The Ultimate Guide to Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop: A Must-Have for Collectors!

The Ultimate Guide to Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop: A Must-Have for Collectors! Uncategorized

How to Create Your Own Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop: Step by Step Guide

If you’re a fan of the anime series Naruto, then you know that the Pain Almighty Push jutsu is an epic move that deserves its own Funko Pop figure. Luckily, with some time, patience and a few supplies, it’s easy to create your own customized push figurine.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop figure:

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Before you can begin crafting your custom figurine, you need to gather all necessary materials. This includes:

– A blank Funko Pop vinyl figure
– Acrylic paint in various colors including white, black and gray
– A fine-point marker pen
– Paint brushes in different sizes
– Clay or putty for sculpting
– Clear gloss coating spray
– Sandpaper

Make sure to have all these items on hand before starting.

Step 2: Prep Your Vinyl Figure

Next up is preparing the vinyl figure for customization. Wipe down the figure with clean water and let it dry completely. If there are any imperfections or bumps on the surface of your figure, smooth them out using sandpaper until everything is even.

Step 3: Sculpt The Pain Almighty Push Jutsu

Once prep work is done, it’s time to start sculpting the Pain Almighty Push jutsu onto your blank figurine. Use clay or putty modelling material to build up each of Nagato’s “floating” black spheres around his body using small pieces moulded over your finger tips. Glue each shape in place once modelled as desired (they may take several hours to fully set), then use sand paper again for final refinement this should result in a smooth almost flush appearance with no rough edges when sanded well enough.

Afterward use clay or putty again, adding space around the items already placed. Add finer details by modelling spiked bulges around each sphere, then build out elongated, fingers at the base of the cute angle. Also add the final features that will give him his trademark look such as a detailed character face with wide open eyes and furrowed brows.

Step 4: Airbrush The Figure

To give your custom Funko Pop figure some depth and dimension, use an airbrush gun to lightly spray solid white covering each of his distinctive spheres then progressing on to carefully paint additional color for highlighting and darkening in black and gray around them. You can even include any additional coloring for areas surrounding the main parts of characters jutsu movement to help better convey Nagato’s stormy burst.

Step 5: Final Touch-Ups

Once everything is painted, let it dry overnight before moving onto touch ups. With a fine-point marker pen or brush use your artistic skills to add small details like highlight patterns over black surface texturing you may want Nagato looking even more menacing then cool while holding off hordes of foes!

Make sure everything is set before adding the final protective coat using clear gloss coating spray ensuring longevity in looking wonderful for ages.

And voilà! Your very own customized Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop figure is complete. This guide should be helpful enough in allowing you to fluff up your features and get into creating Masterpieces right away! Showcase this amazing work piece into any other anime series inspired collector’s items or display alongside Naruto pieces that take pride among all those fandom collections out there.

If you’re ready to make something truly unique and special, start crafting your own figure today by following these simple steps. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see it being sold on store shelves!

Fun Facts About the Iconic Pain Almighty Push from Naruto Anime

Naruto is undoubtedly one of the greatest anime of all times, and for good reason. With its unique characters, intriguing storyline, and epic battles, it has won the hearts of millions around the globe. One iconic technique that stands out from the rest is the Almighty Push or Shinra Tensei in Japanese.

This technique is a powerful jutsu used by Nagato Uzumaki and his six paths of pain under his control. The sheer force of this technique can crush almost anything in its way, including mountains, buildings and whole cities.

But did you know that there are some fun facts about this iconic pain almighty push? Let’s take a look:

1. Shinra Tensei’s origin

The Almighty Push was first introduced in the Pain arc where Nagato Uzumaki wielded it to devastating effect on Konoha Village during his invasion. It’s said that this mystical jutsu originated from Asia’s mythological story as ‘Ten no Ibuki’ meaning Breath from Heaven.

2. Time limit for use

All powerful techniques come with limitations because it would be too overpowered otherwise – the same applies to Shinra Tensei which only lasts for five seconds at a time before completely draining Nagato’s immense chakra reserves.

3. Variations of the technique

Nagato has access to different variations of this technique too, such as using it on specific targets rather than an entire area, as well as controlling its range and intensity based on his needs.

4.The divine elements

Just like any other powerful Naruto jutsus, Shinra Tensei also requires special hand signs to activate this power move correctly: Tiger-horse-rat-dragon-boar dog-bird-ox-snake-monkey-ram-hare!

5.To scale up oomph-crushing Capability
The force Nagato uses while performing push can vary; he often presses it to its outer limits to devastate and crush his enemies, but it’s believed that by amplifying this technique using Senjutsu or Sage mode, he can increase his almighty push’s strength even further.


Naruto: Shippuden has offered us many memorable moments, but the Almighty Push is undoubtedly one of the most iconic techniques in the series. Its power and nuance have captured our attention, making it a fan favorite across generations of viewers worldwide. These five fun facts help to highlight why Shinra Tensei continues to fascinate fans today!

Frequently Asked Questions – Everything You Need To Know About Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop!

If you’re a fan of anime, then you’re probably no stranger to the ultra-powerful and iconic Pain Almighty Push! And if you’re obsessed with collecting Funko Pop figures, then you’ll be thrilled to know that there’s now a Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop on the market. That’s right – this fierce and totally epic character from Naruto Shippuden is now available in adorable (but still super impressive) figurine form. But we can guess that like most collectors, there are a few things that you might want to know before adding this figure to your collection. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are some frequently asked questions about the Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop.

What is Pain Almighty Push?

Pain Almighty Push is an extremely powerful technique used by the main villain in Naruto Shippuden named Nagato, also known as ‘Pain.’ The technique allows him to gather all his chakra into one highly concentrated point before releasing it outwards in an explosive blast. It’s an incredibly destructive move that can wipe out entire areas and has been considered as one of the most lethal moves in anime history.

Who is Nagato/Pain?

Nagato was born into war-torn countries; he experienced immense suffering from an early age which led him to adopt extremist ideals. He believed that pain was necessary for peace and decided to surround himself with people who were willing to support his ambitions. He went on to become the leader of Akatsuki, a group made up of powerful shinobi who dedicated their lives towards achieving world domination.

What does the figure look like?

The Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop stands at 3.75 inches tall and features Nagato/Pain wearing his signature red robe with black pants outfit. In his left hand, he holds onto his cane while summoning all his chakra into his right hand, signifying that he’s about to perform his Mighty Push technique.

Where can I get the Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop?

You can purchase it in any store that sells Funko Pop figures, but we recommend checking out specialty shops and online retailers to make sure you don’t miss out! Be on the lookout for exclusive variants, as well.

Is the Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop worth adding to my collection?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a huge fan of Naruto or just enjoy collecting anime-related figurines, this is one figure you won’t want to miss. It’s expertly crafted with incredible attention to detail, making it an impressive addition to any collection. Plus, it’s a unique character from an immensely popular anime franchise – what’s not to love?

In conclusion

If you’re a fan of anime and collectibles, be sure to add the Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop to your collection. One of the most formidable villains in anime history, Nagato/Pain is one memorable and iconic character that deserves a spot among your collection. We hope this article answered all your questions about this amazing piece!

Top 5 Reasons Why Every Naruto Fan Should Have The Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop!

Naruto is a franchise that has captivated the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, and its vast array of characters have become household names. One such character is Pain, a member of Akatsuki and one of the primary antagonists in the series.

The Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop! is a must-have for any true Naruto fan, and here are our top 5 reasons why:

1. The design: The attention to detail on this Funko Pop! figure is unmatched. From his traditional Akatsuki garb to his unique Rinnegan eyes, every aspect of Pain’s presence is captured perfectly within this toy.

2. The power: One of the most iconic moments in the series occurs when Pain unleashes his almighty push ability, which flattens everything around him. The inclusion of this moment on a piece of merchandise serves as an homage to one of the most memorable fights ever depicted in anime.

3. The rarity: As with all great collectible items, exclusivity adds extra value. This particular Funko Pop! variant is considered rare, making it even more coveted by collectors.

4. The nostalgia factor: For those who grew up watching or reading Naruto, owning a piece from something they cherished during their formative years can be incredibly fulfilling. Having a physical representation of childhood memories can provide comfort and joy in adulthood.

5. It completes your Naruto collection: Every collector aims to have an immaculate set that reflects their passions accurately – owning a Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop! completes that dream for avid Naruto fans!

In conclusion, there are many valid reasons why every Naruto fan should add this awesome figurine into their unique collections from incredible detail to mere childhood escapism; owning your favorite anime’s collectibles will bring forth nothing but happiness and excitement when you reflect upon your cherished memories throughout life with them by your side!

The Art Behind Creating Your Very Own Customized Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop Piece

Creating your very own customized Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop piece is an art form that requires a lot of patience, creativity and attention to detail. The process can be both daunting and exciting all at once as it involves transforming a generic figure into a unique and personalized expression of your favorite character.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Before starting the customization process, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials:

– A Funko Pop figure (preferably one with similar features or details to Pain Almighty Push)
– Acrylic paint in different colors
– Brushes in different sizes
– Mod Podge
– Sandpaper (optional)

Step 2: Designing Your Concept

The first step in customizing your Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop piece is deciding on a concept or design. You might want to research for images online, screenshots from manga, anime convenient for reference but an outlining in pencil helps too.. Focus on the character’s facial characteristics, attire, colors or weapon/kekkai genkai’s/makyo sharingan eyee/ccccc eyes e.t.c This will help guide you through the creation process.

Step 3: Preparing the Base Figure

Now it’s time to prepare the base figure. If there are any blemishes or imperfections such as mold lines, use sandpaper gently over these areas until they become becomes smooth.

It can also be helpful to mark out certain designs that require intricate attention as this guides where we should paint.Use a thin brush and acrylic white paint in detailing areas required also works wonders..

Step 4: Painting Time!

Acrylic paint is great medium for painting vinyl figures as it dries quickly and bonds to surfaces well. Begin by placing small drops of paint onto your palette then mix between colors creating different shades while still following your main picture design.Start with black ears in this case because we will use lighter colours afterwards..Keep a reference image handy incase you are afraid of forgeting decorations like beads or rings. Don’t use too much paint at a time, this will leave painting blotches on your figure. Remember less is always more.

Start painting the larger areas with broad and flat brushes before moving onto finer detail areas of the character such as intricate clothing designs or jewelry pieces. This will require smaller brush strokes using the fine tips of your brushes in shorter strokes keeping in mind that necessary thinning reduces its potential coverage due to loss of binding ability for pigment.

Step 5: Seal it up!

Finally after painstakingly reaching the intricacies that match your concept design within your pain almighty push prop,.we then apply a sealant to protect our art against wear and tear.Can decide between matte or glossy according to preference..A clear coat spray goes smoothly without necessarily making any mistakes while brushing..

Creating a customized Pain Almighty Push Funko Pop piece can be both rewarding and challenging but when completed the legend lives on in our homes to be proud of…
Pain means knowing that everything can happen simultaneously,everything conceivable becomes real,invisible,real manaipulation…Could life get any better.!?.!?!

The Story Behind Pain’s Signature Attack – The Epic Almighty Push Technique!

The world of Naruto is rich with powerful and unique techniques that can level mountains, cause untold devastation, or grant the user unimaginable power. Among them is one technique that stands out among the rest – Pain’s signature attack, the epic Almighty Push Technique.

Also known as Shinra Tensei in Japanese, this devastating maneuver employs gravity manipulation to unleash a massive explosive force capable of annihilating entire landscapes and decimating foes. The aftermath of its use leaves destruction in its wake, leaving both ally and enemy alike trembling in awe at the sheer destructive power it wields.

But behind every great technique lies a backstory. Pain’s journey to mastering this legendary move was fraught with trials and tribulations that shaped him into the enigmatic figure he became.

First appearing as an apocalyptic threat to Konoha during Naruto Shippuden’s arc devoted exclusively towards his invasion, Pain was initially revealed to be Nagato Uzumaki – a prodigal shinobi who hailed from an ancient clan gifted with powerful chakra reserves.

Tragically orphaned as a child amidst the chaos of war ravaging their village, Nagato’s life was forever changed when he befriended fellow orphans Yahiko and Konan. Forming a bond born out of sheer resilience and camaraderie against all odds, they would go on to create an organization dedicated to bringing peace by any means necessary – Akatsuki.

Nagato’s mastery over gravity manipulation powers began early when he discovered these latent abilities following an encounter with Hanzo of Amegakure. During this grueling battle which rained fire down upon Ame itself for days on end without break; Nagato unlocked his true potential after being saved by his then-teacher Jiraiya from certain death thanks to Pains Deva Path ability which allows him control outside sources by using gravity fields around him![1]

However, it wasn’t until years later when Nagato- now assuming the mantle of Pain- truly mastered these powers. Faced with ever-greater challenges as his quest for peace grew increasingly dangerous, Pain honed his abilities in order to combat and defeat his deadliest adversaries.

Finally, in a climactic showdown against Konoha’s most valiant defenders, Pain unleashed the full might of Shinra Tensei – annihilating entire city blocks while devastating the minds and souls of all that witnessed its power.

But as awe-inspiring as it was, the epic Almighty Push Technique wasn’t enough to secure him supremacy over Naruto and his allies. Like many tragic figures before him, Nagato had seen too much bloodshed and suffered too many losses on his long path towards redemption. In the end, it was only through a show of mercy from Naruto himself that he found true peace at last.

Despite its fearsome reputation as one of Naruto’s most destructive techniques, Pain’s Almighty Push stands out as a testament to an indomitable will tempered by loss and tragedy. It serves not just as an example of raw power but also symbolizes the incredible strength and resilience one can achieve in the face of overwhelming odds.

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