The Steve Harrington Funko Pop Collection: A Collectors Guide

The Steve Harrington Funko Pop Collection: A Collectors Guide 2019

Introduction to Steve Harringtons Funko Pop: What is it and Why Collectors Love It

Steve Harrington from the hit television show Stranger Things is one of the most beloved characters to come out of pop culture in recent years. Along with his wild and wacky hairstyle, he quickly became a fan favorite among viewers everywhere.

It was only natural then that Steve received an amazing Funko Pop figure! As soon as this Funko Pop was released, it was immediately snatched up by collectors who wanted to embrace the character of Steve Harrington into their homes. But what is a Funko Pop, exactly? And why do so many people love collecting them?

A Funko Pop is basically a pocket-sized version of larger toy figures or action figures used in TV shows and movies. These super cute figures usually have oversized heads, small bodies and incredibly detailed faces that capture all the best features of their characters – like Steve’s signature pompadour hairstyle! That makes them look absolutely adorable while simultaneously adding charm to any room’s decor.

For diehard fans, Funko Pops can represent a healthy outlet for their love and admiration for characters from their favorite shows. Plus, they double as fun conversation starters at parties and social events since each unique design often has its own story behind it! Genuine collectors may even end up with huge collections that include convention exclusive designs you won’t be able to find anywhere else – just like Steve Harrington’s special water pistol variant, released specifically for the San Diego Comic-Con International 2019!

But no matter what types of Pops you collect or which character you choose first from your favorite show – all fans agree that collecting these awesome collectables is definitely worth it. After all, who wouldn’t want to bring home such an interesting surprise version of everyone’s favorite character?

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Unbox a Steve Harrington Funko Pop

Unboxing a Steve Harrington Funko Pop is an exciting adventure. There’s nothing quite like seeing all the intricate detail of your brand new, beloved collectible for the first time! Don’t be intimidated, this step-by-step guide will give you a detailed overview of how to unbox your newest addition correctly and securely.

Step 1: Secure Your Space

First and foremost, it’s important to create a comfortable and secure area to unbox your Funko Pop. Make sure that you have plenty of space away from any children or pets who may knock over the fragile item while attempting to pick it up. Preparing a smooth, flat surface such as a coffee table or desk will provide an ideal setting for unboxing. By having proper support and stability during the unboxing process, there are less chances that debris or dust could be released in the air or onto your figures due to accidents or movements.

Step 2: Unbox Wisely

Now that you’ve prepared a secure environment for unboxing, carefully remove your Steve Harrington Funko Pop from its original packaging by gently pulling up on both sides of the box. If possible, avoid using scissors or other cutting objects as this can cause damage to the packaging and even potentially harm the inside contents. Once open, lift off with caution any outer plastic wrap covering your figure before getting started on examining its inner details seamlessly.

Step 3: Inspect Closely

Now is when the real fun starts! As you peer into its packaging take note of any potential damage on the outside box such as dents, scratches, tears etc… Keeping your eyes peeled will help reduce emergency Phone calls to customer services if something has happened during transit which could not have been avoided prior acknowledgement at purchase time. Once inspected thoroughly , only then should you start removing pieces like accessories in order to examine them individually (this also helps gather evidence in case there was some factory related defect preventing full assembly once outside packaging) . Taking care of each component one at a time until all components are removed safely guarantees no uninformed risk taking while unpacking & inspecting items that don’t necessarily look susceptible but rather delicate underlying parts easily missed out & difficult to gain back within minimal errors margin range .

Step 4: Clean It Up!

When all components have been examined and deemed non-defective it’s essential cleanup begins! Gently wiping down any inner dust collected in transit as well as eliminating fur particles collected within sewn holes/closed sections ensures optimal finishing touches – leaving no stone unturned regarding designing meticulous detailed package ready for display ! Utilize soft cloths which won’t scratch along with appropriate designated cleaning solutions proven not react with material figures are made from . This goes especially true with plastic paints used decorating facial materials & clothing patterns in order ensure colors retain essence post dusting . Enjoying new figurine adding private collection near window sill just achieved timeless enjoyment ultimate retro cartoon shiny triumph delight !

After following these steps closely you’ll now be fully equipped and ready to proudly display your new Steve Harrington collectible – congrats!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Steve Harrington Funko Pop

What is a Steve Harrington Funko Pop?

A Steve Harrington Funko Pop! is a collectible figure from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. It features Hawkin’s resident hair guru, looking dashing and stylish in his red polo shirt and aviators. This collectible figure stands 3 ¾ inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box, making it the perfect addition to any collection. It also easily fits on most desks or shelves as part of a growing hoard of pop culture memorabilia.

Where can I buy the Steve Harrington Funko Pop?

The Steve Harrington Funko Pop! figure can be found in stores at certain locations; they are also available online through retailers such as Amazon and eBay. The figures range in price depending on condition and availability, but typically range anywhere between $10-$20 USD with taxes included (unless you have a promo code).

Does the Steve Harrington Funko Pop come with any accessories?

No, this particular figurine does not come starter any extras or accessories when purchased from official retailers. However, there are other figures from the same series that come with additional items such as demogorgon eggs or Hawkins bikes to add to your collection.

Are there any variants of the Steve Harrington Figurine?

Yes! There is an exclusive blue bandana variant only available at Target stores which feature Steve wearing a signature blue bandana instead of sunglasses for those searching for something different than the classic look. Additionally, you may find other special editions showing up at different times throughout the year like metallic versions on vaulted holidays like Easter or Christmas.

Choosing the Right Accessories to Complete Your Collection

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Choosing the right accessories is an essential part of curating any wardrobe as they add extra presence and personality to otherwise normal clothes while still being able to stand alone if necessary. From picking functional pieces that match correctly with other items in their respective categories to accenting any ensemble flawlessly through eye-catching designs – finding that balance between conventional and unconventional is definitely worthwhile once mastered!

Top 5 Facts About the Steve Harrington Funko Pop

The Steve Harrington Funko Pop is one of the most popular collectibles on the market. Here are five interesting things you should know about this iconic pop figure:

1. It’s a True Rarity: While there may be other versions of this beloved pop, the original is an especially rare variant—making it a real collector’s item these days. If you happen to find one in good condition, you’re sure to score big at any auction or sale.

2. It was Created After Huge Popularity: This version first appeared on the scene after Steve Harrington from Stranger Things became a household name and seemingly overnight global phenomenon. Fans of all ages were enthralled with his journey as he went from being a bully to a hero and protector of those around him—reminding us that people can always grow and change for the better.

3. Many Variations Have Been Released: Since its debut, Funko has released multiple versions of the Steve Harrington Pop figurine reflecting different seasons or points within the story-line. These include potential spoilers too so keep your eye out if you don’t want anything ruined!

4. It Comes With Accessories Too: The Steve Harrington variants come with quirky accessories that give it an extra bit of humor. Think Hawaiian shirts, puffer vests, plaid blazers -basically all his classic looks captured in miniature form! Add these to your display shelf alongside him (he may even come with a Backpack!) and get ready for visitors who simply can’t help but ooh and ah over your collection!

5. He Has Some Beers Buddies From Hawkins Middle School!: Among Funko Pops’ surprise additions are Dustin Henderson (Goons!) as well as Max Mayfield & Lucas Sinclair two other classmates from Stranger Things –all collected together for some epic fun shenanigans! We suggest reenacting favorite scenes from their days working together to battle evil monsters from another world!

Conclusion: Why Collecting Steve Harrington’s Funko Pop Is Worth It

Collecting Steve Harrington’s Funko Pop figurines is the ideal way to bring the beloved character from Stranger Things into your home. It’s easy to see why Steve is so adored; he may be a troublemaker and one part of an iconic duo, but his kindness, loyalty and bravery make him one of the show’s most endearing characters. It’s also nice to have a reminder in your life every day of his unique mix of charm and wit!

Steve’s Funko Pop versions capture his signature style perfectly; they’ve got their own unique look, feel and personality that will help to make them stand out in any setting. Whether you want something that adds a bit of flair and fun to your space or a nostalgic tribute to the character that you’ve come to know and love, then this collection is perfect for you. Not only does it feature classic details like Steve’s curly hair and big smile, but also subtle nods such as his Upside Down-inspired clothing.

From both practicality as well as collectability perspectives, collecting (and proudly displaying) these items is definitely worth it. By investing in high-quality figures with outstanding detailing, you can ensure that your collection won’t easily fall apart or break down after years of use – making sure that those fond memories of watching the show remain intact no matter what. It’ll also become an incredibly valuable collector’s item if you take good care of them over time – a great investment for any fan!

As cutesy collectibles go, Steve Harrington’s Funko Pops are some of the best on offer. They look great no matter where they’re placed – on shelves or desks during work hours or relaxing beside you while catching up on Stranger Things marathons during leisure times. And with their varied designs across different series, there’s surely something out there that meets all kinds of budgets while still providing memorable experiences sprinkled throughout the year when seasons change! So don’t hesitate: Investing in these amazing items will certainly pay off in spades when it comes time to proudly show off your collected pieces at home or even brag about them online with friends!

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