The Perfect Gift for Any Jurassic World Fan: Check Out the Coolest Jurassic World Funko Pops!

The Perfect Gift for Any Jurassic World Fan: Check Out the Coolest Jurassic World Funko Pops! 2017

Introduction to Jurassic World Funko Pop Collection: Overview and History

The Jurassic World Funko Pop collection is a set of figurines released in 2017 to commemorate the fifth installment of the iconic action-adventure movie franchise, Jurassic Park. Featuring an array of characters from the beloved original series, these Pop figures range from highly detailed replicas of species like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Indominus Rex, to more stylized versions of fan favorites like Dr. Ian Malcolm and Owen Grady. Amongst collectors, they are considered a valuable part of any display or movie memorabilia collection.

This series pays homage to the history and cultural significance behind Steven Spielberg’s classic dinosaur films by providing fans with short “storytellers” about the featured characters complete with small details like battle scars and colors that amplify their unique personalities. Each figure comes with its own unique backstory, adding depth to their representations from the source material.

In its release year, Jurassic World Funko Pop figures quickly became sought-after items for both casual fans and serious collectors alike — selling out almost immediately upon arrival in stores across the world. This widespread popularity further solidified its place amongst esteemed film franchises whose fandom dates back decades before (e.g., Star Wars). One thing is certain: no one can deny that these Pop figures have earned their rightful spot within cinema’s longstanding blockbuster series!

Going beyond just simply daydreaming about dinosaurs or reciting Jurassic Park lines – owning a piece of this collectible line is a way to experience all nostalgia associated with the franchise while simultaneously appreciating those who made it what it was; not only Steven Spielberg himself but also Michael Crichton who wrote the novel adaptation which started it all off so many years ago!

What You Should Know Before Collecting the Jurassic World Funko Pop Collection

The hit movie Jurassic World was a huge box-office success in 2015, and its characters (both human and dinosaur) quickly became pop culture icons. Nowadays, you can find merchandise of these beloved ‘characters’ everywhere, from t-shirts to action figures – but none have become as popular as the iconic collection of Jurassic World Funko Pop! figurines. If you’re looking to collect all the figures in this series, there are a few things that you should know before diving into the world of Jurassic Funko collecting.

First off – it probably goes without saying – but be prepared for price tags. Collecting popular Funko series like the Jurassic World ones can get expensive, so make sure that you’re comfortable with your budget before committing to completing the entire set. The good news is that many stores feature sales often and some figurines may even be available for purchase at cheaper prices through websites such as eBay or Amazon.

Second – always do your research! While it may seem like an easy and straightforward task to add every single figure from a particular series to your collection, this isn’t necessarily always the case when it comes to Funko Pop! Figures. There are several variant versions of each character available on the market; including ones that celebrities like Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have autographed themselves. With their rarity comes increased value —so if you want those special pieces in your collection of Jurassic World figurines, make sure that you stay up-to-date with any new product releases and look around secondhand markets such as eBay or Craigslist for hard-to-find variants.

Finally – aim for quality over quantity! It can be tempting when starting off collecting any type of product to just go crazy buying anything related with little attention given to condition or production date; however when it comes to rare products like these specifically, quality matters hugely when assigned a particular monetary value later down the line – so make sure that everything added into your ever growing collection is high quality and well taken care off all throughout their respective lifespans!

Step by Step Guide on How to Collect Jurassic World Funko Pop

Step 1: Research Your Collection

Before diving into the details of collecting your very own Jurassic World Funko Pop, it’s important to research what types of figures are available, particularly how rare or limited edition they are. Knowing which ones are available, and which ones might fetch a better price on sites like eBay or Amazon will help ensure you get the pieces you really want for your collection.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with Prices

Once you know what Funko Pops are available in the Jurassic World franchise, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the prices associated with each one. While it’s fun to collect these figurines just for personal use, if you ever plan on reselling them it’s important to have a good idea of their market value ahead of time! Doing some comparison shopping online can help you get an idea of what other collectors might be willing to pay for them.

Step 3: Determine Your Budget & Start Shopping

After researching prices and establishing your budget (if any), now comes the fun part – actually shopping for your Jurassic World Funko Pops! You can start off by browsing around local stores such as Target or Walmart that may carry older figures from this series. However if you’re looking for harder-to-find exclusives or limited edition pieces then online outlets might be your best bet. Sites like Amazon and eBay often have more comprehensive collections where you can search by specific characters or styles that aren’t so easily accessible in brick-and-mortar venues.

Step 4: Protect Your Collection

Once you finally manage to snag all those sought after Figurines from this awesome movie franchise, there is one final step – protecting your collection! Especially if these pieces have any resale value in the future; storing them properly is essential. Investing in some protective cases might be a great way keep them protected while still allowing easy access during show off sessions between fellow Jurassic World fans!

FAQs About Collecting the Jurassic World Funko Pop Collection

Q: What is the Jurassic World Funko Pop Collection?

A: The Jurassic World Funko Pop collection is a series of collectible figures that commemorate characters from the famed science fiction film franchise. Each figure features the iconic design of the much-beloved dinosaurs, along with other characters and elements featured in the films. The line features over 170 Pop! figures, including rare chase variants, mystery minis and more. The collection spans all four of the Jurassic World movies, making it fun for fans to build complete sets featuring their favorite characters—from Claire Dearing to Blue to Tyrannosaurus rex!

Q: How do I start collecting these figures?

A: Starting a Jurassic World Funko Pop collection couldn’t be easier! Begin with gathering basic information on what you plan to collect. Do you want a comprehensive set featuring every figure in the line or are there specific characters you want to focus your attention on? Notice which ones are limited edition or have chase variants so you can keep an eye out for those special items when shopping around. You may also want to decide where & how many pops you plan to display upon completion of your collection—many fans opt for shadow boxes depicting scenes from the movies or perhaps a special shelf just for Jurassic World Pops!

Q: Where can I find these figures?

A: You can find current releases and back catalog items at various retailers like GameStop and Hot Topic, as well as independent toy stores across different states. Check out online stores such as Amazon and eBay, too. As with any product searching online will yield more choices since those shops have access to international inventories that aren’t available everywhere else in the US. Don’t forget about official convention exclusives that are often only available during certain events throughout year; these Pops usually become instant collector’s items among collectors and could fetch quite a price if sold on secondary markets (though we recommend keeping them close =). Finally if you’re looking for past releases FunKo has their own shop which offers old Previews Exclusive Figures not available anywhere else!

Q: How do I know if my Funko Pop is authentic/official product?

A: To ensure that your figures have been crafted according to Funko’s high standards, look out for holographic stickers containing an embedded QR code located near each figure’s foot base inside its packaging — this QR code links up with Google where you can check its authenticity by scanning it with your smartphone camera app or another compatible device. Additionally comparing box art against photos of recently released merchandise should help point out counterfeit pieces right away; authentic versions feature clean edges versus fuzzy pixelated edges seen on illegitimate products (among many other discrepancies there might be).

Top 5 Facts about Collecting the Jurassic World Funko Pop Collection

1. The Funko Pop! Jurassic World collection is one of the most popular collections released by Funko. These highly collectible figurines are based on characters and dinosaurs from the original film series and its two sequels, Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom. Fans of all ages can enjoy collecting this unique set of figures, as they bring a bit of movie excitement to their display shelves!

2. The collection consists of sixty-one character Pop!s, fourteen Mystery Minis, ten Pocket Pop Keychains, two Super Sized Pop!s, two Hikari Sofubi Vinyl figures and three Pens with Toppers. Each figure has been meticulously sculpted to capture the likeness of each individual character or dinosaur in accurate detail – from Predator Velociraptor Blue’s bright blue scales to Dr. Ian Malcolm’s seriously out-of-touch fashion sense.

3. Many of these collectibles come in exclusive variations, such as metallic figures or variant colors not seen in retail stores or on screen – meaning hardcore collectors have plenty options when it comes time to try and complete their set. A select few outlets also carry limited “chase” variants not included in the regular line-up that fetch a hefty sum for those who hope to own them all at once: providing an additional challenge for even seasoned pros!

4. Relaxing aftercare requirements make this an accessible option for any hobbyist; simply wiping away dust with a soft cloth is all you need to keep your precious POP toys looking like new every day! They are perfect additions to any shelf space — large or small — without needing massive amounts upkeep or storage room like larger scale models need; they are both affordable enough (and often customizable) so everyone can find their perfect POP pal that fits just right into their lifestyle: whether it be at home, office…or even the car cupholder!.

5. With six waves having already been released since 2015 (including special editions based off trailer reveals for Fallen Kingdom) there looks to be no end in sight for Funko’s Jurassic reign over pop culture collectibles anytime soon – sure to net fans years more enjoyment both chasing after lost gems and proudly displaying one’s completed collections – making them some of the best pieces you can add anywhere your passions lie

Conclusion: Why You Should Start Your Own Jurassic World Funko Pop Collection

Are you a fan of the Jurassic World franchise? Have you ever wanted to take your fandom to its own personal level, but weren’t quite sure how? Well, then why not consider starting your very own collection of Jurassic World Funko Pops! Whether you choose to hobby as a means of income or just simply for the fun of it, building and maintaining your own personal collection is an excellent way to get closer with the franchise.

When it comes to collecting figures like these, there is no right or wrong way to approach it. You can opt to collect each character one-by-one or decide to go “all in” and pick up multiple sets of each one. What matters most is that you enjoy the process. After all, this is usually where great collections begin!

When looking at purchasing collections such as Jurassic World, Funko Pops are often considered some of the most popular figures on shelves today due their cute designs and wide range availability. Not only are they a great place for novice collectors; seasoned veterans can also get incredible deals when buying them in bulk. These quickly-growing popularity has made them extremely valuable among collectors over time and therefore ensures that investing money into these particular figurines will guarantee future gains if done correctly.

Ultimately start collecting figures because it brings you joy and gives you something very tangible to remember your favourite characters by! Plus, once many different collectibles become available within any particular IP (such as statues or busts), having a diverse set of miniaturized figurines looks fantastic when displayed alongside them all together like some kind of scene straight out o fthe movies! So if you’re ready for new and exciting adventure full of mystery and fun , then what better way than starting your very own Jurassic World Funko Pop Collection!

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