Unboxing the Adorable Pikachu Funko Pop: A Guide to the Cuteness!

Unboxing the Adorable Pikachu Funko Pop: A Guide to the Cuteness! 2019

Introduction to the Pikachu Funko Pop

Pikachu, an iconic character from the Pokemon franchise, is now getting its own Funko Pop toy. The Funko Pop Pikachu will be a highly-collectible item for any fan of the beloved pocket monster. The figure stands approximately three and three-quarters inches tall, with a head sculpted to look just like the adorable yellow mouse seen in the games and anime series. Decked out in vibrant colors, this Funko Pop is sure to stand out among your other figures if you’re looking to add some cute flare to your shelf.

The attention-to-detail seen on this figure accurately captures some of Pikachu’s most distinctive features, such as its eyes, ears and tail. Looking closer at the face of the figure, it boasts an adorably scowling expression that can only be described as classic ‘Pikachu’ – perfect for capturing that unmistakable charm that has made Pikachu so popular all these years! Furthermore, it even carries a Pokeball logo base for easy display when not being actively used or collected upon by fans.

This Pikachu Funko Pop may be small in size but it certainly packs plenty of personality into its limited dimensions – making it an ideal choice for those who want to add Pikachu to their Toy Collection without having something too large or cumbersome occupying their shelves! So don’t miss out on your chance to grab one – because this cutie won’t last long!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Unlock the Secret Pikachu Funko Pop

Unlocking the Secret Pikachu Funko Pop is no easy feat. But if you’re a true Funko fan, you know that theeffort you put in to get your hands on this collectible is well worth it!

If it’s not already in your possession, here’s a step-by-step guide to unlocking the Secret Pikachu Funko Pop and adding it to your ever-growing collection:

Step 1: Make sure that you keep a close eye on online stores like Amazon or eBay. As soon as they announce they have any new releases of Pikachus (or any other characters) make sure that if there’s one likely to be hidden then make sure you snap it up quickly! This will ensure that nobody else gets their hands on the secret pop before you do.

Step 2: Whilst searching through traditional locations, such as shop floors and eBay listings – make sure to monitor obscure places too. Look out for auctions taking place on Facebook selling groups or independent resellers at conventions and flea markets etc.

Step 3: Always make sure to research heavily into any purchases of secret Funkos before committing. Check what other stores are selling them for and compare prices – if something seems too good (or bad!) To be true then tread carefully! Rare limited edition pops should include either individual numbers or dates imprinted somewhere on them but sometimes even full sets can have never been seen before characters included in them so take extra care with those sorts of purchases. If you spot anyone doing suspiciously low offers on these products then avoid at all costs – they might be fakes!

Step 4: Don’t forget about check out exclusive events for certain collections – companies often display Pop figures exclusively at certain conventions/exclusive meetups where likes-minded people come together just for their love of collecting things like this so be prepared attend these sort events too!

Step 5: Finally, once you think you’ve struck gold with an elusive Pikachu crossing your path – don’t go wild… Not yet anyway! Despite potentially finding things rarer than normal retail pops – always make sure to double check by comparing against existing pictures from previous sales elsewhere before pulling the trigger. It could save you immense hassle if something turns out not as advertised later down the line… And who knows – maybe even increase its value further?!

So there we have it fans – our trusty step-by-step guide which gives us an insight into unlocking the Secret Pikachu Funko Pop figure. And now that we know how unique & special these indeed are; let’s vow never to underestimate what mischief our new little buddy can conjure up again shall we?

FAQs about Collecting Pikachu Funko Pop

What are Funko Pop?

Funko Pop (short for “Funko POP! “) figures are a series of collectible vinyl figurines created by the toy company, Funko. These highly detailed figures usually feature popular characters from movies, TV shows, video games, comic books and cartoons. They have become incredibly popular in recent years, with millions of collectors around the world completing their collections.

Where can I buy Pikachu Funko Pop?

You can find Pikachu Funko Pop figures at many local retail stores as well as online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. You can also visit official Funko websites to search for any variants that may exist.

How much do Pikachu Funko Pop Figures Cost?

The prices of individual Pikaachu Funko Pops vary greatly depending on the rarity and condition of the figure. Common figures tend to sell in the range of $10-$20 USD while rare or exclusive ones can fetch upwards of $150 USD or more. It pays to do your research before you buy so that you know if you’re getting a better deal or if it’s best to avoid certain versions in favor of others.

Are there different versions/variants of Pikachu Funko Pops?

Yes! There have been several different variants released through time ranging from common color variants like gold and silver metallic versions to limited edition exclusives like Gotta Catch ‘Em All releases and Comic-Con merchandise packs. With so many versions out there it’s important to be careful when shopping around so you get exactly what you need for your collection.

Do I need to store my Pikachu Funkos in a special way?

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Best Places to Buy the Pikachu Funko Pop

Real anime fans know that there is no shortage of great merchandise with their favorite characters. That’s why if you’re a fan of Pikachu, you have to look into getting a Funko Pop figure as well. But where should you buy one? Well, here are some of the top places to buy the Pikachu Funko Pop:

1. Hot Topic – Of course, Hot Topic should be your first stop when shopping for any type of Funko Pop figure. They have an impressive selection of all sorts of characters in the franchise and often run discounts on certain models or collections. Plus, they typically restock popular figures quickly after sell-outs!

2. GameStop – Because they specialize in gaming merchandise, they also sponsored a few releases from the Pokemon franchise rather recently. The best part? You can find them exclusive to the store! Plus, if it’s not enough to just have one copy in hand, with each order from their online shop comes free shipping!

3. Amazon – Amazon is one of those all-inclusive online retails stores for pretty much anything and everything imaginable nowadays–including Pokemon Funko Pops. Often times, purchases also come with Prime Shipping, which ensures quick delivery times without dropping any more coins than necessary on top of your order total itself! It’s honestly impossible to leave empty-handed when browsing this shop!

4. Target – Although naturally Fox McCloud is everyone’s favorite hooligan pilot, Target has countless other titles within the fandom’s lines up available for purchase and often delivers even further savings via coupons or deals today and weekly specials too–so keep an eye out whenever heading over to grab something new!

5. Walmart – Walmart has made headway in having plenty of options for shoppers looking for something unique regarding news about Pokémon games and figurines as well as exclusive promotions like “Babe of the Day” bundles (check out this Sunday!). Those looking for Pikachu items should know that Walmart keeps plenty copies at hand with exciting discounts from time-to-time too—so be sure not pass this shop up if looking for some serious savings at last minute buys!

Top 5 Facts about Pikachu Funko Pop You Should Know

Pikachu Funko Pop is a popular collectible figure among fans of the classic cartoon series, Pokémon. It has quickly become a symbol of pop culture and a must-have addition to any collection of Funko Pops. Here are 5 facts about Pikachu Funko Pop that you should definitely know:

1. Pikachu was the first character in the Pokémon universe to get his own Funko Pop. When it was released in 2019, it was an instant hit with fans who not only wanted to buy this iconic figure but also showcase their commitment to the series. This made it one of the most popular figures from the entire range!

2. The Pikachu Funko Pop has its own variations, including limited edition exclusives as well as ‘shiny’ versions (which have different colors for each Pokemon – this version was extremely rare). This just goes to show how much attention and care had been put into creating these figures!

3. Every single Pikachu Funko Pop comes with an accessory – whether it be lightning bolts on his hands or sparks coming out of his cheeks, these small additions add so much personality and detail to the product that can’t help but draw admiration from anyone who looks at them.

4. Despite being one of the smaller figures in terms of size, Pikachu’s tail is actually proportionally larger than other pokemon – making him appear larger overall than he actually is when compared to other Pokémon which have similar sizes but far less noticeable tails!

5. Last but not least, there are even special glowing multi-colored versions exclusive to special events – usually worth higher in value due to their rarity! These glow-in-the-dark designs have always been very sought after by collectors looking to truly stand out with their figurine collections!

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