The Ultimate Guide to Hamilton Funko Pop Collectibles: A Complete List

The Ultimate Guide to Hamilton Funko Pop Collectibles: A Complete List Uncategorized

How to Build Your Own Hamilton Funko Pop List from Scratch

Funko Pops have become a huge phenomenon over the past few years. From Marvel to Star Wars, Game of Thrones to Fortnite, there’s a Pop for practically every fandom out there.

But what if you’re a Hamilton fan and don’t see any Funkos featuring your favorite founding father? Fear not, my fellow Hamilfans. We’ve got you covered with our guide on how to build your own Hamilton Funko Pop list from scratch.

Step 1: Research
First things first, do your research! Start by scoping out existing Funko releases to see what’s already been done in the Hamilton world. Unfortunately, as of right now, there are no official Hamilton Funkos. But that won’t stop us!

Step 2: Pick Your Characters
Next up, it’s time to pick which characters you want to turn into Funkos. Of course, we need Alexander Hamilton himself. But don’t forget about other memorable characters like Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, Aaron Burr, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.

Step 3: Design Your Own
Now comes the fun part – designing your own custom Hamilton Funko Pops! There are plenty of tutorials online that can teach you how to create your own custom vinyl figures using sculpting putty or even just some paint.

If you’re looking for a simpler option without all the DIY work involved, consider commissioning an artist to make one-of-a-kind customs for you.

Step 4: Share Your Creation
Once you’ve built your own unique set of custom Hamilton Funko Pops, it’s time to show them off! Share them on social media or even bring them along with you to conventions and cosplay events.

Who knows? Maybe enough people will take notice and we’ll finally get some official Hamilton Funkos in the future!

In conclusion:
Creating your very own custom set of Hamilton-themed Funko Pops is easier than you might think. With some research, creativity, and a little bit of imagination, you can bring your favorite characters from the hit musical to life in an entirely new way.

So go ahead and embrace your inner fanboy or fangirl by building your own Hamilton Funko Pop list from scratch. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

The No-Fuss, Step-by-Step Process for Creating a Hamilton Funko Pop List

As collectors and fans of Funko Pop! figures know all too well, once a new character is released, the hunt is on for that elusive addition to your collection. And if you’re a fan of the wildly popular Broadway sensation Hamilton, then you’re in luck: there’s now an entire roster of Hamilton-themed Funko Pop! figures available.

A quick search online will reveal countless lists of these highly coveted Pops, but how do you go about creating your own definitive list? Fear not, dear collector – we’ve got you covered with this no-fuss step-by-step process for crafting your perfect Hamilton Funko Pop! wish list.

Step 1: Determine What You Want
First things first – what do you actually want on your Hamilton Funko Pop! list? Are there specific characters or scenes that catch your fancy? Do you want every possible variation of each figure (such as the exclusive variants sold at conventions)? Make a list of everything you can think of that belongs on your ultimate Funko Pop! hunting wishlist.

Step 2: Research
Once you have a rough idea of what figures you want to add to your collection, it’s time to do some research. Look up official release dates (and any corresponding exclusives), check out unboxing videos for an even better look at each figure, and join a few social media groups or forums dedicated to Funko Pops so you can stay up-to-date on any announcements or rumors.

Step 3: Organize Your List
Now that you’ve done some research and have a better understanding of what’s out there and coming soon in terms of Hamilton Pops!, it’s time to organize your list. Some collectors may choose to alphabetize their lists by character name, while others may prefer chronological order based on release date. The choice is yours!

Step 4: Save Money By Hunting Deals
Let’s face it – collecting anything can get pretty pricey, especially if there are multiple versions of figures with different variants. But fear not! If you’re on a budget or simply trying to avoid breaking the bank, make sure to hunt for deals and discounts in order to save as much money and get the most bang for your buck.

Step 5: Stay Updated
Finally, once you’ve created your list and started collecting, make sure to stay up-to-date with all new releases by following official Funko social media accounts, signing up for newsletters from your favorite retailers or collectors groups, and checking pre-order dates regularly.

By following these simple steps, you’ll soon have an expertly crafted Hamilton Funko Pop! collectibles list that will make other collectors green with envy. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hamilton Funko Pop List

If you’re a Funko Pop collector or just a Hamilton fan, you’re likely curious about the recent release of the Hamilton Funko Pop list. This collection features characters from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash-hit Broadway musical, and they have already gained a lot of attention from fans all over the world.

If you still have questions about this collectible treasure, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some frequently asked questions and their answers. Here are some details that will help clear up any confusion:

1) What characters are included in the Hamilton Funko Pop list?

The Hamilton Funko Pop List includes 7 figures: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Angelica Schuyler, Eliza Schuyler-Hamilton, George Washington, Peggy Schuyler, and King George III.

2) Will more characters be added to the list in the future?

It is always possible! As of now there aren’t official announcements made by Funko about any new additions to this collection. But most likely possibility would be introducing new versions featuring different outfits or alternate versions of these already listed figurines.

3) What is unique about these figures compared to other Hamilton merchandise available on the market?

Apart from representing your favorite Broadway musical characters with your own personal touch as cool miniature figurines these pops also display charming characteristic expressions that resemble well known moments throughout the musical.

4) Where can I purchase these figures?

These goodies can be ordered directly from FunKo website itself or continue watching out for their availability at retailers like since products announced by FunKo may take time before appearing on retailer websites too!

5) Are these figures limited edition?

There’s no official statement regarding it being a limited edition series but due to excess demand it might not be offered for long time as people struggle to start collecting them soon!

In conclusion, if you’re excited to get your hands on these adorable vinyl figures inspired by the “ten-dollar founding father” and his revolutionary story, keep an eye on their availability both online and in stores!

Finally, I would say that this collection is a must-have for Hamilton fans and Funko Pop collectors. The perfect blend of history, pop culture and limited edition collectible! Get yours soon!

Top 5 Must-Know Facts About the Hamilton Funko Pop List

Funko Pop toys have become increasingly popular over the years, and it’s not hard to see why. These adorable vinyl figures capture the essence of our favorite characters from TV shows, movies, comics, and video games in a highly collectible and affordable format. Hamilton Funko Pops are no exception to this trend with their beautifully designed figures representing the beloved characters from the revolutionary musical. Here are the top 5 must-know facts about the Hamilton Funko Pop list:

1) There are currently eight Hamilton Funko Pops available for purchase.

The first wave released featured Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, George Washington, Eliza Schuyler Hamilton (Alexander’s wife), and Peggy Schuyler (Eliza’s younger sister). Wave two released featured King George III with two different variants – red robe and gold robe – as well as Angelica Schuyler Church (Eliza’s older sister).

2) The Aaron Burr Hamilton Funko Pop is one of the rarest ones.

Although all of these figures stand out in their own right, it might interest you that The Aaron Burr figure is one of the rarest among them. It was released as an exclusive item at New York Comic-Con 2017 with only 1000 pieces produced worldwide.

3) Each character has a specific stance.

The designers at Funko made sure each figure captured its character’s personality through their facial expression, outfit design, and even pose! Eliza Shuyler stands straight-backed while holding her quill pen atop her notebook; Alex holds his book while gesturing away victoriously after penning an important document; Peggy represents youthfulness by wearing flowers in her hair atop a hand-on-the-hip pose!

4) The various styles represent different parts of show history & provide more variety for collectors.

King George III having two robes may seem like just another variant or gimmick but they actually represent his different stances in Act 1 and Act 2 of the play where he is shown at different stages of power. This attention to detail is what makes the Hamilton Funko Pops truly special!

5) There are some older licensed figures that are harder to find now.

If you’re looking for a full set, keep in mind that there were a few other limited edition Hamilton figures released over the years that may no longer be available to purchase. These include an Eliza figure in a blue dress (exclusive to Barnes & Noble), Alexander Hamilton in his yellow vest outfit (Target exclusive), and Aaron Burr in his green coat (Hot Topic exclusive).

Overall, these Hamilton Funko Pops serve as a fun collectible item for fans of both the show and the toys themselves. Whether you’re adding them to your collection or gifting them to someone else, they make for great keepsakes showcasing your love for one of America’s most vital founding fathers – Alexander Hamilton!

Which Hamilton Characters Make the Cut? Defining Criteria for Your Amazon Wishlist

As a lover of both Broadway musicals and online shopping, it’s no surprise that my Amazon wishlist is filled with Hamilton merchandise. But with so many options available for every character, it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth adding to the cart. So, how do you choose? Fear not, dear reader, for I have established some defining criteria to help you determine which Hamilton characters make the cut.

Firstly, let’s establish what makes a character worthy of being on your wishlist in the first place. They should either be an important player in the show or have a standout moment that resonates with you personally. For example, if you’re a fan of sass and empowerment, Angelica Schuyler is your girl. If you prefer quick-witted humor and colorful attire, Lafayette/Jefferson is your man.

Now that we’ve narrowed down our selection to favorite characters, let’s consider what products are available for each one. The most obvious choice would be clothing adorned with quotes or images from the show. However, not all shirts are created equal – some feature cringe-worthy designs while others combine clever references with high quality materials. A shirt that simply says “I’m not throwing away my shot” may seem like an easy add-to-cart option but does little to stand out amongst other fans at a viewing party.

Another popular item is Funko Pop figures – cute miniatures of the characters in their iconic outfits. When considering which ones to add to your cart (because who doesn’t want miniature Alexander Hamilton sitting on their desk?), take note of details such as accurate facial features and dynamic poses.

Aside from apparel and collectibles, there are also useful items such as phone cases and tote bags featuring Hamilton imagery or quotes. The same criteria applies here – ensure that the design is well-made and expresses your personal taste.

Finally, consider whether or not purchasing this item will benefit anyone other than yourself. While it’s easy to justify a purchase by saying “I need this for my collection”, it’s even better to know that your money is going towards a good cause. Look out for items that donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations such as the Hurricane Maria Community Relief and Recovery Fund or Graham Windham, an organization founded by Eliza Hamilton in real life.

In conclusion, choosing which Hamilton characters make the cut on your Amazon wishlist involves considering both personal taste and product quality. Don’t settle for basic designs and be sure to support organizations making a positive impact. Happy shopping!

Building a Collection: Where to Find and Buy Your Favorite Hamilton Funko Pops

As a Hamilton fanatic and a Funko Pop collector, it’s only natural that I would want to add some of the iconic characters from the hit Broadway show to my collection.

But where do you even begin when it comes to finding and buying Hamilton Funko Pops? Fear not, fellow collectors – I’ve done the research for you.

First things first: check online retailers. If you’re looking for a specific Hamilton Funko Pop, your best bet is to start with online shops like Amazon or Entertainment Earth. These sites usually have an impressive selection and offer easy browsing options so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Aside from official retailers, there are also numerous unofficial pop-up stores that sell Funko Pops at conventions, specialty shops or through social media channels like Facebook groups. It’s important to note that while these options may have rare finds, be wary and make sure they are legitimate sellers before making any purchases.

If you prefer hunting in person, take a look at local hobby stores or comic books stores in your area. You’d be surprised at how many hidden gems can be found when literally stumbling upon them by accident!

Another option worth noting is attending conventions like San Diego Comic-Con or New York Comic Con since these events often give exclusive access to limited edition pops. Keep tabs on upcoming conventions to avoid missing out on pop culture treasure troves such as these!

Lastly, don’t forget about online marketplaces such as eBay! Though shopping on eBay can admittedly seem daunting due to counterfeit claims among other concerns– negotiating directly with reputable vendors will help alleviate that fear – enabling collectors the ability access sources all across the US/worldwide

Whether it’s purchasing an elusive Alexander Hamilton Pop from an obscure vendor or braving huge crowds just for a chance gander at dope Hamilton merchandise… building your own personal collection requires patience and tenacity but nothing beats owning drool worthy autographed memorabilia!

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