The Joy of Collecting Big Funko Pops: A Guide for Beginners

The Joy of Collecting Big Funko Pops: A Guide for Beginners History

Introduction to Biggest Funko Pop Figures: History and Popularity

When it comes to pop culture collectibles, Funko Pop figures are among the biggest and most popular in the market. Like many pop culture icons, these vinyl figures have a story behind them that can be traced back to when they were first introduced.

Funko started out as a bobble head company in 1988 and then quickly branched out into other products like plush dolls and keychains. But it wasn’t until 2010 when they officially launched their line of Pop! Vinyl figures that they truly exploded onto the scene. These highly detailed character designs were based on properties from TV, Movies, Video Games and Comic books that instantly caught on with fans everywhere due to their accessible size (standing just under 4-inches tall), attention to details in terms of looks and attire pieces, affordability for collecting multiple figures at once and their endless potential for endless customizations. As well as becoming fan favorite toys amongst adults and kids alike, Funko has had numerous collaborations with well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Sony Playstation and Marvel Studios. Their popularity is also credited to social media campaigns such as #FunkoFriday held every Friday on Twitter by the Funko Team where one lucky fandom can win new pops! An impressive amount of effort throughout the years has gone into creating properties like Game of Thrones Pop!, Star Wars Pop!, Marvel Avengers: Endgame Pop! And Stranger Things Pop!. Each line features dozens if not hundreds of characters collectables faithfully recreating moments like Daenerys Targaryen’s fire scene or Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Iron Man supporting Peter Parker during his fight with Mysterio. With an extensive catalog populated by almost every pop icon imaginable along with exclusive edition made available at special events or online stores only – nobody really knows how big this whimsical universe will grow but its ambition promises more than enough diehard fans to propel it forward for many years ahead!

How Big are the Largest Funko Pop Figures?

With the world of Funko Pop figures growing rapidly, some fanatics are eager to find out just how large these figures can get. It’s no surprise that bigger versions exist since the majority of Funko styles stand between three inches and six inches tall. But those are still pretty small when looking at other toys and collectibles on the market. So what is the maximum size for a Funko Pop figure?

To answer this question, you must consider not just traditional Funkos but also larger vinyl variants, jumbo-sized editions and exclusives from conventions or special events. The largest one we’ve seen clock in at fifteen inches tall – nearly double the height of most standard-sized items in the line. These taller characters usually come with added details such as fancy bases to enhance their appearance.

Considering that many adult fans prefer longer figures to match their collectible display needs, there has been an increasing demand for tall variants – especially once well-known franchises such as Marvel and DC Comics went mainstream. Thus, companies have responded by producing a variety of oversized versions that reach up to twelve inches in scale; royal court members from series like Game Of Thrones even reach sixteen inches! Specialty vinyl figures have become so big that they can be classified as statues more than anything else. Overall, it’s dependant on personal preference when trying to determine which type of figure best fits your interior design aesthetic or collecting taste buds.

In conclusion, the maximum size for a Funko Pop figure depends on its style and edition type. Most standard pieces hover around six inches while limited editions (like convention exclusives) range anywhere from twelve inches up to fifteen or even sixteen!

Step by Step Guide to Unboxing a Big Funko Figure

Unboxing a big Funko figure can be an exciting experience, whether you’re a collector, designer or just looking for something fun to do inside. Let’s take a look at a step-by-step guide on how to safely unbox one of these beloved figures.

1. Open the Packaging

Carefully open the packaging by removing any tape that might hold it together. Be sure not to cut into the box while opening it; you don’t want to damage your precious new item! You may want to take precautions and wear gloves or use sanitizing wipes if applicable when touching any part of the packaging materials.

2. Inspect Contents

Once opened, check all contents of the package and make sure nothing is missing or broken before continuing further with unboxing your figure. If something is damaged, contact the seller immediately for replacement or refund options depending on their policy.

3. Securely Take Out Figure Parts and Accessories

Take out each piece of your collectible carefully and securely in order not to cause any damage against any pieces that are still inside the original package for safekeeping – such as bases, stands and accessories, if applicable – as these are usually delicate parts that need extra attention when handling them with minimal force involved during removal from their original packaging container.

4. Prepare Working Area

Wherever you decide to work with unboxing the rest of your items will be important here so that everything stays clean and organized throughout your process – especially important this step is if you plan on doing painting or customizations later on with them in order to maintain precise measures as much as possible through accuracy of skillset & technique performance when applying elements needed separate from clothing & body parts due minor surface differences often found between models available at checkout point (i.e., using felt instead rubber mats prevent paint staining respective surfaces).

5 Put on Figures Any Additional Clothing / Accessories

Finally, once all steps have been completed all necessary components have been laid out following each point mentioned prior, now’s time put actual figure itself properly clothed/accessorized—depending type model this could including attaching wings/hats etc (ensure they securely fastened related clips fixed head feet neither come flying off easily). Lastly don’t forget check back package ensure haven’t missed anything may require additional instructions order complete setup completely enjoy end result!!

Where to Find the Biggest Funko Pops: Shopping Tips & Tricks

If you’re a Funko Pop collector, you know the thrill of finding that rare, mysterious piece you’ve been searching for. The world of Funko Pop collecting is full of surprises, and can sometimes send collectors on a wild goose chase to land those hard-to-find Pops. But with a little bit of extra effort, digging in all the right places, you can find virtually any Funko Pop your heart desires. To help make shopping for your favorites easier, here are some tips and tricks to help ensure success on your hunt for the biggest of Pop figures:

1) Visit online retailers: One great way to find hard-to-find Funko Pops is to check out online retailers like Amazon or eBay. With these websites offering larger selections than what you might normally encounter at local stores, it can be easier to track down vintage and rare finds from around the world. Additionally, many virtual retailers offer discounts that could further reduce costs if you’re looking to save money while shopping around.

2) Shop store closings or liquidations: Occasionally, retail businesses close their doors altogether or have special promotions where they offer drastic discounts aimed at clearing out their stock as quickly as possible. Taking advantage of these opportunities could lead to great savings on limited edition figures or retired pieces that may have gone previously overlooked in other locations.

3) Attend conventions or trade shows: Konami love attending conventions and trade shows such as Toy Fair and San Diego Comic Con among others—especially when they’re selling new exclusive pops released only at certain events! Networking with fellow collectors can often give clues about upcoming releases as well as swap stories about Funko hunts past and present.

4) Check online forums & social media groups : Social media platforms often provide excellent access points exchanges between collectors who may be willing to part with their pieces—at least temporarily! Come across fan pages dedicated specifically trading collections from around the globe? Joining groups dedicated to specific genres or franchises related could work similarly helpful hints on what’s already been found an additional leads about future ones!

Shopping for Funko Pop figures doesn’t have to arduous task! Following these tips should make tracking down elusive pieces both easier and more efficient so you spend less time scouring stores shelves in search of that one coveted figure!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Largest Funko Pops

1. What is a Funko Pop?

Funko Pops are a brand of vinyl collectible figurines made by the company Funko. They come in an array of sizes, with the largest ones standing an impressive 6 inches tall. The line features popular characters from movies, television programs, comic books and video games. Each figure is highly detailed and accurately replicates the featured character in a cartoon-like style. With thousands of designs to choose from, Funko Pop figures have become one of the most popular collectors items on the market!

2. What are the biggest Funko Pops?

The largest size offered by Funko typically range from 4 inches to 6 inches tall depending on the figure design. Some larger versions may be produced for certain special releases or exclusives but these are generally limited and hard to find! Bigger sizes can also be found for certain lines like the Blacklight series which feature figures up to 9 inches tall!

3. Where can I buy big Funkos?

There are many places online where you can purchase large Funkos including Amazon, eBay and specialty stores like Hot Topic or Target as well as local comic book stores and hobby shops who often carry select exclusive pieces. You can also check out collector’s fairs or conventions if you’re lucky enough to live near one that hosts them regularly!

4. How much do big Funkos cost?

The cost of large Funko pops varies greatly depending on rarity or exclusivity so prices will range accordingly. Generally speaking, most 6 inch figures will retail around $15 while larger 9 inch figures may go up to around $50 and exclusive models even higher!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About the Largest Funko Pop Figures

Funko Pop figures are a popular collectible item with fans from all over the world. Known for their stylized designs, these figurines can come in a variety of sizes and represent characters from almost any genre or fandom. One of the most exciting aspects of Funko Pops is the sheer size range available; from tiny 2-inch figures to truly massive Pop figures standing at nine inches tall, you’ll find something to suit your collection. In this article, we’ll take a look at five interesting facts about the biggest Funko Pop figures in circulation.

1) They’re Officially Licensed: Every large Funko Pop figure has been officially licensed by one very important brand; Marvel, DC Comics, Disney and Lucasfilm each have their own dedicated 9 inch Pops. Not only do these boxy characters look super impressive on display, they signify that you’re collecting an authentic licencee product created under strict guidelines. If you’re after a bargain however there are also plenty of unlicensed knock-offs out there!

2) Costly to Collect: When it comes to purchasing large Pops be prepared to pay more than your average 3-4 inch sized figure – as creating larger moulds and increasing manufacturers costs cannot be avoided for making bigger versions. Limited edition figures such as those manufactured exclusively for special events or conventions are particularly pricey but provide ardent collectors with another must-have addition to any shelf!

3) Package Protection: Of course with larger figurines comes bigger packaging too! Whilst this makes transport easier it also ensures additional protection against splintering during storage and transit periods – something which is essential when preserving expensive models within in their pristine condition. Masterpieces don’t come cheap so protection against damage is mandatory if you want them looking great above your mantlepiece!

4) Detailed Finishes: As with regular sized Pops, big ones still feature high levels of detail no matter what scale they may be; intricately designed costumes, accessories and poses are yet again brought together into one unforgettable design – making these standout pieces from every other collectable item out there . They’re also perfect for pairing off an existing collection or just standing alone as part of centerpiece thanks to their striking level of detail that strikes awe into any discerning fan!

5) Conversation Starters: Last but not least Massive Funko Pops always make for incredible conversation starters between you and anyone who enters your home or room where they are displayed – surely nothing better than talking endlessly about all things geeky? And having the right mix between regular sized and supersized Pops can often open doors into further people’s awesome collections by showing off a few favourite characters surrounded by some enormous ones too! Try it sometime…we doubt you’ll regret having such fantastic items to talk about at length..

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