The Hype Around the MGK Funko Pop – Everything You Need to Know

The Hype Around the MGK Funko Pop – Everything You Need to Know 2019

Introduction to the Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop – What Is It?

Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop! is the newest member of the Funko family and it’s pretty awesome. Created in collaboration with Cleveland hip hop artist Machine Gun Kelly, the Funko Pop! figurine celebrates his famous alter-ego ‘Rap Devil’ as a vinyl figure. It stands 3/4 inches tall, so it can fit on your desk or shelf without taking up too much real estate. The Funko Pop! has been designed to capture Kelly’s signature style with detailed facial expressions and playful poses. As part of the entire series, each Rap Devil figurine also comes with an alternate clothing outfit – a black suit and white collared shirt – if you want machine gun kelly funkopop! to switch things up from time to time.

The look of Machine Gun Kelly rap devil pop culture is definitely unique and attention-grabbing. The figure sports bright green eyes, a devilish grin and wild bleached hair–all stylishly accessorised with a medallion around its neck–making it stand out from other collectibles on display. Plus this figurine happens to be suitable for all ages so no matter your age group, you can get your hands on one without needing adult supervision!

The whole idea behind Funko Pop! figures like the Machine Gun Kelly version is that they are an effortless way to express your fandom for bold personalities like MGK using material objects boasting a classic feel but funky design twist in the form of Artsy small action figures. At this point in its development, anyone who loves music or hip-hop culture – particularly those who warm up to MGK in particular – will appreciate having such collectible in their collection permanently displayed as centrepiece attraction within their memorabilia collection while they tackle life head-on armed with an injection of trendsetting style focused fashion from one of today’s most influential fashion icons set to make global impacts: Machine Gun Kelly Pop Culture collector’s figures .

Unboxing the Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop – Step by Step Guide

Unboxing a Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop is one of the most thrilling experiences for any Funko Pop collector. As with all other Pop collectibles, it requires careful handling to ensure that your precious figure does not have any damage or scratches. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the unboxing process step by step so you can enjoy your new Funko Pop without worrying about any wear and tear.

The first step in unboxing a Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop is to remove the plastic wrap. This can sometimes be tricky because some figures have more intricate designs that require careful unwrapping. Be especially careful around moving parts such as articulating arms and legs as these could easily get damaged during unwrapping if done too hastily.

Once the plastic wrap has been removed, you should check the box for any signs of possible wear and tear from shipping or storage. Inspect all creases, seams and corners for bumps and dents which indicate physical damage from being handled incorrectly in transit to your home.

Next, take out the actual figure from its windowed package carefully by gently pushing out from one direction until it is free from its packaging box. Check to make sure that there are no pieces remaining inside once you have taken out the figure; you don’t want a broken piece finding its way into another collection! Over time, discoloration might start to occur due to exposure of packaging boxes so invest in some kind of casing or display case right away if possible – better safe than sorry!

Last but not least, fill yourself with enthusiasm before displaying your new find or using it as an addition to your growing collection of figures! It takes effort (and lots of luck) sometimes when tracking down hard-to-find editions such as this one – enjoy it now!

FAQs About the Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop

The Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop is a limited edition vinyl figure released as part of the popular Pop Vinyl series from Funko. This figure depicts the rapper Machine Gun Kelly in his signature sunglasses and hoodie with his iconic tattoo on full display. Here are some frequently asked questions about this figure:

Q: Will this Funko Pop be available to purchase online?

A: Yes, the Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop will be available for purchase online at various retailers, including Hot Topic and Amazon.

Q: What kind of material is used to make these figures?

A: The Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop is made of vinyl, making it sturdy and long lasting.

Q: Are there any other products that come with this figure?

A: No, the only thing included with the Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop is the figure itself. However, you may want to consider pairing it with other pieces of MGK merchandise for a complete look!

Q: How big is this figure?

A: The height of the figures is about 4 inches tall (10 cm) so it’s great for displaying on shelves or desks.

Top 5 Facts About the Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop

1. The Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop is a special edition figure produced exclusively for the 2019 Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. It features the artist Machine Gun Kelly in full costume, complete with his signature jet-black hair and dark sunglasses. Not only is this Funko Pop one of a kind, but it’s also officially licensed by MGK himself!

2. The Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop was designed to be incredibly detailed, capturing every nuance of MGK’s style and personality. From his sneakers to his impromptu medley of tattoos – and even that iconic smile – you’ll find them all represented here in miniature form. With its finely-etched sculptural details and bright color palette, this figurine stands out from the crowd like a true showstopper!

3. The Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop can be seen on display at various retailers around Las Vegas during the festival or online at websites such as EB Games or Hot Topic. This limited edition collectible will also be available as part of specially packaged VIP bundles offered by select festival merch booths throughout the event, giving fans an even more exclusive way to own this unique item!

4. Speaking of exclusive additions, each individual Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop comes with its own unique accessory: an individually numbered Festival Envelope containing a vintage concert photo of MGK that’s been personally autographed by him! Adding an extra level of personalization to your collection, this fine art piece conveys the essence of live performance better than any regular trading card ever could – making it a great talking point amongst fellow music lovers!

5. All in all, adding the rare and limited edition Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop to your growing arsenal of memorabilia gives you a one-of-a-kind chance to experience life on stage for yourself – possible through no other medium save for personal attendance! Whether you’re looking for the perfect conversation starter conversations or just something remiscent when things get quiet – don’t miss out on your chance to own this coveted piece before it hits store shelves everywhere else later this year!

Where Can You Buy a Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop?

Machine Gun Kelly is an American rapper and actor and he has recently become the hottest artist around. His popularity has caused a surge in demand for merchandise related to him, including his own Funko Pop figure. If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these Funko Pops, here’s where you can find them:

The best way to buy the Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop is directly from Funko’s website. They have a wide selection of figures, including some that are exclusive to their store. Additionally, they offer free shipping when you purchase from their site, which makes it a good option for those who want to save money when buying this particular collectible.

If you’re willing to pay a little extra for convenience, Amazon also sells the Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop. You can pick up the figure from any one of their partner sellers and have it shipped directly to your door. While it might not always be the most budget-friendly option, it is certainly convenient if you don’t want to wait for your purchase or drive around town hunting for it in different shops.

You may also be able to find the figure in dedicated stores such as Hot Topic or Comic Conventions (known as ‘ComiCons’). These places often stock premium products that may be hard to find elsewhere. However, they might charge slightly more compared to sites like Amazon or Funko’s website due to having higher overhead costs associated with running store outlets.

Lastly, there are other fan-based retailers selling the Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop online through Facebook groups and offshoot websites found through simple Google searches. It might take some time scouring these sites but occasionally you’ll find some limited edition figures that are hard-to-find anywhere else! Be sure check reviews before making any purchases though – not every seller is reputable so do your research beforehand if at all possible.

There you have it; any one of these options should help you track down a Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop! Good luck with your hunt!

Final Thoughts on The Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop

The Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop is a great collectible for any fan of pop culture. Not only does it feature the famous rapper himself, but also has amazing details from his iconic wardrobe. The specific design of this Funko Pop brings out the charisma that MGK exudes, making it an eye-catching piece for every shelf. Fans will love that this Funko Pop goes mile-by-mile in not just showing off their favorite star but also their style and swagger.

The fine details make this Funko Pop stand out among the rest – from its captivating forest green and dark black color scheme to its intricate details like the chain necklace and MGK’s signature baseball cap. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into curating this special Funko figure! With different versions of the same product on sale, fans have options when selecting which specific design they prefer best. This adds to an even more enjoyable experience when purchasing one – both are sure to look spectacular set up around your desk or as part of your collection!

Overall, The Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop is a must-have for any memorabilia enthusiast or collector looking for something unique and unique with a personal touch. Its clever design, iconic aesthetic, and variety of versions surely make this one of the most enticing figures available on the market today!

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