The Hardy Boyz Are Back: Get Your Hands on the Funko Pop Collection!

The Hardy Boyz Are Back: Get Your Hands on the Funko Pop Collection! Uncategorized

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Hardy Boyz Funko Pop Collection

Are you a passionate collector of Funko Pops? Are you a fan of the legendary Hardy Boyz, one of the most iconic tag teams in wrestling history? Then this guide is just for you!

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create your very own Hardy Boyz Funko Pop collection. From choosing the right pops to customizing them to fit your needs, here’s everything you need to know.

Step 1: Choose Your Base Pops

The first step is to choose which base pops you want to use as a starting point. The best options for the Hardy Boyz are Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy Funkos. Luckily, there are several versions available already.

Step 2: Customizing Jeff and Matt Pops

Once you have your base pops chosen, it’s time to start customizing them! Depending on what version of their outfits and looks you want to emulate, this could be as simple as painting over details or switching out heads with another pop.

For example, if you want an Attitude Era Jeff Hardy look with blonde hair and black shorts – paint his spikey brown hair yellow with acrylic paints along with black shorts using spray paints giving him his iconic attire from that era from where he rose as a singles competitor.

Alternatively, if you’re opting for his appearance during WWE’s ruthless Gimmick Battle Royal in 2001 -it’s blue/silver metallic suit that resembles villain Sting’s paint- prepare it using tinsel fabrics onto sewed into a plain fond white suit in place of customized painting.

Using simpler techniques such as switching out body parts can also bring out different perspectives – add arm tattoos or swap hands used by other wrestlers in creative poses; change up their face expressions too!

Step 3: Accessorize Your Collection

Accessories play a vital role in bringing an action figure-like impact by singing compliments packed alongside. Take inspiration from some of the JH and MH classic moments that fans remember. To recreate their ‘Unforgiven 2000 Ladder Match’ or ‘Wrestlemania X-Seven TLC match’ iconic artifacts to add – a customized championship belt with team nameplates, chairs, tables, ropes or even build-up ladders made of foam core and covered in cardboard-papier-mache can make a refreshing take.

Step 4: Enhance Your Display

The final step is to enhance your display! When you’re finished customizing your pops, it’s time to show them off. Buy a vinyl figure display case for your Funkos as well as buying individual Pop protectors that’ll shield from any damage or scratches damaging its outlook. By doing this, you increase longevity whilst keeping its overall value intact!

Bottom Line

By following these four simple steps, you can create your own personalized collection of the Hardy Boyz Funko Pops! With just some customization and accessorizing skills, you can have the ultimate wrestling pop collection. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to dust off those old pops and get creative!

FAQ: Common Questions About Hardy Boyz Funko Pops Answered

If you’re a fan of wrestling or pop culture collectibles, chances are the Hardy Boyz Funko Pop figures have caught your attention. These stylized vinyl figures pay homage to the iconic tag team duo composed of real-life brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy. With various versions available, here are some common questions about these products answered.

1) What is a Funko Pop?

Funko is a company known for creating various pop culture-related merchandise, most notably their wildly popular line of collectible figurines known as Pops. These are stylized vinyl figures featuring big heads and tiny bodies, depicting characters from movies, TV shows, comics, video games, sports, music and more.

2) Which Hardy Boyz Pops are currently available?

There are several different variations of the Hardy Boyz Pops currently available to purchase including:

– Matt Hardy with white streak in his hair
– Jeff Hardy with face paint
– The Hardy Boyz two-pack
– WrestleMania two-pack with both Jeff and Matt

3) Do these come with any exclusive features or materials?

Depending on where they were sold — certain retailers offer an exclusive feature. For example – Walmart offers glow-in-the-dark variants while Entertainment Earth offers metallic finish exclusives.

4) When were the first sets released?

The first WWE series for Funko was released back in 2016 at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). Although FUNKO has yet to release any information as to what exclusives could be coming up for future comic-cons – many fans speculate that it will be based off some newer talent or underground wrestlers who have gained stardom during Covid.

5) Who else can we expect to see in upcoming waves?

Hardy boyz remain one of fandom’s favorite tag teams since yesterday hence there’s always room for additional iterations depending on demand from collectors as well as WWE enthusiasts – This could be constituted by another variation on the iconic brothers or even new additions featuring their unique attires through the years. From an industry standpoint – there is no telling who FUNKO will select next, but one can hope for additional current roster members and beloved former superstars.

6) Are these limited edition figures, and are they worth collecting?

While some variants may be more rare than others – they should not be considered a once in a lifetime buy considering that certain characters often get re-released several times over. But the more exclusive the product is perceived as, such as a SDCC exclusive, it may hold it’s value longer especially among collectors newer to wrestling-related collectibles.

In conclusion, Hardy Boyz Funko Pops are tasteful tributes to one of WWE’s most celebrated tag team tandems ever. Thanks to its unique design and branding influence – adding them to your collection is sure to spark curiosity among visitors (even for those not familiar with professional wrestling).

When it comes to collectible figurines, Funko Pops have become the go-to for pop culture enthusiasts all around the world. From iconic movie characters to beloved TV show personalities, there’s a Funko Pop for every fandom out there. And for wrestling fans, Funko has released a set of the legendary Hardy Boyz – Jeff and Matt Hardy!

But what makes these particular pops so special? Here are five facts about these rare and popular collectibles that will make any wrestling fan want to add them to their collection.

1. They’re Exclusive: As with many Funko Pops, the Hardy Boyz set is exclusive to certain retailers. The Jeff and Matt combo can only be found at Target stores in the US, making them somewhat hard to come by. But these exclusives often become some of the most coveted and valuable pieces amongst collectors.

2. They’re Retired: Adding further rarity to the collection is the fact that they’re retired. Once these pops sell out or are no longer produced, they become incredibly sought-after items in the second-hand market. With this in mind, if you’re lucky enough to find them in-store or online but still haven’t purchased them, we suggest you get them immediately.

3. Signature Attires: One of the best things about collecting wrestling-related merchandise is its attention to detail – something that Funko does excellently through its figures’ outfits and accessories.. The brothers’ iconic costumes from their careers are spot-on: Jeff’s complicated face paint design and dreadlocks can be seen on his Funko Pop while Matt’s bandana hat and colourful shirt combination add a vibrant touch.

4. Exciting Pose: The pose chosen for each variant makes it even more fun for an avid collector as one sees how creatively each character has been displayed with poses matching their unique personalities Unlike some Pops that stand upright like statues atop platforms or bases, The Hardy Boys pops displays movement with Jeff flying through the air, arms outstretched, and Matt landing in a dramatic pose complete with fists balled on his hips.

5. Interchangeable Parts: Another added feature that often goes overlooked is the fact that these pops come with interchangeable parts as well. For example, you might get different hairpieces or facial structures that recreate specific moments such as Jeff jumping off of tables and diving on opponents from dizzying heights.

In conclusion, if you’re a wrestling fan looking for a unique addition to your collection, look no further than The Hardy Boyz Funko Pops. They’re not only rare and retired but also boast incredible attention to detail – making them some of the coolest collectibles around! So what are you waiting for? Head down to your nearest Target store today before they disappear forever…

Complete your WWE Collection with the Must-Have Hardy Boyz Funko Pops

Are you looking for the perfect addition to your WWE collection? Look no further than the Hardy Boyz Funko Pops! These must-have figures beautifully capture Matt and Jeff Hardy’s distinctive looks in their iconic wrestling gear, complete with bright colors and intricate detailing.

Whether you’re a fan of Matt’s broken brilliance or Jeff’s daredevilish aerial maneuvers, these Funko Pops are sure to satisfy. The attention to detail on these figures is simply incredible – from Matt’s wild hair and colorful face paint to Jeff’s signature arm sleeves and high-flying pose.

Not only do these Funkos look great on display, they’re also incredibly fun to play with. Imagine setting up a miniature wrestling match featuring your favorite WWE superstars – including the Hardy Boyz of course! And if you’re feeling extra creative, you can even take some artistic liberties and create custom finishers or dramatic storylines.

One thing is for certain: adding the Hardy Boyz Funko Pops to your collection is an absolute must. Not only do they perfectly capture two of WWE’s most beloved stars, they’re also incredibly well made and downright fun. So what are you waiting for? Add these figures to your collection today and let the chaotic excitement of professional wrestling come alive in your own home!

How to Care for Your Hardy Boyz Funko Pop Figures to Keep Them in Mint Condition

If you’re a fan of the Hardy Boyz and Funko Pop figures, then it’s essential to ensure they stay in mint condition for as long as possible. With that in mind, we’ve put together a helpful guide on how to care for your Hardy Boyz Funko Pop figures.

1. Keep Them Out of Direct Sunlight

While it might be tempting to display your Funko Pops near a window or outside, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause significant damage to them. The UV rays can fade the colors and cause paint to chip away, so it’s wise to keep them out of direct sunlight or place UV-treated glass over the display case.

2. Store Them Appropriately

When storing your Funko Pops, make sure they are placed in their original boxes or sturdy plastic protectors specifically designed for pop figures. This will help prevent dust and potential damage from occurring during storage.

3. Wipe Away Dust Regularly

Dust accumulation can trigger allergies, respiratory problems, and other health issues; hence regular cleaning of your Funko Pops is recommendable. Gently wipe away any dust with a soft cloth or brush for plastic parts.

4. Avoid Touching Them Constantly

Constant handling of your Funko pops risks damaging them because oils from skin transfer onto the figure’s surface, causing perceptible is discolored patches over time; this will result in long-term damage that will diminish their value.

5. Beware of Water

Water poses another risk when you expose your pops figures; moisture causes brittleness at the joints due to rusting development under metallic paints.

In conclusion, caring for your Hardy Boyz Funko Pop collection entails regularly servicing them with gentle practices like wiping carefully using specialized cleaning methods by guarding against touching points always storing these collectibles out-of-reach places with controlled humidity contact-free alternatives far from water sources like your aquariums or tarps bins. Following these necessary steps will preserve the aesthetic value, and you can marvel in your fantastic Funko Pop figures for years to come.

Hardy Boyz vs Other WWE Funco Pops: What Makes These Collectibles Stand Out?

In the world of WWE collectibles, Funco Pops are one of the most popular and sought-after items by fans. These adorable vinyl figures feature some of the biggest names in wrestling history, from John Cena to Stone Cold Steve Austin. But among all these legendary wrestlers, there is one set that stands out from the rest: The Hardy Boyz.

The Hardy Boyz are a legendary tag team in WWE history who have captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the world. Their high-flying acrobatics and daredevil stunts made them instant fan favorites during their time in WWE. And now, with their own line of Funko Pop figures, they continue to captivate collectors young and old.

So what sets these Hardy Boyz Funco Pops apart from all others? For starters, they capture the essence of Matt and Jeff perfectly. From Matt’s wild hair and goatee to Jeff’s trademark neon facepaint, everything about these figures screams “Hardy Boyz.” The attention to detail is impressive; even their signature ring gear is accurately portrayed on each figure.

But it’s more than just accuracy that makes these collectibles special. It’s also about nostalgia. For many WWE fans, The Hardy Boyz represent a golden age of professional wrestling: The Attitude Era. This was a time when storylines were edgier, rivalries were fiercer and audiences were louder than ever before.

With their own line of Funko Pops, The Hardy Boyz allow fans to relive those glory days once again. Fans can now add these cherished members of wrestling history to their collections or display them proudly as tribute to one of the most celebrated periods in WWE history.

Another reason why this particular line stands out is because… well… there simply aren’t many other Tag Team funko pops available! In fact outside of Hulk Hogan’s Rock n’ Wrestling we cannot name another tag team Funko line. The inclusion of The Hardy Boyz actually stands out from the wider population in this regard.

In conclusion, The Hardy Boyz Funco Pops offer something truly special for WWE collectors. They offer the perfect blend of accuracy, nostalgia and rarity that any collector would be proud to own. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Matt and Jeff or just a fan of wrestling history in general, these figures are truly standouts among all others available today. So if you’re a fan of anything wrestler related or collectibles in general make sure to add the Hardy Boyz onto your must-have list immediately!

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