The Purrfectly Hilarious World of Pop Cat Memes!

The Purrfectly Hilarious World of Pop Cat Memes! 2017

It’s no surprise that cats have become a cultural phenomenon within the digital age. With the rise of social media, it wasn’t long before these adorable creatures rose to internet fame as creative and hilarious memes spread. Cat memes are no longer just silly pictures; they are an entire culture with their own unique language and concept that only cat lovers can appreciate.

But what exactly is a cat meme? At its most basic level, a cat meme is generally a picture or short video clip featuring a feline in some sort of cute or funny scenario. These typically go viral on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit or Instagram due to their relatable context or humourous caption. It doesn’t always need to feature an actual living cat – many popular memes feature animated cats or famous felines from film and television such as Grumpy Cat and Church from The Simpsons. Plus, with the help of photo editing apps like Photoshop, it’s now easier than ever for people to create their own customised take on the meme – making it even funnier!

Cat memes often blend together different elements of visual comedy, including irony and sarcasm which really resonates well with internet users everywhere. It could be an image of a kitten whose face expresses pure shock at something absurd yet utterly true; or perhaps you might find a humorous GIF of two cats engaged in an epic battle that looks more like playful roughhousing. Whatever form it takes, there’s no denying how enjoyable these cleverly-crafted left-field jokes can be – leading more and more people seeking out these endearingly unique forms of entertainment every day!

The internet has been overrun with feline-centric content in the form of memes, gifs, and videos since the late 1990s when cats began claiming their place in pop culture. But how did this surge in all things cats come about? To understand, here is a timeline outlining how cat memes originated and evolved over time:

1996 – The Lolcats Phenomenon: This popular forum was home to images of cats accompanied by captions written to emulate “bad spelling” or poor grammar that matched the humor of the image — such as a picture of a scowling cat with the caption “I Can Has Cheezburger?” This phrase became an early example of Internet slang, sparking hundreds of similar images and captions across various sites. It also inspired spin-offs like FAIL Blog (which started up in 2008).

2001 – Chopping Cat: As digital photography became more accessible in the early 2000s, memes took off so quickly that photo manipulation software had to be invented just to keep up. One of the first photo manipulations was Chopping Cat, which featured two pictures of different animals pasted side-by-side along with added effects like spinning wheels or laser beams. The original photo was taken down after going viral but lives on thanks to social media sharing.

2009 – Keyboard Cat: Keyboard Cat may have only gained public attention in 2009 but it actually has its roots much earlier. In 1984 Charlie Schmidt recorded his pet cat playing an electronic keyboard and posted it online for fun. Decades later, his recording found its way onto YouTube and soon enough every screen featured a video looping Keyboard Cat jamming out to whatever tune it felt like playing!

2010– Grumpy Cat/Tardar Sauce: Throughout 2010s there were tons of memes featuring different breeds of cats but none quite as iconic as Grumpy Cat (or Tardar Sauce if you want her birth name!) Her unique flat face made her instantly recognizable while her namesake catches people’s attention every time they scroll through Tumblr or Reddit. Grumpy Cat even got her own web series called “Grump Out” released 2017!

2020 – Simon’s Cats: Paintings depicting sleepy family members at home with adorable cats created by the artist known as Simon’s Cats are kicking off 2020’s feline meme wave! He creates masterpieces that capture our love for napping felines and make us smile each time we see them appear on our news feeds. They might even give traditional portrait paintings from Old Masters’ a run for their money one day!

Today, these memetic little creatures bring joy into peoples lives every day through hilarious images and montages plastered across social media platforms; without fail they always seem to brighten up our feeds no matter what kind mood we are in when we open them up!

Exploring Different Types of Cat Memes and Their Meanings

Cat memes have become an increasingly popular way to express our love for felines in a humorous and entertaining manner. Whether it’s a picture of cats doing something silly or an inside joke only cat lovers can appreciate, these memes offer us a way to make us smile and share our feelings with others. But did you know that there are actually different types of cat memes? Each one has its own unique meaning and purpose, so let’s dig in and explore some of the most popular types of cat memes out there!

The Grumpy Cat Meme: This is probably the most iconic type of meme when it comes to cats, featuring a grumpy looking kitty with captions like “I had fun once – it was horrible” or “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Grumpy Cat has become a staple since her debut in 2012, offering us all an outlet to vent our own frustrations without having to get too angry.

The Mischievous Kitten Meme: Maybe your kitty loves getting into mischief – if that sounds familiar then this meme will be sure to amuse you! Usually featuring pictures of kittens being mischievous or causing mayhem, these light-hearted images help remind us why cats are always so entertaining.

The Cute & Fluffy Cat Meme: If you’re looking for something a bit more cuddly than the other two options then this one is for you! Focused more on their adorability rather than anything else, these fluffy and cute cat memes offer an easy way to show our appreciation for the cuter things in life. Who doesn’t love seeing those little faces?

The Sassy Cat Meme: This last type of meme isn’t quite as cuddly but still manages to be charmingly funny in its own way. Usually taking the form of facial expressions or witty quotes/sayings, sassy cat memes can be used as a way to gently chide people (usually online) who might not get your particular brand of humour.

These are just four examples – there are plenty more out there if you want to search online or just scroll through your feed on any social media platform! Cats have always been loved by people around the world and thanks to technology we now have even more opportunities to show how much we care about them through whimsical illustrations and clever phrases featured in various types of cat memes. So keep exploring these ever-evolving forms of digital art – you never know what gems await discovery!

The world of memes is vast and varied, but one subset has remained popular ever since they first burst into the mainstream: the cat meme. Whether it’s an image of a mischievous kitty getting into trouble, a “cat-zilla” rattling up a storm, or simply an amusing caption paired with a photo of our feline friends, these curious images have become synonymous with online culture—which begs the question: why are cat memes so enduringly popular?

It’s no secret that cats reign supreme on social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr. It turns out that their dominance is rooted in basic psychology. First, felines attract us with their cuteness—their distinctive features such as wide eyes, flat faces, and short snouts induce a response known as Kawaii Syndrome—a phenomenon which drives us to act protectively toward animals we deem “cute”. Additionally, cats evoke feelings of comfort in us due to our historical relationship with them; domesticated felines have been humans’ companions for thousands of years. Finally, cats enjoy great popularity socially because they provide endless comic fodder — they can be both naughty and nice while managing to appear completely blasé during either extreme — making them incredibly amusing to observe.

Psychology aside however, one underlying factor that fuels the perpetual success of cat memes may actually be simpler: exclusivity. Cat owners tend to form close-knit groups on social platforms where non-owners otherwise would not be privy to content surrounding cats; it is within these special little subcultures where things like daily routines (e.g., litter box duties), jokes about meowing loudly at three AM and the various antics of beloved fur babies can be appreciated by those who understand. In other words, if you don’t get what’s funny when someone posts picture of Grumpy Cat rolling his eyes – maybe you simply need more furry friends in your life!

Ultimately then what makes cat memes so endearing isn’t just funny pictures (although these really help!);it’s also community based appreciation that deepens our connection with each other – even when we are far away from home or stuck inside all day working on laptops. As more people take solace in having digital pets around during this time of quarantine they likely won’t find much amusement outside tried-and-true classic cat memes…and there will always many places online where folks can find those exact types of wholesome images!

Q: How did the cat meme become so popular?

A: Cat memes have been around for a while, but they didn’t gain true notoriety until Youtube and other social media platforms started to influence their usage. Due to their endlessly sharable nature, these images quickly became viral sensations – particularly among internet-savvy millennials. Many of these memorable kitties were first featured on an array of comedic websites like Cheezburger, Thelonious Monkfish, or Cute Overload which showcase all sorts of adorable pet photos and videos. Of course nowadays cat memes can be found just about everywhere and are shared by thousands of users on daily basis.

Q: What makes cat memes so funny?

A: Most often it’s the juxtaposition between the actual circumstances surrounding a situation and how cats will react in such scenarios that is both unexpected yet oh so relatable that causes us to laugh out loud at these furry friends’ feisty antics. However, humor is always subjective so what one person may find humorous another might not even crack a smile at – making the internet a playground full of different expressions, conversations, jokes and puns all centered around our feline overlords.

Q: Are there any rules when creating a cat meme?

A: While there aren’t necessarily hard-and-fast rules involved in creating an effective cat meme, there are certainly some pointers to keep in mind that could help you muster up some serious online popularity! The most important thing is to make sure your visuals feature distinctive traits from famous cats; silly facial expressions or amusing captions that highlight hilarious antics will get people talking (or meowing!) for sure! If possible try mixing together multiple elements such as tropes from literature or film along with modern trends which can really bump up the shareability rate among friends and family members too!

The Cat Meme is a popular and humorous image associated typically with cats. It’s been around for many years, but its popularity seems to have increased over the last 5-10 years due to its frequent utilization among internet users. However, do you really know where it originated from and why it has become so popular? Here are some fun facts about this curious trend.

• The Cat Meme is believed to originate from an old comic strip or drawing that first appeared in the 1970s called “Hagar the Horrible” which featured a scrawny-looking cat with crossed eyes and buck teeth.

• The original name given to this type of meme was “Hangover Cats,” making reference to the characters often seen hungover in the said comics.

• Eventually, this particular style of meme came to be widely adopted as the standard for all sorts of other cats used in memes on social media outlets such as Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook and elsewhere on the net .

• In fact, according to Google Analytics statistics released by Imgur (a highlypopular photo-hosting website), at one point in time there were more than 3 million cat memes created on various platforms using their services alone!

• Interestingly enough, despite being one of the most viral phenomena on social media today, research shows that out of all pet owners surveyed at least once a year—only 38% own cats compared with 51% owning dogs — suggesting that while dog owners remain loyal within their own interests; fans of cats are far more likely be willing explore content outside their domain.

• Furthermore, recent studies suggest that while people tend to generally choose either dogs or cats — those who do prefer cats , particularly enjoy participating in compiling and sharing comedic photos featuring them on various outlets if not “catifying” themselves for pure entertainment purposes instead.

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