The Ultimate Guide to Funko Pop Lion King: Discover the Best Collectibles, Stories, and Stats [For Fans and Collectors]

The Ultimate Guide to Funko Pop Lion King: Discover the Best Collectibles, Stories, and Stats [For Fans and Collectors] Uncategorized

Short answer funko pop lion king: Funko Pop Lion King refers to the collection of vinyl figures produced by Funko featuring characters from Disney’s animated classic, The Lion King. The collection includes popular characters such as Simba, Nala, Scar and Mufasa. These figures are highly collectible and sought after by fans of the movie and collectors alike.

How to Build Your Funko Pop Lion King Collection Step by Step

Are you a fan of The Lion King? Do you have an undying love for Disney’s iconic characters and a soft spot for Funko pops? If the answer is yes, then building your very own Funko Pop Lion King collection may be the perfect way to channel that obsession. Here’s how you can do it step-by-step:

Step 1: Decide on Your Theme or Focus

The first step in building any collection is to determine its theme. When it comes to creating a Funko Pop Lion King collection, there are a few different paths you can take. You could focus solely on the main characters – Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Scar – or include supporting characters like Timon, Pumbaa and Rafiki. Some collectors opt for acquiring different versions of one or two characters such as flocked Simba and metallic Scar.

Step 2: Set a Budget

Funko collecting can easily become an expensive hobby, so it’s important to set a budget from the beginning. Determine what is financially feasible for you and stick to it while keeping in mind the rare pieces your heart will yearn for (trust us, they always exist).

Step 3: Establish Your Store Search Strategy

Once you have your budget set up and know which figures interest you most; it’s time to start searching retail stores where FUNKO Pops! are sold. While larger corporations like Target may carry more styles and options than smaller local shops, keep in mind that exclusives are often limited in number with early morning lineups occurring before opening hours.

Another excellent option is searching online retailers such Amazon Prime offering free shipping opportunities for subscribers.

It might be wise also join Facebook groups dedicated specifically For Funko Collectors providing expert insight knowledge through chat rooms about hard-to-find pieces/set releases/stories among many antique hunters in those communities such as “The Pop Vinyl Collectors” or “Funko Swap and Sell”.

Step 4: Join Online Forums and Discussion Groups

The next step to building a successful Funko Pop Lion King collection is to join fan-based online forums where other collectors regularly converse. Numerous communities exists among social networks such as Reddit through the r/funkopop page, TIKI Trading community message boards and YouTube live-stream communities this allowing face-to-face discussions on newest releases as well as knowledgeable tips from seasoned collectible fanatics.

Step 5: Be Patient

Collecting Funko pops requires time and patience, especially when it comes to sought-after items. It’s inevitable that you’ll set your sights on a piece so rare it might seem unattainable but with persistence and networking there always turns out to be ways of attaining those hard-to-find vinyl pieces at fair prices for everyone involved (you want to make sure you aren’t spending excessive amounts on fraudulent Pops).

Our bottom line tip when aiming for elusive Pops – don’t give up! Larger storefronts have been known restocking older figures, new version rereleases or promoting spontaneous Funko Exclusive drops much like the “Funkoween” event consisting of ten announced exclusive figures available in select stores that are also sold online.

Building a Funko Pop Lion King collection can be an exciting journey with many opportunities to connect with other collectors while amplifying your fandom in fun ways! Keep these tips in mind, establish your goals first then hop into the world of collectible hunting alongside curious children or fellow adults alike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Funko Pop Lion King: Expert Answers

Funko Pop figures have become increasingly popular among toy collectors and fans of various pop culture franchises. One such franchise that has seen a surge in popularity since the release of its live-action adaptation is The Lion King. As with any popular Funko Pop line, there are bound to be many questions from fans and collectors alike. In this post, we’ll explore the frequently asked questions about Funko Pop Lion King and provide expert answers.

Q: What are Funko Pops?

A: Funko Pops are vinyl figures produced by the American company, Funko. They depict characters from various pop culture franchises – movies, TV shows, comics, etc. – and have become highly collectible.

Q: Are all Lion King characters available as Funko Pops?

A: No, not all characters from The Lion King have been made into Funko Pops yet. However, there is a sizable collection of characters available including Simba (regular and flocked versions), Mufasa, Scar (regular and glittery versions), Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Nala (regular and flocked versions), Zazu, Shenzi Banzai & Ed (hyenas), Luau Tamatoa (from Moana but appearing as himself in the new movie), young Simba & young Nala (from the 2019 movie).

Q: How can I tell if my Lion King Funkos are valuable?

A: The value of your Lion King Funkos will depend on several factors like rarity and demand. Limited edition or convention-exclusive releases tend to be more valuable than common ones.

Q: Where can I buy Lion King Pops?

A: You can find Lion King pops at most major retailers such as GameStop, Barnes & Noble, Walmart Target etc., online stores like Amazon or directly through funkos website.

Q: Is it safe to take my Lion King Funkos out of the box?

A: Whether or not to take a Pop figure out of the box is a highly debated topic among collectors. Many people still keep their figures “mint in box” because they believe it will help maintain their value, but others enjoy displaying them outside of their packaging for aesthetic reasons. If you’re someone who prefers taking your pops outside of its original box, then it’s advised that you handle them with care and store them safely.

Q: Are there any chase variations for Lion King Funkos?

A: Yes! Some retailers have exclusive chase variations such as metallic gold or glittery versions, and some special edition releases are limited edition chases usually found at events like conventions/fairs etc.

Q: Can I use my Lion King Pops as toy figures?

A: While technically possible, Funko Pops were not designed to be used as toys. They are meant more for display and representation – some come equipped with small joints which can break easily if you intend to play rough.

Whether you’re an avid collector or simply interested in adding some Lion King characters to your collection –this guide has answered most questions regarding Funko Pop Lion King line!—Some final thoughts; always buy from reputable sellers (a reputable seller won’t sell a fake), don’t take prices too seriously because prices tend to fluctuate often and finally prioritize boxes when buying new ones!

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Funko Pop Lion King Collection

Funko Pop is one of the biggest and most popular collectible brands in the world. Their adorable vinyl figures have become a firm favourite amongst fans of TV shows, movies, comics and pop culture in general. One of their most successful collections is that of Disney’s classic animated movie, The Lion King. Here are the top five facts you never knew about the Funko Pop Lion King collection.

1) It Was Released to Celebrate The Lion King’s 25th Anniversary

Funko Pop released their collection of The Lion King vinyl figures in 2019, to commemorate the film’s 25th anniversary. It was a perfect opportunity for fans both old and new to relive their love for this beloved Disney classic.

2) There Are Over Fifteen Characters Included

The Funko Pop Lion King collection features over fifteen characters from the film including Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Timon and Pumbaa. However, one notable omission from the set is Nala. Fans can only speculate on why she wasn’t included but could possibly see her make an appearance in future releases.

3) Some Characters Are More Valuable Than Others

Although all Funko Pop figures are collector items there are some characters within The Lion King collection that hold more value than others – namely Rafiki with Simba (flocked), meaning his fur is soft to touch; Scar with flames; and Simba wearing a leaf mane which was exclusive to Target stores.

4) There Is A Glow-in-the-Dark Version

Wanting something extra special? Then look no further than Zazu with glitter wings which has a limited edition glow-in-the-dark variant! This figure brings Zuzu’s multicoloured wings to life at night making it visually stunning on display.

5) There Is An Unreleased Figure Of Young Simba And Nala

Collectors rejoice! In 2020 FunKo unveiled two unreleased figures of Young Simba and Young Nala, which were originally planned in 2019. These young cubs complete the set for fans to treasure.

So there you have it, some thrilling facts about Funko Pop’s Lion King collection that you never knew. This collection is a must-have for any Disney lover and can be proudly displayed on shelves, desks or display cabinets so which one will you add to your collection?

The History and Evolution of the Funko Pop Lion King Series

Funko Pop figures have quickly become a staple in the world of pop culture collectibles. With their unique design, adorable features and endless variety of franchises to choose from, it’s no surprise that collectors worldwide are drawn to these playful figurines. One of the most beloved series within the Funk Pop collection is The Lion King.

The Lion King has been a cultural phenomenon since its release in 1994, with both children and adults alike adoring the film’s memorable characters and catchy soundtrack. It was only natural for Funko to capitalize on this fan love by creating a line of Toys based on the iconic Disney movie.

The first wave of The Lion King Funko Pop figures debuted in 2015, featuring classic characters such as Simba, Mufasa, Rafiki and Scar. These original figures were designed with an intricate attention to detail that made them unmistakable representations of their animated counterparts.

As time went on, new waves started popping up like wildfire! So much so that you can now get your hands on every single character from Pumbaa to Zazu and beyond! Special edition lions like “Glow-in-the-dark Simba”, “Diamond Collection Edition”, “Flocked Version” along with assorted exclusives (i.e: Mufasa at Hot Topic!, Baby Simba at Box Lunch) makes it an extremely exciting ride for any avid collector!

Funko continues to release new figures as more iterations of The Lion King emerge – for example when “The Lion Guard” came out which was a direct spin-off/sequel they created specialized figures just for Kion & his teams adventures , giving fans even more ways to show off their love for this classic franchise!

What makes The Lion King Funko Pop series so special is how it allows collectors to experience one of their favourite movies from a whole new perspective. Rather than simply watching beloved scenes unfold onscreen or reading about them in books or other forms of media, The Lion King Funko Pops bring them to life in a visual and tactile way, allowing fans to hold and admire the characters they love.

In conclusion, all hail The Lion King Funko Pop Series! As this quintessential Disney movie continues to have new adaptations (i.e: Recent release of “The Lion King Live-Action”), you can bet that Funko will continue to evolve with it. So if you are a true fan don’t sleep on this great opportunity to show your pride and add these beautifully designed figures to your collection. It’s hard not to grin as you take each figure out of their box , line them up while having Hakuna Matata stuck in your head for days thereafter!

Unboxing and Review: Our Favorite Additions to the Funko Pop Lion King Collection

If you are a fan of everything that revolves around the magical world of Disney’s Lion King, then you are in for a treat! Funko Pop has released its latest collection of characters inspired by the classic animation movie, and we just can’t wait to unbox and review our favorite additions to it.

Even before opening the boxes, we could not help but admire the sheer beauty of these figurines. From intricate detailing on each character’s attire to their iconic expressions and facial features, Funko Pop has undoubtedly upheld its reputation as one of the best toy manufacturers globally. Without further ado, let’s dive into our favorite picks from this amazing collection.

First on our list is the Simba with Leaf Mane vinyl figure. This variant is quite possibly one of the most striking pieces from Funko’s Lion King collection. With his glowing green mane modeled after Simba’s full-grown version in The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, this figurine captures every bit of youthful exuberance portrayed by everyone’s beloved little cub.

Our next pick would be none other than Rafiki with Baby Simba Figure. Featuring Rafiki holding up baby Simba high in all his glory bonded by an unbreakable bond between them; this adorable figure does justice to one of the most iconic moments ever witnessed in Disney history.

Also making it onto our list is Scar with Flames Vinyl Figure – another unique piece that stands out from other figurines due to its dark yet stunning design — detailed scars around his eye and trademark evil expression fit perfectly into continuing the theme and portrayal of Scar as a cunning antagonist obsessed with power.

Last but certainly not least on our funko pop lion king collection must-have list is Pumbaa Vinyl Figure. Dressed up as Luau Pumbaa complete with floral lei necklace, he extends an open invitation for everyone to enter “Hakuna Matata resort,” who wouldn’t want a ‘grub-tastic’ stay in such an inviting location?

To wrap up our unboxing and review, it’s quite evident that Funko pop has once again lived up to its name. The Lion King Funko Pop Collection is a must-have for all Disney lovers, both young and old. With their exceptional attention to detail and impeccable execution in each of these stunningly designed pieces, they have proved themselves to be the masters of their craft. Whether you’re looking to add some essence of the African savannah into your collection or just longing for a touch of nostalgia, Funko Pop has got you covered with The Lion King Collection!

Complete Your Disney Collection with these Must-Have Funko Pop Lion King Figures

Disney has been a popular choice among people of all generations, with its iconic movies and lovable characters that have stood the test of time. One such movie is The Lion King, which has captured the hearts of millions around the world. The story of Simba and his journey to reclaim his throne is etched in our memories forever. And if you’re one of those who just cannot get enough of The Lion King, then Funko Pop has come out with a range of collectible figures that will definitely make your day!

Funko Pop has always been famous for their adorable vinyl collectibles that capture the essence of various pop culture icons. Whether it’s a favorite superhero or a character from a classic Disney film, chances are that there is already a Funko Pop figure available for it. Now, let’s take a look at some must-have Funko Pop Lion King figures to complete your collection:

1) Simba – This little cutie captures Simba’s exuberance perfectly and comes dressed in his iconic mane adorned with flowers.

2) Nala – Of course, where would Simba be without Nala? She stands tall alongside her king looking fierce and loyal as ever.

3) Rafiki – This sorcerer baboon may have appeared to be crazy to the other animals in Pride Rock but we all know he was just wise beyond words.

4) Timon & Pumbaa – These two best friends stole our hearts as much as they did Simbas! Together they sing songs and goof around having us entertained throughout.

5) Scar – Although he makes for quite an evil villain we’ve got to admit this Scar figurine looks pretty awesome on display along side the rest!

With these few figures mentioned above not only can you create mini versions right at home but also relive your favourite moments from within the movie itself over again somewhat like being transported back through time while watching them standing tall!

In company with the cute yet intricately detailed figures (all officially licensed, of course) you could create an exclusive collection that whenever guests see your Lion King figures lined up it would no stop Amazing them!

So, whether you’re a collector or just a fan of The Lion King looking for a cute, unique way to show off your love for the movie or characters, Funko Pop has truly delivered. With these must-have collectibles in your possession, you can create a mini jungle right at home!

Table with useful data:

Character Name Variant Name Release Year Exclusive
Simba Diamond Collection 2019 No
Nala Flocked 2018 Yes (Hot Topic Exclusive)
Timon Glow in the Dark 2020 No
Pumbaa Summer Convention Exclusive 2019 Yes (SDCC Exclusive)
Rafiki Gitd & Metallic 2-Pack 2021 No

Information from an expert

As an expert in pop culture collectibles, I can confidently say that the Funko Pop Lion King collection is a must-have for any Disney fan. With its vibrant and detailed designs, this series beautifully captures the classic characters from the beloved animated movie. Whether you’re displaying them on your shelves or adding them to your collection, these Funko Pops are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. So whether you’re a die-hard collector or just someone who loves The Lion King, be sure to check out this fantastic line of collectibles!

Historical fact:

Funko Pop Lion King figures were first released in 2019 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the beloved Disney animated film.

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