The Wonder of Collecting: A Guide to Funko Pop Wonder Woman

The Wonder of Collecting: A Guide to Funko Pop Wonder Woman 2017

Introduction to the Wonder Woman Funko Pop Collection

When it comes to superheroes, none have had a greater impact than Wonder Woman. As one of the world’s most beloved and iconic comic book characters, fans have been curious about what she can do since her debut in the 1940s. And now, with a vast collection of collectibles from Funko Pop!, fandom can finally experience Wonder Woman in all her magnificent glory!

Funko Pop! is known for their incredibly detailed lines of figurines that capture some of our favorite pop culture icons like Batman and Star Wars characters. But with the latest range of Wonder Woman figures based on DC Comics original classic look, they’ve really outdone themselves this time! Each figure stands 3¾ inches tall and has intricate details like rooted hair and an outfit modeled after Gal Gadot’s stunning costume in the 2017 movie.

What makes these figures stand out even more are their unique accessories. All figurines include different items such as sword and shield sets, lassos, outfits based on comic books old and new, golden crowns inspired by ancient Greek princesses – it’s easy to forget you’re looking at toys! With so many options available, there’s sure to be something for everyone who loves the Amazonian Warrior Princess.

Wonder Woman fans will also appreciate how Funko has taken the time to create each figure with precision. They used actual frames from digital scans from those featured in DC Comics – ensuring each model is as accurate as possible – making it truly an exceptional collector’s item meant to be admired from every angle. It’s almost impossible not to fall head over heels for these lovely little reproductions that bring our heroine off comic pages for once into real three-dimensional life! So don’t hesitate any longer – bring home your very own piece(s) of fictional history today: your very own Wonder Woman Funko Pop Collection!

How To Collect Wonder Woman Funko Pops Step-By-Step

Collecting Wonder Woman Funko Pops can be a fun and rewarding way to show your love for the iconic heroine. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the character or new to her world, starting your collection is easy as long as you know what figures are available, where to find them, and how much they cost. To help get you started, here’s how to collect Wonder Woman Funko Pops step-by-step.

1. Determine Your Budget: Before beginning your collection, it’s important to determine how much you’re willing and able to spend on Pop Figures. This will ensure that you don’t overspend when shopping for Funko Pops and also help define what figures you should target while browsing stores or online retailers.

2. Identify Preference: Do some research on the different Wonder Woman Pop figures that have been released over the years – from classic models to more modern interpretations – so that you can narrow down exactly which collectibles speak most to your tastes and interests. Rare editions in limited quantities may come with higher price tags but may be worth investing in if these are important items for your collection goals.

3. Locate Sources: Once you’ve identified which figures strike a chord with you, seek out which retailers have access to those items or have placed them up for sale on their websites (at targeted search results via online engines like Google or eBay can aid in this quest). Knowing where exactly to look helps save time since countless stores may carry Funko Pops but not necessarily carry every type of figure!

4. Make a Purchase: Having pinpointed both pricing information and exact retail outlets (or individual sellers) offering relevant products, it’s time make an informed purchase decision – understanding any offers or discounts associated with certain purchases in order for a better value of money spent in finishing off your growing Wonder Woman Pop collection!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wonder Woman Funko Pops

What is a Wonder Woman Funko Pop?

A Wonder Woman Funko Pop is a collectible figure that depicts the DC Comics superhero and her various costumes in an adorable, stylized form. Part of the larger line of collectible figures marketed by Funko, Wonder Woman figures have become highly sought after among fans of the character as well as collectors. These vinyl figures stand 3-4 inches tall and often feature accessories or alternative outfits depending on their release date.

Where can I buy a Wonder Woman Funko Pop?

There are numerous retailers that carry Wonder Woman Funko Pops. You can find them at your local comic book shop, licensed pop culture specialty store, online stores like Amazon, as well as collector shows and conventions throughout the year.

How many variants of Wonder Woman are available?

Currently, there are over 250 variations of Wonder Woman to choose from. From classic incarnations to special editions featuring Metallic finishes or Super Heroes themed costumes; Wonder Woman has a plethora of unique collectibles for any fan!

Are all Wonder Woman pops licensed offerings?

Yes! All The official licensees for DC Comic products include Hot Topic, Game Stop and Amazon. Any unlicensed product should be avoided in order to ensure you’re getting an authentic product from an authorized retailer.

Is there a way to identify which version I own?

Each figure has specific variant numbers given to them when they’re released by the manufacturer – look on the bottom or back packaging for this information – so this is one surefire way to track what version you have in your collection. Additionally you can use websites such as which list all the existing variants sorted by manufacturer/year/theme etc…

Top 5 Facts About the Wonder Woman Funko Pop Lineup

1. The Wonder Woman Funko Pop lineup includes several iconic characters from the DC universe, including Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Steve Trevor, Cheetah, and Ares. Each figure stands 3 ¾ inches tall and is highly detailed to capture the unique shape and personality of its respective characters. This line was officially released in 2018 to accompany the movie release of “Wonder Woman” starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince.

2. Wonder Woman’s signature look is displayed on all four figures, featuring her distinctive gold tiara, blue and gold armor top with white stripes, long brown hair tied back into a complicated braid hairstyle, tall red boots, and an undeniable attitude of power and justice. With a strong aesthetic that appeals to both fans of comic books and casual consumers alike; the Funko Pop! product line provides a great way for people to become immersed in the world created by Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston in 1941.

3. Along with the standard athletic build shared among Wonder Women Funko Pop produc ts , special edition versions have been made available as well that bring new life to this popular franchise . These colored variants provide interesting contrasts such as translucent purple window boxes or solid golden Wonders Woman posed at dynamic angles like no other toy manufacturer on the market has dared before .

4. Any true collector would be remiss without considering two additional Funko Pop figures featured exclusively in Entertainment Earth’s Mystery Box series: 9-Inch Steve Trevor Amazonian Warrior Editionand 10-Inch Glitter Cheetah Metallic Chase Variant Sets . Standing at almost double their regular size , these exclusive vinyl figures are difficult to find but well worth it when you can get your hands on them!

5. Finally – as any fan knows – what better way is there to complete your collection than with themed accessories? That’s why we haven’t failed to include a few extras for even more detail ; such as Diana Prince’s lasso accessory , which adds another element of interactivity between you and your beloved hero! Finally – small details such as gems embossed on mask make each figure truly one-of-a-kind , making any collector proud that they own something truly unique !

Where To Buy Your Favorite Wonder Woman Funko Pop Figures

Funko Pop figures are a great way to show your love for your favorite superhero – and Wonder Woman is no exception. From her iconic costume to her captivating attitude, Wonder Woman has been one of the most beloved figures of all time. And what better way to show off that love than with some awesome Funko Pop figurines? But where can you find them?

The first place to start looking for your favorite Wonder Woman Funko Pop figures is online. There are plenty of specialized retailers out there who specialize in providing top quality Funko Pop figures of all shapes and sizes. Not only can you get any character you’re looking for, but they often also have multiple variants available so you can choose which one looks just right for your collection or display. Often times these retailers will have exclusive variants as well, giving you the chance to own something unique and rare!

If shopping online isn’t up your alley, fear not – because there are also plenty of physical stores that carry a wide selection of Funko Pop figures, including those from the Wonder Woman franchise. From traditional brick-and-mortar stores like Target, Walmart and Toys R’ Us to speciality comic book/game stores like Hot Topic and GameStop, there sure is something perfect for everyone out there. You can even find variant designs in places like Urban Outfitters or BoxLunch if you’re looking for something a bit more hip!

So with so many options at hand, finding and buying the very best version of your favorite Wonder Woman Funko Pop figure should be fairly easy and enjoyable; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look!

Summary and Final Thoughts On Collecting The Wonder Woman Funko Pop Collection

The Wonder Woman Funko Pop Collection is a great way to express your love for the iconic superhero. Despite being relatively new, these vinyl figures have quickly become a mainstay in the collectibles market, with a wide array of different set pieces and poses to choose from. In addition to this, the collection also offers an excellent opportunity for collectors to spend some time discussing and trading their favorite pieces.

For anyone looking for Wonder Woman merchandise, this Funko Pop Collection is the ultimate fan must-have. From Wonder Woman’s historic costumes to her formidable arsenal of vehicles, there are so many incredible sets worth collecting. Plus, displaying them around your home can instantly spice up any room’s decor while adding a fun conversation starter too!

In conclusion, it’s hard to deny just how impressive and versatile this Funko Pop line is. From its great price point to its immense variety of characters and themes, it really does offer something for everyone – regardless of whether you’re a Marvel superheroes fanatic or simply a casual collector eager for something fun and unique. Furthermore, having now collected all 28 figures from Series 1 makes me feel like an official expert on Funko Pop characters! And who knows what other amazing figures Series 2 will bring when they finally hit store shelves…

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