The King Lives On: Collecting the Funko Pop Michael Jackson Edition

The King Lives On: Collecting the Funko Pop Michael Jackson Edition 2011

What is Funko Pop?

Funko Pop is a line of collectible vinyl toys produced by the American company, Funko. The Pop! toys are based on many different media franchises, such as movies, television shows, video games and comic books. They generally feature iconic characters in their own Funko art style.

The figures usually consist of a head and torso with arms and legs attached. As one of the most popular toy lines on the market today, there are many unique takes on Funko Pops available including different material finishes, size variations and even glow-in-the-dark editions which have become extremely sought after for collectors.

Each figure also comes with its own unique variety of features from bobbleheads to flocked texture figures and ones with removable accessories giving fans more options when it comes to collecting them all. And of course, each figure is super cute!

Whether you’re a collector or just someone looking for fun desk decorations, these adorable pint-sized recreations have something for everyone; no wonder they’ve gained so much popularity over the years — even beyond your typical toy collector fan base — making them truly one of a kind in the world of pop culture collectibles.

An Introduction to Michael Jackson and His Collectible Figures

Michael Jackson was one of the most remarkable musical performers of all time. He is known as the King of Pop and his celebrated records sold millions of copies throughout the world. His music remains a huge influence to this day, and he still holds some Guinness world record titles for his incredible accomplishments during his lifetime. But beyond just making amazing music, Jackson also became a global pop culture icon, with entire industries built around him and his work. While official merchandising figured prominently among these tie-in products, an interesting addition came in the form of collectible figurines modeled after Jackson himself.

These practically lifelike representations of Michael Jackson were produced by many different companies across several different countries from the mid-1980s through to 2009 – when he sadly passed away suddenly – and beyond that even, following interest generated by documentaries released about him posthumously. Made from lightweight yet strong materials such as PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride plastic resin which is then heated in a special mould containing particulate matter which becomes a solid shape when cooled quickly; each souvenir product featured fine details including accurate costuming and branded album accessories appropriate to each character series they belonged too. Of course being ‘collectible’ , certain models were also more valuable than others due to rarity or that fact only limited numbers existed at all giving these figures a lucrative added value – something expected from beloved musical artist dedicated fan base over generations.

For diehard fans looking for any available resources that capture MJ’s prolific legacy you may want browse these highly sought after collector items, as they have become single most profitable emerging markets throughout recent years, with some older variants commanding high prices among those seeking memorabilia belonging one time reigning King Pop. Even though it’s not possible to go back in time – figuratively speaking at least – we can still be thankful that so many timeless tributes exist long after iconic superstar has left this earth; while admirably honoring every moment shared between both willowy silhouette and admirer alike enduringly captured forever within possession once believingly owned by him…

Where to Buy Funko Pop Michael Jackson Figure

Funko Pop figures have become one of the most popular collectables today! From your beloved superheroes to classic movie monsters, there’s something for everyone. But if you are looking for a Funko Pop version of the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, you may be wondering where to buy it.

Fortunately, Funko Pop Michael Jackson figures can be found in a variety of stores and websites. Your first stop should be specialty stores like Hot Topic or GameStop that specialize in pop culture memorabilia and fan items. They should keep an inventory of latest Funko Pops, which would often include Michael Jackson as well.

Online retailers such as Amazon or Entertainment Earth also have a huge selection of Funko products from which you can choose from. In addition to a wide array available online, eBay is another great place to find your perfect MJ figurine if you don’t mind buying secondhand toys at steep discounts. Just make sure to thoroughly read seller reviews before confirming any purchase so that you don’t end up getting scammed.

Finally, many independent comic book stores sell Funkos as well—just give them a call or better yet visit their store and take a look around; this way you can get the closest thing to a mint condition piece while also supporting small businesses on your way!

How to Determine Value of your Collection

Determining the value of your collection is an important step to take if you want to protect your items and make sure you are getting the best return on any investments. Knowing how much your items could sell for or how much they may be worth in trade can give you some assurance that you are not leaving money on the table. Whether it’s coins, stamps, baseball cards, comic books or other collecting interests, there are a few key steps anyone should take to determine the true value of their item.

The first place to look is in reference guides that document all known data about a specific type of collectible. For instance, coin traders have reference books documenting every known U.S. coin and its associated values depending on condition and rarity; comic book collectors have decades-old price guides showing estimated market values for mint condition issues; stamp dealers use detailed catalogues showing prices for used copies from many parts of the world over hundreds of years. Regardless of what type of collection you have, references guides are often essential tools for determining value virtually any item no matter how unusual it may seem.

Now that you have some idea of what collectors willing pay for different items another way to gain insight into pricing trends is by looking at sales records available through sites like eBay or specialty forums such as Stamp and CCF (Coin Collectors Forums). Prices realized by auctions become public record after they end and can offer invaluable information when trying to assemble pricing detail on rare or hard-to-find collectibles as these sites list literally thousands of transactions every day providing a wealth examples comparable data helpful when comparing prices for similar pieces in one’s current collection.

Finally, it’s always advisable to get professional appraisals from dealers and/or collector’s clubs whenever possible especially if planning on making insurance claims or considering selling your entire holdings down the road as certified professionals will likely hold more expertise when comes assess a piece’s true worth and they can provide an unbiased opinion while verifying important details pertinent a particular item’s condition or provenance – two defining factors greatly impacting final sale prices in rarer cases but tend overlooked by do-it-yourselfers

In summary, most collections can benefit from comprehensive research before jumping into transactions ahead making sure all potential values established so potential buyers don’t underpay during exchange while sellers don’t lose out waiting too long find buyers willing meet desired asking prices thus preserving both sanctity collections while insuring proper returns investments made acquiring them over time keeping mind though monetary valuations ultimately dictate tangible decisions end day there simply no substitute experience love collecting!

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Collection Journey

The collection journey is often a long and winding road – it can be hard to know where to begin. Whether you’re a collector just starting out in the hobby or an experienced veteran, knowing the right tips and tricks can make your collection journey—and the time, energy and resources accompanying it—much easier. Here are some helpful guidelines to get you started!

1. Plan Ahead: Always have a clear goal in mind before embarking on your collection journey—this means setting realistic expectations for yourself about what items you would like to acquire and within what timeframe. You’ll also need to consider all the supplies necessary for properly caring for, storing and displaying your items; these should be readily available and budgeted for when creating your plan.

2. Start Small: Don’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of collecting options available—start small with something manageable that won’t take up much of your time or money while giving you a sense of accomplishment upon completion. This could include something like coins from different countries, stamps from a certain region or antique teacups from various makers. Aspire towards building a larger collection over time but don’t bite off more than you can chew immediately!

3. Research Your Options: Before purchasing any collectible item, research it thoroughly so that you understand its overall value system (real or perceived). Read up on auction results, manufacturer’s pricing guides, online forums or other resources available to help informed decisions along the way. And don’t forget local curiosities too — never underestimate the thrill of finding unique items at thrift shops, flea markets or estate sales!

4. Monitor Any Growing Trends: Pay attention to trends influencing the market as they will give you insight into what is popular today versus what may become popular tomorrow — this will help inform when/if it’s worth investing in certain collectibles over others depending on one’s long-term goals as well as accessibly available financial resources/time budgeted for such purchases/collecting activities etc.. Many communities exist around niche collections so join them in order to swap intel about current happenings — attending events such as conventions may even bring surprises regarding special limited releases that provide especially good value if sold shortly afterwards!

5. Store Carefully But Access Easily: Having physical objects at home needs proper storage solutions; aim to purchase appropriate holders/cases that protect items from dust humidity etc., while still allowing easy access if needed e.g., labelled boxes on shelves or even wall-mounted displays (everything must meet industry standards). Furthermore, plan regular review sessions where each piece can be looked over – this helps with further understanding its condition which is important both now and when possible selling later down the line; note any wear marks or blemishes as these will reduce its value substantially when collected pieces ever move onto another owner/collection!

Following these simple tips should set you off on an enjoyable yet successful collecting journey whether it’s pastimes shared with family members shopping trips abroad cultural swaps made between avid traders via fax machines.. With dedication effort patience & perseverance great things are bound happen!

FAQs about Collecting Funko Pop Michael Jackson Figures

Q. What is the history behind Funko Pop Michael Jackson Figures?

A. Michael Jackson was a pop music icon and a global superstar who had an incredibly successful career in the music industry for almost five decades. As his career progressed, he developed into a style icon, with many of his costumes becoming iconic fashion statements. In 2011, Funko released its first series of three figures based on Michael Jackson’s costumes from the ‘Thriller’ music video and 18 months later released its second series featuring more of Michael Jackson’s legendary looks across 3 sizes (3 3/4 inch, 6 inch & 10 inch). This gave fans around the world the opportunity to start their own collection of Funko Pop Michael Jackson Figures which has grown over time.

Q. What are some tips for collecting Funko Pop Michael Jackson Figures?

A. There are several tips that you should consider when starting or building your own collection of Funko Pop MJ figures:

1) Look Out For Limited Editions – Many releases have limited edition variants such as exclusives or chase pieces that could potentially be worth much more than other common versions;

2) Condition Matters – Make sure all your figures remain in mint condition by storing them carefully in protective packaging or cases;

3) Have An Intentional Plan – Take inventory and research the available products so you can decide what specific pieces you want to collect;

4) Don’t Be Too Attached – While there will inevitably be sentimental value attached to certain items, it may serve you well to part with ones that do not fit your goals as a collector;

5) Be A Bargain Hunter – See if you can find deals on platforms like Ebay for cheaper prices than regular retail stores; and finally

6) Buy From Reputable Sources – Double check reviews from highly trusted sources before making any purchases online so you can avoid getting ripped off by potential scammers!

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