Unboxing the Attack on Titan Funko Pop Collection!

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Introduction to Unboxing the Latest Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures

Unboxing the latest Attack on Titan Funko Pop figures is an exciting adventure for any anime fan! Not only will you get a chance to add some new collectible items to your collection, but these figures also offer a great opportunity to showcase your fandom and appreciation of the popular manga and anime series.

The Attack on Titan Funko Pop series features several different characters from the hit show, such as Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi Ackermann and Armin Arlert. Each figure is highly detailed and even includes accessories related to their character’s defining traits. Whether it be Eren’s powerful swords or Levi’s signature gear, each piece has been expertly crafted in order to stay true to the characters you know and love.

When unboxing these figures, you can be sure that there will be no surprises – each one comes fully packaged in a themed window display box complete with artwork from the show itself. The contents inside of the box consist of the figure itself along with its accompanying accessories (again depending on who you purchase) all laying out neatly amongst protective foam holders. As soon as your pop trends come into view, that feeling of awe intensifies as you take in all of those vibrant colors and intricate details!

If you’re looking for new additions that can enhance your fandom even further– then look no further than this line of Attack on Titan Funko Pops! They are sure to delight while they bring perspective into your lives through the beloved world of animation!

Step by Step Guide to Collecting Attack on Titan Funko Pops

No matter if you’re a collector of Funko Pops or a hardcore Attack on Titan fan, this step by step guide to collecting Attack on Titan Funko Pops can help you get your hands on the limited edition figures that sometimes seem impossible to find.

Step 1: Determine your Budget – Before starting, it’s important to establish just how much you are willing to spend in order to collect all the Attack on Titan Funko Pops available. On average, an individual Pop can cost anywhere from $10-20 each but certain figures may be more expensive depending on their rarity. Knowing your budget ahead of time will help narrow down which ones are within reach and make decisions easier in the end.

Step 2: Choose Your Figures – With so many characters from across the hit anime series, there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to finding and collecting Funko Pop figures of your favorite Attack on Titan characters. Whether it’s Eren, Mikasa, Armin or even the Colossal Titan himself – taking the time to choose which figures best fit into your collection is imperative before moving forward.

Step 3: Shop Around – Once you know exactly what figures you need for your collection, start searching stores like Target and Walmart as well as online retailers like Amazon and eBay for Funko Pop Attack on Titans deals. It wouldn’t hurt either to take saving strategies such as using coupon codes and promotional offers into account during this phase too if possible!

Step 4: Setup Tracking Alerts – After doing some basic research online, now is a great time to setup tracking alerts with sites like Brickseek in order to stay up-to-date with potential limited edition figure releases or exclusive partner partnerships for Funkos only findable at certain retailers like Hot Topic etc.. This way when these deals arise, you won’t miss out because alert notifications will remind you about availability quickly – allowing for fast act so hopefully snag them first!

Step 5: Consider Buying Bundles/Multi Packs – If there’s an opportunity or bundle available with multiple different characters included (like Levi Ackerman & Historia Reiss), consider buying those instead of individual pieces as they can often save money over purchasing separately. Depending upon rarity however; individuals might end up being more money saving since bundled sets have higher rates per piece– So always do research before making any decisions here!

Step 6: Don’t Get Too Greedy – Lastly (and most importantly) be sure not make any regrettable purchases by sinking too much money into payouts that don’t yield anything worth while later down the road. While finding rare items might sound appealing at first; if after digging deep enough its clear prices are ridiculous high due people creating demand artificially then walk away immediately– It isn’t worth taking risks in this situation where non-valuable props could lead disaster!

Frequently Asked Questions About Attack on Titan Funko Figures

Q: What are the different Attack on Titan Funko Figures?

A: Attack on Titan brings the popular Japanese manga and anime series to life with a variety of unique figures. These figures feature characters from the series, faithfully recreated in every detail. The range includes mini-pops, bobbleheads, mystery minis and stylized vinyl figures. Spend some time getting to know each figure before making your selection.

Q: How big are the Attack on Titan Funko Figures?

A: Each type of Attack on Titan figure sports its own design profile—smaller pops and minis standing between three inches to 4 inches tall while larger figures like 6-inch stylized vinyls tower over them with their 8 inch height. Whatever size you’re looking for, there’s definitely something in this line of figurines that will fit into your collection—and your budget!

Q: What is a mystery mini?

It’s always fun to get a surprise in the mail — and that goes double when it’s a mystery mini from one of our favorite shows or games! Mystery Minis are small figurines with rotating heads that come packed away in blind boxes for double the suspense! Fans of Attack on Titan can expect all manner of characters from Eren Yeager to Levi Ackerman in these little packages.

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Attack on Titan Funko Figures

Attack on Titan Funko figures have become hugely popular, and for good reason. They’re a great way to show your love for the long-running manga/anime series and add some colorful fun to displays or shelves. Here are five top facts you should know about Attack on Titan Funko figures, so you can make the most of this collectible fandom:

1. Quality and Variety – You’ll find Attack on Titan Funko figures in all kinds of animated styles, with realistic details that bring each character to life. There’s no need to worry about box damage with these articulated collectibles as they come packaged in sturdy window boxes! And not only are they designed with quality craftsmanship, but there’s also an impressive range of characters to choose from including Eren Jaeger, Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert.

2. Aesthetic appeal – One of the best qualities about Attack on Titan Funko Figures is that they have a unique aesthetic appeal that stands out from other comparable vinyl toys. The colors used really pop against the stark black base color and they feature dynamic panels that create an attractive display effect when arranged around your room! Collectors will be sure to grab attention with their spectacularly detailed designs – particularly with metallic finish versions which look especially outstanding!

3. Reasonable price – Compared to similar models, price-wise these figures offer excellent value and won’t break the bank if you’re looking for a collection centerpiece or smaller accent pieces such as keychains or pins. Prices tend to vary depending on rarity but many of them can be found at fairly reasonable rates (ranging between roughly fourteen dollars up to around twenty-five). This makes them an option for those who aren’t interested in spending too much but still want something nice looking – perfect for decorating budgets everywhere!

4. Versatile appeal – If you’re looking for something special then you should know that Attack on Titan Funko figures come in various varieties – making them appealing across a wide range of genre preferences too! For instance; horror fans have plenty of options thanks to HP Lovecraft (Lovecraftian horror) skins featuring eldritch horrors like Dagon or Cthulhu; while comic book fans would certainly appreciate various super hero variants based on Spider-Man or Iron Man etc… And let’s not forget game players; there’s something here too with both classic 8-bit style retro gaming favorites available alongside more current gaming franchises like Halo or Dragon Lackeys online games! Overall; whatever your interest these figures provide plenty of scope across multiple tastes – ensuring everyone wins out there somewhere!

5 Freebies & exclusives– A great bonus feature associated with some purchases made through Amazon is free gift cards which can also be collected via shopping events such as Black Friday Deals Week (or Cyber Monday Sales). These make fantastic gifts if you want something extra special besides purchasing one item alone it could build up towards another purchase e.g., accessories/merchandise bundles alongside weapon sets – which may result in even bigger discounts applied towards those items too (as part of the promotion). Furthermore; limited edition / exclusive releases exist out there that make useful additions– often released by fan clubs so keep an eye open today because these quite literally cannot be missed!:

Tips and Tricks for Buying Attack on Titan Funko Figure Collectibles

Attack on Titan is a popular anime series that has been inspiring collectors from all over the world since it’s release in 2013. There are some amazing collectible figures available for anime fans and Funko Pop! figures are at the top of the list when it comes to unique AOT figures. So what do you need to know if you want to start collecting Attack on Titan Funko Pop! figures? Here are some tips and tricks for buying Attack on Titan Funko figure collectibles:

First, decide which characters you want from the show and how many figures you want to add to your collection. Figure prices can range from a few dollars each up to several hundred dollars depending on rarity and condition. If you’re just getting started, focus on purchasing classic, main character-based designs such as Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. Also, adding variants of classic styles such as glitter special editions are always recommended— they can really liven up any collection!

Once you have picked out your desired pieces, explore multiple avenues for securing them such as specialty shops online or attending conventions if possible. At physical conventions, try combing the vendor tables with a bargain hunter’s eye — those hidden gems could be lurking among piles of other merchandise! With online stores like Amazon or eBay watch out for sellers offering “mint in box” versions but take note that these can often come with an exorbitant price tag attached due to their condition so make sure it fits within your budget before splurging big bucks.

Furthermore, be sure support authorized sellers when possible since this assures authenticity and good quality over bootlegs that may not last through multiple plays or even display correctly. If necessary find other collectibles related sites such as Vinyl Collective or Manga UK who offer detailed listings complete with photos of the items so buyers can get a good look at what they’re purchasing before committing to buy. Moreover take extra precaution when getting information like release dates or special edition exclusives— double check rumors before diving headlong into shopping sprees because sometimes re-stocking timelines may be longer than expected due to production issues or limited edition runs by manufacturers being sold out temporarily .

Lastly follow vendors specializing in anime exclusives through their social media accounts because news about upcoming releases bundles , discounts or sale promos will inevitably make its way around giving collectors a heads up about potential bargains coming down the line – Just make sure alertness is key here – Respond quickly once news drops if there is something its time to grab fast because stocks will typically sell out within hours ! Follow these tips and tricks and hopefully building your dream Attack On Titan figure collection won’t be too daunting !

Wrapping Up Unboxing the Latest Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures

Unboxing the latest Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures was an exciting experience indeed! The set of five figures were all expertly packaged in the well-known Funko Pop box with the distinctive art style and vibrant colors.

Once we began to unbox each figure, we were treated to some of our favorite characters from the series, including Eren Yeager (scowling but determined), Armin Arlert (pensive but thoughtful) and Levi Ackerman (calm, cool and collected). Each figure was adorned with a removable capelet or cloak that added a nice bit of detail to them. We loved how true-to-life each character looked when compared to their real counterparts from the popular anime series.

The detail on these items is truly remarkable. The attention to detail and accuracy of each character’s facial expressions, hairstyles and overall design allow for an incredibly immersive experience as you recreate your favourite scenes from Attack on Titan in miniature form. Not only this, but every single piece has been crafted to represent these beloved characters in their utmost splendor – no details spared!

Overall, these Attack on Titan Funko Pop Figures are an absolute must have for any fan of this widely acclaimed franchise. They feature excellent paintwork which has been applied with smooth, precise lines; dynamic sculpting which captures not just a character’s poses but also their emotions; fun accessories such as capes or swords; and lastly a sturdy construction which ensures they won’t slide off shelves too easily! So whether you’re buying them for yourself or as gifts – these figures make great additions to anyone’s collection!

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