The Magical Legacy of Stan Lee: A Guide to Collecting Funko Pop Figures

The Magical Legacy of Stan Lee: A Guide to Collecting Funko Pop Figures 2019

What is a Stan Lee Funko Pop Collection?

A Stan Lee Funko Pop Collection is a series of figurines created in tribute to the late comic book legend, Stan Lee. Each figurine features an iconic likeness of Mr. Lee and varies by outfit, look, and accessories across the set. This collection not only pays homage to the man who co-created some of the most popular superheroes in our culture today but each figurine also has its own unique style. Some include his trademark black-rimmed glasses and green dress shirt with bow tie, while another showcases him complete with a Hawaiian shirt and hibiscus flowers. There is no better way for fans to celebrate this Marvelous Man’s legacy than with this limited run series from FUNKO!

Step by Step Guide to Unboxing a Stan Lee Funko Pop Collection

Unboxing a Stan Lee Funko Pop Collection can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you are a lifelong fan of Marvel Comics or just starting out in your collection, there is much to learn and look forward to with this series of collectibles. In this guide, you will find information on how to unbox your collection safely and efficiently so that it remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Step 1: Open the box carefully. The outer packaging will provide protection against dust and other debris, but use caution while opening; take special care not to damage any of the edges or corners. Once opened, locate the appropriate inserts which contain the figures themselves. Depending on what type of set you have purchased, some may require assembly before being displayed.

Step 2: Separate the figure from its plastic wrapping or bubble pack if applicable and gently remove any stickers that are present on both sides of the figure’s surface. Admire your newly acquired piece for a moment before proceeding with the next step!

Step 3: Lay out or group together any accessories that were included with the set such as stands or display cases. These can be helpful when displaying multiple figures at once due to their size difference between miniatures and regular sized figurines. Think about how best to arrange them in order create a visually pleasing pattern or effect; this will make all future unboxings a breeze as well!

Step 4: Insert any batteries into dedicated compartments found underneath each figure; this is commonly required when dealing with light up features or sound effects (depending on which model has been purchased). If unsure how this should be done correctly you can always refer back to the toy’s manufacturer’s user manual for guidance and assistance throughout installation process.

Step 5: To complete the unboxing sequence it’s now time place each character onto a designated stand using their respective points of articulation (especially if these pieces come equipped articulating arms hands etc). After everyones securely positioned we’re ready for final one… admiring our new acquisitions! Hopefully everyone had as much fun accessing these different movements as we did whilst photographing marveling at our treasures from afar – Now let’s get them showcased already!

FAQs about Collecting and Unboxing Stan Lee Funko Pops

Q: What is a Stan Lee Funko Pop?

A: Stan Lee Funko Pops are collectible vinyl figurines of the late Marvel Comics legend and creator, Stan Lee. These figures feature Stan in various sizes wearing costumes and posing in classic comic book scenes. The figures come in limited edition variants such as golden chrome and flocked versions, making them popular amongst hardcore fans as well as casual collectors.

Q: What should I look for when buying a Stan Lee Funko Pop?

A: When buying any collectible vinyl figure, it’s important to make sure you are getting an authentic product. If a figure has loose parts or looks the slightest bit “off”, it may be counterfeit. It’s also important to check for small marks like articulated joints that indicate the figure isn’t original. Authentic figures will have solid faces without smudges or scratches that could affect their value later on. Quality of paint is also an important factor to keep in mind; authentic figures will have precise details painted with care, while counterfeits could have inaccurate designs or sloppy painting jobs leaving obvious blemishes on the figure’s exterior. Finally, always carefully inspect the box for signs that it has been tampered with before purchasing it – this could reveal unauthorized access or damage done during shipping which can lower the price of its resale value down the line if not discovered ahead of time.

Q: What is unboxing a Stan Lee Funko Pop?

A: Unboxing a new Stan Lee Funko Pop involves carefully unwrapping your purchase so that you can get an up close look at your item before displaying it proudly in a cabinet or toy box! Unboxing these collectibles provides unique insight into each individual figure’s features, helping collectors better decide which ones they want to keep and which ones they would like to sell off at a later date if they ever choose to part ways with their collection down the line. Before starting this process however, it is essential to make sure you are properly handling your figurine correctly so as not to damage them during removal from their packaging!

Q: Are there any tips for taking care of my Stan Lee Funko Pops?

A: Absolutely! Taking good care of your collection goes beyond unboxing; keeping your figurines dust-free by wiping them down with soft cloths every few weeks should do plenty to preserve both their condition and appearance over time! Additionally, if you ever choose to display your toys out in public instead of inside an enclosed cabinet environment then be sure not use anything abrasive – such as cleaning chemicals – as this can lead to discoloring and discoloration over longer periods of usage . Additionally, always remember where possible store all pieces separately from one another using boxes or other storage units; this way none of your favorite figures must mix in with potentially dustier items like pens pencil upon opening again after sitting idle for some months away from view!

Top 5 Facts About Stan Lee Funko Pop Collectibles

Funko Pops are the beloved collectibles of avid toy-lovers everywhere. Stan Lee Funko Pops are particularly special because they commemorate the incredible creativity and artistry of Stan Lee, one of the most influential people in comic book history. Here are our top five facts about Stan Lee Funko Pop Collectibles:

1. First released in 2014, there have been over 25 different Stan Lee Funko Pop variants since their first appearance on the market—making them some of the THE most sought-after vinyl figures around! From Comic Con exclusive versions to glow-in-the-dark iterations, these figures capture every nuance of Lee’s iconic style and persona – encapsulating him as both a creator and a fan favourite.

2. Each Stan Lee Pop includes an extra thought bubble with a fun phrase from some of his signature catch phrases like “Excelsior!” or “Make Mine Marvel!” packaged alongside it– creating a priceless reminder of how much influence he has had on both pop culture and comic books throughout his long career. No matter what version you choose, each oozes character and pays homage to one of our most beloved legends!

3. What makes them even more special is that for each figure sold, 10% proceeds go to The Hero Initiative – an organisation founded by Stan himself that helps creators in need make ends meet due to their inability to benefit from royalties from their own works. With every purchase made, we help ensure that true heroes remain recognised for generations to come!

4. As if all these qualities weren’t enough to draw collectors towards this classic staple piece– many rare editions also exist today with unique designs making each variant a truly distinct item for any collection worth its salt. Demand for these ultra rare pieces has caused prices online to soar astronomically high with some fetching nearly NINE HUNDRED dollars– making them absolute must haves amongst hardcore fans or those seeking out truly special pieces!

5 Last but certainly not least; In July 2019– Diamond Select Toys created an entire line based on none other than Hollywood royalty himself – resulting in two grand 12 inch Tall Premium Statues depicting both aged and younger versions along with individually hand crafted card inserts showcasing him in classic poses or forms yielding great attention being directed towards them ever since they hit shelves worldwide! This genuine combination perfect captures not only how iconic he was during that time but also provides us with an extraordinary homage as we celebrate forces which inspired us so much growing up!

At the end of it all we can safely say that no matter if you’re looking for your first time Batman collector or grinding away for your chance at the rarest pieces; collector’s will always find themselves drawn back into incredible marvels world thanks to introducing something as timelessly fun and impactful as Stan Lee Funko Pop collectables providing us maximum satisfaction guaranteed every single time!!!

Pros and Cons of Investing in a Stan Lee Funko Pop Collection

Collecting memorabilia is a fun and potentially profitable hobby, with the most valuable items typically being those associated with iconic figures in popular culture. Funko Pop figurines are highly desirable collectibles depicting characters from movies, comics, TV shows and more.

PROs of Investing in a Stan Lee Funko Pop Collection:

1. Longevity: Like many celebrities, the enduring memory of Stan Lee will make investing in the collection not only enjoyable but also potentially profitable over time as the pieces become increasingly rare or valuable. Plus, aside from basic conservation such as keeping them out of direct sunlight (UV damage can reduce their value) they will never really go out of style.

2. Affordability: As with any collectable item, prices can begin to escalate but starting a Stan Lee Funko Pop collection won’t be too costly when compared to other kinds of memorabilia. Purchasing individual figures may come at a cheaper entry point while complete collections have more value on the secondary market depending on their condition and rarity.

3. Quality: The quality across all series of Funko Pops is generally excellent – no matter their size each one offers amazing attention to detail which any self-respecting fan can appreciate! Museums constantly use older series for exhibits, further cementing these art pieces long shelf life as timeless works within favourite fandoms!

CONs of Investing in a Stan Lee Funko Pop Collection:

1. Limited Releases: Many exclusive Special Edition or Collector Editions come in limited sizes meaning that once they’ve sold out it is impossible to acquire them again or add them to an existing collection without paying higher ‘secondary market’ prices for an already released piece which may compromise its condition due to previous handling/ownership before purchase by you – reducing its possible return perhaps on re-sale at some future date should you determine this was your intention when investing originally?

2. Fraud Concerns: As with any kind of repurposed product such as reimagined art (the likenesses used), signed items such as individually autographed figures etc., there are unfortunately high possibilities for fraudsters who sell counterfeits or replicas across various online channels claiming authenticity that upon closer inspection turn out ot be fake – so always authenticate before buying! Additionally these counterfeits rarely hold their original value well into the future like officially licensed products do so keep this possibility firmly in mind if considering buying used pieces either pre-owned or vintage numbers from sometime back say 20 years ago since some dealers do still offer physical verified examples from days gone by…

How to Care for Your Stan Lee Funko Pops After Unboxing Them

It’s every collector’s dream: Unboxing a precious Stan Lee Funko Pop! But when the rush passes, it’s important to think about how best to care for your new addition. Here are some tips that can help you protect and preserve your Stan Lee Funko Pop figures so they remain in mint condition.

1. Keep it Away from Sunlight – Direct sunlight can cause the polymer material used to produce vinyl figures to fade over time, so make sure to keep your Stan Lee Pops away from windows and other sources of light.

2. Clean With Gentle Products – Cleaning products like rubbing alcohol should be avoided as they could damage or even remove the paint decals on vinyl figures. Instead try using a damp cloth along with a mild soap such as dish detergent or hand soap; this will clean off dust or dirt without damaging the finish of the figure.

3. Handle Gently – When handling your POP!, don’t grab them by their extremities (arms, hands, feet etc…). This could potentially damage them beyond repair if enough pressure is applied because these are made up of much thinner vinyl than other parts of the figure. Always support its body with your hand when lifting it off its location and when relocating it onto another shelf/stand/desk space etc…

4. Keep Away From Heat & Humidity – Since humidity can easily affect its shape, displacing any accessories that may come with it or simply making it undergo drastic color-changes, put displaying your Stan Lee Funko Pop in an air-conditioned room and away from other sources of heat (like dryers).

Always use a plastic container – A plastic container that is airtight ensures not just proper insulation but also provides protection against dust particles and potential damage caused by bugs like spider mites or carpet beetles. The dark area inside the container also limits exposure to natural light which further helps maintain color-pigment integrity over time

Taking these steps prioritizes keeping things looking as stunning today as they did when you first unboxed them; And eventually we all hope our collection adds value someday!

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