The Unboxing Guide to Will Byers Funko Pops

The Unboxing Guide to Will Byers Funko Pops Uncategorized

Introduction to Will Byers Funko Pop Collection

If ever there was a character that demanded to be immortalized in an irresistible Funko Pop lineup, it’s Will Byers from Stranger Things. After all, the pint-sized hero has an uncanny ability to capture our hearts with his resilience and capacity for bravery. To mark his indelible impact, a full range of collectibles is exploding onto the scene – so sit back and indulge yourself in this introduction to the Will Byers Funko Pop collection!

Walk into any toy store or novelty shop today, and you’ll see immediately why these figures are some of the biggest must-haves around. All five of new Will Byers characters feature incredible detail – their costumes adorned with realistic materials and accented by perfect wigs, paint job, and facial sculpts. While all five models get a showcase spot on the shelves, one of them stands out as the most attention-grabbing of all: Will Byers in Scoops Ahoy Uniform. Not only does he look great standing beside Jim Hopper in his police uniform, but this costume piece allows fans to imagine what life might have been like for poor Will had things turned out differently…

Collectors will also appreciate how each figure comes straight from Netflix’s original designs. They even include custom features such as demogorgon tentacles shooting from their sides (for regular edition) or upside down gossamer flights (for Chase edition). Add another level of playability with mystery boxes containing bonus items like removable Upside Down masks that transform these collectibles into freaky caricatures – scary but still oh-so-cute! For those who live by exclusives – rejoice; there is not one but two autographed action figures: Jonathan Byers and Steve Harrington signature figures signed by none other than Joe Keery himself!

The perfect way to show your love for Stranger Things season 3 is with Will Byers Funko Pop collection. Make sure you

Unboxing the Latest Will Byers Funko Pop Collection

Will Byers was an ordinary boy in Hawkins, Indiana until the Mind Flayer came into town and changed everything. Now, he’s known around the world as “the kid who battled monsters.” After a roller coaster first season on Stranger Things, Will became one of the show’s most beloved characters. To commemorate this iconic character, Funko recently released a series of Will Byers Pop Vinyl figures. We were lucky enough to get our hands on this collection and are ready to unbox it!

The first figure in the collection is Will Byers in Ghostbusters outfit. This figure displays him wearing his costume from the third episode of season one. He is featured smiling and holding a Ghostbuster backpack with proton pack in hand. His costume is recreated beautifully and captures all angles of his outfit, including his “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” patch embroidered onto his suit jacket sleeve. It also comes with two pieces — interchangeable heads displaying both Will with glasses and helmet-less Will which adds a fun level to posing your figure differently each time you display him!

Next up in our Unboxing is Eleven with Eggos figure from Season Two. This pint sized Vinyl features El sporting her classic pink dress lined with her signature heart necklace and blue puffer vest. She looks just like she did during her adventures at FunFair! Her knees even bend allowing for more interesting poses when reenacting scenes such as entering The Upside Down realm or using her psychokinetic powers fighting against Demodogs. Plus it comes with interchangeable arms so that we can put popcorn wielding El on top while serving at Scoops Ahoy or move her outstretched arm positions up if we need her to do some powerful telekinesis!

Last but not least we have Chief Hopper which requires no introduction — Chief Jim Hopper himself proudly positioned in front of The Mind Flayer looming behind as he stares down whatever lurks ahead like only brave Hopper can do! His hat

Step by Step Guide For Collecting the Will Byers Pops

For those of us that are fans of the Netflix show Stranger Things, we know all too dearly the hilarious and lovable Will Byers. He’s a character that is full of quirkiness and humor, and even though he’s not around for very long in the show, his impact can still be felt by fans today. One way that people show their love for Will is by collecting the Pops figure based on him from Cool Pop.

If you’re someone who wants to search out the Will Byers Pop figures to add to your TV/movie memorabilia collection, then this step-by-step guide will help you do just that!

Step 1: Search online stores – The easiest way to find any particular product is through an online store like Amazon or eBay. Perform a general search for “Will Byers Pops” and look through what pops up in results. Even if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for right away, it can provide some insight into what products might be available at other sites or specific retailers.

Step 2: Visit FunkoPopMerchandisers – This website specializes in producing beautiful custom artwork pieces from popular shows like Stranger Things; so if there’s something specific about Will Byers that you want represented on your figure (say his red beanie hat or blue jacket) then this site might have just what you need! Browse through their selection carefully and determine which version of the figure best suits your needs.

Step 3: Ask local stores – If online shopping isn’t your style, head over to your nearest comic book shop or toy store! Local stores often carry unique items like collector’s edition figures, so there may be something special waiting at one of these places! Make sure to ask specifically about any exclusive versions they may carry as well because these tend to be harder to come by than normal ones.

Commonly Asked Questions About the Will Byers Pops

Q: What material is the Will Byers Pop made from?

A: The Will Byers Pop is made from a durable vinyl material, which makes it both lightweight and long-lasting. It features a detailed 3D sculpt, making it an iconic and instantly recognisable piece of collectible art. The bright colors and intricate details of the figurine add to its appeal, ensuring that this piece will stand out in any collection.

Q: How big is the Will Byers Pop?

A: The Will Byers Pop stands at approximately 3 ¾ inches tall – making it ideal for display on your mantlepiece or desk shelf while still being small enough to transport with ease. It also packs quite the visual punch too – bold colors, glossy detailing and vibrant tones make this an eye-catching collector’s item.

Q: Is there a display box available to purchase with the Will Byers Pop?

A: The Funko POP! line offers special edition display boxes for many of its pieces now, but unfortunately the Will Byers figure does not come with one. However you could always purchase one separately if you’d like your figurine to be seen in all its glory! There are many different styles to choose from as well so you can pick something that reflects your own style and taste

Top 5 Facts About the Will Byers Collection

The Will Byers Collection has been a popular series of books since it was first released in 1995. Both children and adults alike can appreciate the stories filled with fantasy, adventure, danger, and friendship. Here are five interesting facts about this beloved collection:

1) The author, Joe Hillman, is actually the brother of famous horror author Stephen King. In fact, Stephen wrote the introduction for one of Hillman’s short story collections! This familial connection adds to the mystique and intrigue surrounding The Will Byers Collection.

2) Each book in this series revolves around an orphan boy named Will Byers and his adventures as he navigates life on his own. His plight is often heroic but never sentimental; instead it brims with suspense and unexpected turns.

3) While each book stands alone as its own narrative, it also contributes to the greater mystery that threads through all the stories in The Will Byers Collection: what happened to his family? As readers follow Will’s journey they are met with explorations of identity and belonging that remain open to interpretation even at the story’s end.

4) The town of Ravenford—the setting for most of this series—is based on a real-life Massachusetts mill town called Northampton built during late 19th century industrialization. Although many details have been changed or embellished in our fictionalized version due to artistic license, Ravenford still offers a unique insight into 19th century class struggle that resonates today.

5) Finally, did you know there have been two video game adaptations released related to The Will Byers Collection? Both installments offered gamers new ways to explore this world filled with secret passageways and hidden treasures . If you haven’t already indulged yourself in these games yet then now is your chance!

Conclusion: The Benefits of Collecting Will Byers Pops

Collecting Will Byers Pops is a great way to express your fandom of Stranger Things, an American- science fiction horror streaming television series on Netflix. Whether you are young or old, it doesn’t matter. Collectible action figures like Will Byers Pops give you something tangible and displayable to show off your support for the show. From exclusives to flocked figures, there’s something out there in the world of Funko Pop that any fan would love!

One key benefit of collecting Will Byers Pops is that they not only make great display pieces but they also become potential investments over time if taken care of properly. Funko Pop action figures like these can be kept for many years without depreciating in value as long as they are cared for in a dust-free environment away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Additionally, you can even find rare editions with limited runs that can potentially get more expensive over time due to their scarcity in the market.

In addition to the financial side of things, collecting these toys is a fun and creative way to add a pop culture touch to your living room or office desk. The colorful designs and adorable expressions on each figure will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them – even when all other hope fades away! It is simply undeniable how having one’s favorite characters right by their side makes life much more enjoyable on its own right. They act as reminders of how important it is always dream big and never stop believing in yourself despite the odds… making them powerful symbols worthy of protection and preservation (not just from monsters from the upside down!).

At the end of the day, collecting Will Byers Pops offers fans a well-rounded experience: enjoyment, financial stability, and symbolic motivation all wrapped into one neat package! For these reasons we should all be proud collectors who celebrate this beloved legacy together each day!

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