Unbox the Fun of the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022!

Unbox the Fun of the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022! Uncategorized

What Is a Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 and How Is it Different from a Regular Advent Calendar?

A Funko Pop Advent Calendar is essentially a special holiday tradition calendar that is decked out in the iconic “Pop-style” of Funko Pops. Every day, beginning December 1st and up to Christmas Eve, you can open a new window revealing a different mini collectible figure to add to your collection. Instead of traditional chocolates or sweets like with a standard Advent Calendar, each slot is filled with a surprise miniature vinyl toy from popular franchises including Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more.

The main difference between a Funko Pop Advent Calendar and regular one lies in ease of use– since these are vinyl figures instead of edible treats – which makes them ideal for kids who want to start building their own growing collections. Even adults may enjoy adding some exclusive character pieces to their collection during the festive season as well! Furthermore, unlike regular Advent Calendars which usually have static designs that only change over time as slots are opened up – this type of calendar functions like a box filled with pieces within its overall design. Each piece reveals another layer underneath to bring it closer towards its eventual festive reveals! As such, it is both an aesthetically pleasing product and one that unlock layers upon layers the closer you come towards Christmas Day — something few other advent calendars can offer!

Unboxing the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022: Sealed Box Contents

Ah, the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 – the perfect way to count down till Christmas! Imagine waking up each day in December and unwrapping a surprise Pop figure from this exciting box. It’s sure to get your holiday spirits going. But before popping it open, let’s take a look at what exactly is inside this mysterious box.

The Funko Pop Advent Calendar measures 12x16x5 inches and contains 24 individually packed blind boxes with sealed contents you won’t know until you open it. Each of these Packages contain one exclusively designed mystery standard-sized 3 3/4 – 4 inch figures related to fans’ favorite characters from movies, TV shows, animation and comics. With both fan favorites spanning the entire landscape of pop culture as well as exclusive designs that pay homage to origin stories, you’re guaranteed to get something special every day!

This holiday season enjoy discovering some of your favorite characters while they are wrapped up in festive holiday attire. What type of figures can we expect? Will it be a hoodie wearing Thor or Groot with christmas lights on his head? The possibilities are truly endless! And don’t forget about other festive surprises that could be inside; collectively finding out your gifts every morning when opening a mystery box will make everyone around even merrier!

So let’s make this Christmas extra magical by picking up your own assembled Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022! Be ready for puzzles buried with each toy locked away in the world where all collections begin – within those sealed contents awaiting your guilty pleasure….unboxing the Funko Pop advent calendar couldn’t be better anticipate anticipation!

Taking Apart the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 to Reveal Whats Inside

As Funko Pop Advent calendars have become ever more popular, people are naturally curious to see what surprises await inside! Luckily, you don’t have to wait until December 1st to find out. Taking apart the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 provides a sneak peek at the holiday treats that await you this season.

The calendar itself is 24 different figurines beginning with a Santa-clad Jack Skellington on door one and ending with festive Mickey Mouse on door 24. In between, some of your favorite characters from films, games, TV shows and more will make their way into your home as part of this fun and exciting tradition.

Inside each door of the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 lies a mystery — what cool character will be revealed when you open it? Will it be R2D2 from Star Wars? Olaf from Frozen? Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian? You won’t know until you start opening those doors!

Opening each box is like going on an adventure to uncover hidden treasure! Each little figurine (approximately 3 inches in size) comes individually wrapped so that it remains a surprise until the very end. The sculpting detail and vibrant colors help bring these unique characters to life as they take their rightful place among your other collectibles.

If you love collecting and displaying Funko Pops then getting the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 is a must for your collection! Some may argue that tearing the cardboard apart defeats the purpose of the experience but what better way to get excited about December than finding out all of these amazing surprises earlier than expected? So if you want a glimpse into this year’s holiday fun – grab an advent calendar and start taking it apart today!

Guide to Identifying Each Item in the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022

Welcome to this guide to identify each item in the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022! As a huge fan of pop culture and collectible figures, I know that the Funko Advent calendar is one of the most exciting things about the holiday season. It gives you a chance to open up little boxes throughout December revealing which characters are hidden inside. But what if you don’t recognize all the characters right away? How can you easily identify each item in your calendar?

Well, not to worry – there’s an easy way to do just that! Here’s my step-by-step guide on how to read your Funko Pop Advent Calendar and determine which characters are included:

1. Check out Funko’s website or app – Many of the same figures from Funko’s line of products (e.g., POP!, Dorbz, Rock Candy, etc) should be listed in their catalogue as well. Simply search for “Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022” on their website or mobile app and check for matching images.

2. Search other online retailers – if Friends, Megazords, Baby Yoda or any other exclusive items are included with the calendar than they may not be listed in conventional stores such as Amazon and Walmart. However your best bet would be searching major toy retailers such as Target and Toysrus who tend to list them separately alongside other items they sell e.g; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows Pop Vinyl 2 Pack by FunKo

3. Look up product numbers (UPC) – If there’s no official listing yet then another great resource to identify individual figures is eBay Or The Fwoosh (Two great resources). This involves searching item UPC numbers printed on the bottom of each box/figure packaging which will often provide insight into what character it is e.g; Power rangers Green Ranger Dorbz 3 inch Vinyl Figure by FunKo # 889698410584

4. Follow social media & blogs – If there’s still no definitive answer using either method above then following discussion forums such as Reddit or individual blogs discussing releases from major companies like Funko can help clarify things further e .g; Marvel Avengers Endgame Rocket Raccoon Dorbz 11cm Collectible Figure By FunKo With Instruction Sheet # 840391108343

And with that you should now have everything needed for an extremely informed purchase decision when it comes time decide whether or not these pop vinyl figures are worth investing in this upcoming Holiday season! Thanks again for reading my guide on Identifying Each Item in the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 and I hope this has been helpful!

FAQs About the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022

What Is the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022?

The Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 is an exciting new way to get your hands on some of the latest and most sought-after Pop figures available. It provides a unique surprise each day as it counts down to Christmas, with 24 different Pops for you to enjoy throughout December. Each day will be a special event in itself, allowing fans to build up their own perfect collection for the season.

What Is Included In The Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022?

The Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 contains exclusive and never-before-seen Pops including classic characters as well as brand new additions from across all genres of television, movies, music, sports and games. This year’s calendars also include some rare chase variants that are sure to delight all fans!

Where Can I Purchase The Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022?

The calendar can be pre-ordered online directly through official Funko retailers or purchased instore at popular video game and toy stores around the world. Make sure to visit our website to find out which retailers near you are stocking this must-have item!

How Does the Countdown Work?

The Funko Pop Advent Calendar starts on December 1st and continues until December 24th when all 24 pops have been revealed. On each day prior to Christmas Day, you’ll get a surprise pop figure reveal. That’s one new gift every single day as we countdown towards the big reveal!

Opens every morning at midnight eastern time (UTC -4)

Do I Need To Buy More Than One To Complete My Collection?

No – with 24 incredible pops included in each pack you don’t need multiple calendars to cover any gaps in your collection. All of the figures are carefully chosen so pick one up for an instant perfect set without having to buy another product!

Top 5 Facts You Didnt Know About the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022

1. The Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 brings 24 days of surprises to kick start your holiday cheer! It is packed with the most exciting way you can bring the Funko Pop universe into your home for the holidays.

2. This edition of the Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 includes a special PX Exclusive Furrytail, which captures all of the magical cuddly characters from this fun and festive collection. This super-sized fun and fuzzy surprise makes it extra special, perfect for every fan of fuzziness throughout December!

3. Along with its colorful characters, this all-new series includes a unique tree-shaped design that comes with each mystery pocket. Behind each pocket lies an exciting new figure or accessory to help you build out your own perfect collection over the course of Decmeber!

4. Funko Pop’s 2020 advent calendar was tiny in size compared to previous years but not to worry – For 2022 they’ve gone big for an even bigger reveal! The pop culture icons vary in pliable features and intricate detailing – From figures inspired by movies, television shows and video games to adorable animals – Get ready for some serious unboxing fun this festive season either alone or with friends and family.

5. For those who want to take their fandom experience up a notch – You can also level up by pre-ordering additional packages from different categories such as Marvel Superheroes, Disney Princesses, Rick & Morty Characters and more! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get ready to rock around the Christmas countdown as we unbox these amazing collectibles in anticipation of our favorite time of year!

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