The King Lives On: Collecting Elvis Funko Pop Figures

The King Lives On: Collecting Elvis Funko Pop Figures 1960

Introduction to Elvis Funko Pop Collection

Elvis Presley is an icon of American culture. He has been beloved by fans around the world for decades, and his influence on the music industry is unparalleled. Now, fans of The King can collect one of the most beloved figures in music history with the Elvis Funko Pop Collection!

Funko Pop Figures are a series of vinyl toys produced by Funko Inc. These collectibles feature pop-culture characters from movies, TV shows, music and more in adorable stylized versions. By creating everything from superheroes to baby groot, their appeal stretches far beyond merely a fan base and into celebrity collectors as well.

The Elvis Funko Pop Figure Collection is no different. For fans of the King, it’s an exciting new way to celebrate his legacy with vibrant miniature renditions of some iconic faces that have made up part of his career. From classics such as Hound Dog to cult favorites like Jailhouse Rock there’s something for everyone here! Not to mention all-new variants which feature exclusive colorways inspired by tattoos he received while serving in the US Army between 1958-1960

What really makes this collection stand out however, aside from its adorable designs, is its price point. At only $9-15 each these figures deliver incredible value especially when compared outside of the Funko brand – making them accessible without breaking your budget – and make formidable additions to any collection or gift along with other themed pieces such as t-shirts or posters!

The Elvis Funko Pop figure Collection pays homage to an artist who still continues to be admired long after his death – immortalizing him in little plastic statues that allow us all to cherish The King’s success forevermore! Be sure not miss out – get your hands on one today and show off your fandom for The King!

Overview of the Latest Models in the Collection

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Unboxing: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Unbox a Funko Pop

Unboxing a Funko Pop figurine is an exciting experience. It’s the moment when you get to see your favorite character in physical form and take them home with you. Plus, opening the packaging can be joyful as you learn more about the product inside. To make sure you get the most out of your unboxing process, here is a step-by-step guide on how to unbox a Funko Pop:

Step 1: Gather The Necessities – Before unboxing your Funko Pop collectible, make sure to have appropriate supplies ready! Depending on how it was packaged, these supplies may include scissors or a box cutter for cutting away bubble wrap and tape. If any specific instructions were included, such as “unauthorized removal of this unit invalidates our return policy” make sure to heed them by using care when removing packaging material.

Step 2: Prepare the Space – Clear a workspace that has enough room for both the box and your arms so that you can work on it comfortably. This ensures that everything you need is nearby and there’s plenty of room for your hands to maneuver without disturbing other objects in the space. Make sure no pets or children are around either—for safety reasons!

Step 3: Examine Exterior – Take some time to examine all sides of the packaging carefully before opening it up fully. This includes checking for damage such as dents or tears in any part of its surface which could affect its value or condition down the line (such as warping plastic parts)– so that too much handling won’t impact its long-term displayability. Additionally, note where stickers, tags and seals of authenticity exist; they could also be removed or altered by improper or excessive handling as well.

Step 4: Open Packaging – After taking your time examining outside features, move onto actually popping open your package! Remove all necessary protective wrapping materials–like tape and bubble wrap–to expose what lies inside without ruining its box structure if possible (otherwise future collectors will appreciate it!). In some cases, this means using longer strokes when cutting with scissors instead of smaller ones–that way more pristine pieces remain intact instead tearing apart fragile paperboard components from overzealous attempts at cutting through boxes quickly!

Step 5: Check Contents – Once all external barriers are cleared away, take stock of what creature belongs to this cute little guy sitting on top? Or does something like an lithograph come nestled among paper/plastic inserts? Note what’s included alongside him since sometimes surprises may hide beneath removable paneling within hollow cavities like hats adorned with silver ink designs or small white buttons tucked into hidden pockets. These details enhance collectibility down-the-road plus create visual diversity worth admiring while it’s protecting with care in its habitat!

Step 6: Enjoy & Display – Finally, take out your new figure with care and enjoy his/her funky charm once exposed in entirety! Display proudly somewhere special with pegs/dowels connecting each piece plus interlocking stands forming vibrant art installations composed amongst one another — they deserve admiration worthy respect from passersbyer gaze who may not understand their rarity yet joyfully stare anyways just basking in beauty created by colorful mastering blends across figures friendly postures smiling towards us each time we visit– saying ‘hello` then !

Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting Elvis Funko Pops

What are Elvis Funko Pops?

Elvis Funko Pops are a series of vinyl figures based on the legendary singer and entertainer Elvis Presley. The figures have become a highly sought-after collectible, with fans from all walks of life cherishing them for their cool designs, intricate detailing and celebration of The King’s iconic style. Each figure stands 3.75 inches tall, making them perfect for displaying alongside other collections or giving away as presents – perfect for any Elvis fan or collector!

How many Elvis Funko Pop figures are there?

At current count, there are nine different Elvis Funko Pop figures available to collectors. These include two variations of the classic Aloha From Hawaii figure, which features the singer in his legendary white suit performing back in 1973; a guitar playing version; vintage suit versions; and some extremely limited edition ‘concert shots’ celebrating his early career performances. This selection ensures that no matter your tastes as an Elvis fan or collector, you’ll be able to find something that perfectly conveys your admiration for this extraordinary musical icon.

What material is used to make Elvis Funko Pop figures?

The majority of the Elvis FunkoPop! range uses durable vinyl material to create each and every figure. This allows for incredibly detailed sculpting officially licensed from Graceland – perfectly capturing The King’s groomed looks from head to toe (or rather tip-toe…these guys are only three inches tall!).

Are rare variants available?

Some of the variant editions listed above come with truly limited amounts produced – meaning they’re often much sought after given their scarcity compared to more common designs and colors. Such is the case with our two Concert Shot editions – both celebrating small moments during gigs early in his career – which were created specifically with avid fanatics in mind due to their detailed sculpting coupled with eye-catching colors borrowed directly from famous onstage outfits worn by our favorite star!

Where can I get my hands on one?

FunkoPops! featuring Elvis can be hard to come by – given the passionate fan base who will surely be clambering over these remembered relics – but fortunately stores such as Walmart, Target and Barnes & Noble are receiving shipments regularly so hopefully it won’t be too long until you manage to get one (or two!) onto your shelf!

Exploring the Top Five Facts About the Collectible Elvis Funko Pop Line

Collecting Elvis memorabilia is a fun and exciting hobby. This includes the collectible Elvis Funko Pop line. These unique figures bring the iconic singer’s legacy to life in miniature size. Whether you are looking for a great conversation piece, or a nostalgic reminder of his impact on pop culture, there is an Elvis Funko out there for everyone.

The appeal of collecting Elvis Presley Funko Pops makes them highly desirable items among many collectors and avid fans worldwide. Let’s explore some facts about them to expand your appreciation for these toys!

1. First-To-Market – The first Elvis Presley Funko Pop released was 4088, which commemorates the King himself wearing his signature teddy bear shirt from 1955’s Jailhouse Rock film. It’s funny that such an iconic figure debuted with this particular outfit choice!

2. Truly One-of-a-Kind – Each individual Elvis Funko Pop comes with its own personality – every face design and leisurely pose capture the essence of their ‘50s music revolution era in their own little way! No two Pops are ever completely alike making each one truly unique and special in its own way. The King continues to live on through these collectibles!

3. Fan Favorite Look – The most popular design amongst fans is without doubt “Elvis as he appeared in Aloha From Hawaii” (4086). Those feathered shoulder pads captivated a whole generation of teenagers all across the globe when it aired live over satellite TV back in 1973… WOW! He embodied such a lavish style that resonates even today within the fan community so it’s no surprise that this has become the company’s bestseller from its collection of featured designs all throughout 2020 and 2021 thus far!

4. Range & Scale – There are three variations of each Elvis capture available; two standard sized, one regular (Funko Pocket Pop Keychain) as well as another retro version based off an older more classic look like “Memphis Flash” (4206). No matter what kind you’re looking for, you’ll certainly find one to fit your style preference given how wide their range within this genre truly is!

5. Neon Gift Items For All Ages – From Groovy kids enjoying figures at home or work alike, a rare neon version (Glow In Dark) exists featuring colorful designs perfect for those who wish to add some color into their otherwise dark decorations catalogue takes pride by completing any scene it enters with unrivaled ease making itself if attracting people around alike! Can’t go wrong when picking up one these limited edition products no matter whom may be receiving it… even little ones can share in true fanfare over anything made bearing The King’s likeness!!

Final Considerations and Where to Shop for Your Collection

When it comes to finding the right collection for your needs, there are many factors to consider. It is important to select a collection that has the items you need, as well as ones that meet your personal taste. You should also take into account things like cost, durability, and aesthetics.

When shopping for a collection, there are several types of retailers from which you can choose. Department stores typically offer collections of high-quality items at reasonable prices; however, you may be limited in selection or styles. Specialty stores often provide greater variety and unique items but can come with higher price tags. Online shops are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking low-priced and specific items not found elsewhere. Additionally, antiques markets offer one-of-a-kind pieces often unavailable anywhere else.

Apart from retailers, purchasing used collections can also be an effective way to save money while still getting what you need. Often thrift stores have large selections of gently used sets at greatly reduced rates compared to buying new. Trading with friends or neighbors is another excellent option — think ‘recycling’! Finally when selecting any item(s), be sure to inspect them carefully to ensure they will meet your uses and expectations before taking out your wallet!

No matter what type of collection you are looking for or where you find it, keeping these guidelines in mind should help narrow down the scope until you find just what fits your needs perfectly!

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