storing and displaying your beloved Toy Soldier; for example investigate products designed specifically for such needs like mounting pins carefully placed behind each figure (to stop them toppling over). Finally apply our golden rule – enjoy yourself and have fun with this passionate venture after all we aren’t playing war games; Our mission here is preservation in pizza perfection 😉

Conclusion – Wrapping Up Unboxing the Captain Rex Funko Pop

Unboxing the Captain Rex Funko Pop was an exciting experience! From feeling all of the packaging to seeing him finally free from his plastic prison, there is nothing better than that electric anticipation as you open a new collectible.

We have gone through every step involved in unboxing this particular figure from start to finish. We looked at what is included in the same box, including all of the features of the figure itself, and how each individual piece fits into the big picture. The detailing on Captain Rex is simply amazing and fully captures his personality with precision and accuracy.

Finally, we discussed some common tips for taking care of your Funko Pop figures. Ensuring they are stored properly while not on display and never displayed in direct sunlight will help keep them looking their best for years to come – this especially holds true for special editions such as those with chrome finishes like our pal Captain Rex here.

After un-boxing him today, it’s safe to say he has joined my collection as one of its prized possessions! Hopefully you have learned some helpful information about not only un-boxing but also taking care of your own Funko Pops here today – so I must bid you farewell for now! Until next time, Happy Collecting everyone!

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