Touchdown in Your Collection: The Jerry Rice Funko Pop is Here!

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The Step by Step Guide to Making Your Own Jerry Rice Funko Pop: DIY Fun!

If you’re a fan of Funko Pop figurines and also happen to be a fan of the iconic former NFL player Jerry Rice, then you’re in luck! In this step by step guide, we’ll show you how to make your very own custom Jerry Rice Funko Pop.

Materials you will need:
– A plain white Funko Pop
– Acrylic paint (red, white, and black)
– Paintbrushes (small and medium sized)
– Clear coat spray paint
– Paper towels
– Water cup for cleaning brushes

Step 1: Choose your reference image
Before getting started with painting your new Jerry Rice figure, it’s important that you choose an excellent reference image. This not only ensures that you get all the details right but also helps to keep everything proportional.

Step 2: Prep your Funko Pop
First up is prepping the figure. Wipe off any dust or grime put it on a surface that is easy to work around.

Step 3: Start with the Base Coat
Start things off by painting the jersey white while leaving blank spots for his number which will come next. Use our reference image as your guide line!

Step 4: Details Time!
Now comes the exciting part – adding in those details! Begin by painting light grey rectangles which were made according to our reference picture lastly outline it with black lines and place them where they belong over his jersey. In order to make sure that the numbers are as straight as possible try using thin tape whilst outlining.

Next comes his name & number on his back(side), use red acrylic paint for this step make sure its not too thick since layering will happen next.

Step 5: More Layers
This time we create shapes projecting from Rice’s shoulders onto his sleeves like what appears on his original uniform when he once played for San Francisco.We recommend starting with lighter shades so there is room for layering if needed. The white you’ve used can be the base coat and then use light reds to reach the right shade.

Step 6: Final touches
In this step you’ll paint his skin tones and face! It’s important to start very light,to match his complexion while adding darker layers on top in order to get a better shaped nose image etc.

Once everything is dry, clear coat spray it for the perfect finish.
Voila! Your homemade Jerry Rice Funko Pop is ready to display at home for all visitors to marvel over! This activity not only shows off artistic skills but also adds personality in terms of decorating space!

Frequently Asked Questions about Jerry Rice Funko Pop – Answered

Funko Pops have become the ultimate collectible of pop-culture enthusiasts, featuring iconic individuals from various industries such as movies, sports, comics, and more. A newly-released Funko Pop exclusive features one of the NFL’s all-time greatest players; Jerry Rice.

For those who are unaware of who Jerry Rice is, he is a retired professional football player who played in the NFL for 20 seasons. During his career, he broke numerous records and won multiple awards including three Super Bowls. With that being said, let’s get into some frequently asked questions regarding the Jerry Rice Funko Pop.

Q: What makes the Jerry Rice Funko Pop so special?

A: The Jerry Rice Funko Pop showcases the amazing likeness of this legendary football player with great attention to detail. It has perfect shaping straight from his iconic position on the field: running downfield to catch another touchdown pass!

Q: Does this Funko Pop come in any special edition or variant colors?

A: Unfortunately, at present there is no variance or other special edition released for this item. As always though with these types of collectibles patience pays off – stay alert as more news on upcoming updates to this collectible will surely be announced soon enough!

Q: How much does Jerry Rice’s Funko Pop cost?

A: The price can vary depending on where you purchase it but typically ranges between $10-$15. Due to its popularity however prices may fluctuate – best way keep up-to-date prices is by following us here at Team Funko.

Q: Is this an official NFC-licensed product?

A: Absolutely! This particular item comes licensed and certified by none other than NFC (National Football League). Meaning for collectors out there – you can breathe easy knowing your cherished item comes backed and authenticated by one of America’s most respected sporting bodies.

Q: Can I put my Jerry Rice Funko Pop inside a display case or is it okay to leave it out of the box?

A: This is a personal preference but generally, when looking to both preserve and maximize value of collectibles such as this, storing them within their boxes can be a smart move. But don’t worry, either way would work – whatever you find helps showcase your prized item best!

Q: Will there be any more NFL-themed Funko Pops coming soon?

A: There are always rumors circulating within Team Funko about upcoming releases featuring icons from across every genre. While we cannot give away specific details just yet, rest assured that new releases are in the pipeline and will undoubtedly include more legends from the world of NFL.

In conclusion, the Jerry Rice Funko Pop is something that NFL lovers and collectors should definitely add to their collection. With its impressive design and significance captured perfectly in vinyl format; there’s no end to how much fun it will bring into your life!

Top 5 Most Surprising Facts About the Jerry Rice Funko Pop That You Need to Know

As one of the greatest football players of all time, Jerry Rice is a name that resonates with fans around the world. So when Funko decided to release a Jerry Rice Funko Pop collectible figure, fans were thrilled at the chance to celebrate their favorite player in vinyl form. But what most people don’t realize is that there are some surprising facts about this Funko Pop that will leave collectors reeling.

Here are the top 5 most surprising facts about the Jerry Rice Funko Pop:

1. It’s Not Just a Regular Release

While many NFL players have been immortalized in Funko form over the years, not all of them get a special edition release like Jerry Rice. The Jerry Rice Funko Pop was actually released as part of an exclusive set for and comes complete with a fan-dedicated sticker on its box.

2. The Pose Is Unique

If you’re familiar with other Funko Pops, you know that they often feature characters in classic poses or iconic moments from movies or television shows. But while Jerry Rice certainly has his fair share of iconic poses on the football field, this particular pose isn’t based on any specific moment from his career but rather made up specifically for this Figurine.

3. There Are Only A Limited Number Of Pieces available

If you’re looking for this particular Figurine retail stores; it is important to note that only 2000 units were produced worldwide making it one of rarer NFL-themed releases thus far! That being said, prices can vary depending on where you find it so be sure to scout out your options before committing to a purchase.

4. Its Helmet Is Extra Special

One major detail that sets apart this Figurine from others in the line is its helmet design customised to match San Francisco’s home colors back when Rice played for them and then topped off with an autograph from rice himself which makes just that much more special.

5. As With All Funko Pops, It’s Filled with Easater Eggs

Finally, true to form for all Funko Pops no matter the edition, this Jerry Rice Figurine hides its own surprises. If you take a closer look at the jersey number on this collectible figure, you’ll find that it’s actually his total numbers of receptions throughout his legendary career.

In closing, every Jerry Rice fan deserves their own copy of this excitingly rare and unique collectible featuring one of the greatest football players in history. Now that you know these top 5 surprising facts about Jerry Rice Funko Pop you can have a deeper appreciation for it when adding it to your collection.

Collecting Jerry Rice Funko Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Best Deals

Jerry Rice is a living legend in football, and it’s no wonder that his fans are always on the lookout for unique collectibles to celebrate his legacy. With Funko Pops being all the rage these days, it’s only appropriate to add Jerry Rice Funko Pops to your personal collection if you’re serious about collecting memorabilia of this iconic athlete.

In this article, we’ll guide you through some tips and tricks for collecting Jerry Rice Funko Pops and give you insider information to make sure you get the best deals when shopping!

1) Research Before You Buy:

Before jumping blindly into buying Jerry Rice Funko Pops online or at your local stores, make sure you do your research. Sometimes there are limited edition releases of special designs, and being aware of them beforehand can increase your chances of getting one before they run out of stock.

You can follow social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram that share updates on upcoming release dates or visit reputable websites like Pop Price Guide for accurate valuation estimates.

2) Check Multiple Retailers:

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just one retailer when searching for Jerry Rice Funkos! Usually sold by retailers like Amazon or Target, checking multiple places could save you some money.

Compare prices among various options and be mindful of possible shipping costs. Additionally, different merchants can provide exclusive variants that might not be available anywhere else.

3) Opt For Pre-Orders:

If there’s an upcoming release that’s already announced (usually months in advance), pre-ordering would be a wise move. Many retailers offer pre-orders as soon as designs are made public without actually revealing what the figure will look like until closer to release date that drives hype from fans.

Not only does this reserve your item ahead of time but also usually guarantees lower pricing than during regular sales.

4) Be Patient For Sales Events:

Another option is waiting out for discounts such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday to grab Jerry Rice Funko Pops at a steal. These events provide many retailers big opportunities to clean their inventory leading to heavy price cuts on collectibles.

5) Keep Boxes In Good Condition:

Lastly, as an avid collector of Jerry Rice Funko Pops, it’s essential to treat your figures with care and store them in good condition. Maintaining the packaging can surely help holding or potentially increasing their value that goes for all collectibles.

Ensure that you keep them in a cool, dry place where they won’t be exposed to dust and sunlight so you could enjoy them years down the road.

In conclusion, adding Jerry Rice Funko Pops is a must for any football fan looking to expand their collection. These tips would come in handy when deciding whether to purchase one, and leave no regrets after you do. Happy collecting!

Discovering the History of Jerry Rice through his Funko Pop Collection

Jerry Rice is undoubtedly one of the greatest football players in history. With numerous accolades to his name, including being named as the NFL’s All-Time leading receiver and a three-time Super Bowl champion, it’s no wonder that he is considered a legend by many. But have you ever wondered what else there is to know about this iconic athlete? Well, look no further than his Funko Pop collection!

For those who are not familiar with the world of Funko Pops, these are adorable vinyl figurines that depict characters from movies, TV shows, video games and even real-life people like Jerry Rice. They have become incredibly popular in recent years and are well-known for their distinct bobblehead-like design.

Jerry Rice’s Funko Pop collection does not disappoint in terms of its diversity and historical significance. The collection includes seven different figures capturing various moments throughout his illustrious career. From his beginnings with the San Francisco 49ers to his final season with the Denver Broncos, each figure tells a unique story about Jerry Rice’s impact on the game of football.

The first figurine in Rice’s collection depicts him wearing his iconic San Francisco 49ers jersey #80 – a number that has since been retired by the team in honor of his contributions to their success over the years. In addition to this staple piece, there are also several other figures depicting him in different uniforms such as those of the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks.

But it’s not just the different jerseys that make these figurines special – they also celebrate some of Rice’s most memorable achievements on the field. For example, one figure captures him holding up three fingers – representing his three Super Bowl victories with both the 49ers and Raiders respectively.

Another Funko Pop highlights an iconic moment from Rice’s record-breaking 1994 season when he set an incredible record for most receiving yards (1,848) in a single season – a record that stood for over 20 years until it was broken by Calvin Johnson in 2012.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Jerry Rice’s Funko Pop collection is not the individual pieces themselves, but what they represent as a whole. Each figure tells a unique story and offers a glimpse into the career of one of the greatest athletes of all time.

In conclusion, discovering the history of Jerry Rice through his Funko Pop collection offers an entertaining and clever way to learn more about this legendary sportsman. From his early beginnings with the San Francisco 49ers to his dominance on the field during his final years, every piece in this collection helps us understand what made Jerry Rice such an incredible athlete – and why he continues to be celebrated and remembered today.

All you need to know about Limited Editions and Rare Versions of Jerry Rice Funko Pop

Funko Pop figures have become all the rage in recent years, and for good reason. These adorable little figurines are fun, collectible, and come in a variety of unique designs. Jerry Rice Funko Pop figures, in particular, have become highly sought after by collectors and fans alike.

But did you know there are also limited edition and rare versions of Jerry Rice Funko Pops? That’s right – some of these little guys are harder to find than others. Here’s everything you need to know about limited editions and rare versions of Jerry Rice Funko Pops.

First off, let’s define what we mean by “limited edition.” Limited edition means that only a certain number of a particular item will be produced. In the case of Funko Pops, this might mean that only 1,000 or 5,000 figurines will be made with a specific design or color scheme.

So why would anyone want a limited edition or rare version of a Jerry Rice Funko Pop? Well, for one thing – they’re often highly coveted by collectors. A rare version can be worth much more than its standard counterpart.

One example of a limited edition Jerry Rice Funko Pop is the NFL Legends chrome variant. This figurine features Rice in his San Francisco 49ers uniform with a shiny silver finish. Only 3,000 pieces were made worldwide.

Another example is the Hall of Fame exclusive variant. This version was released exclusively at the Pro Football Hall of Fame during induction weekend in 2019. It featured Rice wearing his gold Hall of Fame jacket and holding up his iconic Super Bowl trophy.

There are even rarer versions out there – like the signed Jerry Rice Funko Pop figure that was sold at his autograph signing events. These incredibly sought-after items were individually signed by Rice himself and are now extremely difficult to find.

So if you’re looking to add some extra special items to your Jerry Rice Funko Pop collection, keep an eye out for limited editions and rare versions. Not only are they unique and harder to find, but they also make great conversation pieces. Plus – who knows? Maybe one day they’ll be worth a small fortune!

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