Unboxing and Collecting Iron Maiden Funko Pop Figures!

Unboxing and Collecting Iron Maiden Funko Pop Figures! 2017

Introduction to Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection

Iron Maiden is one of the most iconic British rock bands of all time and now their legendary figures are available in Pop! form through a new Funko Pop collection. The range features some of the group’s most recognizable figures, including frontman Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris and guitarist Adrian Smith as well as other familiar faces from the Iron Maiden discography.

The collection celebrates the music and artistry of this beloved band by capturing their signature looks with authentic detail and lifelike features. Each iconic figure stands 3 ¾ inches tall, ensuring that it is perfect for any Beatles fan to display on their shelf or keep hidden away in a cupboard.

From Eddie’s zombified visage — taken from Eddie Rips Up Tokyo!, an original painting by artist Derek Riggs commissioned specifically for Iron Maiden’s 1983 single Aces High — to Bruce Dickinson in his steampunk-inspired outfits at various world tours during his tenure with Iron Maiden between 1981–1993, every member of the band is immortalized remarkably accurately here. These stunning collectibles make excellent gifts for family members or friends who share a passion for heavy metal music and an eye for fine art.

So what are you waiting for? Get your very own piece of history today by purchasing these limited edition Pop figurines while they still last — they’re sure to be a hit among fans of any age!

How to Unbox Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection Step by Step

Unboxing Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection is sure to be an exciting experience for any fan of the classic heavy metal band. The collection features seven characters from their iconic album covers, each designed to celebrate the band’s classic sound and style. Whether you’re a diehard collector or just looking for something original to show off in your home or office, unboxing this collection is the perfect way to get started.

Step 1: Unpack Your Collection – Before doing anything else, take your time to carefully unpack the Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection. Each piece is individually packaged in a plastic sleeve with a unique artwork on it that captures the essence of each character within the set. It’s important that you keep all of these separate and safe so that you can properly display them later on.

Step 2: Identify Each Piece – Once unpacked, take some time to identify each Funko Pop figure by referencing the official product images provided by Funko themselves or using sites like Google Images. This will help you confirm which pieces you have as well as make sure they are in good condition before arranging them in a fitting display configuration.

Step 3: Create Your Display – After identifying all pieces in your collection, decide how best to arrange them into a suitable display around where they will be kept (e.g., shelf). Make sure there’s enough space between each figurine so that no two pieces are touching each other when viewed from the front—this will ensure that their unique design details can be fully appreciated when showcased together!

Step 4: Complete & Enjoy – Once you’ve created your Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection display, it’s time to sit back and admire your work! Whether placed above a desk at work or proudly standing on its own living room shelf, there’s no doubt this highly detailed set will add an extra level of excitement wherever its placed!

Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection FAQ

What is the Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection?

The Iron Maiden Funko Pop collection is a series of vinyl figures based on the iconic heavy metal group, Iron Maiden. The collection includes 8 unique figures each capturing a unique pose and stylization that fans of the band will find familiar including mascot Eddie as well as classic members of the group. Fans can collect all 8 characters to complete their Iron Maiden-inspired Funko Pop! Collection.

When did the Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection become available?

The Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection was first released in November 2020 to celebrate 40 years since the release of their debut album.

Where is it available?

The Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection is available online via various retailers including Amazon, Hot Topic and Box Lunch, as well as at select physical stores around North America, Europe and Oceania. Additionally, they are also available directly from Funko’s official website in limited quantities.

How much does it cost?

Prices for this collection vary depending on where you purchase your item but generally range between $10 to $20 USD per figure.

Top 5 Fun Facts about the Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection

1. The Iron Maiden Funko Pop collection includes figures of Eddie, the band’s iconic mascot. This figure features Iron Maiden’s rich legacy, legendary live shows, and intense music in vinyl form! Each figurine is known for its unique details, such as expressive eyes and a ruggedly-stylized uniform that pays homage to the group’s heavy metal roots.

2. The original line of Funkos released in 2017 was inspired by live performances from the 1980s era of Iron Maiden’s career and included iconic figures like Eddie clutching the microphone or playing guitar on stage – plus trusty sidekick Fear of the Dark Eddie or Trooper Eddie complete with Vickers Machine Gun!

3. The best-selling Iron Maiden Pop Vinyl is undoubtedly Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington Stage Variant Ed that looks just like a young Bruce Dickinson in full flight onstage! The figure features an impressive sculpted rendition of his signature red hair along with both guitar picks stuck between his fingers creating an unforgettable air-guitar moment everyone can enjoy looking at!

4. There are also more subtle surprises waiting among this collection like Drowned Zombie Eddie found in select stores earlier this year – as featured on their album Brave New World – or Piecing Together Varient Eduardo which presents him Rock Paper Scissors pose with gnarly face expression…the list goes on and on!

5. Last but not least – there will be a brand NEW Eddie released soon featuring him playing bass guitar against a backdrop of other iconic stage elements from Iron Maiden’s long history – how cool is THAT?!

Where to Buy Iron Maiden Funko Pops and What Sets are Available

Iron Maiden Funko Pops are a great way to show off your love for this legendary heavy metal band. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you the perfect chance to add a little rock n’ roll flair to your collection. From classic Fear of the Dark Eddie to an aged version of Number of the Beast Eddie, these vinyl figures bring Iron Maiden’s music alive in plastic form. If you’re looking for the best place to find style-conscious Iron Maiden Funko Pops, then look no further: here’s where and what pops you can buy today!

The most readily available set is shared by GameStop and Hot Topic retail stores. These three-packs include Fear of the Dark Eddie, Ed Hunter Eddie, as well as a hooded figure based off Trooper bassist Steve Harris. Of course there’s also single copies available online or in stores like Target. These solo figures come with their own accessories and background scenarios that are sure to delight any fan of Iron Maiden.

As far as other sets go, there is an exclusive two-pack that includes pieces inspired by Derek Riggs’ artwork featured on both The Number Of The Beast and Seventh Son albums. One pack contains an Eternal Idol singer with two gigantic wings while the other offers up an old school Seventh Son Edward figure with surprisingly small wings (for an angel). Best Buy has another exclusive set featuring Brave New World Eddie holding his Union Jack shield from ‘Brave New World’ album cover art along with Women In Uniform bassist Steve Harris who stands over 6 inches tall!

For those looking for something more unique there is Amazon Exclusive Special Edition Metal Music Moments collection which brings together all four members of Iron Maiden Mark I formation when they released their self titled debut album in 1979— Paul DiAnno (lead vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Steve Harris (bass) and Clive Burr (drums). As an extra special treat specific details like era appropriate tattoos, piercings and clothing make the puzzle piece “history” especially evident when pieced together. With detailed paintwork capturing vintage brown Denim jackets from Paul DiAnno as well as green military flight suit donned by Big Dave Murry just makes this magnificent six inch pop set a must have for diehard fans of this iconic lineup!

Summary of the Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection

The Iron Maiden Funko Pop Collection is a set of officially licensed figurines produced by the popular collectables company. It features 6 figures that are all inspired by the classic heavy metal band Iron Maiden, and covers a range of their iconic albums, characters and artwork. The collection includes three Eddie figures; one wearing his 1984 ‘Piece of Mind’ costume, another with his look from ‘The Final Frontier’ album artwork and lastly as seen on ‘Somewhere in Time’. Fans can also bring home miniature versions of Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie dressed in his trooper outfit for the ‘Live After Death Tour – World Slavery Tour’. As well as two Funko’s exclusive variations – both sculpted to represent music from 1980’s Iron Maiden classic albums such as “Iron Maiden” and “Killers” The collection captures an impressive depth of detail, representing the original designs originally created by bass player/vocalist Steve Harris right down to little pieces like guitar picks being placed at Eddie’s feet! Fans can now own collectible versions of some of their favourite band members and also express their love for the music they have loved since childhood. All-in-all this iron maiden Funko pop collection is perfectly suited to any fan of the veteran British rockers and any collector of rare memorabilia. Whether it be recreating classic live performances or simply arranging them around your display cabinet – these miniature figures will be a fantastic addition to your music themed shelf!

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